How To Clean Headset Ear Pads: An Easy and Complete

Headsets are a really great way to stay connected with friends, family, and co-workers. However, they can be difficult to keep clean! There is always something that seems to go into the ear pads of headsets – food particles, sweat from your face or hair, dust particles. This article provides you with an easy and complete guide on how to clean headset earpads so you can enjoy them for years without having nasty build-up inside them!

How To Clean headset Earpads?

Wipe Them Up Regularly

Next, before storing or putting away your headphones make sure to wipe them down with a clean cloth. You can use either microfiber material for this job because they are highly effective at removing dust and sweat from the surface area that touches their pads (the areas where you wear out).

Clean With Soapy Water

Step 1: Separated The Earpads And Remove Dirt

The first thing to do when cleaning your ear pads is to separate them from the headphone. If any crumbs or hair stick in there, then remove it with a lint roller and get ready for some good old-fashioned vacuuming!

Step 2: Soak A Clean Cloth In Soapy Water

Next, fill a bowl with fresh water and mix one spoonful of laundry detergent until suds form. Then dip a paper towel or clean cloth into it to remove any excess foam from the top.

Step 3: Clean The Surface

To clean your ear pads, you’ll need to dampen a cloth or paper towel in water and wipe down the surface. Pay attention mainly to where they touch your ears because even if it doesn’t look dirty yet – still wash them completely!

Step 4: Loosen Any Gunk With Toothbrush

Cleaning your ear pads is really easy. All you need to do it take a toothbrush and clean off any dirt or other gunk that has been stuck in there, then wipe with this soft cloth until they’re spotless!

Step 5: Leave The Earpads On A Dry Towel

After cleaning, keep a paper towel or cloth on a dry and flat surface. Then leave the pads there for several hours to air-dry completely before storing them away in order to maximize their life span! Finally, when you are ready to use them again, adjust those earpads onto your favorite pair of headphones so that it feels as if they were always meant just for YOU.

Replace Headphone Pads

If you’ve been noticing that your headphones are losing their durability and aren’t lasting as long, then it’s time for a replacement. Headphone pads can be bought at any store or online with proper care in mind. Make sure to keep them clean by storing them away from dust when not being used so they don’t lose quality over time!

The type of ear pads a headset has can have an impact on how it’s cleaned. Leather and velour are both popular options, but if you want them to last longer they should be cleaned differently than more porous materials like plastic or foam that don’t offer much protection from dirt particles entering the cups inside your ears through sweat pores.”

How To Clean Leather Earpads?


It is important to keep your headphones in top condition, so they will last longer and sound better. To clean the ear pads of a pair of leather headphones you just need some leather conditioner! Apply it directly onto the pad with nothing else applied first then use another cloth slightly moistened before massaging over each side until thoroughly absorbed; let dry completely before using again. This process prevents moisture absorption from occurring which can cause mold on both surfaces as well damage done by fungus growths like saddle staining (rare).

Store In Cold And Non-Humid Place

Leather is a great material to use, but it can quickly become brittle and crack in the sun. It is best if you keep your leather pads away from direct exposure so that they do not fade or wear off faster than what was originally planned for!

How To Clean Velour Earpads?

To clean the velour pads on your favorite pair of headphones, first, use a lint roller to gently remove any debris from its surface. Next, take some water and add in just one drop of dish detergent – this will help you get rid of all that pesky oil build-up within those ear cushions! Finally, wash them off with a sudsy cloth or paper towels so as not to damage either material too much; although we know it feels good when they’re done getting wet.

Have you ever felt a bad smell from a headphone after prolonged use?

It generally happens in a hot and humid area. This is due to the headset pads accumulating moisture, which causes them to grow bacteria that cause an awful smell with time.

So, let’s know how to get rid of the smell coming from your earpads.

How To Remove Smell From Headphone Earpads?

Use Silica Gel Packets

Silica gel is a great way to control the local humidity level. It absorbs moisture and can be placed in your earcups when not in use, which will reduce any stinky problem as well as help get rid of bad smells!

Use Rubbing Alcohol Or Hand Sanitizer

You know that ear wax can make your headset smell, right? Well, it happens to the best of us! To get rid of the bad odor in a hurry you’ll need some moist cloths and alcohol or hand sanitizer.

First, take off all parts from inside (earpads included), then dampen one side with warm soapy water before wiping them clean – this should remove any residue left behind by sweat or other things we don’t want on our precious devices anyway!.

Now let’s finish up by using just rubbing alcohol instead; as soon as I did everything else there was an instant relief because now nothing smells anymore thank goodness!!!

Clean Your Ears

Ear wax is the staple of all ear problems. When your ear produces more than necessary, it can get stuck inside your headphones and cause static-like noises or muffled sounds that we call “ear congestion.” The most common issue with loudness is due to this buildup; which will lead people away from enjoying themselves because they don’t want others hearing what’s going on in their own head when listening closely.

The solution? Cleaning out some dirty ears so everything has space again! That way no one feels left out as well:)

Benefits Of Cleaning Headphones

Save Your Money

The best way to take care of your headphone pads is by cleaning them after every use. This will help you avoid having any problems with the quality or durability of these expensive headphones. And keep a lot more money in your pocket!

Get The Same Comfort

Your headset will stay in high-quality condition when you take better care of it. This means that the beginning and end are always comfortable, which makes for an overall great experience!

Keep Your Headphone Hygienic

Headphone pads are prone to collecting dirt, bacteria, and sweat. If you maintain proper cleaning routines. It helps prevent your headphones from becoming smelly or moldy due to these factors being on them for an extended period of time.


I hope this guide has helped you to take care of your headphones. If it did, then I bet that the headphones will last much longer for it! Take proper maintenance and regularly clean out any residue from ear pads with a damp cloth or mild soap if necessary. It’s super important not only in keeping them fresh. But also in avoiding discomfort during use due to excessive build-up inside those tiny speakers (they can get quite dirty!). This way when listening all day long there won’t be anything impairing comfort – just sweet sound vibrations coming straight at you. 🙂