14 Best Kids Smartwatches and Kids Watch Phones In 2022

Are you looking for the best smartwatch for your kids having some special features like GPS, fitness tracking, cell phone calls, text messages, reminders, cameras, games, and a lot more?

Read this buying guide, I’m sure you’ll get a top-notch smartwatch for your loved one.

Traditionally, kids were to play on streets and roads with plenty of friends, it has now transited to activities which, more or less, are integrated with technological advancements.

Be it touring the city over the hoverboard, cycling on a hybrid, convertible bicycle, playing engrossing video games on an X-Box, having challenge battles of bay blades with friends, or cheering the features of each other’s smartwatches.

Yes, smartwatches have been the new “cool” for kids for the last half-decade. It is their usability, practicality, and teaching aspects that have convinced parents to purchase these gadgets for their younger ones.

From fitness activities to playing games, from responding to notifications, sending their location back home, call to parents; the best kids smartwatches have got everything.


After thorough research and screening, we have shortlisted the best selling, top-rated, and trending kids smartwatches for detailed reviews. Before, catching up on the products, let us first discuss what a good smartwatch for kids possesses.

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How To Choose Smartwatch For Kids?

A specific type of watch might be a treat for some kids but an eyesore for others. There are many perimeters on which parents have to think before making this investment. Here are some.

1. Child Age

Interests changes with age growth. A kid who is 4-6-year old will want to have a watch with animated graphics, glossy color, and loud ringtones. Whereas a much more mature child of 10-12 years desires a smartwatch that includes fitness tracking features, is composed in terms of design and color, moreover, offers a responsive UI rather than a static colorful one.

Make sure you are looking for a suitable category while scrolling on the e-commerce platforms for your kids. Also, every kid is different and you would want to have a product that is better suited to his needs.

2. Battery Life

It is utterly frustrating for a kid to see a “low battery” notification while he is cheerfully jumping on the activities of his smartwatch with friends.

Therefore, the model you opt for should have long battery life. Of course, if it’s less, your kid wouldn’t wait for it to charge fully, and over time, its functionality would deplete before turning totally futile.

The nature of charging should also be a point of interest. Watches with a USB port are the most convenient to charge. Those that have magnetic stands or unique ports, would require both effort and care.

3. Parental Control

That’s really significant. Every parent wants to have an eye on their children so they are not directed towards the wrong paths. Access to technology is advisable but adhering to its negative effects needs to be avoided.

Therefore, you should select the models which have some sort of parental control. It can be in the shape of on-activity hours whereby you stop the calling and video chat activity on your kid’s smartwatch while he is at school or it may be a notification system that alerts you if the kid goes too far from the house.

To make sure they don’t use the watch at night, you can put a passcode at dedicated times. There are plenty of related features because manufacturers, too, have realized the importance of parental control on kids’ devices.

4. Type of Entertainment Activities

While younger kids would want engrossing video games on their watches, kids above 10 would want some sort of fitness tracking instead.

Many appreciate the camera feature which lets them take selfies, add funny filters to them and share them with their friends while others like to record themselves while they sing poems or songs and listen to them in their circle of friends.

You know your parents better than anybody else, therefore, you must be aware of the type of predominant activities that should be in a smartwatch.

5. Look of the Watch

Again, that is closely related to personal choices. Generally, kids under the age of 8 like bright, vibrant gadgets immersed in colors like pink, green, and blue with funky attachments like straps dissolved in the shape of a character or watch faces that depict their favorite cartoon characters. Older ones, on the other hand, wish for something which is a bit more sophisticated, clean and precise.

6. Laden with games and activities

That’s probably the pivotal consideration. We will be talking about smartwatches for kids till the age of 12 because it’s the age when you can make or break their process of cognitive development, constructive and competitive mindset, and physical nourishment.

