Best Walk Behind Lawn Mowers In 2022

For lawn owners who have small to medium size lawns, in other words, up to ¾ acres gardens can effectively mow the lawn with the walk behind push mowers or self propelled lawn mower.

Walk behind mowers are simply the ones that cannot be ridden, opposite to their counterparts riding lawn mower. So, you have to physically walk behind them to cut the grass and specify its direction by your hands.


Types of Walk Behind Mowers

There are two types of walk behind mowers, push & self propelled lawn mowers.

1. Push Mowers

These are the grass cutting machines that have to be pushed from behind with the force of the user. We won’t be talking about simple reel mowers because our scope of discussion is a bit advanced. These are the mowers that need human input to move but have a driving mechanism for the cutting blades which is powered by an electric cord or a battery.

2. Self Propelled Mowers

As evident from the name, they are propelled with the help of a drive system that may either be battery powered, corded or gasoline powered. These mowers have a drive unit in the form of an engine or battery that provides force to the wheels through transmission and to the cutting blades as well.

The difference between two types of walk behind mowers is the ability to be propelled physically and mechanically.

If you are looking for the best walk behind lawn mowers, you are in luck because we have prepared a helpful article for you that covers the majority of categories in one place. Following are some of the capabilities that a good walk behind mower must possess.


Best Walk Behind Push Lawn Mowers For The Money

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Best Walk Behind Self Propelled Mowers For The Money


Good Walk Behind Lawn Mower Qualities

1. Drive type

It is better if the mower is rear wheel drive because it provides an extra push needed to move the mower forward upslope.

Although it is not a necessity and a forward wheel drive could also be suitable but if you have narrowed your search to two models of the same price range with one forward wheel and the other rear wheel; go for the latter one.

Especially for yards with slopes, a rear wheel or all wheel drive is your best companion.

2. Adjustable heights

This applies to the height of the cutting deck and the driving handle. Adjustability in both these areas would increase the versatility of the lawn mower.

At some places, the grass would be taller on part of receiving more water and also there will be patches where it is thin and small so you require a cutting deck that can cut the grass in both scenarios.

As for the handle, it should be able to extend to different lengths because, at some points where there is a slope, you might have to shorten the length while in places that are confined, you need to elongate the handle.

3. Wheels

The wheels must be large and rugged otherwise the mower won’t be able to access the terrain properly. Usually, rear wheels are larger than the front ones which are an efficient configuration. The tread of the wheels should be such that they can beat the upside-down of the yard.

4. Cutting deck

Actually this is the part which mows the grass. The cutting deck should be wide enough to mow your entire lawn in a desirable span of time with blades that give a clean and equal grass cut.

Generally, you have to replace the blades or get them sharpened after two seasons but the longer the time of replacement, the better is the quality of the blades.

Some electric walk behind mowers are fitted with load sensing technology that channelizes the power of the battery according to the need of the blades. For example, if the grass is thick and wants more power and speed, a greater voltage is given to the blades so that they can provide an efficient cut and vice versa.

5. Power

The mower must be powered by a reliable unit. Either it’s a battery or an engine, it must be long lasting and effectual.

There shouldn’t be running problems associated with them, therefore, we either recommend brushless motors for electric mowers or Briggs & Stratton, Honda or Husqvarna engines for gasoline-powered lawn mowers.

You may have to push the mower uphill so the power of the mower must be such that it feels no difficulty in accessing slopes or rough terrains.

Factors To Determine The Choice Of The Mower

1. Size of the yard

Walk behind mowers have cutting decks that range from 3014-21 inches. Depending on the size of the lawn, you may choose the mower accordingly.

2. Time of mowing

Even if you have a small lawn but want it to be mowed quickly, you would need a large lawn mower. Owing to the time you can dedicate to the cutting operation; you can purchase models of variable deck widths.

3. Budget

There are cheaper as well as expensive models available in the market. Depending on the money you are ready to invest, you can choose mowers that are above $500 or lower than that. We have a specific article for self propelled mowers under $300 and one which is best for the money.

4. Type of terrain

If you have a hilly lawn, a rear wheel or an all-wheel drive is preferable. They provide you with the extra pushing force that is required for the mower to be driven up the slope.


