Top 10 Most Comfortable Mattresses 2022

There is nothing more annoying than waking up with anxiety gnawing at you and pain springing in your joints. It’s the worst start of the day and one of the many reasons for this discomfort is the bad quality of your mattress. A normal person sleeps around 6-8 hours which amounts to about one-third of your total life.

Who wouldn’t want such a large proportion of life to be relaxed, snug and useful?

A good sleep would pump you with the required energy and determination to live the remaining two-thirds of your life to the fullest. As it would release stress, therefore, is technically the key to living an enriching life.

Buying the perfect mattress could be tricky because there are so many options out there and the chirpy pep talk of the salesperson usually forces you to make a quick decision which you hate afterward.

We would be discussing the top 10 most comfortable mattress of 2020 in reference to the reviews and the technical aspects. However, it is good to be considerate as to which one is most suited to your needs.


Things To Consider Before Buying A Comfortable Mattress

There are some considerations that you need to peep in to before making a final decision.

Type of  Mattress

There are various types of mattresses suitable for different needs. A snug piece for one person may be highly unlikable for the other.

Memory foam mattresses employ their viscoelastic behavior to adhere to the contours of the sleeping person and weight is evenly distributed which relieves the pressure joints. This is particularly helpful to those who have annoying sleeping partners because movement at their sides won’t be transmitted to your side and those with back pains.

The innerspring mattress is the most-used type and uses a network of coils to support your weight. The durability and level of comfort depend on the coil count in the mattress; a decent count is 340-390. It is the best choice for normal people with no extreme health conditions or abnormal sleeping conditions.

The latex mattresses are fashioned out of natural organic or synthetic rubbers. They are the most eco-friendly options but maybe a little firm however many newer pieces are manufactured out of soft selected rubber. It allows for a clean sleeping environment and protects you against mites and mildews.

The air-filled mattresses are pumped with air through a compressor or electric pumps and are portable choices. They are readily comfortable but not as much as foam mattresses. The noticeable advantages of these pieces are their transportability, lightweight and affordable rates.

Price Range

This will be a critical factor in the decision making and might be of the pinnacle importance to some. In order to purchase a reliable, long lasting and acceptable piece, you must not eye anything lower than $500. The slogan of a reputable company also catapults the ice and so does the integration of newer technology to construct highly comfy sleeping platforms.

It is one-third of your lives we are talking about here so you should manage to pay a good sum of money for the mattress.

The Thickness Of The Mattress

It would be affected by a number of reasons. Normal thickness ranges vary from 6-9 inches and the rule of thumb states that the thicker the mattress is, the comfortable it is. The weight of the person sleeping on the mattress would be one of the factors.

Anything less than 225 pounds would need a 9-inch mattress whereas if the weight limit is between 225-275 pounds, a 10 inches piece is suitable. In case, the person is heavier than that, he must opt for a 12-inch piece. The amount of movement during your sleep and encountered medical conditions would also play a part in deciding on the most suitable thickness.


Top 10 Most Comfortable Mattresses 2021

Now, moving towards the list. The list includes all types of comfortable mattresses including best mattresses for back pain, side sleepers, and etc with no one fixed price range.

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1. Amerisleep AS1 10 inch (Best Mattresses For Side Sleepers)

The superlative quality of memory foam mattresses by Amerisleep is integrated with full effect in the firmest mattress of the series (AS1, AS2, AS3, AS4, and AS5). It is manufactured using the VPF technology which is the highest standard in constructing environmental-friendly polyurethane foams. It permits the formation of emission-free foams which is a huge step towards a cleaner environment.

The cover is made out of an amalgamation of celliant, spandex and polyester. It checks out when you pull it but return back quickly as it is released. The comfort layer is 2’’ thick. It provides the elasticity and develops contours when you are changing position before quickly returning to its original shape. The memory foam is usually warmer in nature but there the wide-spaced structure of this mattress allows a medium of heat transfer away from the sleeper which contributes to a cooler sleep.

The 8’’ Bio-Core foam base is where the firm transition originates. It is the layer that will support your weight and play the part in the long-lasting life of the product. The polyfoam base gives the mattress its regular shape that feels quite graceful when resting on the bed. This transition might not be ideal for those who love to fall on their beds after a tiresome day at work. Rather you have to attain a gentle posture before resting on the mattress. It is very good for keeping the spine in a straight posture which prevents back pains, therefore, can be considered as one of the best mattresses for back pain.

