Best Vacuum Cleaner For Laminate Floors and Carpets 2022

Can we use a vacuum for cleaning laminate flooring? and which are the best vacuum cleaners available on the Amazon to buy for carpets and laminate floors? These are the questions people asked from the experts.

For your convenience, we’ve written this unbiased buying guide and review article which covers almost each and every aspect of the Vacuum cleaners used to clean laminated floors and carpets.

What Can You Use To Clean Laminate Floors?

Nonetheless, how you’ll keep this sensitive floor clean like a showroom condition – that’s a Million Dollar question. Sweeping and Vacuuming are two conventional ways to get the job done. Mostly, people don’t go for sweeping; hence the other one is, vacuuming. Since, with quite a huge competition in the Vacuum cleaner industry, it’s not easy to find which is the best vacuum cleaner for the Laminate floor?

I know what’s boggling in your mind.

But wait, Is vacuum the right thing for your shinning and sparkling laminate flooring? You might have bear this argument that vacuum cleaning doesn’t go handy with laminate floors and Can you vacuum laminate floors?

To be very factual, the right vacuum machine with the correct way of using it – is the first and foremost key to keep your surface out from the expanse of scratches.

Surely, you have to consider some factors before buying a product for your floor’s sensitive skin. Take a look at some factors which should be in your mind before making a purchase.


Overall Best Selling Vacuum Cleaners

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Factors for Choosing a Laminate Vacuum Cleaner

Good Vacuum Type: Specifically, in the laminate flooring and carpet cleaning category, still, there are many vacuum options to choose from. But Only a perfect vacuum can do the trick, else it will waste your money, time and the shining of the floor too. Below we have mentioned the types of vacuum machines which are handy for floor and carpet cleaning.

  • Canister Vacuum: Most dominant cleaning machine but bit bulky and heavy
  • Upright Vacuum: Comes as a lighter version of canister vacuum
  • Bagged Vacuum: Expensive one but has a reliable filtration system against debris
  • Bagless Vacuum: Inexpensive with an adequate suction power

Whatever you choose from this list, make sure, the vacuum cleaner should have smooth wheels (anti-scratch), so they don’t put unwanted friction to the surface resulting in scratches to the floor.

Excellent Vacuum Cleaning Method: Vacuum machines in the market offers different cleaning methods and techniques. Considering the sensitivity of the laminate surface, you should choose a machine that goes nice to your flooring.

Mopping vacuums are the boss in most of the cases and cleaning laminate floors with steam mop makes your work quite easy but at a quite hefty price. Brush vacuums are also an exquisite option. However, it should be noted down that the brushing job should not be done in a rotating pattern, but rolling over brushing is a great choice. Besides, stiff brush bristles can also cause a dilemma, therefore choosing a vacuum with soft brush bristles is a fantastic idea.

Useful Suction Power: Whatever you choose whether its vacuum cleaner or a mop for your laminate floors, one thing you should not forget at any cost – you are dealing with a compassionate situation. Suction power is the thing that should be noted down with some special care. Scratches can be drawn on the laminated floors with the use of a high suction power vacuum, so we suggest you to avoid such machines. For optimal suction, the vacuum machine should be hover over the laminate floor. This mechanism will add more likeliness to get an outstanding job done without damage occurrence.

Price – Last but Not the Least: If you think that a big priced vacuum cleaner can make your floor more polished than the lower-priced one – that’s not a way to choose an ideal machine for your laminate surfaces.

Things get juicier here.

The decision to buy a vacuum must rely on a “Purpose.” Instead of choosing an expensive one, do assume which machine complies better with your room characteristics. For example, you bring a canister vacuum cleaner for a reliable cleaning purpose. But the noise level of that vacuum doesn’t suit your mood; it’s like falling into a trap.

So which vacuum cleaner has all these constituents which fascinate you to make a purchase? We have shortlisted some of the best laminate floor cleaner machines available in the market; let’s dig into them;


Top 10 Vacuum For Laminate Floors


Best Laminate Floor Cleaner Reviews

1. Shark Rocket DuoClean - HV382 (Best Shark Vacuum For Laminate Floors and Carpet)


So, your house is decorated with laminate floors, carpets, and bare flooring? Then, this shark upright vacuum product will make its place into your home appliances squad. The actual name of this machine is “Shark Rocket Complete Pet with Dual Clean.”


Well, what is the technical mumbo jumbo behind the “DuoClean” term?


This machine floor nozzle is designed with two brushes, with a soft roller brush at the front while the typical stiff one at behind. Interestingly, this machine, combined with multiple surface cleaning settings.


Technically, the soft roller brush takes the lead on carpets and helps to grab the large debris and pet hairs while the main brush removes the embedded dirt. On bare or laminate flooring, the soft roller accelerates the trash into the suction channel.


