Tascam TH-300X Review

Studio headphones are a necessity for any aspiring musician. But with so many to choose from, it can be hard to find the one that suits your needs best without breaking the bank. Luckily I have found some of my favorite studio audio gear and want you all to know about these Tascam TH-300X headphones! Today we’ll explore everything this set has going on like their sound quality, features, durability, and more—I think they just may be what is right for you in your quest for perfect earphones 🙂

Tascam TH-300X Review

Important Features

  • Large-Diameter Drivers.
  • No Sound Leakage.
  • Great Sound Isolation.
  • No Distortion.
  • Cable Is Not Detachable.
  • Not Waterproof.

Tascam TH 300X is an over-ear, wired headphone for studio monitoring. It performs great for home listening to studio monitoring and recording music at your house or in the convenience of your own space!

So, let’s get started and see what we got in the box with Tascam TH-300X.

What’s In The Box?

When you open the box, a wave of relief and happiness will wash over your face. You will be able to see:

  • Closed-back Tascam TH 300X headphones.
  • An attached cable.
  • A ¼ inches stereo adapter.
  • Two User manuals.

Key Specifications

  • Headphone Type: Over-Ear, Closed-Back.
  • Frequency Response: 10Hz-26kHz.
  • Impedance: 40 ohms.
  • Sensitivity: 98 ± 3dB.
  • Driver: 45mm Diameter.
  • Connector: Wired/3.5mm Audio Jack.
  • Cable Type: Coiled.
  • Weight: 14.4 Ounces.
  • Color: Black.


The Tascam TH300X headphone provides enough comfort that you can expect from a quality studio headphone. Soft leatherette earpads give extra comfort to your ears, and the large size is well-suited for most people’s ear sizes.

The adjustable headband also makes it very comfortable for multiple hours of wearing; it has padding on top with just the right clamping force so as not be too tight or loose around any neck size.

You may feel comfortable when listening by lying in bed. But the long cord can disturb you and interrupt your sleep, so it is best to place a pillow or something else under the earpiece if necessary.

However, most people who wear glasses will find that their ears become sore after wearing them for too long because they put pressure on them – this means that headphones are not always an option for those with glasses!

Sound Profile

The Tascam-300X is a high-quality, low-priced set of headphones that delivers rich and full sound. It has plenty of bass for those looking to thump their hip hop or crunch out some rock rhythms.

The treble can be accurate without getting harsh over long recording sessions thanks to the large-diameter drivers which ensure an even frequency response between 10Hz through 26kHz – it’s perfect for all genres!

Does Tascam TH-300X leaks Sound?

The Tascam TH-300X headphone has a great sound leakage performance, and as it is closed back, there’s no chance of someone overhearing anything.

The earpads fit over the ears perfectly and prevent any kind of sound from coming out. So you can play your favorite tunes at full volume without worry!

Noise Cancelling

This headphone is perfect for people who love the sound of music but also don’t want to be bothered by any outside noise. The closed design can passively isolate background noise when listening at a loud volume and will help you enjoy your favorite songs without distractions from unwanted conversation or other noises in the office.


The Tascam TH-300X headphone comes with a USB connection and can be used as an interface, but doesn’t come with a microphone.

The Tascam TH-300X headphones are great for those who work in the studio or want to use their computer’s sound card without having to buy new speakers. The lack of mic may not affect everyone’s needs so it is important for you to understand what this product does before purchasing anything else that might be needed too.

Now let’s have a look at the build quality of TH-300X.

How Is The Build Quality?

The TH 300X headphone is made of a metal skeleton and plastic. The materials feel very durable, strong, and long-lasting in comparison to my previous model which was made with cloth material only. It survived some accidental drops but I did notice that the headphones started peeling off on the corners after regular use for about 6 months or so; however it does not impact sound quality whatsoever!

I recommend this product if you are looking for durability at an affordable price point because they last longer than most brands out there today!


The Tascam-TH-300X headphone is black, and the white writing at the top of its headband sets it apart from any other pair you may own.

The word “TASCAM” on this fresh new set of headphones might make a difference in your life.


The TH 300X headphone is not for the traveler. The weight of this heavy-duty, 14.4 ounce headset makes it difficult to carry around or pack in a bag without taking up too much space and risking breakage if you plan on bringing other items with you like your laptop or iPad.

But don’t let that dissuade you from investing in this piece if portability isn’t an issue—because despite its hefty designation as “heavy duty,” the sound quality does live up to expectations (especially at high volumes).


The Tascam TH-300X does well in studio conditions, but when you do heavy workouts or sports activities like running, biking, skiing, hiking, and cycling it will not be stable enough. The headphone is bulky so there’s a chance that it’ll fall from your ears while doing these exercises which may lead to damage if the device were crushed underfoot.

Is Tascam TH-300X Waterproof?

This studio headphone is amazing, but it isn’t waterproof. It’s not sweatproof either–just like you! Make sure to keep these headphones as far away from water and heavy sweating as possible because they will break down the wires in them much faster than a regular pair of headphones would if exposed to these elements for prolonged periods of time.

 Compatibility With Other Devices

The Tascam TH-300X headphone is compatible with Windows 10 and Mac, as well as Android. However, this model does not work with the iPhone due to its lack of a 3.5mm audio jack port in newer models (more specifically running iOS 11). In order for it to connect your phone via a ¼ inches adapter cable, you need an extra dongle that will be sold separately from Apple stores or online vendors such as Amazon.

The Tascam Th 300x Headphone has been designed for all types of formats including Mono/Stereo recordings whether they are analog tapes & cassettes through USB digital files which makes them suitable if you’re using different recording equipment – even cassette decks like old school DJ’s used;

Is It Suitable For Gaming?

The TH-300X studio headphone is not a professional gaming headset. But if you’re looking for one that will work with your console and offers high-quality audio, it’s perfect! The long cord also provides comfort while moving around the room to game in different locations. It does lack voice chat capabilities though, so make sure you can manage without communicating verbally before buying this product

How Much Suitable For Studio?

If you are looking for a headphone that is perfect for studio monitoring, this one will suit your needs. I can confidently say from my personal experience as someone who spends hours in the studio every day on top of working at home. This headset provides me with clear and natural audio when mixing or recording; sound leakage never distracted me from what was going on around me – even during long periods of time spent concentrating hard to get a good mix down!

This specific pair has helped improve my overall performance, which made it worth all the investment money put into them.

These headphones are not perfect for everyone. You need to know who should buy them and who shouldn’t before you make a purchase decision!

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Who Should Buy It?

If you want wonderful headphones for studio monitoring and audiophile listening, then Tascam TH-300x is perfect. It’s also great in providing home sound quality with its ability to produce excellent bass responses. This long-lasting monitor can be used by professionals when they need it on the job or just at home as your personal speaker system!

Who Might Skip It?

If you’re looking for a headphone that’s perfect to use while exercising outside or in the gym, then AfterShokz Trekz Titanium is your best bet. They are wireless and have an open design which blocks most of the noise around you so listening becomes easier – not only can it be safer but also more enjoyable!

These Tascam headphones do not come with mics though, meaning they cannot be used when teaching online classes or attending meetings where one needs to speak on camera.

Alternative To Tascam TH-300X

Here are the three most identical headphones to Tascam TH-300X. So if you want to have an alternative for Tascam 300 you can go with one of the following:

  • Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro
  • Sennheiser HD280 Pro New
  • Audio Technica ATH-M50X


In conclusion, I hope that my Tascam TH-300X review will be helpful in your decision making process. From a neutral point of view and without bias, this is everything you need to know about the device!