The types of sleepers can be categorized into the stomach, back and side sleepers. This mattress is ideal for all of them because not only does it provide no pressure when lying on the back but minimal signs of pressure when adjusted sideways and on the stomach. There were low-pressure zones indicated on shoulders which well under critical levels.

This piece proves to be the best for back and stomach sleepers because of this capability.

The amount of motion transfer is very less even if you have a movement-loving sleeping partner on the other side, you need not to worry because the motion would die off before reaching your side. The mattress sinks only till the comfort layer so you don’t have to be concerned about the curvy sleeping posture because as mentioned earlier, it is a firm mattress.

It offers one of the best edge supports and one needs not to be anxious while sleeping on the edge as it avoids the edge-collapse issues due to its former nature and compression within acceptable levels. Some customers complained about an unpleasant odor but the majority failed to smell it. Overall, it’s a great purchase; it may be a little expensive but with a 20-year warranty, no real demerits and the company name of Amerisleep, it is a no-thinker.

Key Specifications

  • 10″ profile offering a firm support for back and stomach sleepers
  • 3″ Bio-Pur™ memory foam cooling layer, 9″ Bio-Core™ sag-free support layer
  • Celliant-infused cover clinically proven to help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer
  • Proudly made in the USA using patented VPF technology
  • Compatible with an adjustable bed foundation
  • Firm mattress with excellent edge support
  • No motion transfer
  • Ideal for back and stomach sleepers as it doesn’t applies pressure on the joints
  • Environmental friendly
  • 20 year warranty
  • Cooler than normal memory foams due to wide celled structure
  • An unpleasant odor (some complaints)
  • Expensive


2. Best 2 Rest Latex Mattress (Most Comfortable For Back Pain)

This might be a hot favorite for all those who are looking for an inexpensive yet comfortable mattress option. Coming straight from the company of Best to Rest, this is a latex-oriented mattress, snug enough to make you doze off in no time. This is not only reviewed highly by the customers but is of great quality which corresponds to the ten-year warranty it gives with the product.

The 10-inch mattress is layered with2’’ natural latex, 1’’ gel-infused foam and 7’’ high-density foam. This three-layered composition gives the perfect balance between firmness and softness and helps to get a good sleep as it adheres to the body as you change your orientation.

The cover is made out of organic cotton which is far softer than the cotton that is prepared after spraying with insecticides. Also, because of negligible contact with the chemicals, it is safe for the people who have sensitive skin and skin-related allergies. It keeps dust and miles away.

The latex covering although is quite lean but comes with many benefits. It is medically suitable for pressure point comfort and is a cooler option for the sleepers who don’t like to sleep in warm environments. This mattress gives off no weird smell or any signs of off-gassing.

It is cent PUR-US certified foam which means it provides the insurance that no heavy metals, ozone depleters or formaldehyde has been used in its construction that are hazardous to the environment so even without realizing, you are sleeping whilst saving the planet.

What better feeling can there be!

The motion transfer is very less so you can afford to say yes to an annoying sleeping partner without him disturbing you during the sleep. The edges look crisp but with the passage of time, they deteriorate to provide no edge support, the only disadvantage this mattress carries. If you sleep at the edges for a large part of your sleep, it would lose its edge support capacity speedily and you will find yourself slipping off.

The mattress comes in a compressed rolled up shape and you have to provide at least 24-48 hours for it to decompress to the optimum shape.

Key Specifications

  • Natural latex foam mattress with an organic cotton cover
  • Dust mite and allergy proof
  • CertiPUR-US certified foam- free of PBDEs, TDCPP or TCEP (“Tris”) flame retardants, ozone depleters, mercury, formaldehyde, lead and heavy metals
  • Compressed and vacuum sealed in a box for easy setup
  • Proudly made in the USA
  • Very inexpensive
  • Latex covering which is environmental-friendly
  • Organic cotton cover which is great for people with allergies and skin sensitivities
  • CentPUR-US certified
  • Degradable edge support


3. Sealey Response Performance 14’’ Mattress

If you are ready to give some time to the mattress, then this is your ‘’go to’’ option. Seemingly firm at first but given the time of 1-3 weeks, it would adjust according to your need and feel soft. Important here is also to mention any smell which might be of concern to you will deteriorate after some time and is totally harmless.