Games would include physical challenges like running, jogging, sit-ups, and mental activities like math calculations, everyday questions, situation-based quizzes, and much more. You would want smartwatches to teach your kids the exact same things that you would, in your absence.

7. Waterproof feature

We want our kids to learn swimming because it is one of the most healthy exercises and makes them fight against emergency situations as well but there should be something keeping them focused on this process. The smartwatches with their swimming tracking or challenges can do that for you and to do so, they must be water-resistant. Only a rating of 1 ATM would do.

8. GPS tracking is significant

Parent needs to have a sharp eye on their small kids so that they don’t get involved in unethical practices. GPS in the smartwatch allows you to monitor the current location of the child on your mobile phone so you always have him under supervision. It also becomes useful when he/she is in an emergency and needs some sort of help or first aid.

9. Durability

Yes, it is absolutely undeniable. Children like to fall, skid and slip which would incur contact of hard surfaces with their smartwatches so it needs to be prepared for that. Most watches are crafted out of Gorilla glass which is scratch less and durable with rubber bodies that have the ability to absorb impact.

10. Two-way calling

Communication is the basic feature that makes this gadget a replacement for smartphones. Parents want to know where their kids are and have full awareness of their situation. Smartwatches for kids must have a system whereby both parties can come in contact with each other. Some even have the option of voice notes in addition to voice and video calls.

11. SOS

If your kids find themselves in god forbidden situations, they must know a way of notifying the concerned authority. It can be the police or the parents so the SOS feature is very important in these types of gadgets. This feature ensures that the concerned authorities are alarmed about any unfortunate incident.

12. Other Useful features

These include a camera, alarm, reminders, and games. All of these capabilities should be a part of the watch so that the kid is not bored with the gadget and can enjoy a constructive partnership with it.

 14 Best Smartwatches For Kids 2022

1. vTechKidizoom DX2 (The Best Kids Smartwatch Under $100)

Priced below $100 and designed to be visually appealing, this watch will certainly be a treat for your kids. It has been reviewed by 1k+ customers to date with a majority of 5-star ratings.

Starting with its touch-sensitive screen, it is quite vibrant and bright which is exactly how little kids want it. We would recommend this watch for 4 to 12 year old children because of the level of activities it is integrated with. Swiping down will take you to the mute option and swiping up will have a voice tell you the time at the moment.

To try out various analog watch faces, you need to swipe left which opens a collection of interesting and colorful displays of ships, dinosaurs, and fairylands whereas swiping right will open the collection of digital watch faces. It is an engaging user interface to teach your kids how to tell the time in both formats.

Going more deeply, it contains plenty of games which also include an AR monster-catching game whereby your kid can catch real-world monsters. There are plenty of others with reference to educational point-of-view for example, number games, English sentence games, and quizzes.

Too much of the excitement, two cameras are incorporated into this smartwatch which can take selfies and portrait photos both. There is a feature that adds funny filters to your clicked pictures like rabbit ears and owl eyes; it’s fittingly cheerful.

As for fitness tracking, the watch is integrated with a pedometer that counts steps and daily activity tasks for the physical development of the user. The pedometer, however, is not very accurate but who wants it to be precise until it’s getting your kid moving, right? Your children can execute daily challenges and win points which inspires them to toil more.

The rubber strap accounts for comfortable wear while it’s also splash-proof but not advisable for use in water. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have a GPS so it can’t tell the location of the user. Also, the rubber lock that shields the USB charging port is a bit flimsy and has to be handled with the care that it doesn’t get detached from the watch.

  • Touch screen
  • 55 watch faces with digital and analog readings
  • Dual cameras with the integration of funny filters
  • Several educational and AR games
  • Incorporated pedometer and daily physical activities for your kid
  • Comfortable wear
  • Reasonable priced
  • No GPS
  • The rubber shield for the charging port is flimsy


2. Pebble Time (Best iPhone and Android Compatible Smartwatch For Kids)

Carrying a weight of only 42 grams and immersed in a square-shaped screen, Pebble Watch for kids have a stainless-steel bezel, 4 control buttons, an interface that is easy to understand, and entertainment-cum-educational features that are ideal for your kid.