Now come at the weight of this machine. With ultimate flexibility, this upright machine weighs 9.9lbs and also get converted into a handheld device having a 4.4 lbs of weight. However, the handheld unit feels bulky and doesn’t provide a compact look and feel to your wrist. As long as you mostly rely on cleaning with the wand, it will furnish valued maneuverability due to such a weight limit.


The nozzle head has a low profile sleek design with two highly luminous LEDs on its head – giving you maximum visibility and reach under the small clearance furniture. So, if you have knee joints or bending problems, this vacuum can win your heart.


At the accessories part, a proper “Click-fit” attachment comes to your notice with many accessories. But, some of the tools don’t get fit this way. You have to use force to get a friction or compression fit – giving a feeling that something will crack or break apart. Hence, at some accessories, it’s not a vacuum that comes with refined fitting.


This machine is superbly powerful and consumes whatever it sees. This powerfulness becomes awkward on carpets as you have to pull it back each time when it moves forward – so giving you an extra job to do with vacuuming



  • Weight: Upright 9.9 pounds and Handheld VAC 4.4 pounds.
  • Accessories: Combo Tool, Dusting Brush with swivel head, a bit heavy motorized tool, an under appliance wand, and instruction manual guide.
  • Cord Length: 30ft
  • Warranty: 5 Years


What we like about this machine:

  • Easy access to premotor filters for regular cleaning.
  • Brush rollers and filters are washable.
  • It awesomely catches the debris without pushing it around – as most vacuums do.
  • Easy to carry for stairs cleaning
  • Versatile machine for carpet, bare floors and laminate floors cleaning.
  • Undoubtedly, comes with a wide range of tools in a reasonable price bracket


What we don’t like:

  • The handheld unit doesn’t rest in an upright position and falls back.
  • No HEPA filters


Why one should buy this Shark Rocket DuoClean – HV382?

Nothing comes in this world with perfection. With such dislikes, this machine still provides extraordinary worth to your bucks with its most intelligently lightweight designed nozzle for broader reach, where mostly vacuums fail.


2. Bissel Crosswave 1785a Multi-Surface Vacuum Cleaner


Are you extra sensitive to your laminate flooring and carpets? In 2016, Bissel Crosswave 1785a came with an idea of mopping, washing, and vacuuming in a single gadget. With two dual-action brush roll and a powerful surface cleaning solution, it quickly combats debris, spills, nasty, and sticky messes. Moreover, through surface cleaning settings, you can seamlessly switch from laminate flooring to carpets or rugs.


Contrary to the Bissel 1780w model, this machine has got 3500rpm of brushing. According to the company, this machine is ideal for hard surfaces and airy rugs as well. So as far as the performance concern on medium-pile carpets and rugs, this works brilliantly without leaving debris to spare, but it’s become a little bit difficult to push on carpets and guess what you can manage it.


This machine easily vacuums all the wet spills (even more significant in size), which comes under its nozzle boundary. However, any massive spill which is bigger than its bounds; will stick to its nozzle sides, thus creating an extra mess.


As this vacuum cleaner washes the wet spill with a suction power of 100 to 150 AWS, nevertheless, it needs multiple passes to leave no residue. During all the cleaning mission, with its two-tank technology, the vacuumed water and surface cleaning solutions don’t get mixed so you can experience germs free cleaning.


This Bissel Crosswave machine needs regular cleaning of its kit, probably after every use.



  • Category: Upright Bagless Vacuum
  • Cord Length: 25ft
  • Weight: 11.5 lbs
  • Design: Two-tank technology
  • Warranty: 2 years


What we find good:

  • Easy maneuverability due to smooth wheels and soft brushes.
  • It’s an energy-efficient motor with its 4.4amp of input power.
  • Easily detachable kits
  • The dirty water tank has an automatic stopping mechanism to avoid any overflow.


What we do not find good:

  • The water and cleaning solution tank has no indicators, so you have to check the water level from time to time manually.
  • The water tank is not optimal for more substantial space cleaning as it can cover 700 square feet with one full tank
  • The motor assembly of this machine is not up to the mark.


Why should one buy Bissel Crosswave 1785a?

This machine, since its launch, still, standouts as the best multi-purpose vacuum cleaner. With its all great features, you can experience a noiseless cleaning of your house.


If you’re looking for steam cleaner then check out these Best Multi Purpose Steam Cleaners


3. Tineco A11 Master (Best Cordless Vacuum Cleaner For Laminate Floors)


Everyone loves powerful vacuums with excellent cleaning and suction power. Now when it comes to noise, My dear, it’s time to pay up the price. Interestingly, tineco A11 Master vacuum cleaner looks pretty baby vacuum, but actually, here is the advice – don’t take it lite.


It definitely looks tiny, but with a high power of 450w motor power, this cordless machine works far better than many tall-famed vacuum cleaners. Yeah, the noise level is also pretty awesome (forgot to mention). Indeed, it doesn’t roar so much, giving twinge to your earbuds.


