Top 10 Best Rowing Gloves 2022

Unlike jogging around your block, rowing is much more brutal and grueling an exercise. Putting in long hours of vigorous training often results in fatigue, blisters, soreness, calluses or hardening of skin, cuts, and scratches, among others.

Innovation brings you rowing gloves specifically made to protect your hands when rowing, kayaking, paddling, canoeing, and most other types of workouts.

The best gloves for rowing will reduce the friction between your hands and handles, and absorbs the excess sweat. Gone are the old days when people had to use band-aids and tapes which pose a risk of infection.

Nonetheless, you will meet countless rowing handwear on the market when you decide to buy yourself this unit of protection, leaving you overwhelmed.

And you don’t just order the first one you spot, do you?

So, this post will guide you when choosing the best rowing gloves in matters of quality and performance. We checked a lot of aspects, and the following alternatives fulfill a lot of them.


Top 10 Rowing Gloves

In this section of the blog, we will go through the top 10 rowing gloves you can choose from on the market.

Take a look.


Best Rowing Gloves Reviews

1. Hornet Watersports Rowing Gloves


Whether you are new to the rowing game or an old hand who’s had a fair share of poorly made units, this pair of watersport gloves from Hornet is sure to impress.


The company constructed this product to prevent the damages brought by hard rowing training, so you can just focus on improving your rowing techniques.


Practical Design

The small and lightweight design means you can simply squeeze them into tight spaces when on the move.


The sturdy and durable blend of synthetic rubber, polyester, and nylon fabric is not only protective and supportive but will also hold up to a lifetime of abuse. Also, the gloves sport the natural shape of your hand, so it snugly fits into your hands.


The gloves are comfortable and flexible without sacrificing on dexterity.


Enhanced Grip

The maker has done an excellent job by including a silicone print on the palm portion of the glove. The anti-slip material ensures a more secure grip.


Furthermore, the protective units are constructed with fingertips exposed to provide direct contact and enhance the grip.

  • It is washing machine safe
  • Comes in varied sizes
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Unisex
  • Runs large in size

We feel that these gloves are an excellent choice for those a small and lightweight design and anti-slip material.


2. Trideer Breathable Rowing Gloves


This offering comes for those seeking a protective measure for their hands during hard training sessions. The Trideer Breathable Rowing Gloves for Women will keep your palms safe from being ripped while remaining comfortable and ventilated, and leaving you with a winning attitude.


Sturdy Construction

The manufacturer used high-quality ultra-light microfiber to make it soft, convenient, and portable. We must applaud the Silica Gel palm, which maintains a solid grip even in the wettest environments.


The gloves are easy to get on and off thanks to an included pull buckle on the fingertip.


Built for Comfort

Fastening is by way of adjustable straps that lend to a close yet comfortable fit and protects your wrists. It was thoughtful of the company to include the breathable mesh, reduce moisture build-up, and make your hands comfier.


  • Comes in different sizes
  • Multiple sizes available
  • 12-month warranty
  • 30-day return guarantee
  • Little palm padding

We feel that these gloves are the best choice for people looking for ultra-light microfiber and a solid grip.


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3. Fit Active Sports Ventilated Training Gloves

Expect limitless potential in bettering the rowing hero in you with the Fit Active Sports Ventilated Training Gloves. It is hands down one of the best outdoor rowing gloves as far as quality, comfort, and control go.


Solid and Convenient Build

The gloves are products of top-quality Neoprene material that can stand up to moisture and water, high-temperature oil, and other dangerous chemicals. The gloves will defy wear and tear and withstand years of hard rowing.


The flexible fabric assumes the natural shape and contours of your hands, lending to a close fit. The pieces feature an open backhand design provides more comfort, ventilation, and allows for more flexibility of the hands.


Adjustable Velcro wrist strap lets you tune the gloves for a custom fit and makes them super easy to get on and off.


Enhanced Grip and Ventilated Design

As you’d wish, you will enjoy a robust and secure grip courtesy of the Silicon Prints on the palms. Having breathable mesh means you will know no limits. The unit is ventilated for less sweating, extra comfort, and resistance to odor during intense workouts and hot days.


  • Cover a full palm
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Various sizes available
  • Lightweight and portable
  • The Velcro can be irritating

These gloves are a great choice for those looking for a secure grip and a breathable mesh design.


4. Palmyth UV Protection Fingerless Gloves


Meet the UV Protection Fingerless Gloves from Palmyth. If you often struggle with callouses, blisters, scratches, and more, this is your best bet. The glove is perfect for outdoor rowing, and indoors concept 2 rowing machine.


Top Grade Material

Made from predominantly leather, these gloves will outlast even the oars and provides decades of quality protection. The palms are reinforced with silicone waves to ensure the grip is firm and comfortable.