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Best Push Walk Behind Mowers Reviews

If you have a garden with uneven terrain, you need to look for a model that can sustain the wear and tear of this terrain. Such a model should be chosen that is not very heavy, is able to access uneven yards, can cut grass of different heights and has big rear wheels because it allows a smooth movement over bumps. The size of the lawn will define your ultimate choice because you need the mower with suitable deck width otherwise it would be very tiring.

1. Greenworks 25322 (Best Cheap Mulching Lawn Mower Under $300)


You might have observed this model several times in the list of lawn mowers but it still doesn’t get out of style. Greenworks is a well-reputed brand especially in the range of walk behind mowers; be it the coded electric mowers or the convenient cordless push mower and self-propelled one, it has always provided its customers with great options.


For those who don’t have enough money to spend on an expensive lawn mower can eye at this one specifically. This model comes from Greenworks and has impressed a large number of customers.


This particular model comes with a 40V 4Ah battery which gives a run time of about 30-40 minutes. The battery and charger are EnergyStar certified and provides a regulated supply of voltage and current during operation which is critical for a longer life of the battery.


With the help of 16-inch cutting deck, it provides mulching and bagging capability. Through 5 height adjustments, the user can handle grass heights of 1.25 – 3.625 inches.


It’s lightweight and portable owing to the collapse-able handles. Many of the customers have appreciated the fact that it starts on the very first or second press of the button even after being used for a year or so.


Greenworks 25322 comes with a hefty 4-year warranty and the battery is compatible with any other tools rated at 40V. The charger and battery are included within the package.



  • 40V 4Ah battery
  • Run time of 30-40 minutes
  • EnergyStar certified
  • 16-inch cutting deck
  • 5 height adjustments
  • 4-year warranty


2. EGO LM 2000 (Best Walk Behind Push Lawn Mower For Hills)


This is a new model in the field of lawn mowers but has shone with full might since its inception in the market.


EGO LM2000 runs on 4 Ah Lithium battery which has a rating of 56V and provides a run time of minutes. That means you can mow ½ acres of your garden on a single charge. Luckily enough, the charger is pretty good and pumps the battery back to full life in just 30 minutes.


To perform with a good effect on the hills, it is equipped with a 600W magnetic motor that has got enough torque to cut grass uphill. Of course, it is not self-propelled so you have to apply some force to push it up.


The cutting deck is 20 inches wide and supports 3-in-1 mulching, bagging, and side discharge capabilities. It can be raised through 5 height adjustments to mow grass of variable heights.


Additionally, the material of construction is IPX4 water resistant and because there is no electric cord included, you can use it in the drizzle as well.


The wheels are good, large and rugged which renders good effect while tackling hills. The handle is very comfortable and can be folded after use for easy and space saving storage. There are headlights on the front of the battery compartment so you can also use it at night.


As for the warranty, it provides 3 years of kit warranty and 5 years of tool warranty. This is extremely advantageous and a bit unlikely too, considering the fact that it doesn’t cost that much but EGO has been established as a respectable brand by now and this model is not a surprise.



  • 4Ah lithium ion battery rated at 56V
  • 600W motor
  • 20-inch cutting deck supports 3-in-1 cutting capability
  • 5 height adjustments
  • IPX4 water resistant body
  • Headlights
  • Comfortable handle
  • 5-year warranty on tools and 3 years on kit
  • Charges in 30 minutes


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3. Greenworks M-210 (Best Dual Blade Push Lawn Mower For The Money)


Everybody wishes for a product which is good for the money. That means, it must possess features that are hard to find in models of that price range. The following model is one such type.


It is not a surprise that it comes from Greenworks because the company is reputed as one of the best push lawn mower brands. Their ability to provide impressive models for every price ranges that are both reliable and effective in performance has earned them widespread respect amongst their customers.


Backed up by a huge number of customer reviews, this model has managed to impress the majority of them. It is fitted with dual 40V batteries (one rated at 4Ah and the other at 2 Ah) that give a total run time of 60 minutes.


Greenworks M210 mower is capable of mowing ½ acres of land within 45 minutes owing to its comprehensive cutting deck and battery performance.


Started by a single push button, it is a very user-friendly mower. The handle is padded with foam to prevent any hand fatigue and it can be adjusted as per the angle of incline you desire. The batteries can be easily inserted through the plastic covering and disengaged likewise.