Now, the most exciting thing about this boy is, it falls directly in a race with Boss Dyson v8 and v10. Nonetheless, this is also an upper version of a10 series. Now, if you ever owned a tineco a10 vacuum cleaner, this A11 series vacuum looks the same but has better and additional features.


Even the A11 vacuum cleaner comes with three different versions with a difference in price and features. With Dual power modes (Normal + Max), this master version is the mid-level model of the Tineco A11 series.


Now swiftly moving to the performance and options, it is the best vacuum for under bed carpet, floor, and ceiling cleaning purposes. The graph of wonders will go the heights when you see an immense number of accessories available for versatile cleaning purposes.


Tineco A11 Master comes with an additional soft roller head brush. The main head roller gives an ultimate high performance on rugs and soft areas. It quickly sucks from dust to large debris particles.


However, on hard surfaces like laminate or hardwood floors, unfortunately, it really struggles. This gadget finds it challenging to engulf large debris while pushing it back along with its head. Yet, the additional soft roller comes into play here, and it perfectly fixes the mess caused by the main roller head.


A11 is also a master of deep cleaning. With 94% dust and sand cleaning ability in medium pile carpet, this thing beats many other contenders from this perspective.


Another job where this lightweight vacuum rings the victory bells – The battery time. On normal suction mode, it can furnish around 30mins job with a single charge. As it comes with two interchangeable 2000mAh batteries, do expect a 1hr fantastic cleaning job.


With the Max power mode, the battery time obviously reduces. Note that; this model also has the capability of charging both batteries simultaneously with a wall-mounted charging station.


Factually, Tineco doesn’t hold “THAT” reputation as other big giants like shark and Dyson do. Anyway, A11 gives an optimal suction performance (27cfm), beating many of its rivals. Moving to different sections of performances, A11 also finds itself higher in competition when it comes to weight and noise.



  • Batteries: 2 Lithium Ion Interchangeable
  • Dustbin: 0.6Ltrs
  • Accessories: Soft Roller Brush, LED multi-role head roller, Mini Power Brush, Crevice tool, Dust Brusher, Flexible multi-angle tube
  • Warranty: 2 Years


What we find good?

  • Equipped with a trigger locker that locks the trigger in uninterrupted long cleaning sessions.
  • Offers great plenty of accessories and tools.
  • It is pretty cheap other than big brands with the same specs.
  • A great battery backup
  • High-quality deep cleaning.
  • A practical transparent design


What we do not find good:

  • It’s not typical broom or upright vacuum so can’t stand on its own
  • Due to the plastic vacuum tube, it is less sturdy.


Why should one buy Tineco A11 Master?

It entirely makes sense of brand consciousness. Though how come when all the great things about a big brand come at less price? Most simply, tineco a11 master hit its competitors like Dyson and shark at many comparison levels, but the greater battery life is the prime feature to consider it.


4. Dyson V10 Absolute Cyclone Vacuum Cleaner


When you go for vacuum shopping, Dyson is the name which you’ll find everywhere. Specifically, for laminate and bare floorings, the Dyson V series is the best option to choose from.


Want to go for the lightweight, cordless, and powerful suction machine? Dyson v10 absolute with Cyclone technology is another name that can suit your purpose.


Well, Dyson v10 comes with three versions, Absolute, Animal, and motorhead. V10 absolute is a high-end model that comes along with the additional soft head roller and other accessories and tools.


When it comes to performance, on very first use, you can presume some significant features. Dyson v10 has been engineered in a way to provide supreme suction of 150 AWS – admittedly, its quite high from its previous version v6/v7/v8. With three modes of cleaning – Low, Medium, Power mode; it can be your mighty weapon against dust and large debris.


This machine works fabulous on crevice areas and can clean the surface with minimum passes, as low as one passes. Many high-end or expensive vacuum of this league disappoints the crevice pick-up test like shark rotator NV501, Shark Navigator NV352, Miele U1, etc.


Also, on power mode, it works charmingly at mid pile carpets with its torch cleaner head, Yet at the sacrifice of high battery juice.


However, on bare and laminating surfaces, it strives a little bit with medium power mode, against the large and hard debris particles. Unfortunately, the hard debris particles like fruit loops sometimes clogged the machine.


The battery time on low power mode is about 61 minutes (with no attachments), but on power mode, this 7-cell Lithium-ion battery drastically reduces to 6 minutes approximately.


Indeed great things come at the cost of something. Also, at the battery department, the battery is not removable. Like in Tineco A11 Master, we have seen two Interchangeable batteries, which you can swap for charging or for use at the same time.


One thing you can enjoy most in this machine is the creamlike maneuverability. Whether the conditions are bare floors or carpets, without getting pressure on your wrist, it steers according to your command. This maneuverability comes with the support of its low weight design and frictionless swivel head.


Dyson v10 absolute is known for its noiseless cleaning with 63.2db of sound on low power mode. Consequently, it’s not that WAO element. It echoes louder on power mode.


