10 Best Wireless Gaming Headsets Reviews 2022

A good gaming laptop can do wonders for you if you have exquisite audio support with it. That’s when headsets join the party and provide for a wholesome marathon gaming session. The idea of Wireless Headsets, like every other wireless technology, came into existence after acknowledging the benefits it would offer.

It often happens that the headset’s wires get tangled when you move around during gaming or change your position. Sometimes, you don’t recognize that you are wearing them and get up quickly to damage the wires. The wireless solution provides an ease to gamers and convenience in terms of usage. In recent times, these gadgets are receiving widespread popularity among the gaming community.


Things Need To Be Known About Best Wireless Gaming HeadSets

Unlike the wire headsets, these Bluetooth headphones have to be constantly charged. With the enhancement in technology, comes responsibility! If you are planning for a gaming night with your friends, you have to make sure that the headsets are fully charged.

If not, you are in trouble. Also, no matter how great the product is, the battery timing tends to get decrease over time and that is a fact you just have to embrace. Also, some people are apprehensive about the connectivity of these headsets.

With the boom in technology and growing steps towards convenient solutions, this fear must be kicked out of the mind. It might take a second or two longer than the wired ones of course, but not long enough to worry about.

Apart from Bluetooth, most of the good products use integrated connectivity schemes that are both speedy and reliable. You can quickly snatch a pack of chips or go to the bathroom for a quick piss without being disconnected.

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Best Wireless Gaming Headsets 2020

We will be discussing some of the top 10 best wireless gaming headsets of 2020 in terms of audio quality, design, price, built, connectivity, reliability, comfort, and battery.

The descending serial numbers have nothing to do with the ranking of the products. Each one will be discussed with an impartial comparison perspective and the decision to buy the one that suits you the most will be yours.


1. Logitech G533 [Best Wireless Gaming Headset Under 100]

The first model that is discussed here is a sublime combination of stylish design, utility, and affordability. Logitech specializes in crafting headsets masterpieces and have given their customers several worthy products in the past and this is no different.

Slim inbuilt, coordinated by thin aesthetics and smooth curves and blended with an appealing combination of matte and piano black is what makes it so charming. The delicacy is worth appreciation. It’s larger than its predecessor but lighter in weight because of the usage of better material.

The foam around the ear cups and on the top accounts for a comfortable long gaming experience without feeling itchy after some time.

The problem with its previous edition was the sound of creaky joints which meant an unrefined built but not anymore. This model is durable and brawny. It contains only one G key that can be programmed according to how you like it. Then, there is the volume roller, a power switch and a USB port for charging.

Nothing more than what is essential! Some people might debate it is very simplified but others like simple. It doesn’t have RGB lighting which is sort of a mood killer. A gamer is customary of wearing headsets that emit blood red or blue light and this might come as a shock for them.

The Pro G drivers and X 7.1 Surround Sound system provide realistic gaming sounds that are critical on part of the users. It is a bit hollow, however. The static sound is minimal or more accurately, none of which is a huge plus.

You can play with the equalizer settings to obtain the quality of your liking but this model doesn’t contain excessive bass. The microphone contains a unique pop filter that ensures great vocal quality. It might not be at par with some of the high standard gamers but certainly not something that should complain about.

The lossless transmission technology provides for a connectivity range of almost 15 meters which is outstanding. You can listen to the music anywhere in the house or do some other activities while the new map is loading in Call of Duty 4 without worrying about the loss in signal.

The battery is another selling point for this model. It offers a battery timing of 15 hours and is largely appreciated among the customers. It is a PC headset but can be used in consoles without Surround Sound.

Key Specifications

  • High Fidelity Sound
  • Connection Strength With Up To 15 Meters Range
  • High-performance PC gaming headset
  • Rechargeable
  • Replaceable Battery
  • 15 Hour Battery Life
  • Cheap
  • Stylish and lightweight
  • Pop up filter on the microphone ensures a good vocal quality
  • Doesn’t contains excessive bass
  • Simplified control buttons
  • Long battery timing of 15 hours
  • No RGB lighting
  • Surround Sound is a bit hollow


2. Steel Series Siberia 800 [Best Wireless Gaming Headset PC, PS4 & Xbox one]

If you want a single headset that has the capability to be connected to nearly any operating mean including PC, PS4, and Xbox, here is an incredible pick. A highly costly headset that delivers everything near to perfection once connected.