The UPF 50+ and SPF UV protection make it ideal if you frequently suffer from sunburns. Washing the gloves is as easy as tossing them in a machine washer.


Exclusive Features

The company wants to save you the hassle of pulling the gloves off. So, they have included a wrist pull and fingertip pull to make it easy for you when you are done using the gloves and need to take them off. The fingerless design adds to flexibility and dexterity and enhances comfort.


Not just that, the manufacturer includes four small gaps between the fingers to minimize the bending resistance and heighten the flexibility of your fingers.


  • UV protection
  • Different sizes available
  • Several color options
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Fabric may peel due to intense use

These gloves, in our opinion, make an excellent choice for those looking for a wrist and fingertip pull and SPF UV protection.


5. Valeo Padded Rowing Gloves


Just from a glance at the Valeo Padded Rowing Gloves, you can tell that they were built for serious business. Made from best-in-class leather, these rowing champions beat all in matters exceptional durability, unmatched protection, and limitless control.


Superior Construction

The manufacturer crafted the gloves using superior goat grain leather that can make it through decades of intense use. Also, the leather delivers firm hold and better paddle control without hurting your wrist.


On the inner, you will find additional cushioning in fingers and palms, which enhances grip control.


The palm is reinforced with slow recovery ERGO-Foam enabling a superior grip and maximizing its longevity.


Added Comfort

The best part, there is an integrated terrycloth thumb sweat-wipe for cleaning off sweat. Not just that, the Nylon mesh back allows for a free flow of air, consequently reducing sweating and adding comfort.


The hook loop closure tabs help you securely fasten the glove and achieve the desired fit.


  • Varied size options
  • Machine washer safe
  • Additional color options available
  • Includes elastic cuffs for added comfort
  • The leather is easily damaged by water and elements

These gloves are an excellent choice if you’re looking for a well-fitted glove made of slow-recover ERGO-foam.


6. Contraband Black Label 5050 Men’s Basic Leather Fingerless Gloves


Nothing can wreck your good training day worse than a knockoff pair rowing gloves. That is why you need this beautiful piece of engineering for less painful and more comfort rowing practice.


If you are on a quest for indoor rowing gloves for beginners, then here you go. Costing a small fraction of what its premium competitors cost, it would almost be unfair not to grab a pair.


Created for Comfort and Performance

The top is constructed from Nylon four-way mesh, allowing the flow of air, minimizing sweating, and adding to the comfort. The company chose to use split leather for the entire palm area to ensure it can take a beating.


The gloves are not so stiff and will curve to imitate the shape of your hands to provide better control and added comfort. The half-finger design is also to your advantage.


The exposed fingertips ensure maximum sensitivity and feel of the grip.


Functional Features

The interior is synthetic with light-medium neoprene padding, which protects the palm and other friction points. The wrist wrap makes for added support during a harder workout.


The gloves also come with leather pulls tabs at the end of each finger, which let you pull and take off the gloves.


The company expresses confidence in its quality with a one year warranty and a 30-day refund guarantee.


  • 30-day refund guarantee
  • 1yr full replacement warranty
  • Adjustable Sizing
  • The company offers free shipping
  • Not machine washable

We feel that these fingerless gloves are an excellent choice if you’re long for a long warranty, neoprene padding, and a four-way mesh.


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7. Trideer Padded Rowing Gloves


The next best-padded rowing gloves is this pair from Trideer. The robust, rugged units were built for rowers with serious power who want to push themselves to their limits.


Ergonomic Design

The breathable mesh prevents hot spots and sweating and promotes ventilation and comfort. Like other quality products in its class, this one features a pull buckle on the fingertip, which makes it reasonably easy to take the gloves on and off.


Apart from that, the palm area has anti-skid hexagonal silica gel, which provides a firm grip even in wet conditions.


A thick pad covers all the crucial areas of contact between the hands where the grip meets oar handles. This eliminates friction and stress on your palms.



Wrist Straps let you adjust the tightness of the gloves to your liking besides increasing your rowing power. The company also offers this product in diverse sizes, so you get to choose what fits you best.


You can go with the extended strap or standard strap offerings.


Moreover, should the product turn out to be different from what you expect, do not hesitate to contact the manufacturer within 30 days for a full refund.


  • 12-month warranty
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Multiple color options available
  • Comes in various sizes
  • Not machine washable

These make a great choice if you’re looking for a good grip and a thick pad to protect your palms.


8. Sculling and Rowing Gloves


If you do not mind spending a little bit more for peace of mind and added quality, why don’t you settle for the best? Crafted by rowers with rowers in mind, the Sculling and Rowing Gloves is one of the best protective gloves for pros and newbies alike.