From the design perspective, it comes with a big hand-held machine with slightly bigger dust canister, like 0.77 liters, as compared to its older versions. The dustbin ejection in this model is somewhat different.



  • Weight: 5.9 Pounds
  • Charge Time: 3.5 HRs from entirely drown battery
  • Accessories: Docking station, combo tool, Dusting Brush, Crevice tool, Motorized tool, Soft Head Roller.
  • Warranty: 2 Years
  • Filtration System: HEPA


What we find Good:

  • Offers great suction power
  • Managed weight to smoothly use one-handedly
  • Deals in frictionless and smooth maneuverability.
  • Easy Access to Filters.
  • Awesomely sealed, so no air pressure get leaked


What we do not find good:

  • Highly expensive
  • The trigger button has no locker.
  • Comes with a fixed battery


Why should one buy Dyson V10 Absolute Cyclone Vacuum Cleaner?

Stick Cordless Vacuums look sleek and stylish, but they are usually not effectual enough on rough spaces. Dyson has always been known for its superior cleaning solution. So does this V10 cyclone stick vacuum. If you need compactness, lightweight, but durable machine altogether in a single package, this could be your product.


5. Shark Apex Upright DuoClean Vacuum With Zero-M (AZ1002)


Everybody wants that when he/she invest in a cleaning machine, then in return, the cleaning versatility should be the first and foremost thing to appear. This machine, Shark Apex Upright vacuum, perceives itself in the list of most versatile devices in the market.


Firstly, look at the full title of this vacuum, you’ll find many technical and marketing jargons like Duoclean, Zero-M, Anti-wrap, Powered Lift-away, and da-da-da-da. Well, what is the actual heck about this upright bagless vacuum?


It’s an upgraded version of shark apex AX952 with better maneuverability and performance. This Apex AZ1002 model has Duoclean with Zero-M technology.


Now, Duoclean is somewhat we have already treated at our very first vacuum listing’s profiling, which was shark rocket duo clean vacuum. Well, alright, Duoclean terms the cleaning job in which a soft roller brush and a stiff bristle brush works together.


Vacuum with Duoclean becomes a jumble when it comes to cleaning the brush roller as the hairs and other debris get pricked into it. Hence, it’s harrowing to get rid of all the mess. Zero-M is the notion that counters all these situations.


With additional Vertical brush strips attach to nozzle head as over the stiff bristle brush, these strips make very sure that no hair, thread, or debris get stuck in brush bristles. In this shark apex vacuum, this combo technology nicely does its job.


As this vacuum is equipped with 1.5 Quarts of large trash bin, it also becomes bulky and heavy. You really need thick wrists to maneuver this 17.1 pounds upright vacuum.


While continuous steering and twisting, it can give you a strain to your guiding hand. However, to counter this scenario, you can lift away the dust canister motor assembly for the smooth steering of the nozzle head. After detaching the whole bulky motor piece, you can find it too light to handle.


This upright machine has come with the strongest 90cfm of airflow, which is quite above from competitors of its range like Dyson ball animal-2 and Miele u1. The motor power of this machine is 1350 watts – a question for its energy efficiency to some extent. Yet, you want reliable and effortless cleaning; this motor can awesomely do the purpose.


Although, Shark Apex AZ1002 model does the very best job without any fail, even on carpets, hard and bare surfaces. Though, at one thing, it struggles a bit. The edge cleaning execution is not optimum, as with its size and price. You will have to do multiple passes to clear the dust or small particles of debris.


Another segment where it falls short – the accessories and tool. With this machine, you only get a motorized brush tool, crevice tool, and combo tool, which is not enough for this league of the device.


As this performs an excellent job, noise is the thing you have to bear along with this machine. The noise level of this machine is quite high – 72.7 DB. The company claims it has noise reduction technology; it seems like this claim is not satisfying in practical life.


Shark Upright Apex vacuum carries a total sealed pack filtration system making it an anti-allergen device. The HEPA filter assures you that your surroundings don’t get polluted.


Lastly, taking great care of your laminate floors shine, this apex model has now blessed with super sturdy rubber tires, which was not there in the older version.


In fact, the prior AX952 model was using plastic tires. Surely those are not a good friend of laminate floors. Also, this boy seamlessly shifts its cleaning settings according to surfaces with a pull-up and down button.



  • Weight: 17.1 Pounds
  • Cord length: 30m
  • Accessories: Crevices Tool, Combo tool, motorized tool, and Instruction Manual.
  • Powered Lift-Away: Yes
  • Motor Power: 1350 watts
  • LEDs: Nozzle Head and handle


What we find good:

  • There are two filters – Post Motor and Pre-motor Filters; these are easily accessible and washable
  • Impressive versatility and cleaning approaches for multiple cleaning situations
  • The dust canister has Great capacity
  • Entirely sealed, so no exhausted air pollutes your environment.
  • 11 Inches of Wide boundaries for great cleaning coverage.


