Cheapest 4k Camera For Filmmaking 2022

4k cameras are capable of capturing stunning detail and clarity, making them the perfect choice for professional filmmakers and hobbyists alike. However, 4k cameras can be expensive, costing hundreds or even thousands of dollars. If you’re on a budget, though, don’t worry – there are some great options available for those looking for the cheapest 4k camera for filmmaking.

When it comes to finding the best and cheapest 4k camera for filmmaking, there are a lot of factors that you need to take into account. Not all 4k cameras are created equal, and you definitely don’t want to end up spending a fortune on a camera that doesn’t fit your needs. This comprehensive review will discuss the main features that you need to look for when buying a cheap 4k camera. We’ll also recommend some of the best and most affordable options on the market right now.

What is 4K

In simple terms, that refers to the number of horizontal lines that make up the image. A higher pixel count generally results in a sharper and more detailed image.

Why 4k camera for filmmaking?

4k Cameras offer the best quality for your money when it comes to filmmaking. With a resolution of 4000 pixels, these cameras are able to capture beautiful, high-definition images and videos that will look great when projected or viewed on a large screen. Additionally, 4k Cameras are able to record at high frame rates, meaning you’ll be able to create smooth, slow motion videos with ease. 4k Cameras have great low light performance, making them perfect for filming in dark environments or at night.

Before we get into specific recommendations on what type of camera to buy and why, let’s first discuss some of the main factors so that you know exactly what to look for when shopping around.

Factors To Consider before buying 4K Camera for filmmaking

When it comes to looking for the best and cheapest camera, there are several factors that you need to take into account.


4k, as we all know, is much smoother, sharper, and color accurate but it doesn’t have to be a major investment if you are smart enough. With good research, you can even find models from renowned companies like Nikon and Canon, which offer 4k filmmaking cameras at cheap rates

Note: Just because a camera is cheap doesn’t mean that it’s no good – in fact, some of the cheaper cameras can actually outperform more expensive models.


One of the most important factors to consider when purchasing a 4k camera is its resolution. Not all cameras are capable of shooting in true or native ultra high definition, so it’s important to do your research and make sure that the camera you’re considering can actually shoot in 4K/UHD. You don’t want to end up with a camera that only shoots in HD or Full HD, as the results will be significantly lower quality than if you had purchased a model that shoots in UHD of 4K.

Frame Rate:

Another thing to look for when buying a cheap camera is its ability to record at higher frame rates. Most budget-friendly cameras typically only offer 30 or 60 frames per second (fps), but some models allow for recording at 120 fps or even 240 fps. Recording at a higher frame rate is great for slow-motion videos, but it’s also useful if you want to capture fast-paced action or sports. You don’t have to spend extra money on an expensive camera just because you’re looking for something with high-end features like this; there are several low-cost options that offer both UHD and 4K recording capabilities as well as being able to record at 120 fps or 240 fps.

Compression Bitrate:

Make sure that your camera can record videos at a high enough bitrate so they’ll look good even after being uploaded onto social media or websites. The bitrate is basically how much information is being compressed into each second of video footage, so the higher it is the better quality your videos will have. Most cameras these days can record at a rate of between 16-bit and 24-bit, but if you’re looking to futureproof then go for something even higher than that!


Another thing that must be considered is the size of the camera. Ideally, it must be as big as your hand which makes it easy to carry around.

Capability to Shoot in Low Light:

The final feature we’ll discuss in our Cheapest 4k Cameras for filmmaking article today is its ability to shoot in low light conditions. Most of the best and cheapest cameras can shoot even when there isn’t any ambient light around them, which means they’re perfect for night time shooting sessions and other situations where natural lighting may not be available. Typically very low cost cameras have worse low-light performance than higher end models, so if you’re someone who wants to shoot video in a dark room or even outside at night then it’s definitely worth spending extra money on something that can record well under these conditions.

In conclusion, when shopping for a cheap 4k camera there are a few key features you need to look out for in order to get good quality footage. Make sure that the camera has a 4k resolution, high frame rate, and high bitrate so you don’t sacrifice image quality just to save money. With those factors in mind, we’ve compiled some of the best and cheapest options on the market right now – check them out below!