Sealey realizes that different parts of the body require a different type of cushioning, therefore, it incorporates its Posturpedic technology which ensures that the heaviest parts of the body receive targeted support so that you can have an exceptional sleep which is full of relaxation and comfort.

It works in layers and the middle portion of the mattress contains spring support to support the weight of hips and lower back. The layer under it is the Cooling Gel Memory Foam that provides for a flexible cushioning that adds up to the durability. Under it, is the DuraFlex Edge Foam; a foam border that enhances the edges of the mattress to bestow it with s sublime edge support.

It is also lined with 2’’ SealyAir Cushion Foam that permits airflow for a cooler sleeping experience.

The much exciting feature is the freedom to choose the base foam of your choice in King and California King category. This upgrades your comfort level and does this not so expensively.

It is compatible with all beds. This mattress is ideal for the age group of 15-40. People at this age seldom carry-back problems and so doesn’t require special attention to the softness of the mattress. If you have back problems, are old and want something soft, then we recommend you look for other choices.

It comes with a 10-year warranty and the customer service is fantastic. If you are unhappy about the product, they will listen to you, understand you and do everything within their parameters to satisfy you.

Key Specifications

  • 14-INCH MATTRESS: Cushion Firm mattress with 2-inches of SealyCushion Extra Soft Foam Pillowtop and exclusive Response Coil System to provide the perfect balance of comfort and support.
  • POSTURPEDIC TECHNOLOGY: Delivers reinforced support under the heaviest part of the body, for even more support where it’s needed most.
  • LAYERS OF COMFORT: Designed with 3-inches of SealySupport Firm Foam a high-quality foam for a more supportive feel and SealyCool Cooling Gel Memory Foam for additional flexible, durable support. Equipped with 2-inches of SealyCushion Air Foam that allows additional airflow and added softness, plus a ComfortLoft Cover, a soft knit fabric with durable spun yarns for a plush feel.
  • DURABLE EDGE: Incorporates a SolidEdge HD System, a reinforced foam border around the mattress edge to maximize the mattress surface, as well as providing a solid seating surface.
  • 10-YEAR WARRANTY: 10-Year warranty for the comfort you can rely on.
  • MADE IN USA: Designed and built in the United States for ultimate quality.
  • YOUR NEW MATTRESS – Getting Acquainted with your new product: Like a new pair of shoes, any new sleeping surface can take a bit of adjusting to. Please give the mattress time to “break-in.” Any “new product smell” that you may experience at first is harmless and will dissipate in a couple weeks.
  • Reasonably priced
  • Posturpedic technology ensures that every part of the body receives its required support
  • Option of adjustable foam bases
  • Excellent customer service
  • A bit firm for older people and those who require soft platforms
  • Needs a time of 1-3 weeks to adjust (but not for everyone)


4. Zinus 12 Inch Memory Foam (Best Selling Mattress)

This is a sensational blend of affordability, simplicity, utility, and convenience. One of the highest-selling mattress on Amazon, this one managed to stay well with the high number of 5+ ratings out of a hefty number of over 40,000+ reviews. This description alone speaks highly of the product at hand.

Integrated with a layered effect with every layer providing a unique advantage, this mattress will fulfill your dream of a highly comfortable sleep that becomes a norm for a long time.

The first 3 inches constitute the memory foam that provides a flexible base that can sag when you crash on it tired but quickly regenerates its original thickness.

The second layer is the comfort foam that provides the support to your body and a firm base so that if you jump on the mattress, you do not sink into it. Also, it minimizes motion transfer.

The third layer is the 3.5 inch Air Flow High-density foam that allows a decent airflow to keep you cool even on hot days while the last 3.5 inches consists of High-density Base foam that contributes to the overall regularity in the shape and forming a strong base for the mattress so that it stays in shape as the time goes on.