What we do not find Good:

  • The hose is sturdy. Subsequently, it’s also stiff and less stretchable, so it may cause the machine to fall.
  • The vacuum is zero-m powered, but the accessories like motorized tools are not. It catches the hairs and debris, so you have to pull it out and clean it manually.
  • This machine is a bit heavy and noisy.


Why should one buy Shark Apex Upright DuoClean Vacuum With Zero-M (AZ1002)?

For those who don’t care about the weight and noise of the machine but want great care of their house and laminate floors, nothing comes better than this shark apex vacuum Duoclean with Zero M technology. This shark machine is the thing that works perfectly in multiple cleaning situations without any heck.


6. Bissell PowerEdge 81L2A (Cheapest Vacuum In Our List - Best for laminate floors and Pets Hair)


One of the red flags about vacuums and housing cleaning industry is, it is getting expensive and expensive and more expensive with the latest options and most extended cleaning range. This state creates a stir among the end-users to what should be picked and what should get ignored as infinite diversity is appearing in the market with all-in-one packages.


Yet, what about that case in which you have a small house, apartment, or flat and living with your pet, living single or with the most modest family? Thus, getting a high-end VAC with the cost of 300 to 500 bucks is not a practical idea to opt for.


You need a very compact but reliable solution for such type of conditions. Bissel PowerEdge pet and hardwood vacuum is the most elegant choice for limited space and pocket too. The main thing that should be popped out before making any decision; this vacuum is for just hard floorings and pets, not suitable for carpets and rugged areas.


The main nozzle design is unique as a V-shaped. This architecture helps to finely capture the dirt and debris while pushing the trash into the curved V-shaped nozzle. Although this helps to bring the waste into nozzle coverage, the motor piece has front exhaust. The exhausted air from the front of the motor pieces blows away the dust from nozzle radar. Therefore, you might have to do multiple passes to capture the dust and dirt.


Moreover, the design is unique, no doubt, but this uniqueness cause trouble at stairs. The V-shaped nozzle sometimes doesn’t properly fit around the stair width. However, on a positive note, this vacuum does a fantastic job on the edges and sides of the stairs.


Also, Bissel PowerEdge works as a sweeping tool. The nozzle head is glued with soft vipers that do an additional sweeping job. Pets sometimes look corner and sides to sit and relax, so it’s obvious to have pet hairs and dust in the corners and at the edges.

While having this machine, you don’t have to worry about edge and corners cleaning just like furniture legs. This pet vacuum is the perfect arm against such narrow and tight spaces with the most potent suction power. The good news is, it also picks up your pet’s litter – yikes!


Though, you have to look for its cord length, which is just about 20ft. No worries, with such a price bracket, it’s a decent length.


When it comes to moving and maneuverability, you shouldn’t have high expectations from it. It maneuvers quite easily, but again it has not that WOW thing. The swivel head is not as smooth as you can experience in other high-end vacuums. Besides, you can experience the lightest weight (7.5lbs) with such a motor piece upright vacuum.



  • Cord Length: 20ft
  • Filtration: Cyclonic
  • Accessories: No additional accessories
  • Vacuum Type: Low-end Upright Bagless Vacuum


What we find good:

  • Great suction power with the lowest noise
  • Pick up the pet litter without any mess
  • Great at sucking the debris, stuck at the edges.
  • It’s very light weighted with such a bulky look.
  • Has an affordable price tag


What we don’t find Good:

  • Needs great care, probably after every use.
  • It pushes the dirt due to its design, so you keep doing multiple passes until it gets done
  • The V-shaped design becomes a problem for stairs cleaning.


Why should one buy Bissell PowerEdge 81L2A?

Yet, it lacks many of the market necessary features, but for a small house and limited cleaning type and off-course in the minimal budget, this is the thing which should not be ignored. So if your wallet has a limited budget, the Bissell PowerEdge pet hair vacuum can fulfill your budget.


7. Shark ION P50 DuoClean Cordless Vacuum – IC162


Shark is known for its most versatile range and quality-made vacuum machines. Specifically, the Duoclean technology of shark stands out as one of the best vacuuming technology so far.


Today we have one more item from the shark’s vacuum basket. This time, we have the iconic and latest shark p50 upright cordless vacuum with a powered lift-away feature.


Well, we have already and honestly covered shark rocket HV382 and shark Apex AZ1002 Zero-M. Interestingly, when it comes to maneuverability, Duoclean technology, LED’s on the head, and cleaning functionalities, this upright does the same phenomenal job as those two models do.


Hence, making our discussion more precise and to the point, it’s useless to put an extra and lengthy description of these above-mentioned working areas.


However, you can take it into your notice; this cordless model undoubtedly carries the Duoclean design but lacks the Zero-M service as it was available in the Apex AZ1002 model. So, be ready to clean the brush roller.