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Cheapest 4k Camera For Filmmaking

Filmmaking requires a superior video camera with professionally striking features such as autofocus, image stabilization, and wide ISO range but not all can afford expensive options.

So quit the wait and look at the list of the best and cheap 4k filmmaking cameras available on Amazon.

Note: The information of the cameras has been collected precisely and measured on the basis of customer reviews and technical blogs.


Best Budget 4k Cameras For Filmmaking

1. Compark X30 – Cheapest 4k Camera In The List

If you are looking for a cheap 4k camera to begin your videography career, this might be it. This jet-black camera looks elegant and professional.

It can capture 4k videos at a frame rate of 30FPS which is incredible considering the price. It has a CMOS sensor of 20MP which has the ability to take vibrant and crystal-clear still shots.

One of the best features of this cheap 4k filmmaking camera is the Electronic image stabilization owing to the 6-axis gyroscope. It automatically stabilizes the shot and makes sure that you are providing unruffled footage to the viewers.

Then, there is the 40m waterproofing capability. You can take the camera underwater and capture the ravishing water life using the wide, narrow, and middle lens angles. It has a 2” touch-sensitive screen which is quite user-friendly and easy to navigate in settings.

Alongside this, other features include White Balance, Storage up to 64 GB, 170-degree wide-angle lens, good ISO range, timelapse mode, and quick charging. It doesn’t have a very high ratio of digital zoom though.

  • 20MP Camera
  • 4k video shooting at 30/60FPS
  • Electronic Image Stabilization present
  • 40m waterproof
  • Wide angle lens and Time lapse feature
  • Very low price
  • Not high digital zoom


2. GoPro Hero 7 – Editor Pick: Best 4k Camera For Filmmaking On A Budget

With effectiveness in crossing the barriers of land and jumping into the waters, this camera provides great video quality on the land and underwater. A typically classy product with some top notch features that are too good for the price!

GoPro Hero 7 has achieved handsome recognition on Amazon and rightly so.

It is adorned with a complete roundup of what a convenient, high-grade video camera must possess: image stabilization, picture quality, handling, and versatility. It may not be the most visually appealing camera out there but the inside takes it miles away from its beautiful competitors.

The HyperSmooth feature stabilizes the image and video perfectly and even works at 4k shooting. It is an electronic scheme that crops the image by 5% and dissolves the edges of the picture to smoothen it up so that the camera has room to eradicate the shakes. It also manages the roller-shutter problem which is a vibrating effect that is encountered when capturing fast moving objects or still objects while running.

It can shoot 4k videos at 60 fps and 1080p videos at 240 fps. The HyperSmooth feature won’t function in the 4k capturing so you have to live with the stability of your hand. It offers a completely manual settings mode as well whereby you can control every setting including aperture, shutter speed, and ISO according to your liking. It also has a good battery life of about 2 hours on time-lapse video at 1080 p and 45 minutes at 4k shooting.

It also has a time warp feature that takes focused pictures while you are moving around an object or a scene and SuperPhoto mode that auto-balances the settings including the brightness, contrast, and noise reduction to capture intelligently adjusted pictures. It frees you from the hassle of altering the settings each time you take a photo.

The microphone quality has improved and it delivers a crisp and clear sound when connected with an external device like a guitar. It has a voice command feature that enables you to control the camera by specific voice commands like “GoPro, start recording”.

When you are taking a selfie or are at a location where using both hands is not feasible like a mountain top or an unstable tree branch, this option comes in very handy. Along with this, the live streaming feature allows you to share the video or picture with your friends through the choice of social media platform and the resolution.

Combine this with the added capability of waterproofing. It is waterproof till 10 m so you can capture the moments under water and take tantalizing photos while diving, swimming, and playing water sports.

It contains a smaller 2-inch touch screen which can be regarded as a demerit and is notified by some customers to get hot on continuous 4k shooting. Apart from that, this is an epic piece with countless features that are very hard to beat at such a price range.