The memory foam is pervaded with green tea extract to keep the product fresh and clean. It is CentiPUR-US Certified which makes it an environmentally friendly product with no harmful emissions. The manufacturing process also includes the inclusion of Active Charcoal which helps to reduce the pungent odors and absorb moisture that may cause the mattress to sag or sink from one place.

All of this comes with a warranty of 10 years and is way lighter than the Amerislepp AS1 despite being 2 inches thicker. One issue, however, dents the overall rating and that is the mildew that has forced some customers to replace it. It has to be unboxed and decompressed the same way as the Best to Rest Latex mattress.

Key Specifications

  • Conforming Green Tea Memory Foam comfort and pressure relieving support for a better night’s sleep, foam is CertiPUR – the US Certified for durability, performance, and content
  • 3 inches Memory Foam, 2 inches Comfort Foam, 3.5 inches Airflow High-density Foam, 3.5 inches Airflow High-density Base Support Foam. Sizes are subject to +/- 0.5 Inch
  • A safe and trustworthy anti-oxidant, Zinus infuses its memory foam products with natural green tea extract to maintain product freshness
  • Smartly Shipped – Our patented technology allows our mattresses to be efficiently compressed, rolled and shipped in a box conveniently to your door
  • Queen (L x W x H) 60 X 80 X 12 inches, 62.5 pounds, please allow up to 72 hours for the mattress to fully expand and for any potential odor to dissipate. We recommend removing all bedsheets from the mattress and letting it air out in a well-ventilated space.
  • NOTE: Though our mattresses typically expand in 48 to 72 hours, they may take up to a week in some cases. Other factors, like cold weather, can also affect decompression times.
  • Affordable
  • Layered system of foams for superior functioning
  • Green tea extract for freshness
  • CentiPUR-US Certified
  • Mildew smell


5. Nectar Gel Memory Foam Mattress

“It is a dream we have turned to reality” is the slogan of Nectar Company. They specialize in the manufacture of excellent mattresses that suit everyone’s needs. This is a somewhat firmer model but is gentle to the body and consists of a four-layered structure.

The Tencel cooling cover circulates the air through the mattress taking away the heat and cooling you to help you go to sleep easily. In winters, it works like the traditional memory foam and keeps you cozy. The second layer is the gel memory foam that contours to your body while you change directions and help to relieve any pressure joint present.

It also works to distribute your weight evenly so that not one of the body parts feels the pressure or impact.

The third layer is the high core foam that functions for the support of the weight. When you bounce on the mattress, only the upper layers sink in but not this as it is strong enough to sustain the weights of above 200 lbs. The last layer is the breathing base layer that works in conjunction with all the above layers for a better sleeping experience.

The motion transfer may be a bit of a problem for this mattress as it is not at par in this regard with the Amerisleep AS1. You may feel some movement of your sleeping partner that is annoying but that is only “some”. This takes nothing away from the otherwise excelled performance. The edge support is appreciable and the 180 days trial period from the company suggests that is a qualified product.

The mattress comes with 2 pillows and is CentiPUR-US certified. We recommend its use for middle-aged people as you tend to move a lot during sleep when you get old. The customer service of the company is also not credited to be the best.

Key Specifications

  • Two free premium Nectar pillows are included with the mattress
  • The optimal level of firmness, coolness, breathability, and comfort. Nectar molds to your body, relieving all your aches and pains. It is firm enough to support you but soft enough to be gentle where you’re sensitive
  • Even on those 90° nights, Nectar sleeps cool, gently regulating the heat for an ideal temperature all night long
  • Industry Leading 180 Night Home Trial: You can try Nectar risk-free for 180 days and return it if you are not 100% happy (180-day trial is for orders on Amazon only)
  • Nectar Forever Warranty: We guarantee Nectar for as long as you own the mattress. Longest warranty in the business (we checked).
  • Four layered structure for enhanced performance
  • Comes with 2 pillows
  • 180 day trial period which is longer than Amerisleep AS1.
  • CentiPUR-US Certified
  • Motion transfer capability is not the best
  • Not very good customer service


6. Saatva luxury 11.5’’ innerspring Mattress

The first innerspring mattress of the list and a great one as well! Available in the firm to plush soft feel, this mattress is integrated with an advanced coil system that contours to your body shape and responds well to every movement even in the firmer type.