As this vacuum is super brutal on the debris of any kind at any surface, but sadly, it finds it hard to do a satisfying job at edge cleaning – in fact, does the below-average job. On the deep clean-up side at mid pile carpets, it renders 97% of cleaning, which is the most exquisite range in cordless battery type vacuums.


The P50 model comes with a long and round-shaped removable ION battery, which conveniently gives 33 Minutes on-job time with cleaner head and stretches to 55mins when cleaner head or any accessory removes off.


Uprightly, this is the excellent battery time, but when it comes to cordless vacuums of its class, it falls to Dyson v10 that has 46, 36, 6.5 minutes on low medium and high modes, respectively.


Cordless vacuums are mostly light-weighted and super comfy at the wrist. This vacuum carries the dustbin and motor piece to its wand so you can even assume it’s not the light-weighted package.


With 12.03 lbs of weight, surely, and without question, it would not be that light to your hand. Yet, the lift away feature smiles at you, and it became the lightest cordless vacuum for smooth handling.


Unfortunately, what has been observed so far is, the shark is not farsighted at Hosing. Admittedly, most of the shark vacuums come with a sturdy hose.


Yet, they lack flexibility, length, and stretchiness – making possibilities for the machine to fall when hose’s stretchiness crosses its limits. The same is the case with this model, and also you can experience less standup stability and gravity issues.


A good number of accessories arrive with this vacuum, which is an appreciative thing. Surprisingly, the motorized brush doesn’t come along with the tool’s package – a severe surprise for most of us. Also, some accessories are not “Click-Fit”; rather, they are compression fit, and you have to put force to get the tools attached to the handheld unit or the wand.


Lastly, the Shark P50 ION comes with sound anti-Allergan sealed packed HEPA filtration. For this specific model, you can get 2 Pre-motor and 1 post-motor filters, making a count of seal filters to 3.



  • Dust Canister: 0.54 Quarts
  • Weight: 12.03 Lbs
  • Mode of Use: Upright, lift-away, handheld
  • Accessories: Combo brush crevices tool, dusting brush, upholstery tool, charging dock.


What we find good:

  • Remarkable performance at every surface type.
  • Low profile nozzles extend the range of cleaning under the furniture and low profile surfaces.
  • One-touch boost mode button with the reach of the thumb.
  • Comes with super versatile options
  • It comes with 2x Dust capacity.


What we don’t find Good:

  • As a cordless vacuum, it’s a bit expensive.
  • Not good at edge cleaning situations


Why should one buy Shark ION P50 DuoClean Cordless Vacuum – IC162?

Usually, cordless vacuums are not that powerful, especially on carpets. Sometimes you have to purchase an additional head roller for more powerful cleaning. Shark P50, with its flagship Duoclean technology, doesn’t give doubt about its performance for regular vacuuming sessions. Whether its carpets, stairs, or laminate flooring, it works like a charm.


8. Tineco Pure One S12 Smart Stick Cordless Vacuum


Smart is the world, and your house also should get smart tech appliances likes this Tineco Pure One S12 Smart Vacuum. In this age of AI, you should also get a cleaner that does a brushing job most smartly. This Tineco intelligently designed vacuum is the updated version of A-series, and specifically, this device is a modernized smart version of Tineco A11 Master.


Interestingly, this stick vacuum inherits many of its qualities from its previous A11 version like trigger lockers, filter cleaning device, HEPA filtration system, etc. The difference gets to make, where the features like the smart-clean, LED screen, auto-adjusted suction comes into the real arena.


Now before going to its performance numbers, let take a look at what new stuff it carries with itself.


Undoubtedly, tineco is the demon in terms of accessories. Like the A11, it bundles with two interchangeable batteries. Moreover, this time S12 has got an additional pre-motor filter. Although, you can rinse the filter with water and let it dry and reinstall it.


Yet, who waits for half a day to make the filter dry? So, the tineco, this time, came with an idea to provide an extra pre-motor filter. You can attach the pre-motor cleaning tool, put the dirty filter in, swap the clean filter in the handheld machine, and let the filter cleaning machine do its job.


Now, you would see in the featured images and different promotions; there is a crispy and luxury LED display attached to the vacuum machine. This stuff is a real novelty in the market. Through this LED display, you can check out the battery status of vacuum, any air blockage warnings, suction power, and much more.


So, you want to experience the authentic smartness of this device? Mostly, traditional vacuums have a button for different modes of setting. Interestingly, this S12 machine has a slider through which you can compose an increment or decrement the suction level to an optimum level.


So, no manual methods, and two or three ways of suction settings now. Additionally, there is the “Auto” button, which ultimately relaxes you from the worry of setting the suction manually.


With this all-new chic and intelligent feature, let the AI take control of your cleaning settings. It sounds so cool that tineco s12, through its iLoop sensors, rightly senses when to increase and decrease the suction level.


