Buying Guide to Finding the Best Used Concept 2 Rower

Want to know how it feels like to use the same equipment as your rowing idol?

Try Concept 2 rowers; the top choice among many elite rowing professionals for the simple reason that they tick all of the critical boxes in matters of quality rowing.

Although achieving perfection is almost impossible, Concept 2 rowers leave little to be desired. The company has earned its reputation over time and become a status symbol in the indoor rowing world.

However, the top in class quality and out-of-this-world performance does not come cheap. A brand new Concept 2 rower is more expensive than a refurbished rowing machine.

And, while we all express admiration for these modern products, our wallets may disagree. The good news is that with a small chunk of cash, you can still enjoy the same level of fluid rowing performance and convenience, by buying a used Concept 2 rower.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Used Concept 2 Rower

Buying used equipment can help you save a lot of money to help you stay within budget. In some cases, you get the best of machines at unbelievable prices!

In this section of the blog, we will go through some of the things you must keep in mind before purchasing a used Concept 2 Rower.

Take a peek.

Type of Rower

Any serious indoor rower should not consider anything later than the model D. It has a quick-release mechanism that allows you to separate it into two. Other functions include super-smooth caster wheels on the heavier side for more effortless mobility.

If you don’t mind spending the extra bucks for extra quality and functionality, we’ll recommend the Model E. Some of the significant highlights include a heart rate monitor and extended monitor arm.

A higher ground clearance makes it perfect for conditioned users and athletes with knee problems.

Other differences include a steel chain for the Model D and Nickel-plated steel chain for its successor. Not just that, while the Model D weighs in at about 57lbs., the Model E is slightly heavier at about 65lbs. The chain housing is also fully closed in the Model E unlike the partially enclosed chain housing in its predecessor.

On the other hand, both the Models D and E have slots for a log card that helps keep times and distances. The two models differ in price with the Model E costing about 20% more than the Model D.


It is advisable to see the rower in person and try it out before taking it home. Ensure the performance monitor is working correctly since you will need hundreds of dollars to replace it.

Look out for any signs of rust on the battery terminals due to corrosion.

Such a monitor could give you trouble. Besides, check if the rail for pits, if the seat is worn out and the chain is clean. Also, ensure the handles, sprockets, bungee cord, foot strap, and footplates are in good condition and save yourself the cost of replacing them.

Find out from the seller if any of the parts have ever been replaced and if they were bought from the manufacturer.


Some second-hand Concept 2 rowers are overpriced.

While not overlooking quality, an easily achievable price point should be the most significant selling point for a used rowing machine. Shop around and compare all available alternatives.

Make sure what you settle for is the best balance between price, value, and performance.


Used Concept 2’s are susceptible to faults during shipment or other manufacturing defects in the product. Consider used rowers with the manufacturer warranty still covering.

Request the seller to transfer it to you.

Prioritize sellers with all the original paperwork that came with the equipment, and those who allow physical signing of contracts to provide a sense of legitimacy.


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Pros and Cons of Buying a Used Concept 2 Rower

Let’s see why it is a good idea to invest in a used concept 2 rowers.

Take a Look at the Advantages

They are Cheaper

A new Concept 2 rower can cost a fortune.

If you are not comfortable with this price, a used unit is your best bet. Used rowers are more affordable and will still deliver the same level of unsurpassed performance.

Available Replacement Parts

One aspect that sets Concept 2 rowers apart from their competition is the availability of replacement parts from the manufacturer.

Should any part turn out defective broken or worn out, order the replacement directly from Concept 2.


One aspect that sets Concept 2 rowers aside from ordinary models is their ability to stand up to years of serious use and still look good as new.


The erg is multi-purpose and can support a vast array of indoor rowing exercises. You can then stretch your body to its limit and get a difference faster. Therefore, you will spend less time before realizing the fitness benefits.

Performance Monitor

The display gives you access to your statistics and helps you track and adjust your workouts, to achieve long-term health and fitness goals.

Here’s a Peek at the Disadvantages

  • While new products will guarantee brand new and original parts and accessories, second-hand rowers will more likely have a sign of wear on the parts, noisy operation, and shorter life span.
  • Used Concept 2 will most likely lack warranties

A Quick Price Comparison

Because of the superb quality, high demand and limited offers, expect to pay a mere $100 – $250 less for a used Concept 2 rower.

Remember, you may encounter scammers and cybercriminals who will want to take advantage of your understandable natural desire for cheap bargains.

So, avoid unrealistically low-priced picks and irresistible offers.

Where Can You Buy A Used Concept 2 Rower Machine?

Getting good deals and buying top quality user Concept 2 rowers needs a fair bit of patience. Unless it is an emergency, take time to look around before settling on the ultimate seller extensively.

You can occasionally come across listings for user rowers on Amazon, eBay, and Craigslist, among others. Set alerts to notify you every time an ad goes up on these listing sites.

Most rowing clubs frequently replace their rowers.

Others will buy new rowers for indoor rowing competitions and sell them after the event. Visit or contact them, if any, in your area, and ask them for any available used Concept 2 rowers for sale.

Final Words

If you cannot afford the thousands for a new Concept 2 rower, do not be afraid.

You can still ignite the rowing spirit and unleash the rowing hero in you with a used Concept 2 rower. Most used Concept 2 rowers are still entirely up to par with craftsmanship, deliver satisfactorily as advertised, and live up to their promise.

The best part is you get to save hundreds of dollars. So, you get the right balance between value and superb performance. With the information above in mind, you are good to buy a used Concept 2 rower.