Starting with the UI, it has something called a timeline UI where each app is arranged one above the other. Touch sensitivity is absent so you have to control the navigation through 4 control buttons: 3 on the right side and one back button on the left.

As for the features, your kid can send and reply to text messages via preset texts or voice control. It is compatible with all AT&T iOS and Android Phones and supports Google features like Gmail, Facebook, and Messenger. There are a set of games that he/she can enjoy including chess, snake, Flappy Bird, and tens of others.

Of course, you can download plenty of others by syncing the watch with its companion app, through Bluetooth on the smartphone. On the app, you can choose various watch faces and ask your children which one they like. There are theme-based watch faces too whereby the character on the display changes with each progressive minute. Other apps like MisFit, ESPN, and Jawbone can also be downloaded.

Pebble Health is an activity-based app that will prompt your kid to go through physical activities like running, jumping, cycling, squats, and push-ups. There is an option of notifications from a specific forum like a Tech website or news channel which can be displayed on the screen and then there is a series of general operations like calculator and reminders.

Pebble Watch has a phenomenal battery life of 5 days along with the option of deactivating the functions, using it as a normal wristwatch, and having it go for additional 2 days. This is the longest battery timing of all the smartwatches for kids on this list.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t have a GPS so you can not track the location of your kid. Also, the design of the watch is not very funky and is really a smartwatch for 10-12years old.

  • Lightweight
  • Send and receive messages, emails, and notifications
  • Sync it with the companion app and download games and apps on the watch
  • Hundreds of interesting watch face to choose from
  • Battery life of 5 days
  • Ergonomic UI
  • Not touch-enabled
  • No GPS


3. Enow (Cheapest Kids Smartwatch 2022)

There is seldom anything your kid can’t do with this best but cheap smartwatch. From voice calling to taking pictures, playing games, and monitoring their real-time location, it can do everything.

Available in two colors blue and pink, it features a square-shaped display screen and a rubber strap. There is a camera, an SOS button for emergency cases and flashlight on the right side of the watch, and a set of speakers up and below the screen.

As is as a smartwatch for kids with sim, you can enjoy two way calling so interconnection with your kid would never break. It includes a voice monitoring feature that takes a number as input and whenever it is called, the watch answers it without any prior reminder.

Parents can set their numbers on this app and talk to their kids whenever they like. Up to 10 numbers can be saved on the watch. SOS dedicated button will prompt the child to dial an emergency number while he is trapped in an unfortunate accident. It is advised to install SpeedTalk Micro-SIM but that can change according to the GSM connection of your specific area.

For tracking the location of the kid, it is equipped with an LBS positioning mechanism which will enable you to view the coordinates of his location. It is not as accurate as the GPS but gets the job done, nevertheless. It’s the camera that adds enhanced utility to this watch.

Kids can enjoy themselves with their friends by taking funny pictures, adding frames to them, and sharing them with each other. There is a parental control mechanism attached to the camera by which you can control the camera through your phone’s App. Upon sensing the signal, it will sync with the phone immediately.

Other than that, you can also set prescribed times of deactivation of the watch to ensure that your children don’t use it while they are in school, or in their tutorial classes. A feature also allows the parents to set a safe limit on the smartwatch; if the kid moves away from that range, it will alert you through the App. It has to be said that amongst all the enlisted models, this watch offers the most extensive parental control options.

Moreover, it is incorporated with captivating games, a low battery theme which downgrades the brightness and operational speed of the watch, and “Looking for device” feature can help you to find the watch through App. It has to keep in mind that it isn’t waterproof and there were some complaints about the difficulty customers encountered while connecting it with their GSM connections.