Top cover is knit with organic cotton with more padding than the normal pillow tops. As it goes underneath the outer covering, so it gives the mattress a more definite and regular shape which is pleasing to the eye. The outer covering does not seem to shift or get displaced.

Coil system underlies the memory foam covering and it gives the relative bounce you need to crash in harmlessly and get up easily, it gives no idea of being very soft. The springs work independently from one another so the motion transfer is negligible as well. At the bottom, there is a tempered steel coil base that gives the rigidity to the mattress, prevents it from sinking and making it last longer.

It includes an anti-edge sag support system that works coherently with the upper coils and provides a maximized edge support. No matter, what our sleeping position is, they have it all covered.

The temperature regulation is exemplary as the mattress works quickly to regulate your body temperature to the room temperature for good night sleep. With a 120 night trial time and a customer service that is appreciable, this is one option that stands right in front of popularity status. They don’t deliver inboxes and compresses so you don’t have to wait for the mattress to decompress.

The downsides include the noise of the springs as the time goes on. It is a metal spring system after all and is bound to creak with prolonged exertion of force so it generally has a shorter life span than the all-foam mattresses. It is also heavier than normal mattresses so is difficult to move around or rotate and flip.

Key Specifications

  • HIGH-QUALITY-  Designed to provide perfect contouring comfort for a restful night’s sleep with advanced coil-on-coil construction and enhanced lumbar support.
  • AFFORDABLY PRICED— Experience a premium mattress without paying a premium price. No retail overhead = No markups. No gimmicks. No pushy salespeople.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY— Designed to be as eco-friendly as possible, with an organic cotton pillow top, recycled steel coils, an antimicrobial treatment, and a natural thistle flame retardant, Our Mattress has no chemical sprays, formaldehyde, so you can sleep worry-free.
  • RISK-FREE— 120-night trial, free shipping & setup, 15-year warranty, 24/7 Customer Service
  • Environmental friendly due to the presence of organic cotton covering
  • Plush and firm at the same time, just the way you need it
  • Excellent edge support capability
  • Exemplary temperature regulation
  • Shorter life span than all-foam mattresses due to the creaking f springs overtime
  • Heavier



7. Brentwood 13 inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Handcrafted in the industries of California, knitted with care and handled with consideration, this mattress is a naturally engraved piece that provides a high level of comfort.

Like other mattresses, it consists of layers too. The removable cover is bamboo-derived; it is soft, natural and high in strength. It can be removed anytime you like.

The second layer is 3.5-inch Gel-infused memory foam which adheres to the body, comforts you, ensures even weight distribution and disallows motion transfer so you can sleep with a partner without any hesitation.

The third layer is 2 inches ventilated airflow zone that is specially added for the purpose of temperature regulation so no hot spots are formed on the body. It keeps the mattress cooler and makes it last longer.

The final layer is a 7.5-inch base foam that provides the overall shape to the mattress, snatches away moisture and any chances of noise. It offers the right balance between firm and soft foam.

It is incorporated with New Zealand wool that keeps the moisture away and helps to normalize the temperature. The product is CentiPUR-US Certified and GreenGuard Gold certified which ensures that no harmful materials have been used in the manufacture that might cause problems for sensitive species like children and elderly.

The mattress is ideal for people weighing from 150-200 lbs. The heavier you get over this limit, the lesser will be the life. That is what we accomplished after screening the reviews, both technical and customers’. The edge support lacks but that is not an alarming issue. The only concern is that it can be pressed all the way down from the edges which means softer over the edges but the chances of slipping down from the edges are minimal.

Key Specifications

  • Medium Feel. 13-Inches thick with 3.5-inch Gel Infused HD Memory Foam Cool Comfort Layer, 2-inch Ventilated Cool Airflow Layer and 7.5-Inch Therapeutic Support Base, Queen Size 60 x 80 x 13
  • Gel memory foam material is designed to respond to your body’s individual shape, weight, and temperature. It adjusts its shape to provide precise support, keeping your spine in alignment while relieving discomfort at pressure points in areas like your hips and shoulders.
  • The gel evenly disperses heat through the mattress to prevent hot spots. The Ventilated Airflow Layer and open cell memory foam breathes and allows air circulation.
  • CertiPUR-US Certified. Made without Ozone depleters, flame retardants, heavy metals, formaldehyde, and phthalates
  • Mattress compressed and rolled for shipping — easy to carry and saves you money on shipping costs, 25-year warranty.
  • Handcrafted and fully natural
  • Form and soft enough with the four layered structure
  • Temperature regulation is good and so is the motion transfer
  • Ideal for lighter persons only
  • Edge support is lacking