The design of the headset is simple and comfy. There is a thick cushioning on the ear pads and the top with an adjustable headband. It may appear tighter at first but your head will adapt to it after some time. You can dance around the house without worrying about it to fall down; such is its holding power.

The most annoying thing about this product is the setup time and effort required to set it up for connection. With reference to its extended versatility in connectivity with systems, there comes a massive task of understanding the connection method for each and the time that has to be invested to execute the task.

There are several cables that need to be connected from the transmitter for the initial setup. The menu and settings tab for each system is quite user-friendly and customizable but time-consuming. But once, the setup is complete, there is a seamless running experience afterward.

Customizable options on the headset include separate volume selections for music and games, level of volume that decreases during the chat and playing with the equalization settings.

This headset promises exceptional audio quality and it delivers just that. The sound is crisp and clear for every game you play. The low and high tones are easily differentiated and sound just the way the game manufacturers intended to.

You can effectually chat with the partners without any static sound or the general “oomph” disturbing you. The Dolby 7.1 Surround Sound technology gives a real-life gaming sound experience. The multimedia performance is on par as well.

The balanced equalization settings are probably the optimal settings for any kind of music. Even a microphone is a master act. It sprouts out of the right side and gives off a red light when muted. The battery timing is about 20 hours which is greater than the Logitech G533.

Key Specifications

  • High Fidelity Sound
  • Connection Strength With Up To 15 Meters Range
  • High-performance PC gaming headset
  • Rechargeable
  • Replaceable Battery
  • 15 Hour Battery Life
  • Cheap
  • Stylish and lightweight
  • Pop up a filter on the microphone ensures a good vocal quality
  • Doesn’t contains excessive bass
  • Simplified control buttons
  • Long battery timing of 15 hours
  • No RGB lighting
  • Surround Sound is a bit hollow



3. ASTRO A50 [Best Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones For Travel]

This model costs just as much as Siberia 800 but comes from a different company which means different experiences. The designers and engineers seem to have invested some thought in the design because it has a unique built.

The headband and earpads are connected by an adjustable connecting arm that resembles a rod and adds a decorative touch to the headset. The cushioning is comfortable but there is a high head gripping force associated with the design.

It comes with a dock which is a place when it is not in use. This charges the headset for your upcoming gaming clashes. The matte plastic built and the metallic side arms allow it to be adjusted vertically and horizontally both.

The earpads can be rotated 90 degrees. The microphone is adjustable as well with a cool feature of lifting it all the way up to lock and mute it. However, some would like to remove the mic when not in use and not have it standing upright their head. The 40mm drivers accommodate for a supremely enriching audio quality that is able to pick up even the slightest of the sounds when playing games.

The Dolby Surround Sound adds the realistic touch and you can feel the missiles whizzing past you and the footsteps of the opponent approaching you. The virtual sound it provides is unrivaled.

The sound stage can be said to be not that wide which is a bit of a downside for a headset.

The wireless transmission is about 30ft which is pretty impressive. The responsiveness is ideal too. You can feel the weight behind a dropped bomb and the softness of a low sound. Overall, it is a headset with exceptional audio quality but you have to pay a heavy cost for it.

Key Specifications

  • Pro Audio Quality
  • Superior Fit & Finish
  • Precision Microphone
  • 5GHz Wireless Technology
  • Dolby Headphone 7.1 Surround Sound
  • Great audio quality
  • Admirable Surround Sound
  • Unique design
  • Cool feature of lifting the mic to lock and mute it
  • Expensive
  • A bit too much head gripping force



4. Turtle Beach Stealth 450 [Best Wireless Gaming Headphone Under $100]

Affordability is a big factor for many buyers and this model will come across them as a fresh gale of wind. It covers all the basics with good effect along with being under $100.

Some might think that style might not have been a consideration for a cheap headset but that not the case. This is a visually appealing product with a comfortable fit.

The buttons and volume dial is situated on the back of the earpads where accessibility is not that fluent so buttons are not pressed by mistake.

The setup is probably the easiest among the aforementioned models. You just have to plug in the USB to the PC and direct it to connect to the headset before turning on the headset and voila, you are done. Installation of drivers or anything, simple and easy!

The cool feature is a separate volume dial for the microphone sound through which you can manage the sound of the mic. The availability of a boom mic is an added benefit by which you can measure your own sound as it pumps your own voice back through the speakers. Audio Quality is near to the expensive ones mentioned above.

