Best Stuhrling Original Automatic, Mechanical & Dive Watches [2022]

stuhrling watches review

When looking for a watch, the hardest thing is deciding which brand you should go with. Because, in today’s world, hundreds of brands are manufacturing thousands of watches each year, which makes it quite difficult for a person to choose a perfect watch. There are a variety of wearables available nowadays including smartwatches and fitness … Read more

Best Dive Watches Under $500 Reviews 2022

best dive watch in 500 dollar

About 70 years ago, when first water-resistance and dustproof watch was made, nobody has even had the slightest clue of the time where it will be a mere timepiece holding on to your wrist called diving watch, which will have the ability to withstand the water-resistance up to 3900m or 13000 ft, approximately. Yes, with … Read more

Best Skeleton Watches Reviews 2022

skeleton watch - mechanical watch

“You don’t buy the watch to tell the time, you buy the watch to tell the world about yourself” I read this quote somewhere and I couldn’t agree with it more, because what you decide to wear, tells you so much about yourself, but I’ll come back to this part later. Have you ever thought, … Read more

Best Smartwatch For Cycling & Mountain Biking 2022

watch for cycling

Would you believe that you can almost do any sort of tracking from a multi-sport smartwatch? Yes, I’m not kidding, a smartwatch may be of greater help and use than smartphones, but it’s really ironic on the other hand that you do need a phone for syncing and using features that are dependable on it, … Read more

Best Hunting Watches For Outdoor Trips [2022]

hunting smartwatch

Some people love to travel alone in the wild, and wander in this beautiful world, without necessarily connecting with anyone. But sometimes, your instincts can make a fool out of you, if you can’t just rely on them and have no physical backup at all. Well, nowadays in this advanced world, where a human being … Read more

Best Standalone Smartwatch with LTE 4G Sim Card 2022

best lte smartwatch with sim

What if I told you there is a smartwatch that works independently of a smartphone? Standalone smartwatches function independently without a smartphone and make calls directly from the watch itself, but they do rely on cellular service. By standalone smartwatch, we mean a smartwatch with SIM card slot. Using them is just like using a … Read more

12 Best Fitbit For Kids & Teenagers 2022

best kids fitbit

Why is there a need to buy your kid a Fitbit fitness tracker and What is a fitness tracker? I’ll start this blog by answering the latter. As the name suggests, a fitness tracker is a device that keeps track of your activities and gives you detailed insights about it. Especially, In this modern era, … Read more

Best Smartwatches For Men 2022

Here in this article, we not only listed 10 best smartwatches for men but also reviewed them properly so you can buy the one you like without any if’s and but’s. Are you tired of taking out the phone every time you want to see the distance traveled while running on a park’s track or … Read more

14 Best Kids Smartwatches and Kids Watch Phones In 2022

best kids smartwatches 2019

Are you looking for the best smartwatch for your kids having some special features like GPS, fitness tracking, cell phone calls, text messages, reminders, cameras, games, and a lot more? Read this buying guide, I’m sure you’ll get a top-notch smartwatch for your loved one. Traditionally, kids were to play on streets and roads with … Read more

Best Smartwatch For Women 2022 (Technological Fashion Gadget)

best smartwatch for women

Smartwatches were considered to be a futile invention when they first came upon the scene because it was priced heavily but manufacturers had foreseen their popularity and thus started creating multiple models that brought the price down and their recognition catapulted 4 to 5 years back. Not only are there many feature-laden smartwatches to choose … Read more