8. King Koil Air Mattress

Want to create immediate bedding in case of unexpected guest arrival or carrying a mattress with you for an away weekend as a sigh of relief from the hectic work; this inflatable mattress will accompany you with exalted standards. It inflates and deflates in 3 minutes and can easily be transported in a bag.

It comes with an inbuilt pump that inflates the mattress; no need to attach a separate pump with it. It uses a soft flocking layer with an inbuilt pillow so inflating doesn’t just create a mattress but a whole sleeping space convenient enough for a great sleep that gives no clue of discomfort.

The coils beam mechanism builds up the body of the mattress and allows for an even weight distribution so none of your joint feels the pressure and result in pain. It can hold a weight of up to 600 lbs which even full-foamed mattresses fail to execute but we wouldn’t make this claim seriously and recommend a max weight limit of around 350 lbs because as you go higher than that, the sides will start to bulge and it would lose its shape.

There is even a water-proof comforter on the top so it can be efficiently used during camping. It brings in the firmness that is not a characteristic of air mattresses. Users accept mentally that this would be a disposable sleeping option that will be a bit uncomfortable but not with this mattress. The comforter layer contours well with the body and relieve pressure joints. The edges are raised which also gives decent edge support.

If you rank this among air-filled mattresses, it is second to none. Not only this, it can manage to throw a tight competition to some of the memory foam mattresses as well; such is the exquisiteness of its quality, functionality, and ease of use.

Key Specifications

  • Eco-friendly Pvc Fully Flocked
  • KING KOIL ENHANCED AIRBED TECHNOLOGY with a 1 – YEAR GUARANTEE! – Soft Flocking Layer and a Built-in Pillow. Built For Maximum Comfort – We Stand Behind Our Quality!
  • EXTRA THICK WATERPROOF COMFORT QUILT TOP with Extra Spinal Support – Firm Mattress Provides Good Sleeping Posture – Sueded Top keeps bedding in place. In addition to the built-in pump, we offer an additional external valve for use when camping or on the go. Please ensure that the valve is completely sealed after inflating, to maintain full inflation.
  • CALIFORNIA KING SIZED with Coil-Beam Construction and a BUILT-IN 120V AC Pump – Inflated Dimensions: 84″ x 72″ x 20″ Should you accidentally puncture or tear your air mattress, all King Koil air mattresses include patch kits.
  • EASY TO USE plug-in internal pump allows fast & easy inflation/deflation. The King Koil mattress reaches full inflation in under 5 minutes. The King Koil air mattress is designed for in-home use and is perfect for overnight guests, friends or relatives, and camping trips. Remember, although it holds air extremely well, you can always click the pump on for a few seconds to inflate or deflate to your desired comfort level!
  • CUSTOMER FRIENDLY 1-YEAR GUARANTEE offered by KING KOIL Please call or email anytime. KING KOIL IS THE ONLY manufacturer that is endorsed by the International Chiropractors Association to help promote proper spinal alignment and a healthier night’s sleep.
  • Built in pump increases the ease of use
  • Coil beam mechanism to hold your weight
  • Water proof top
  • Decent edge support
  • Excellent portability; can be carried in a shopping bag
  • Max weight limit is claimed to be 600lbs but it is not a reliable claim



9. Voila Box Hybrid Mattress

An expensive option but certainly a long-lasting solution for you! A great combination of spring and latex personas to amplify your dreamt sleeping experience!

The thickness of the mattress is 11 inches and constitutes of 768 pocket zone coils that not only provides the support for the mattress but the flexibility you require while you change direction during sleep. The top is infused with memory foam and latex that provides the ultimate selling charm. Not only is it firm of the right sort due to the memory foam but a repellant of mites and a guardian for the environment due to the latex. The airflow system of the base layer assists in regulating the temperature of the sleeper so as to make the sleeping process a whole lot comfy.