For instance, you are using it against specks of dust on bare surfaces; this device, without any confusion, perfectly knows how to manage the suction level. The iLoop sensor senses the amount of dirt or debris and accordingly controls the suction power.


Taking smartness to the new heights, a smart WIFI option and phone app also open the gates of wonder to its user. The app notifies you about different alerts, like vacuum cleaning time, warranty alerts, more updates from the company, and much more.


Now assessing its performance, this machine comes with 2-pcs of 2500mAh lithium-ion batteries. Though, these both batteries can give you 100Min of Uptime at the low suction level and without any motorized tool.


On Max suction power, it furnishes a 10min time with a single fully charged battery – with both cells, this time goes to 20min. However, the bad business is you can’t directly plug-in your handheld device for charging. The wall-mounted docking stations always comes into play while charging the batteries.


On the Debris pickup side, this stick vacuum awesomely combats every type of trash without any struggle. However, in some situations or levels, s12 vacuum gives a slightly slippery and lazy steering experience at maneuverability.



  • Versions: Pure One S12 M Lite, Pure One S12 M, Pure One S12, Pure One S12 Plus
  • Batteries Count and Power: 2pcs with 2500mAh each
  • Suction Power: 145w
  • LED Display: Yes
  • Accessories: Crevices tool, Additional more significant and flexible Crevices tool, Additional Premotor Filter, Motorize tool, 2-in-1 Cleaning Brush, Pre motor filter cleaning tool, Mini Power Brush
  • Warranty: 2-Years


What we find good:

  • Better build quality than the previous A11 Master.
  • A more widely opened gate of multi-tasker power brush allows adequate debris sucking.
  • The mobile app and LED display gives you automated and essential alerts.
  • It offers the broadest range of accessories.
  • It offers a 99% deep cleaning on mid-pile carpets.
  • An excellent Noiseless Machine


What we don’t find Good:

  • As a stick cordless vacuum, it’s insanely pricey.
  • It’s heavier than its previous series vacuum.
  • The maneuverability is not precise


Why should one buy Tineco Pure One S12 Smart Stick Cordless Vacuum?

The tineco s12 smart vacuum is the latest innovative insertion in the market. Admittedly, this is not “That” shoddy showoff thing to attract the users. Really, it provides some distinct, smart, and “Never-seen-Before” features in a lightweight and compact design. So if you are a gadget lover and want to add smartness to your house cleaning job, tineco s12 is the most elegant option.


9. Hoover Linx BH50010 Signature Bagless Cordless Vacuum


The trend of cordless vacuum is booming at this moment. As cordless vacuums give you excellent ease and versatility at your floor cleaning job, these machines also cost you some extra bucks. Why not having a mid-level cordless vacuum which can set you free from that “Cord” thing and also gives you optimal floor cleaning trade?


The Hoover Linx BH50010 is an upright bagless and cordless vacuum. So your love for cordless vacuums will thrive at this thing. Before digging out more information about this machine, mind it, you should not have “That” high expectations from it as this model is a mid-range vacuum.


With two modes of cleaning settings, this Linx model gives a tremendous cleaning job at hard flooring, even with large debris particles. While at the carpets, this machine can’t do the best but above the average task with large debris. So you can say it’s a specialized bare floors machine.


Undoubtedly, the vacuums are the dilemmas to manual sweeping and provide readiness to humans to clean their property. However, when it comes to maintenance, some devices are also not less than a headache.


For this particular vacuum, it has a big dust canister for maximum debris collection. Things get a little messy when it comes to ejecting and cleaning the dust canister.


The filter in the trash bin gets dirtied with the hairs and debris, so you have to manually take that mess off with your hands, scissors or any other sharp thing. The pre-motor filter is washable, but afterward, it needs 24-Hrs to get dry and then get back on the job.


Also, with a minimum 3hrs of charging, this single Lithium-ion fade-away battery vacuum lasts 20 min on carpets and 30mins approximately on the bare floor as it works without the bristle brush.


The cleaning settings can be changed with a button available on its forehead. The company claims don’t charge the battery max of its charging time.


Many cordless vacuums become handy on stairs cleaning. This thing is somewhat differently designed as undoubtedly; it has a cordless feature but also has a bagless canister, which makes it awkward for stairs job.


The matter of fact, Hoover Linx bh50010 is not the perfect thing for stairs. However, it works awesomely at edge cleaning and below furniture scenarios with its great suction and big flatted-bed nozzle opening.


As this is a mid-range vacuum, so it’s evident that you won’t be getting any HEPA filters in this machine. Also, the filtration system of this vacuum is no up to the mark as leaks so much air.



  • Battery and Charging Time: Single Lithium-Ion Fade Away Battery with 3 Hrs of Charging.
  • Weight: 7Lbs
  • Accessories: No


What we find good:

  • Do a Tremendous work at hard surfaces.
  • Good at edge cleaning
  • LED battery Guage on its head tells the status of the battery.
  • Do a great low profile cleaning jobs


What we don’t find Good:

  • Need manual cleaning of filters.
  • It doesn’t have smooth swiveling of the head.