  • Two-way voice calling function
  • SOS Emergency number
  • LBS tracking capability
  • Most extensive parental control options amongst all models of the list
  • Not waterproof


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4. Kurio Watch (Best Smartwatch For 8-10 Years Old Kids)

Kids at the age of 8-10 love to play with their friends, they take excitement in jumping around lawns and gardens and are thrilled to be involved in running games. This smartwatch is ideally suited for that age.

Available in two bright colors, it features a square, much larger screen with full-touch sensitivity.

But why did we say that it is suited for 8-10 year old kids?

Well, that’s because of its features. It is integrated with a 0.3MP front camera that can be used to take selfies, add filters to it and send it to friends via Bluetooth. If our kid likes to play capturing games that involve thieves and police characters, the messaging options can come into play with great effect. They can imitate the use of walkie-talkies by sending texts, doodles, and emojis to each other. This would surely make their playing time much more realistic and more fun. The same connectivity can be used to answer calls and respond to notifications.

In addition, the smartwatch is loaded with about 20 preinstalled games that can be played as single or multiplayer; yet another method of collaborating with friends. The motion sensor incorporated within the watch would prompt them to play active games like skipping or running for a specific time.

The internal memory of 256MB can further be increased by the insertion of an SD card where you can store poems or music files for your child. One of the important features is the I.C.E app which is actually an App that would be used in emergency situations where critical details of the kid will already be installed like contact numbers and medical issues if any. In case the child loses his way, the person who finds him can check his watch and call the parents.

  • Front camera for taking selfies
  • Bluetooth connectivity to send pictures, texts and making calls
  • 20 preinstalled games
  • Activity-based games as well
  • SD card can add an extra memory of 32GB
  • I.C.E emergency app
  • Touch-sensitive screen
  • No GPS
  • Not water resistant


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5. MeritSoar Touch Screen Smartwatch (For 3-12 Years Boy’s & Girls)

It’s the attractive band and the dial of the watch that first takes the attention of the viewer and then its precisely managed features that make it a potential purchase for the parents who are looking for a decent smartwatch for their kids.

Available in four different color combinations, the beauty of this smartwatch will surely catch the attention of your child. Then, there is the two-way calling function whereby both parties can contact each other either through Bluetooth or sim card calling. Text messaging and voice notes are additional modes of communication. The SOS functionality appears with an improved effect because pressing it would call 3 numbers alternatively in 2 rounds which enhances the likelihood that the emergency call is received by the saved contacts.

For children who love taking selfies and pictures, there is a camera on the right side for them. Simply turn it on and they can take pictures with their friends while playing games, watching a cartoon movie, or feeding the pets. You get a 1GB free SD card which will store all the pictures and they can be transferred to any laptop or PC.

It is integrated with a pedometer that can count the steps taken by the child and the calories burned. It is a very interactive tool as you can convince your child to run or walk a certain number of steps per day so that his good health is ensured. It comes with a GPS tracker + LBS system.

An audio player will further enhance the excitement of your kid for this watch. It has the ability to play his favorite poems, and music while the recorder can record his voice. Bluetooth connectivity enables you to connect with any external device and play the songs you or your kid desires. In addition to it, you get the advantage of a flashlight and multiple themes to choose from for the display. All in all, it has many things to make it the choice you desire.

  • 2-way calling with improved SOS feature
  • Audio player and voice recorder
  • Pedometer
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Camera to take selfies
  • Very attractive
  • Waterproof
  • 1GB SD card free
  • GPS + LBS tracking
  • Text messaging and voice notes
  • Sim Connection
  • No GPS
  • Not waterproof


6. Ojoy A1 (Best Smartwatch For Kids With Sim)

If you want a smartwatch with sim, here is the model for you. We regard this as the best substitute for a mobile phone because it is furnished with many of the related features including GSM technology, 4G LTE, Wifi, and GPS tracking.

