How to connect two headphones to a PC?

Listening to a good music album is a pleasure, it has no comparison. Especially if it is one of those records that leave us astonished at the quality of their songs or their recording. All this is even more relaxing if we do it with the comfort that modern computers provide us today, through our record collection or through some of the many services for listening to music based on the web.

In addition, thanks to the immense range of multimedia players available for all operating systems, we can listen to music in the way that we like best, and we can even change the order of playback, equalize its sound or transfer it to other devices to be able to listen to it. For example on a smartphone, while on the move.

Everything mentioned works like a charm when we listen to music alone, that is, without anyone enjoying it with us. Now the scene is different when we want to share those magnificent sounds with someone else. Of course, we are doing it through the speakers of the equipment or an external amplifier, this will not present any problem, but if we do not have this type of equipment and we only have headphones, the situation is complicated. That is why in this article we will know the most practical ways to share the audio output of a PC to use two headphones.

Ways To Connect Two Headphones To A Computer

The most economical way: The splitter cable

There is no doubt that the simplest and most practical way, in addition to being economical, to connect two headphones is the so-called splitter, a cable in the shape of a “Y” that has a 3.5 mm male plug at one end and on the remaining ropes two female sockets of the same size.

This small implement is really inexpensive, always of course taking into account its quality. This cable will allow us to connect two headphones to a single socket on the PC, be it a desktop or a notebook, without signal loss and without any type of danger. The only thing we have to do to put it into operation is to connect the male Plug to the audio output of the PC, generally green or lime.

With regard to this output, few know that through this splitter cable, we can connect audio equipment at one end and a pair of headphones at the other, a very interesting trick when the amplifier does not have a headphone output.

How to use two headsets on pc without a splitter?

By following the steps listed below you can use two headphones even if you don’t have a splitter cable.

  1. Plugin the headphone to your pc. Go to the start menu and select the “Sound” option.
  2. After selecting the “Sound” option go to “Manage Audio Devices” and change the option to headphones. Now you have set your headphones as a default audio output device.
  3. Connect other headphones with your pc and you will be able to hear sound in both of the headphones.

In Windows 10, you can have multiple audio outputs. You can also change the settings to normal whenever you want by following some simple steps and choosing ‘speaker’ as your default output medium.

Using Bluetooth Adaptor

With Bluetooth technology, you can connect multiple wireless headphones to your PC. After following the steps below, enjoy listening to music or watching a movie without disturbing those around you!

You can pair two Bluetooth headphones by using a Bluetooth adapter. If you don’t have one, purchase it and install the device on your computer. Once inserted in-between the devices, open up your playback settings to connect with the new pairing option which is now available.

Check whether your headphones are paired with your pc or not. If you face a problem while paring then you need to perform these simple steps according to your operating system.

For user’s who use windows 8 or 10 Go to Start >> Bluetooth setting >> Advance Bluetooth setting >> Allow Bluetooth Devices.

Now try connecting your headphones again.

Once your headphones are allowed and paired with pc. You can enjoy the music or movies wirelessly.

How To Connect Two Headphones On Mac?

The first step for your Mac’s audio experience is to ensure that the headphones you want to use are paired. You can do this by turning on Bluetooth and connecting them with your device or using an aux cord if they’re plugged into a headphone jack.

Now by following the steps listed below you will be able to connect two headphones on Mac.

  1. Open Audio Midi setup by opening Utilities from Application Menu.
  2. Click on the Plus button of the Audio device window and select create multiple output devices.
  3. Now right click on the Create Multiple Out devices and select use this device for audio output.
  4. Select the headphones that you want to use in the Audio Device list.
  5. Select the Master Device now.
  6. Next, select the slave device by checking the box.
  7. Launch the system preferences and open the sound plane option. Go to the Output tab, choose Multi-output device, and start enjoying yourself with your friends.

You can use your Mac to connect two devices with headphones. But if you want more, then purchase a splitter or Bluetooth adapter!

How To Connect Two Headphones To Android?

It’s easy to connect two Bluetooth headphones with your Android. First, turn on the feature in Settings and then pair one set of earbuds over a connection you have already established. Once that is done, go back into settings and find Dual Audio under Wireless & Networks > Connections Status. Turn it off for now but keep this guide handy because we will need to reverse these steps later! Now switch from using one headset to another by going through the pairing process again so they are both connected at once! Finally, if everything went according to plan – when prompted do enable “Dual audio” mode which allows us all to enjoy music together without either device disconnecting or stopping sound altogether!

Best quality and flexibility: The headphone amplifier

Although the splitter cable mentioned above is one of the simplest solutions, the truth is that it is not very flexible, since not all people listen in the same way, some may have sharper hearing and others may be a little more “Deaf”.

In these cases, it is best to acquire a small device called a headphone amplifier, which is basically an amplifier with enough power to power up to 4 headphones, with their respective volume controls, which will help us with the issue of differences with the sound weak or too loud.

They also have the particularity of being able to work with headphones with different values ​​in Ohms, without problems or signal loss.

There are many headphone amplifiers on the market, but the one that offers the best cost/benefit ratio is the HA400 model from Behringer.


You’re in luck! Whether you have a PC, MAC, or an Android device, I’ve got you covered. With the help of this article, you will be able to enjoy listening to and watching movies with friends without disturbing others.

We hope this guide will be very helpful for you.