Therefore, we suggest GoPro Hero 7 as the best budget 4k camera for filmmaking.

  • HyperSmooth feature for nearly unparalleled image stabilization
  • Can shoot 4k videos at 60 fps
  • Very good battery life of 45 minutes at 4k shooting
  • TimeWrap feature is an improved timelapse scheme
  • SuperPhoto mode for automatic balancing
  • Allows complete manual control over the settings as well
  • Waterproof
  • Better microphone than its predecessor
  • Live streaming feature to connect with friend and family
  • Smaller touch screen
  • Gets hot on continuous 4k shooting

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3. Panasonic LUMIX FZ80 – Cheapest 4k Digital Camera For Filmmaking

How can Panasonic lag behind in camera’s list of any type; be it highly accessorized and expensively priced or moderately adorned with sufficient utilities at cheap rates, the company seldom disappoints its wide range of customers.

This camera delivers an improved 4k video capture mode along with a good optical performance, useful viewfinder, and autofocus capabilities. This stylishly manufactured model will provide you with a combination of aesthetics and convenience.

It features an 18 Megapixel CMOS sensor which is not merely an increased resolution than its predecessor but has improved in performance as well. It captures sharper images with good color retention.

The ISO range is 80-6400 and it is proven to work the best in low to moderately lit conditions. The most striking feature is the 60x zoom which performs with good effect at the majority of focal lengths. It can be used to highlights the minor features of an image like veins on leaves and pores on the skin.

The lens is tested to perform excessively well between focal lengths 20mm-1200mm. It, however, shows frustrating distortion at the extreme ends of the lens and the image starts getting inflicted with abrasions.

It is furnished with Power O.I.S Image stabilization which works fine. It compensates for the camera shakes and gives clearer images even at full speeds and at high shutter speeds.

It is capable of shooting 4k videos at 30 fps which is a new feature. It records them at a definition of 3840×2160 pixels at a bit rate of 100Mbit/s while it shoots 1080p videos at 28Mbit/s.

The 4k video mode is used in conjunction with the 4k Photo mode which sets the focus points of your choice after the photo has been taken. You can shoot videos at 100 fps and 200fps with VGA resolution.

The snap movie feature allows the user to record a slip ranging from two to eight seconds with the freedom to define the start and end positions for the focus. Other modes include Time Lapse and Stop Motion.

The 3-inch screen has a high resolution of 1040k dots and is touch-sensitive which makes focusing ever so easy. There are options at one side for touch controls that include touch shutter features, filter effects, and many more. The viewfinder has improved also with a proportion of 4:3 so there are no dark edges.

It weighs only 1.36 lbs and is one of the most comfortable cameras to handle. It carries a snug grip and the rear thumb rest goes all the way down the right edge of the backside.

The four-way controller adjusts the ISO, self-timer, white balance, and drives modes. It integrates built-in Wi-fi and USB 2.0 ports for connection with a smartphone or laptop. It doesn’t support the UHS-II format and offers a 330 shot battery life.

  • Improved 4k video shooting capability with 4k Photo mode that lets you choose the focus points after the snap is taken
  • A zoom of 60x
  • Can shoot slow-motion videos at 100 fps or 200 fps at VGA resolution
  • 3 inch high-resolution screen which is touch sensitive
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Power O.I.S Image stabilization
  • Distortion at extreme ends of the lens and extremely high ISO rating
  • Doesn’t support UHS-II format
  • Battery life of 30 min of 4k shooting

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4. Rosdeca Camcorder – 4K Camcorder Video Camera for YouTube

Rosdeca is another contender in this list of cheap but high-utility video cameras. Not just does it manage to awe-struck the customers with its price but is laden with great features as well.

It features a 13MP CMOS Sensor (48MP Interpolated) which is enough to shoot high-quality videos and take quality photos. You can apply a digital zoom of 16x when capturing miniature objects.

If we talk about the 4k quality, it might not be as good as the GoPro Hero 7 but still quite commendable. The pixel ratio at 4k mode can reach up to 2880×2160. It can be used as a webcam by simply connecting it with the computer via USB cable and selecting PC Camera Mode.