The 7.1 Surround Sound delivers the exact location of every sound which is critical in mission shooting games like Call of Duty. There is a limited pool of presets but those, too, are effective and help to give accurate sounds.

The superhuman hearing technology allows you to hear the enemies prior to them appearing in front of you which gives you a competitive advantage over the opponent. Whether you want to listen to music with high bass or the one which is crammed up with air puffed vocals, you can do it with this headset without any problem.

One problem, however, is the noise spillage. If you use high volumes, the sound comes out of the gadget and people near you can hear them.

The charm of customization adds up to the utility chart of this model. EQ presets and various sound modes can be selected according to your requirements. It weighs only 0.68 pounds which can be considered weightless.

Key Specifications

  • 100% Wireless
  • DTS Headphone:X 7.1 Surround Sound
  • Superhuman Hearing
  • DTS Surround Sound Modes & EQ Audio Presets
  • 15-Hour Battery Life
  • Cheap and accurate
  • Microphone with monitoring capacity
  • Superhuman hearing
  • Very lightweight
  • Noise gets out of the headset
  • Might be tight for some users



5. Logitech G930 [Wireless Workout Headphones]

A perfect model with minimal downsides, this is certain to fulfill most, if not all of your gaming needs. Stylish designed and elegantly accessorized, this headset is both visually attractive and usefully reliable. The black color with a smoothly lined microphone is very beautiful.

The earpads can be swiveled and the microphones are omnidirectional. The programmable G keys are located on the left side which entertains tasks like a chat with friends or running music with one touch.

These can also be customized by Logitech Gaming Software to alter their functions. Other buttons include the power button, mute button and Surround Sound button. Although the microphone can be muted by placing it in an upright position it’s good to have another way of doing it.

The earpads are very comfortable and can be used without pain for long hours. Its performance parameters are great. The wireless range is about 40ft which is greater than the ASTRO A50 and has a noise cancellation scheme in the Mic so you can talk without being distracted from the surrounding sounds. The connection is lag-free and reliable.

The sound is strong and crisp but the level picks up when the 7.1 Surround Sound is turned on. It takes you in a world of real-time scenario and adrenaline shoots up when you hear even the slightest of the noise like opponent reaching towards you with soft feet or a blast far away from your location.

The setup time is also very less and not complicated at all: Simply connect the headset with the computer and locate it.

After that, turn it on and view the status on the screen. The equalizer settings can be customized although the basic ones are nearly perfect. On the demerits side, the sound scrape of this headset is a bit flat but that goes unnoticed until you are an audiophile. It misses some of the highs and lows in a song but that isn’t problematic for most.

Key Specifications

  • Headphone Driver
  • Microphone Pickup pattern
  • Dolby 7.1 Surround Sound
  • Low-frequency effects (LFE) channel
  • Agile frequency, Noise-canceling Mic
  • Rotate-to-mute Mic
  • Battery Up to 10 hours per charge
  • Noise cancelling microphone
  • High connectivity range
  • Accurate and supreme Surround Sound
  • Expensive
  • Sound scrape is a bit flat



6. Razer Man’o War [Adjustable Noise Cancelling Headphones]

This model is one of the best ones out there in the market. Fashioned out of matte black plastic, it is a design that is chic and ultra-wide.

The adjustable headband is designed to fit the head of any size and the puffy leather padding on the earpads accounts for a highly contented gaming experience.

Not once, you’ll feel any signs of head-gripping force or pressure on the ears, The sleekly curved posture of this headset will make you look like a pro during gaming. However, when not on the head, it would appear to be fragile.

There comes a rattling plastic noise when they have moved around or when the ear pads are swiveled. The microphone is impressive as it is bendable and features a volume dial whereby you can measure whether you are too loud for your partners or too soft. It cuts background noise effectively and has a LED band that illuminates with red color when it is muted.

There is RGB lighting on the sides of the ear pads too and you can flash them whenever you like. The audio quality is great too. The 50 mm drivers and the customizable options make it a versatile choice. In the standard mode, it’s a low-bass gadget but gets into the EQ to explore countless options.

You can play around with the bass, the echo, and the highs to ensure the sound quality of your choice. The Surround Sound is equal to the G930 in performance which is awesome as this model is highly inexpensive.