While there is plenty to talk about this feature-laden watch, let’s begin with its hardware. With a 1.4-inch display screen to view everything in a sharp, dazzling way, it has the ability to take pictures owing to its 2MP camera. Two control buttons with one assigned to the menu and the other to the back option make accessibility a simple task. Nano SIM can be inserted in the port present on the left side.

Once operational, the real magic begins. Ojoy A1 has an intuitive interface with animated screens that grasps the interest of the kid. Up to 10 family members and countless friends can be saved in the contact folder and put on the main screen so that calling them doesn’t take long.

Parental control is established by an app called ‘Buddy’ which is installed on the smartphone and monitors the real-time location of the user if the GPS is on. An intelligent feature of this app is it asks the mobile user to enter a pin before use so that if the phone gets stolen, the thief won’t be able to see the location of your kid.

The ‘MagicSchool’ app is an interactive platform for the skill building of your kid where he can upstream his basic cognitive aptitude apart from preinstalled games on the watch.

Additionally, your kid can share videos and photos with their loved ones, set alarms for breakfast or school, indulge in daily fitness routines, and chat with you while he is away.

The text messaging platform enables you to send written texts, voice mails, and emojis hence there is every expression you want. We read the reviews and went through technical accounts of this watch only deducing that connectivity with 3G or 4G is not an issue for this smartwatch.

Built with durable materials to counter falls, impact, and scratches, the only con is its battery timing. You have to charge it almost daily but is a good thing in a way that your kid would learn to be responsible for the battery of his watch which is a pretty significant trait to develop within themselves.

  • Smartwatch with sim
  • GPS tracking, 4G connectivity, and Wifi
  • Front camera to take photos and make videos
  • Magic school app for building skills of your kid
  • Durable
  • Expensive
  • Battery life of one day


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7. YENISEY (Best Smartwatch For Kids To Call Parents)

Available in multiple vibrant colors and a large 1.54-inch screen, this is a decent watch for kids to call parents. Obviously, you have the option to use it as an entertainment watch as well without the sim card. The reader is informed that it lacks any sort of a GPS tracker so you can not track the location of your child.

It has a two-way calling mechanism so your kid can call you if he is in a problem or want your advice and can also receive your call if you want him to return home from the ground early someday. Only 2G or Speedtalk SIM cards will work in this watch so it is advisable that you first investigate the GSM compatibility of your area.

For the fun part, it has about 7 pre-installed puzzle games that your kid can play and enjoy. These animated games will shape their cognitive abilities and develop a constructively competitive mindset. A 1 GB SD card enables the kid to store his favorite jingles and listen to them while playing or studying. Within the phone settings, you need to download the music files in ‘My Music’ folder otherwise they won’t be visible on the watch.

In addition, the user can set alarms and employ the voice recorder. There is even a 0.2 MP camera so kids can take selfies and add filters to them. It’s a fun activity for children to view each other’s funny pictures while sitting together. There are many watch watches, both analog and digital, which can be set and shown to friends in school and playground. As a whole, it is a simple smartwatch for kids with games and a sim. The biggest cons of the product are the non-availability of a GPS tracker and fitness tracking feature. Had they been included; it would have received even more recognition.

  • Two-way calling option
  • 1.54-inch screen
  • 7 pre-installed games
  • 1 GB SD Card to store music files and photos
  • 0.2 MP Camera
  • No GPS
  • No fitness tracking


8. TickTalk 3 (Best Video Calling Kids Smartwatch)

Purposefully lined with superior features, TickTalk 3 was manufactured with the aim to be a wholesome package for both kids and parents. With nylon wrist bands that are switchable, your kid can wear this comfortable watch in the color de desires.

Most significantly, integrated within this smartwatch, is a 2-way video calling function that lets you talk with your kid. Parents would have an App on their phones and the kids will simply use their screen to respond to them. Whether he is away for holidays or at his school, you can remain updated and discuss if he has some issues. Kids can also call their parents but only if their parents have unlocked the Dialpad on the watch through the App hence it also promotes parental control.