You can attach an external microphone with it which is highly useful for vloggers. To cancel out the noise, it incorporates X-Y stereo pickup technology. Another quality that makes it suitable for vloggers is the rotatable 3” IPS touch screen (270 degrees).

Moreover, there is the Time-lapse function, WI-fi connectivity, White Balance, self-timer till 10 seconds, and a Wide angles lens (0.39X). The camcorder comes with a 1-year warranty and a 1-month free refund warranty.

  • 13MP CMOS Sensor (48MP Interpolated)
  • 16X digital zoom
  • 4k shooting at 1880×2160 pixels
  • 3” touch screen which is 270 degrees rotatable
  • Time lapse, White Balance, Self timer
  • Not waterproof
  • Not good image stabilization

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5. ConfunKool Camcorder

CofunKool is another vlogging 4k option for videography enthusiasts. Equipped with a 4K Ultra HD Video Camera and a low price tag, it sure is a complete package.

The CMOS sensor is rated at 24MP but can be interpolated all the way up to 48MP upon which it can take high-resolution images of 9212×5184 pixels. The screen is touch-sensitive with a 71% NTSC color gamut which ensures that the color accuracy is top-notch.

Considering this camera is one of the best cheap 4k filmmaking options because it can capture videos at a frame rate of 24FPS with a throbbing resolution of 2880×2160 pixels. If you have a low battery or are not looking for such high quality, you can switch to 2k or FHD modes too.

Let’s talk more.

It is equipped with an Infrared Night Vision feature that can take photos in complete darkness at a distance of less than 5m. Capture wildlife or the floral world at night with it. It has a pause function that comes considerably useful while shooting transition videos. No need to attach separate frames in the video software anymore with this camera.

It also supports face detection and anti-shake capabilities which are a must for vloggers. You would get 16X digital zoom with it along with EV Exposure, timelapse, and slow-motion modes.

What else can one ask for?

Wait! here is more for you.

It offers excellent external support: can be connected to the external PC with a USB cable or can be used as a webcam. An external microphone can be attached with it to kill noise disturbance and it can be used for recording even when charging. It also supports HDMI cable so you can connect the TV directly with it too. Moreover, it has external capacity support of 128GB (SD Card).

On the negative side, However, it only performs well at a fixed focal length of 5.1m which is prominently mentioned in the description. There were also some issues with the attachment of the microphone.

  • 24MP CMOS sensor
  • 4K filmmaking at 24 FPS
  • Night vision feature
  • Pause feature
  • 16X digital zoom
  • Can record while charging
  • Good external support
  • Fixed focal length of 5.1m
  • Some issues with the attachment of external microphone
  • Not waterproof

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6. Panasonic LUMIX GX85 – Affordable 4k Filmmaking Camera

Panasonic introduced LUMIX GX-85 as a commendable amalgamation of affordability, functionality, and compactness. It integrates top-notch features in a small-sized and portable body.

Panasonic LUMIX GX-85 features 16 Megapixel Live MOS sensor with no low-pass filter but that provides better digital sharpness. It is fitted with a Venus Engine processor that prevents distortion, color incorrectness, and aliasing effects and goes on to give a well-focused, contrast-balanced picture quality.

It is coordinated with Depth From Defocus technology that ensures quick autofocusing capability. LUMIX GX-85 is tested to focus an object in a small time period of 0.07 seconds and has shown a heightened improvement from its ancestor model.

It includes Starlight AF mode that senses tiny differences in contrast and focuses the object efficiently. It comes with other focusing options like PinPoint AF, Full-area AF, Eye Detection, and 49-Area mode that allows the user to choose multiple areas of focus in a single object.

It combines optical image stabilization with sensor-shift stabilization to offer a much more competitive scheme of 5-axis image stabilization even at high resolutions of both video and photo formats including the 4k video format.

The lens can capture 4k videos of fixed resolution 3840x2160p at 21 and 30 fps and saves it in MP4 video format. It does this at a bit rate of 100Mbps which is the same as Panasonic FZ80 and 1080p at 20-28Mbps.