It comes with excellent edge support because it has been tested to regain firmness on the sides as well. The smell issues have been a source of complaint about some customers. Its centiPUR-US Certified and may contain some procedural smells but some customers said it remained for a long time.

The option of varying your desired firmness from plush, medium to high adds up to the selling chart of this mattress. Top it up with 100 night trial period and a 10 years warranty. If you can manage to pay the amount it demands, this is a highly potential sleeping partner for you.

Key Specifications

  • LUXURY SHOWROOM QUALITY: Ranked the #1 INNERSPRING MATTRESS BRAND. All the layers and quality you expect in a $5,000 showroom mattress for a fraction of the cost. Perfectly crafted to provide you a luxury sleep experience with no sacrifice in quality.

  • UNMATCHED SUPPORT: 768-count five-zone pocket coil technology to provide the ultimate support + triple edge side-wall support + gel-infused memory foam and latex + Airflow system to keep you cool.

  • COMFORT OPTION & GUARANTEE: Plush, Medium, or Firm? Voila offers a customized firmness comfort option. We also offer a free comfort exchange if you decide you want a different firmness option, and offer a 100-night sleep trial to make sure you love your mattress. Full refund and free returns during the sleep trial.

  • BUY WITH CONFIDENCE: Our foams not only meet but exceed the high CertiPUR-US® flexible polyurethane foam qualifications. We also offer a full 10-year warranty on all of our mattresses to give you peace of mind.

  • GIVING BACK: Voila promises to donate 1 mattress for every 10 we sell. We appreciate your support!

  • Combination of memory foam and latex
  • CentiPUR-US Certified
  • Excellent edge support
  • Fair number of spring count for good support
  • Pricey option
  • Some complaints regarding smell



10. Sleep Gel Infused Hybrid Spring Mattress

This is another hybrid model that is exclusively designed to contour to your body and support your spine to account for a comprehensive sleep.

The coils are fashioned out of tempered steel and are independent of each other but work together to promote a normalized weight distribution that relieves the pressure points on your neck, back, hips, legs, and stomach while you rest. They are also excellent in minimizing the motion transfer so if your sleeping partner moves a lot during sleep, you will not be aware of this movement.

The gel-infused memory foam top gives the elasticity that is needed for a softer feel and the open-celled structure allows for heat transfer that promotes cooling. The cover is made of poly jacquard which is spongy and washable. It can easily be peeled off and washed to make the mattress look new again.

The edges are bent downwards so the edge support is a problem. They are firm enough to not be pressed fully but could have been projected upwards rather than downwards for good edge support. Other than that, there have been no reported issues. It is a cheap mattress that is compatible with every bed.

Key Specifications

  • Composed of 3 layers includes our patented Dura pocket pocket spring
  • Cool I-gel infused memory foam gives weight alleviation and cooling
  • Dura soft foam provides elastic support and adds comfort
  • Quilted in the soft, washable and durable Poly Jacquard cover
  • Compressed, rolled and shipped in a box conveniently to your door
  • Designed to support the spine
  • Cooling effect caused by memory foam
  • Independent springs works to distribute the weight evenly and minimize motion transfer
  • Cheap
  • Lacks a good edge support


Editor’s Verdict On Top 10 Best Comfortable Mattresses

As stated in the start, different mattresses will satisfy different needs. This article has tried to bring under limelight all types of mattresses with different capabilities. The respective descriptions of the mattresses depict for which class of people is this the most suitable. However, we will conclude by giving a brief account.

If you are willing to pay a huge amount for a mattress, the Amerisleep AS1 is a great choice for you because it favors everyone, especially the back and stomach sleepers. If the budget is a limitation, you might have to look otherwise. Zinus and Best to Rest Latex mattresses are relatively cheap and brilliant choices with an additional benefit of the all-green composition of the latex mattress.

If you are ready to give some time for the mattress to gain the optimal performance status, you might like the Sealey 14 inch mattress too. For the innerspring mattresses, Saatva leads the list although it is heavier and for all those wishing for quick sleeping space and a portable sleeping option, King Koil air mattress would do them wonders. Some mattresses are ideal for low-weight people while others for the elderly and those with back problems.

In the end, it’s the size of your pocket and the nature of your need that would yield the final call.

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