The watch is not affiliated with any wireless carrier so you either have to choose the Red Pocket carrier which is compatible with AT&T & T-Mobile network or get your own carrier if you are registered as an AT&T user. It also supports messaging options, both text and verbal. There is also a list of preset texts like “I’ll call you later” and “I am in office” which both parties (kid and parent) can use. Pressing the SOS button will instantly send a notification to parents with their kid’s real-time location in case of an emergency.

Talking about the other features, you can set alarms and reminders, switch between wallpapers, see weather forecasts and use the calculator. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have any games which is a bummer. To locate the position of your kid, it has a much faster 4G-powered locater which will provide an accurate, 100m-error location on your phone. This smartwatch is more of an interconnector between parents and children. It’s IP67 waterproof smartwatch for kids but they must not wear it when in the swimming pool.

  • 2-way video calling feature
  • Parental control over the smartwatch
  • SOS button
  • IP67 waterproof
  • Messaging through texts, emojis or voice control
  • Much-faster 4G locator
  • No games so it won’t fulfill the entertainment aspect


9. YENISEY Kids Smart Watch (Best All Round Kids Phone Smart Watch)

Serving as a complete substitute for the mobile phone, this watch contains everything from 2-way calling to fitness tracking and a camera. Available for $50, this might just be the smartwatch for you.

Primarily, it is enabled with two-way calling whereby kids can make and answer calls from 10 saved numbers. They can also communicate via short voice messages which are not only an effective but fun mode of communication as well. In an emergency, kids can press the SOS button on the side of the watch for 3 seconds which will call three numbers sequentially in two rounds which increases the probability of emergency numbers being ringed.

Then, there is the GPS+LBS tracking which, more accurately locates a kid’s location. It gives results with an error of only 100m while the error count with the LBS system is around 0.5 miles. The kid’s location is viewable to parents on the app.

A smartwatch for kids is not convenient unless it is laden with gaming features and JS-S11 has been designed keeping this in mind. The screen is touch-sensitive so puzzles, numbers, and animation games can be easily played by your little ones which enhances their cognitive development and rational thinking. The onboard camera can be used to capture fun moments and take pictures while children play together. In addition to it, standard features like a to-do-list, calendars, and stopwatches are included within.

Fitness tracking, though not very extensive further increases the utility of this smartwatch. It includes a pedometer and sleep monitor whereby you may check your kid’s steps and time of sleep. An intelligent feature integrated into the gadget is the Do-not-disturb function which allows the parents to lock all capabilities of the watch during the kid’s study time. Only the SOS function gets unlocked.

Sim has to be purchased separately for JS-S11 it takes 2 hours for the watch to get fully charged.

  • 2-way calling
  • GPS+LBS tracking system
  • Touch sensitive display
  • On-board camera to take pictures
  • Fitness tracking
  • Do-not-disturb mode locks all the features during study time of the kids
  • A smaller screen than some would have liked


10. SZBXD Smartwatch (Best Budget Kids Phone Watch)

Looking for a precise kid’s smartwatch with a GPS tracker? Perhaps you would want to have a look at this model. Equipped with a double-tacking mechanism constituting LBS and GPS, this watch will always keep you updated about the location of your little ones.

SZBXD Smartwatch supports both LBS and GPS signals. It will track the location using GPS by default but when the quality of signals is weak in an area, it would quickly switch to LBS positioning. Of course, this system isn’t that accurate and will incur an error of 200-300m but it’s better to have an approximation rather than nothing.

It has to be noted that it only supports T-Mobile and SpeedTalk SIM cards so you have to choose one of the monthly subscriptions. Once you have activated the watch, you can call your kids from the phone or chat with them through text messages.

The kid would love the flashlight in the watch which they can excitedly utilize when playing different games inside or outside the house. To engage them educationally, there are mathematical games that help them build their skills. There will only be 1-2 preinstalled games on the watch but you can download more through the App.