It can continue to shoot 4k videos till the file size reaches 4 GB after which the nest file is created immediately without any playback delay. It also incorporates the live cropping feature in the 4k video which provides a seamless panning effect in videos and the freedom to set the start and end time for the planning to get desired movements.

4K Photo lets the user, extract still shots at 30fps from the 4k video so you can get the important part of the video after the video has been shot. Couple it with 4K-Light Composition Mode that captures brighter pixels in a single composition shot that gives an alluring coverage of nighttime scenes like fireworks or dazzling lighting.

It delivers an ISO range of 200-2560 so it is equally effective in low to bright light conditions. The camera allows the pictures to be taken in both RAW and JPEG formats. It contains a total of 22 vibrant filters that are adjustable in terms of settings and can be recorded simultaneously with an unfiltered picture.

This best budget 4k filmmaking camera also introduces a new electromagnetic shutter unit that has convincingly low vibrations because of the two-solenoid construction which makes it a highly likable option for sensitive environments like photo exhibitions and museum visits because of its quiet operation.

All of these options are packed in a small, easily handled body which is also durable along with a flip-out touch screen with very good touch sensitivity. The EVF is the same as the older model but it has an increased battery rating of 1025 mAH that gives a battery life of 290 shots. The built-in Wi-fi can be used for the wireless transfer of files.

  • 16 Megapixel camera
  • Excellent 5-axis image stabilization
  • Can shoot 4k videos at 24 and 30 fps
  • Live cropping feature in 4k videos
  • 4K Photo extracts still shots from the video
  • Wide ISO range of 200-2560
  • 22 different filters
  • New electromagnetic shutter with reduced noise and vibrations
  • Slip out screen
  • Old fashioned and obsolete viewfinder
  • No external mic and headphone jacks

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7. Sony Handycam FDRAX33 – Best 4k Filmmaking Video Camera Under $1000

Sony 4K Handycam Camcorder delivers one of the best image stabilization capabilities in the camera and the prospect of getting it at a price tag of under $1000 makes the deal even sweeter.

It is meant for film shooting because of its long frame and flip-out screen. 4k Handycam camcorder features a 20 Megapixel 7.8mm sensor which is capable of taking high-quality pictures.

One might think negatively about the small size of the sensor but Sony has compensated this for the excessively refined BOSS (Balanced Optical SteadyShot) system which is an image stabilization system that aids in taking focused pictures and recording videos even while you are walking or even pacing. This technology is yet to be integrated into the expensive models.

It can record 4k video up to a high resolution of 3840x2160p at 24/30 fps and still shots in 6048x3400p. Such high quality capturing quality, when available at such an inexpensive rate, asks for nothing more but Sony, as always, has managed to deliver something extra for the customers.

It has a 0.24 inch EVF which makes the capturing job even easier. It has 9 shooting modes which include fireworks, night scenes, and snow, and a shutter speed of range 1/8-1/10000 for taking shots according to the situation at hand. The screen is 3 inches and is touch-sensitive, unlike A6300, and can be turned 270 degrees.

Another exciting feature is the Multi-Camera Control which allows the user to connect five camcorders via Wi-fi at the same time. This becomes extremely useful at parties and grand occasions when there are several spots to cover at the same time.

It incorporates Direct Pixel Readout which enables it to employ the entire width of the image sensor which results in smoother edges and greater color gradation.

It also contains a mic, self-timer options, a 1960mAh battery and weighs only 2.65 lbs which are about 3 lbs less than the A6300. This camera is well suited for long sessions because of its weight but the internal memory is very less and it cannot store many of your videos and photos especially if you are shooting at 4k.

An external SD card is a necessity for this model. Also, the sensor is small to create space for the BOSS system but it still manages to outrun many of its competitors. The control buttons are well placed and the settings on the screen are easily manageable.

