Troy-Bilt Lawn Mowers Oil Type [What Type Of Oil Is Safe To Use?]

You have got yourself a “killer” Troy Bilt lawn mower but how would you make sure that it serves your purpose for a long time? Well, one of the crucial considerations is maintenance and a suitable oil is one of the most important factors in that.

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Why Is Motor Oil Important For Your Lawn mower?

Motor oil provides the lubrication needed by the moving parts of the engine to work freely. Without lubrication, there will be friction produced between the parts which might potentially rupture or sand their surfaces, hence decreasing the life of the engine and ultimately the lawn mower.

Most experts suggest that the oil of your mower must be changed after 50 hours of usage for walk-behind models and 100 hours for riding mowers.


Which Oil Type Is Best For My Troy Bilt Lawn Mower?

Although that would depend on the type of engine our lawn mower is fitted with and the climatic conditions of your region, but we would try to simplify things as much as we can do.

For Briggs & Stratton engines:

First things first, there is no specific oil for the Troy Bilt lawn mower. This category would discuss oil types for engines 110000, 120000, and 210000 series. Depending on the temperature, SAE 5W-30 is perfect for a range of 0-40 degrees Fahrenheit, SAE 30 for 40-100 degrees Fahrenheit, and Vanguard 15W50 for above.

If you talk about a versatile option, Synthetic SAE 5W-30 is the best as it is also efficient for lower temperatures than 0 and higher than 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

For Kohler engines:

For Kohler engines, if your region doesn’t experience extreme coldness, you are good to go with an SAE 10W-30 but if the temperatures are below freezing point, you should quickly turn towards our favorite SAE5W-30.

Honda engines:

Talking about engines like GX120. GX200 and GX160 engines, they are 4-stroke in nature and should ideally be fed with SAE 10W-30 for a temperature range of 0-100 degrees Fahrenheit but if you are eyeing for use in summers when the temperature is above 50-60oF always, a heavier oil such as SAE 30 could do wonders for the engine. It reduces wear and enhances the efficiency of the running parts of the engine.

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How To Check The Oil Level?

Generally, the oil should be changed after every 1 o 2 seasons. Here’s how to check whether the oil has dropped from the desired level.

  1. Remove the dipstick and clean it with a dry cloth.

  2. Now reinstall it back by applying pressure and rotating clockwise.

  3. Remove it once again and see the level of oil by observing the circular marks on the bottom of the dipstick.

  4. Oil level should be between both marks. By the way, the upper mark indicates the full level and the lower mark indicates the “add fuel” gesture.

  5. Considering the level of the oil, fill it with fresh oil and ensure that it doesn’t cross the “full” mark.