In addition, the front camera can take pictures which they can exhibit to their friends. There is an alarm clock for important occasions and the SOS number which will alert you immediately if the kid is in a problem. It has a battery life of 24-30 hours so definitely has to be changed every alternate day if used normally.

  • LBS+GPS tracking capability
  • 2-way calling function
  • Presence of flashlight
  • Mathematical games and more can be installed
  • Front camera
  • No health tracking
  • Some customers complained about the non-reliability of the watch


11. Guanlv Smart Wrist Watch

Available in two colors of blue and yellow, this 1.54-inch display smartwatch is an attractive gadget for your kids to have.   Alongside the alluring representation and gaming features of this watch, it provides smartphone functions like call and camera.

The 1.54-inch color display supports touch sensitivity which is quite engaging for little kids. They can play number games on it, use the calculator, and switch to different music files stored in the 32MB memory. Owing to its 0.3 Megapixel camera, kids can capture their playtimes with it.

It only supports 2G connectivity and phone calls can be made by using this GSM technology. Parents can save a limited number of contacts on the phone which can be accessed by their kids. He may talk to you through the integrated microphone although we are not sure if it supports video calling.

In addition, it offers functions like recording which parents can use to engage their children in interactive learning; you can record a useful lesson for your or a poem and have him memorize it in a day or two. Then, there are 7 onboard games like Pinball, Shoot Master, Basketball, and Bee War. It enhances their sensitivity controls and general thinking processes. An alarm clock and reminder can make them remember important tasks like study time or feeding the pet.

It is constructed with a soft material that is not harmful to the skin, it can be bent and twisted because many kids like to play with their watch’s band. It offers a battery timing of about 20 hours and is charged using a standard 2.0 USB cable. Unfortunately, it is not integrated with tracking capabilities which may be a deal-breaker for many customers. But, one can take nothing away from the other features it offers. It can be a perfect partner for your kid.

  • 1.54-inch bright display
  • 0.3 Megapixel camera
  • Call function (2G support)
  • 7 onboard games
  • 20 hours of battery timing
  • Constructed from soft material
  • Lightweight
  • No GPS or tracking capability


12. PHRtoy Smart Game Watch For Kids

This is yet another smartwatch that lacks tracking capabilities but is accessorized otherwise. The company claims to have preserved the call quality and personal data by not integrating the GPS within this watch.

Starting with the two-way calling function, it is a good substitute for a smartwatch. It only supports micro SIM card which has to be purchased separately and works on the 2G cellular network. Your kids can call 10 saved contacts n the phone and talk to them in exactly the same way they do on a mobile. The SOS emergency feature is activated by pressing the home button twice. This would call 911 or a dedicated number you saved parallel to the SOS option.

A front 0.3MP camera takes pictures of your kid’s favorite pass times. It could be playing in the garden or flying high on wings in an Adventureland. These can be shown to friends, charmed with funny filters, and get involved in a laughter-lighten conversation. You would also get a Micro SD card which has a memory of 16GB within which you can store countless files.

7 pre-installed games on the watch ensure that your kid never gets bored with this watch. It includes racing, scrolling, and movement games which sharpens his sensory mental development. It can be played easily on the 1.54-inch touch-sensitive screen.

In addition, it contains an audio player that can record your poems, funny conversations, and much more and a to-do list that makes him/her memorize important tasks of the day.

Weighing only 38g and a battery timing of a day, it supports 8 different languages. Another good thing about this phone watch is its flexible build. Kids love moving around, climbing, and crawling and a watch constructed with brittle material is very likely to be broken but not this one. It has a nice, soft band and a spongy perimeter around the display screen as well.