  • Balanced Optical SteadyShot System for enhanced image stabilization
  • 4k video shooting at 24/30 fps
  • Still shots capturing capability in 6048 x 3400p
  • 0.24 Electronic viewfinder
  • Flip out and touch-sensitive screen
  • Multi-Camera Control can control 5 camcorders via Wi-fi at one time
  • Direct Pixel Read Out
  • Small sensor
  • Internal memory is less so SD card is a necessity

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8. Panasonic Ultra HD Camcorder – Best Cheap 4k Movie Making Camera

This camera specializes in a seamless combination of 4k video shooting and in-camera 4k cropping tools that helps in the creation of a video that comprises different angles and details.

This model is supported by an 18.29 Megapixel CMOS sensor that not only captures high-quality pictures but manages to shoot 4k videos while conveniently integrating with the 4k image processor that works at 24 or 30 fps. The 4k editing options allow the user to perform in-camera cropping, pre-planning, and post-tracking.

Through these sets of options, ultra HD and lively videos are captured that give no sense of destabilization as the focus is panned from one object to another because all of this is done before the video is captured.

The post tracking option offers similar performance but after the video capturing. This intelligent technology has helped this camcorder to be rated highly among customers and camera enthusiasts.

It features a Leica Dicomar lens which is capable of being optically zoomed to 20x. It can also zoom up to 25x in 4k and 40x in 1080p formats.

It is integrated with 5 axis image stabilization that works supremely well to give clearer and focused picture quality. It eradicates the effects of blurring while you are working without a tripod and would seldom need a stand for the purpose of stabilization with this model.

Another exciting feature is the Wireless Multi-camera which enables the user to do picture-in-picture recording by the employment of Wi-fi. Simply connect your camera with at most three smartphones and use two of them to record picture-in-picture videos of the same setting.

It becomes a very fun activity with friends on hiking trips or adventurous outings. One of you can record the cascading waterfall from high mountains while the other can focus on the scented meadows.

The HDR Movie Mode enhances the versatility of this camcorder. It can combine two pictures that are taken with varying exposure times and view them as a single video with good quality and sharp edges.

This model weighs 1.65 pounds and is not very appealing in outlook but certainly sustains the effects of extended use. It is claimed by some customers that it does not perform very well in low light conditions and only works about 30 minutes when shooting 4k videos. Other than that, it provides a good battery life of about 01.5-2 hours on 1080p video shooting.

  • 4k video editing tools accommodate for a fun-packed video experience
  • Optical zoom of 20x
  • 5 axis image stabilization
  • Wireless Multicamera feature allows picture-in-picture recording
  • Impressive HDR Movie Mode
  • Doesn’t perform well in low light
  • Battery works only for 30 minutes on continuous 4k shooting

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9. Nikon D7500 – Cheap 4k Video Shooting Camera

You might be thinking why Nikon hasn’t featured in this list so here it is. Embellished with versatility in terms of usage in all conditions and environments, adorned with speed, and recognized for easy handling, this piece sure soothes plenty of filmmaking photographers.

Let’s start with the lens. Nikon D7500 has a mighty 21 Megapixel camera that is great for taking landscape photos or portraits.

This model is known to have a dream lens at an affordable price for photographers all over the world and is highly suitable for all lighting conditions with an ISO acceptable range that goes up to 12800. After that, the handling becomes increasingly difficult.

Nikon D7500 includes “zebra stripes” in a video that shows the points of overexposure. The autofocus quality is commendable and 51 AF sensors can capture jumping animals, flying insects, and moving leaves with precision and appreciable sharpness.

DX crop-sensor camera and the autofocus takes a wide area of the viewfinder. The Group AF option of the Nikon D7500 allows the user to track fast-moving subjects.

The 4k video shooting integrates a 1.5x crop which is unfortunate but the performance is quite good and accurate. The shutter gives 8 fps which means you can do wildlife and sports coverage effectually.

It has the ability to focus the ball striking with the chest of the midfielder or the tail of the leopard/cheetah as it hunts the deer. It also has a flip-out and tilting 3.2 inch LCD screen which is 922k dots and ergonomic.

The menu settings are easy to locate and understand. You can calmly switch between Effect modes, ISO settings, focus options, and flash. This model of Nikon is solidly inbuilt, comfortable in handling an excessive number of on-body controls which is very convenient for many photographers. Nikon D7500 comes with a built-in Wifi and a good battery.