Another cool feature is the Razer synapse that is configuration software allowing you to customize the lights or the sound setting and store them on cloud automatically.

The battery timing is greater than both G930 and ASTRO A50 and it weighs just 0.85 pounds which is close to the Logitech G533. As a whole, it is an outstanding headset which is well in range despite its fragile built.

Key Specifications

  • Razer synapse
  • RGB lighting on the sides of the ear pads
  • Great noise cancellation microphone
  • Slick design and puffy padding on the ear pads
  • Flimsy and give creaking sounds when ear pads are swiveled



7.  Skullcandy PLYR 1 [Affordable Wireless Headphones]

This model may not come from big monsters of the market but is genuinely a treat for gamers. Along with being handsomely crafted, this allows supreme audio quality and an extended battery timing; a complete package, if you ask us.

What makes it even catchier is the affordability. The design seems to be inspired by the military because it is characterized by sturdy built and sharp elements.

The ear pads also contain the company’s logo with a lined design that is stunning to the eye. The uniqueness in the design might earn you a unique place in the gaming society of yours as well.

The boom Mic can be adjusted to 90o and contain the noise cancellation effect. Assisted memory foam and ear cushions, the ear pads are very comfortable to the ears even for long hours of fierce gaming.

The Dolby 7.1 Surround Sound is pretty effective in delivering the sounds from their correct locations and delivers the highs and lows precisely. It accounts for real-life gaming experience and one can feel himself in the arena for once for sure. The sonic fidelity of the headset earns you a competitive advantage over the opponent because you can hear them approach from any direction.

The 2.4 GHz spectrum makes certain that the connectivity is lag-free and free of interference. The EQ switch is 3 positions and can be used to select Bass, Supreme and Precision modes with each offering unique sound qualities. Precision mode assists in shooting scenarios, the supreme mode in music and the bass mode in racing games.

The downsides that we managed to find out were the brittle plastic that makes it prone to breaks and its heavyweight. It weighs around 2 pounds which is the heaviest than all the models listed before. Other than that, it is an exquisite purchase.

Key Specifications

  • 3 modes that are bass, precision and supreme
  • Unique military-inspired design
  • Very inexpensive
  • Good audio quality
  • Heavy
  • Brittle plastic body



8. ASUS Rog Strix Headset [Best Cheap Wireless Headphones For Running]

Earpads of this model resemble owl’s eyes which is its defining feature. Unlike the many matte black models, this one includes a jet orange color which is quite different for the gamers but is splendidly blended with black and the ear pads are orange too.

The headset is comfortable in use but might feel a little tight on some heads. It is completely fashioned out of plastic which is a negative point because its competitors offer many durable materials.

The Mic offers crisp sound and is detachable which is a good move because this feature was absent in most of the above-mentioned models.

The equalizer settings are easy to control and you even have the luxury to adjust levels after activating Surround Sound. It can be set to balance, front-panned and rear-panned.

If you are worried about your enemy sneaking from behind, you can enable rear-panned and switch to balanced other than that.

It can be connected to PC, X box and PS4 but the software cannot be used with the consoles. The sound quality is facilitated by 40mm, 30mm and 20mm drivers and connectivity by 2.4 GHz spectrum. The bass is a shade bit mighty for normal use, especially when listening to music.

One annoying feature is the non-availability of volume dial and buttons instead so you have to bare the click while changing the volume. It comes with a rest pad that can also charge it and be a place when it is not in use.

Key Specifications

  • Low-latency 2.4 GHz wireless connection with dual-antenna design to minimize interference.
  • Wireless
  • Connects wirelessly to PC & PlayStation 4 
  • Includes 3.5 mm adapter Xbox One, older consoles and mobile devices
  • 900 mAh battery delivers up to 10 hours of continuous operation
  • Fully-adjustable detachable microphone 
  • 7.1 virtual surround with full audio control 
  • Detachable mic
  • Adjustable levels of sound
  • Multiple drivers for improved audio quality
  • No volume dial and buttons instead
  • Whole plastic body
  • Bass is a bit strong



9. SteelSeries Arctic 7 [Best Over-Ear Headphones For Bass]

This is the second headset of SteelSeries on this list. The oval-shaped ear pads and the aluminum frame brings out the elegance in the design. The earpads can swivel 90o and it is as comfortable as the Razer Man’o War.

