How To Make Headphones Louder

Have you ever wanted to make your headphones louder, but don’t know how? This article is here to help. All you have to do is clean them! Headphones can get clogged with dirt and debris over time, which can make the sound quality decrease. But if you take a few minutes every few weeks to give them a good cleaning, they will retain their original clarity for much longer!

How To Make Headphones Louder

1. Cleaning Your Headphones

Sometimes all you need to do is clean your headphones, and they will become like new again. Whenever you are using your headphones, the heat in your ear canal increases which can lead to an excess of wax or oil build-up on the mesh screens that block sound waves from coming through as well exposing bacteria into them.

Remove and clean the ear tips.

First, remove the ear tips and soak them in warm soapy water for about five minutes. Next, use a Q-tip or cotton bud to clean the inner parts of your hearing aid gently removing any wax that might have accumulated over time. Once you are done cleaning, with hydrogen peroxide wipe it off using either another cloth or paper towel then let it dry before putting back on again.

Clean the Earbuds.

Think of your earbuds as a baby. Sometimes they get dirty and need to be cleaned! Hold them upside-down, brush the mesh screens with a dry toothbrush, then dampen cloths in hydrogen peroxide for deep cleaning. Dry earbuds before storing them away so you can enjoy listening next time around!

Alcohol or hand sanitizer can be used as a substitute for Hydrogen peroxide.

Reassemble your Headphones

After your headphones are completely dry, reassemble them carefully. Put back the ear tips once everything is dry and you’re ready to listen again!

2. Removing Volume limits on your Device

When you’re using your Android smartphone, it’s important to take care of your hearing. Some Androids have a volume limiter that can be helpful for this purpose as they prevent the ear from being damaged by loud noises. Not all models come equipped with this feature though so if yours doesn’t then make sure to turn down the sound manually before things get too noisy!

Some smartphones are designed in such a way that limits their maximum volume output and protects our ears when listening to high volumes. The best part is these devices usually know how much protection we need and will automatically set themselves accordingly without us having to worry about anything else but turning up or down on our own accord- which makes life easier than ever before!

For android devices like a galaxy and other devices, you need to go to the sound and vibration menu. Then select the volume option and go to the media volume limiter.

You can simply turn it off. If the limit was previously set there.

For IOS follow the following steps:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Search for music or scroll down click it.
  3. Then go to the Volume limiter option. If it is on then disable it.
  4. Once you disabled it slide the knob to the end for maximum volume.

3. Use Headphone Amplifier

using headphone amplifier headphones can also be louder just like home speakers paired with amplifiers.

The power of the amplifier inside your device may not be sufficient to draw out the maximum sound from your device.

By using an external amplifier you will not only get the maximum sound output. But you will also be able to hear the music in detail, with excellent dynamic range and sound clarity.

However, Not all the headphones are compatible with the amplifiers, mostly the high-quality headphones work with external amplifiers.

Headphones with a higher impedance of around 300 ohms work well with the amplifier. On the other hand, if your headphones have a low impedance around 20 – 25 ohms then the amplifier won’t contribute much.

4. Install Volume Boosting App

If you want an easier and more convenient way to boost the volume of your headphones, then installing a headphone app is the best option for you. There are many apps on the Google Play Store or Apple store that can do this easily without any hassle. All these apps work by increasing bass levels while not distorting sound quality- which means there’s no need to worry about getting frustrated with choppy audio if it increases too much!

Apps for Android devices

  • Precise Volume
  • Volume Booster Pro
  • Volume Booster GooDEV

Apps for IOS devices

  • Boom Music
  • KaiserTone Audio Player
  • Equalizer FX

Apps for MAC devices

  • Boom2
  • Boom3D
  • Sound Booster

Apps for Windows devices

  • Equalizer Pro
  • FX Sound

5. Adjust The EQ Settings On Your Device

Do you find that your phone is too quiet? EQ settings may be the culprit. These are found in your Settings app on iOS and can also usually be configured under Sound or Volume within Android’s System Preferences. Try adjusting these manually to see if it makes a difference!

6. Purchase A Better Headphone

As the old ones have been giving you trouble, it’s time to get a new pair of headphones. As your ears are getting more sensitive with age and sounds seem louder than they used to be, consider purchasing those that can meet this need for volume better when listening through them!

There are plenty of options to get here we will enlist some of the best

  • Beats Studio3 Wireless On-Ear Headphones
  • Audio-Technica ATH-MSR7NC Headphones
  • AKG K371-BT Wireless Bluetooth Headphones


When you hate your headphones, life sucks. But don’t let yourself get there! Use the above methods to make your headphones louder and earn back some peace of mind in a sound world. If after trying all of them nothing works, it may be time for quality upgrades- but at least you know how to handle that reality when it happens.