If we talk about the demerits of this Nikon D7500 model, they are not many. The first would be the cropping factor in 4k video shooting and the second is the low resolution of the rear screen but that doesn’t have to be widely considered because it is actually the lens we need to worry about.

  • 21 Megapixel camera which is best for landscapes and portraits
  • Wide ISO range that goes to 52000 but gives good results till 12800
  • Includes zebra stripes that indicate areas of overexposure
  • Shutter gives 8 fps
  • 4k video capability for filmmaking
  • Tilting 3.2 inch touch screen
  • Commendable autofocus
  • Cropping in 4k video shooting
  • Low resolution of the rear screen

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10.  SONY Alpha A6300 – Cheap 4K Sony Camera For Filmmaking

This mirrorless camera initiates the list with a boom. Sony Alpha A6300 carries a classic black look with the company’s logo on one side and the lens on one side. With conveniently placed control buttons and high 4k video performance, this is a very good purchase.

Sony Alpha A6300 features a 24 Megapixel video camera with an improved working mechanism by the incorporation of copper wiring for greater light gathering and speed.

The ISO range is 100-51200 which makes it a highly versatile option for differing light intensities. It is perhaps one of the most effective cameras for low-light conditions such as nighttime restaurants photography, fireworks celebration coverage, and night drag racing capture.

One of the cheapest 4k Sony cameras for filmmaking comes with a superior 4D focus system that can focus fast-moving objects with precision. And This capability is further increased by the 11 fps burst shooting option along with a slightly lower 8 fps option.

The main point of the inclusion of this model is its video capturing capability. It can shoot full HD and 4k videos in the Super 35mm format. Also, captures the frames at a mighty 6K quality and then downsamples it to a 4K resolution to create footage of the highest quality. This process is claimed to be Sony’s success behind the provision of affordable yet top video-capable cameras.

It also includes a mic and a 3-inch non-touch screen which has a user-friendly interface whereby the user can twirl with contrast, brightness, and focus settings. The screen is however low in resolution and has to be switched to “Sunny Weather” for complete viewing in bright sunlight.

Moisture and dust resistance quality also increases its utility along with the option of silent shooting which makes it highly capable of quiet or sensitive environments.

Sony A6300 comes with a battery life of 400 frames, a long life. The camera also scores high marks in the department of handling. It is just the right size to be held in all hand sizes.

It comes with a small tripod, screen protectors, card reader, and a cleaning kit.

  • Good CMOS sensor of 24 MP
  • Wide ISO range of 100-51200
  • Superior 4d focus system
  • 1/1 fps burst shooting option
  • 4k video capture in Super 35mm format
  • Integrated mic and a battery life of 400 frames
  • Great handling
  • Low resolution and non-touch LCD screen
  • The camera can only shoot 20-35 minutes of continuous 4k video

Wrapping Up

This is fairly a difficult list to derive a conclusion from.

Photography is a highly diverse field with different photographers giving primary significance to different specifications so at the end of the day; it is your personal choice of features that will help make a final decision. For some, it is autofocus capability and for others, it is the image stabilizations.

Although, Campark X30 is the cheapest 4k camera on the list but we would rate GoPro Hero 7 as our top pick because of its elongated list of useful features which include HyperSmooth, 4k video shooting at 60 fps, TimeWrap, SuperPhoto, Livestreaming, and being waterproof.

Other models have unique attributes as well:

Sony a6300 is the most expensive model and contains a superior 4d focus system, Sony FDRAX33 gives a Multi-Camera Control option to connect 3 phones simultaneously with the camera while Pansonic Lumix GX-85 is furnished with a 5-axis image stabilization and improved electromagnetic shutter which offers less noise and vibrations.

The type of filmmaking you often do will be the concluding factor for your purchase. You have to choose the camera according to your needs. It could be wildlife photography that requires good autofocus and image stabilization or landscape shooting that needs panoramic views and wide angles, it could be underwater coverage that needs a waterproof option or sessions at quiet places like museums and photo exhibitions that require a noiseless and compact camera.

We have given you an honest account, the rest is upon you!

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