The ear weave air cushions of the ear pad make you forget you are wearing anything and keep you cool and dry.
The headband is adjustable but is small for some large heads. The mic contains a red LED which lights up when muted but it is not detachable.

It is equipped with necessary noise cancellation algorithms and high-quality voice clarity. On each side of the headset, are placed the dials and buttons to connect and customize the settings. The volume dial is very soft and you would often find yourself messing up with the volume.

The headset features S1 audio driver which is credited to provide the noise-free and accurate sound of games and music. The complications of tones and the intricate highs and lows are well managed by this river. The immersible 7.1 Surround Sound makes playing games even more fun as you can feel the emotions behind every job.

Be it the force behind an arrow or the buzzing of head after a bomb blast nearby, it all comes straight to you. Alongside this, this model is regarded as the provider of most natural sound effects. You can edit the settings from the Steel Series software.

It offers a connectivity range of 40 ft which is greater than the ASTRO A50 and equal to the Logitech G930. It is however, very PC focused because the Surround Sound doesn’t function on PS4 and many attributes of the microphone and equalizer settings get tangled up when connected to the play station.

It comes in two colors and masters itself in providing a comprehensive battery timing of 24 hours which is the greatest among all the enlisted products.

Key Specifications

  • Lag-free 2.4 GHz wireless audio with up to 40ft/12m range more than 24-hour battery life.
  • Exclusive ClearCast mic delivers studio-quality voice clarity and background noise cancellation
  • Headphone sensitive
  • Microphone sensitivity-48 db
  • microphone impedance: 2200 Ohm
  • Headphone frequency response is 20 to 20000 Hertz.  
  • Aesthetically beautiful and strong
  • Ear weave air cushions
  • S1 audio driver delivers great sound quality
  • Good connectivity range of 40ft
  • Very soft volume dial
  • PC focused and fail to shine with similar performance on PS4
  • Mic is not detachable



10. CORSAIR HS70 [Best Wireless Headphones For Guitar]

A highly affordable option gives you all the capabilities you desire for these products: good design, comfort, high audio quality, and reasonably priced price.

The amount of brittle plastic used is minimal, the connectors are strong and the plush foam earpads are highly comfy. The buttons are easy to reach and control but not “soo” easy that you mistakenly mess with them.

The audio quality doesn’t disappoint too. Powers by the 50mm neodymium drivers which deliver a supreme sound quality that is both customizable and accurate.

The EQ settings UI is highly user-friendly but the Surround Sound effect is the weak link. It is just so flat which is even noticeable when you turn it on. The microphone is well established and can be removed which provides ease to the user.

This epically useful headset could have been priced for much higher and not lose its utility but the company has used the inexpensiveness as another selling point. Apart from the lack of swivel-able ear pads and weak Surround Sound, this is a brilliant take and with a weight of only 0.7 pounds, it’s just something gamers can’t deny buying.

Key Specifications

  • Plush Memory foam and adjustable ear-cups 
  • Legendary Corsair build quality and metal construction ensures long-term durability
  • Precision-tuned 50mm Neodymium speaker drivers 
  • Low-latency, 2.4GHz wireless Audio 
  • Optimized unidirectional Microphone reduces ambient noise 
  • Microphone is removable 
  • Provides exceptional comfort for hours of gameplay
  • High-performance headset
  • Aesthetically beautiful and strong
  • Ear weave air cushions
  • S1 audio driver delivers great sound quality
  • Good connectivity range of 40ft
  • Very soft volume dial
  • PC focused and fail to shine with similar performance on PS4
  • Mic is not detachable



Conclusion (Editors Pick)

This part is generally difficult to script but not in this case. As we are looking for almost the same things in the headsets, it makes the comparison and decision making easy. Some people are brand conscious and must opt for Logitech or SteelSeries models. They are equipped with almost the same qualities with varying price ranges and aesthetics.

But if the price is an issue and you are eying for an affordable option, we would recommend #6 and #10. They both come with unique features, are packed with utility and carry minimal drawbacks. Some users don’t like the mic in an upright position when not in use and want them removed from the headset so this might be one of the considerations in your decision making.

If we talk about the least number of extracted demerits in a model, it has to be Logitech G930 but this is just our personal take. We believe #10 is an ideal piece for affordable buyers who don’t like to charge their headsets repeatedly. It all falls down to you eventually and what you like most in a gaming headset.

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