Garmin Watch Comparison: Which Garmin Watch is Best for Me

which garmin watch is best for me

When it comes to fitness tracking, rugged, and outdoor smartwatches, there’s no other brand that can outclass Garmin, and it is not an exaggeration. It has been almost 18 years since they launched their first Forerunner watch, and after that, this brand has come up with some of the best tactical and sports smartwatches over … Read more

Best Military And Rugged Smart Watches 2022

military grade smartwatch

Military persons are the toughest blokes out there. These guys have to undergo strenuous exercises and rigorous training sessions just to stay active and always ready for combat. Army Men have to jump from heights, plunge into swarms, and pass through barbed wires as a part of their course. The hectic routine is a serious … Read more

The Top 26 Best Smartwatches 2022


If you’re looking for the best smartwatch that does everything, then you’ve come to the right place There are many different types of smartwatches out there, which can make it difficult to choose just one for you or your loved ones. From fitness trackers that only do what they say on their description without any … Read more

GPS Watch for Kids Safety and Location Tracking in 2022

gps tracking watch for kids

If knowing your child’s location in the growing tense scenario of the world gives you relief then you ought to know of a GPS watch for kids. Technology has impacted virtually all aspects of our lives. One of the many advantages it provides is the ability to know one’s location. For curious parents, a kid’s … Read more

10 Best Smartwatches For 10 Years Kid 2022

top rated smartwatches for 10 year tween

A smartwatch for tweens is a perfectly suitable gift idea that will be greatly appreciated by your 10-12 years old boy or girl. The best smartwatch for your tween is not the same watch that will suit you. However, since tweens have smaller wrists and different needs than adults, it’s important to find the best … Read more

8 Best Fitbit For Men To Wear in 2022

best fitbit for men

Having a fitness tracker on your wrist is always beneficial and I’ll tell you why. But first, let’s get to know what it is. A fitness or activity tracker is a wearable whose job is to keep an eye on your activities of every kind. Well, it does more than keep an eye and track … Read more

12 Best Cheap Smartwatches 2022 – Buying Guide and Reviews

best cheap smartwatch under 30

Nowadays smartwatches are becoming more of a fashion than being the extension of the smartphone, which it was meant to be, and it’s not that bad at all. Of course, with all this advancement, it was bound to happen somehow because it is becoming mainstream and not a high-end gadget anymore. But is it okay … Read more

Best Fitness Trackers For Kids, Tween, Teenagers 2022

best fitness tracker for kids

In this world of modern technology, everyone is trying to get ahold of the techie gadgets, so why should we keep our kids behind in this? Frankly speaking, our upcoming generation will be more tech-enthusiast than we ever were at their age, since it has grown this rapidly. So, one of the best ways to … Read more

Top 6 Best Smartwatch For Video Call 2022

best video calling smartwatch

If you own a smartphone, all its benefits and features aside, you know how addictive it can be for youngsters or teenagers, but what would you do if your kids ask you to buy them one? Well, I’ll tell you exactly what you have to do. But first on a side note, isn’t it a … Read more

Best Casio Waterproof Dive Watches 2022

best casio watches to buy

“Necessity is not the mother of invention; the invention is the mother of necessity” This is the quote from one of the founders of Casio, which shows the mindset behind the work of this company. Being one of the oldest watch companies doesn’t make you the best; sticking to your trademark features, bringing innovation in … Read more