Premium Quality Material

The gloves are built from a combination of polyester and polyurethane, which lend to the lightweight and ease of drying when exposed to water or moisture. The stretching polyester will promote the natural curve of your hand and ensure a tight yet anatomical and comfortable fit.


The palm is made of silicone to ensure a fast and secure grip. A Velcro closure strap provides a comfortable fit besides enhancing maneuverability.


Convenient Design

The minimalist and lightweight build will let you can chuck the gloves into your pockets or gym bag for extra training on the go.


Another feature worth mentioning is the open back and lower finger design that air through and cools your hands during vigorous activity.


  • Comes in different sizes
  • Elastic and comfortable
  • Approved for all levels of competition
  • Lightweight and flexible
  • Pricier than the lot

We feel that these gloves make a great choice for those looking for great maneuverability and protection.


9. Viomir Ultra-light Gloves


It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the Viomir Ultra-light Gloves is one of the best rowing handwear money can buy.



The units are products of high-quality microfiber that is designed comfortable and lightweight.


You cannot do better than the Honeycomb structure, and double-layer palm design with foam, cushioning and protecting your hands against blister, calluses, and bruises. The printed silica gel anti-skid foam pad has been added for a tighter grip.


The makers were wise to include a breathable mesh fabric to allow air in and cool your hands during hot days and vigorous training.


Enhancing Features

Expect pull buckles on the fingertip that simplify the removal of the gloves when you are done using them. Feel free to adjust the tightness to suit your preference using the Velcro strap. What’s more, an included thumb jersey lets you wipe any sweat with ease.


  • Machine washable
  • Multiple color options
  • Different sizes available
  • Reliable customer support
  • Material is easily damaged by heat, sunlight, and chemicals

These gloves make a great choice for those looking for an anti-skid foam pad, comfortable and lightweight design.


10. Contraband Pink Label 5137 Women’s Padded Gloves


The Contraband Pink Label 5137 Women’s Padded Gloves is designed to let you feel the connection to your oar while keeping friction and blisters at bay. The medium padding will prevent you from getting blisters and give you an excellent grip even when using wet paddles.


Designed for Protection

The breathable and sweat-wicking mesh top adds to breathability while the soft interior polyester alleviates the level of comfort. The Grip-lock padding ensures a natural, comfy fit and makes it easy to maneuver and minimizes hand fatigue.


For enhanced traction and firm grip, the palm is fitted with silicone rubber beads.


Ease of Use

You will find finger tabs between fingers to enable you to pull off the gloves without a struggle. Should you see the need to clean your gloves, simply throw them into a machine washer to get them looking all clean and new.


The company promises a full refund for unsatisfied customers. Buyers also enjoy a one year warranty.


  • Comes in varied sizes
  • Different color options available
  • One year warranty
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Gets slightly hot when worn for long

These gloves are a great choice if you’re looking for something to keep the blisters away and have silicone rubber beads.


Final Verdict

We’d love to continue informing you about the best gloves for rowing, but we’ll instead let you put your watersport passion and skill into action. Whether you are just getting started or you been in the space for a while now, there is something here for you.


We feel that the Hornet Watersports Rowing Gloves are one the best in class as they are waterproof, made especially for rowing, and feature a practical design. The gloves come with an enhanced grip and are machine washable.


Go ahead and click to purchase the pick that impressed us the most and join the happy, protected, and satisfied community of rowing gloves users.


Buyers Guide: What to Consider when Buying Rowing Gloves

Let’s take a quick look at some of the things you need to know when investing in a pair of high-quality gloves, shall we?


The material determines the durability and cushioning ability of the gloves.

1.    Leather

While leather gloves are known to be tough and durable, they are more rigid and less resistant to damage by water and elements. They also take longer to dry, so you need to allow enough time to dry after washing them.

2.    Synthetic

Neoprene and polyester, on the other hand, are more prone to wear and tear but lightweight, quick to dry, and less likely to be affected by water and elements.

If you are looking for winter rowing gloves, ensure you pick something with cozy material in the inner and enclosed fingertips for added warmth.

3.    Sweat-wicking material

Sweat-wicking material in the inner will absorbs sweat. This so dramatically reduces any chances of letting go of the oar handle.


You will want options that come with silicone rubber covered palms areas to increase traction on the surface. This ensures a tight grip and comfortable hold that is not too tight and prevents fatigue.


Rowing gloves that feature a breathable mesh and open backhand design will allow air in and let your hands breath during intense workouts. This reduces sweating, eliminates smell, and saves you the trouble of having to wash your gloves frequently.

Functional Features

You do not wish to struggle to remove the gloves when you are exhausted. Therefore, consider picks that come with pull buckles on the fingertips to make it a breeze to pull off the protective handwear. Adjustable Velcro straps make it possible to tune the tightness to a comfortable and snug fit.

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