If we talk about the cutting deck, it is 20 inches wide and incorporated with dual blades which promises a clean grass cut within no time at all. Any sort of grass can effectively be mowed with these.


In addition to it, it is inculcated with a smart cut technology that adjusts the power of the battery to the blades according to the thickness of the grass.


Through 5 height adjustments, the user can cut grass of heights 1.75-3.625 inches and operate that in either mulching or bagging modes.


The wheels are another factor to consider when operating on rough terrain and this model has covered that well. The rear wheels are 10 inches in diameter while the front ones are 7 inches.


As a matter of fact, this is a very reliable mower because its charger is very accurate that charges the batteries along with a constant voltage level. This ensures that the batteries can be used for a long period of time.


There is a warranty of 4 years on the product which might fascinate you for making a quick purchase.



  • Dual 40V batteries which give a run time of 60 minutes
  • 20-inch cutting deck
  • 5 height adjustments
  • Rear wheels are 10 inches while the front ones are 8 inches large
  • 4-year warranty


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4. Snapper XD82V MAX (Best 3 in 1 Push Lawn Mower For Rough Terrain)


Snapper, being a reputable lawn mower brand, provides high-quality machines and this model is no different. Powered by a Briggs & Stratton 82V battery ensures that you can undergo the mowing operation of your entire yard on a single charge and that too, powerfully.


In fact, it delivers nearly the same grass cut as a gasoline-powered self-propelled lawn mower. You can choose from options of 2, 4 or 5Ah batteries.


The motor is rated at 1000 or 1200 Watts and is brushless in nature which is more reliable than the conventional DC motor.


It has a cutting deck of 19 inches which supports all 3 types of grass cutting methods (mulching, bagging, and side discharge). The grass catcher bag can hold a total of 2.1 feet3 of grass clippings.


Cutting deck can be raised through a total of 7 height adjustments which is one of the most important features when dealing with rough terrain.


One of the unique features is the load sensing technology that adjusts the power of the battery according to the needs of the cutting blades; if the grass is thick, it would channelize more power and vice versa.


For the comfort of the user, the handle is padded with rubber. It provides a comfortable and ergonomic experience in addition to the easy-to-reach electric start button. The handle can be adjusted for the angle of inclination so a person of every height can use it. After the operation, the handle can be collapsed and it can be stored vertically for space-saving.


Wheels are big and rugged to enhance their effectiveness when dealing with rough terrains.


You would get a battery and a charger along with the package if you order from the following link. Much to the excitement, it offers a warranty of 5 years on parts and 2 on batteries which pretty much explains the level of reliability we have here.



  • Powered by 82V Briggs & Stratton battery
  • 1000,1200W powerful motor
  • 19-INCH cutting deck
  • 7 height adjustments
  • Load sensing technology
  • Padded handle which can be collapsed after use
  • 5-year warranty



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Best Self Propelled Lawn Mowers Reviews

From here own, we move towards self propelled options. They are more convenient because you don’t have to physically push the mower yourself and just guide the direction by walking behind. This means you can mow larger lands without getting tired.

They are more expensive than the push mowers but that is pretty evident considering the fact it is minimizing your effort. The only thing you need to do is to decide its direction.

As for the maintenance, if it is a fuel-powered lawn mower, you have to change the oil of the oil filter, clean the air filter regularly and check the fuel consistently. The spark plug needs to be changed every successive season too.







1. What is the best push lawn mower to buy?

It depends on your needs. We have discussed the factors affecting the choice for the best push mower at the start of the article. It is entirely up to your needs.

As a rule of thumb, if you have a large lawn with slopes, you need a self-propelled lawn mower and if you have s small lawn and not enough money, corded or cordless push mowers should be looked at.

2. Why does my push mower shake a lot?

A loose or damaged blade could cause this shaking. Tighten the blade and change them if they are damaged. Also, tighten up the engine’s bolts while you are at it.

3. Why doesn’t my lawn mower start?

Check for a faulty spark plug first of all if it is a fuel powered lawn mower. Unplug it and clean with a cloth before plugging it again. If that doesn’t work, tighten up the pull string as it might be loose. Contact a nearby mechanic if nothing solves the problem.

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