Why should one buy Hoover Linx BH50010?

For the vacuum’s users who want a stylish cordless vacuum in an average budget lane, Hoover Linx BH50010 cordless vacuum stands out as the most elegant option to consider. This machine looks a perfect selection for laminate and hardwood flooring.


10. Dyson Ball Multi Floor 2 Upright Vacuum Cleaner (Best For Hardwood, Vinyl & Tiles)


Whether you search online or going to vacuums market to adopt a cleaner for your house, one thing will inevitably and continuously be popping out in front of your eyes, and that would be this machine.


This big ball designed is a multi-surface cleaner vacuum by Dyson; furthermore, this ball series is quite popular in the market and vacuums related gossips too.


No doubt, the Dyson flies high in the air with its super powerful cordless stick vacuum V series – specifically V10 and V11. Yet in the upright category, this ball series also has a good talk. Specifically, this machine coming with two brush settings at the head is less bulky, less weighty, lighter performance (but still powerful).


Now technically, the WAO element of this ball upright vacuum is, it proffers super maneuverability and 100% of deep cleaning performance at low pile carpets with its self-adjusting cleaner head.


Likewise, countering edge cleaning scenarios, the ball multi floor-2 vacuum never settles on less than a tremendous work. Noticing a 13.3 Inches wide cleaner head, it accumulates up the trash in fewer passes.


However, if your house has mostly space covered with dense rug areas and high piled carpets, this item might not be a good selection. It struggles on these surfaces and sticks after every inch. Yet, it serves fine on hard flooring surfaces like wood, vinyl, and tiles.


Still, when it comes to larger debris, you’ll find this multi-floor ball vacuum doing several passes to digest up the mess. Don’t worry; the wand does the rest very well.


As a corded vacuum, 1400 watts of power is required to run this giant. With such a condition, it gives strong punched 245 AWS of suction power, which is not bad at all. Along with this, the airflow is also an extraordinary thing to consider carrying 80cfm and 59cfm with wand and head, respectively.


Now come at the design side, with 15.5lbs of weight, it’s the most compact version in the Dyson ball lineup. The wand is with hose architecture that is excellently built and has immense elasticity, covers the maximum cleaning range. The matter of fact, hosing is the area where shark models don’t stand tall.


The filtration system comes with HEPA filters, and the whole machine is sealed off. The dust canister also has a big belly, although, when it comes to ejecting the debris, the hairs and dirt get stuck at the filter. Hard times – you have to remove this left-over manually then.



  • Wattage and Amps: 1400 Watts and 11.6 amps
  • Cord Length: 31ft
  • Cleaner Head Width: 13.3 inches
  • Accessories: Stair tool, combination tool, crevices tool


What we find good:

  • Incredible Suction power.
  • Perfectly gives a soft touch on laminate and hard surfaces.
  • It has an exceptional stretchable hose for maximum reach.
  • Awe-inspiring edge cleaning performance


What we don’t find Good:

  • Doesn’t become handy on stairs due to its weight
  • Struggle hard against large pile carpets and large debris


Why should one buy Dyson Ball Multi Floor 2 Upright Vacuum Cleaner?

This ball machine is not for deep carpets while it gives a superb performance at hard surfaces. It’s also super lite and soft to your shiny surfaces. So, if your space is not covered mostly with carpets or have low pile carpet areas, you can go for this machine for sure. Solely for hard cleaning jobs like stare and high rugged regions, it might be tough on your nerves.


Final Verdict

Laminate floors unquestionably always demand excellent care and soft touches. Remember, what we talked about in factors to choosing a good vacuum? If not – then let make it a part of discussion again. So, racing for the best vacuums for the laminate floor must end at a “Purpose.”

Every individual and house has different needs for cleaning. Ultimately, you can settle down yourself according to your needs and space. So, giving you an example – categorizing the vacuums.

In Cordless Stick Vacuum Category:

  • The vacuums with excellent battery life, versatility, accessories: Tineco A11 Master
  • Vacuums with strong performance: Dyson v10 absolute
  • Vacuum with premium battery, performance, innovations, and accessories: Tineco s12

Upright Category:

  • Vacuum with Great Performance: Shark Apex AZ1002
  • Vacuum with excellent cleaning job specifically on laminate floors: Bissel Crosswave 1785a
  • Cheap vacuum for limited features and space cleaning: BisselPoweredge

Lastly, mentioning these specific models doesn’t mean the rest is waste. Definitely, this mentioning is for most common working needs and purposes. Even though you have an objective that doesn’t comply with these mentioned categories, you can look upon remaining VACs – Happy Shopping.



How do I get the residue off my laminate floors?

It depends on the vacuum machine that in how many passes it can sweep and dry the surface. More passes mean more possibilities to damage the shine of the laminate surface.

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