  • Two-way calling function
  • Memory to save 10 contacts
  • 7 onboard games
  • 0.3 MP camera with a 16BG SD Card
  • 1.54-inch touch sensitive screen
  • Lightweight and good battery timing
  • Flexible built
  • Only supported by 2G networks
  • No GPS


13. CMKJ Kids Smartwatch

Light on the pocket, attractive on the wrist, and extensive in functionality, this smartwatch is a convenient option for your kid.

Supported by 2G cellular connectivity, it features the two-way calling function which is the basic characteristic a phone watch must possess. Just like on a smartphone, kids can navigate to the ‘contacts’ menu and call their parents. SOS call feature is also available for emergency cases. Quality of communication is high and you need to purchase a Micro SIM card separately for this watch.

A front camera that is rated at0.3 Megapixel can take photos in one touch. Although you would get a 128M SD card with the package they can also be easily transferred to an external drive or laptop via USB data cable. The watch gives you the chance to capture the lovable moments of your kid’s childhood and then cherish those memories afterward. Also, the interactive abilities of a kid are enhanced when he shares those pictures with his friends and discusses the situations that were taken in. They can even save them in dedicated albums titled according to the events.

As for the on-board games, there are seven of them which include ‘Basketball Shoot master’, ‘2048’ and ‘Ultimate racing’. Have them play these on the 1.54-inch touch-sensitive display screen during dedicated times so/her study time doesn’t get hampered. The screen is rated at a resolution of 240*240 pixels which is quite acceptable.

In addition to it, you get a music player where external files can be downloaded and listened to in fun moments or as a learning measure. MP3 files of poems and stories can be transferred to the watch and your kids can listen to them while going to bed as a lullaby.

The in-built voice recorder can be used to record the poems your kid recites and observed if he has memorized them accurately or not; an exciting way of learning, no? They can undergo their daily tasks by viewing the reminders/alarm and get their mathematics on high charts owing to the calculator.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t have a GPS so you cannot track their real-time location but other than that, it is a fairly nice watch for your kid.

  • 2-way calling function
  • Front 0.3 MP camera with SD card
  • 7 on-board games
  • Voice recorder and audio player
  • High number of reviews on Amazon
  • Alarm and calculator
  • No GPS


14. GreaSmart (Cell Phone Watch)

Wholesomeness seems to be injected into this product from all aspects. Be it the ease of use, affordability or availability of features, it seems to have been incorporated with all.

Available in 3 different colors, this lightweight smartwatch will prove to be a helpful partner for your kid. This is one of those watches which come with a free SIM card.

Having a SIM card included in the package not only saves you money but eliminates the probability of buying an incompatible SIM. It is easy to set up and supports worldwide networks. I

t is fully furnished with a two-way calling feature so parents are all well aware of the situation of their children. You can add SOS numbers for emergency and contact your kids via voice messages as well, for example if you have to say “I am okay”, type it and send it and it will be received on your Mum’s phone as a voice note.

GPS monitoring is the other main feature that parents look at a kid’s phone watch. It is laden with a double positioning system that works on GPS and LBS technologies. While GPS is accurate for outdoor location tracking, LBS gives an error-free indoor location for your kid.

Whether your child is out playing with his friends or going to a nearby grocery store to get some eggs, you would know exactly where he/she is. There’s more: you can set a security area on the app and when the kid gets out of that area, you will receive an alarm on your phone.

That’s not it!

It contains an in-built camera that can take photos of their precious moments. They can easily transfer the photos to external devices and view them when families and friends get together.

The IP68 water resistance rating allows the watch’s use in rain as well. There is even a flashlight that can be employed by kids in spy games or finding their belongings in dark.

In addition, it is equipped with math games, reminders and a do not disturb mode. This mode, though, is helpful for the parents as they can turn off the functionality of the smartwatch during their kid’s study time; only the SOS feature will be active.

  • 2-way calling
  • Fee SIM card included
  • GPS+ LBS tracking
  • Security alarm
  • Built-in camera
  • Waterproof
  • Flashlight
  • Do not disturb mode
  • Available in 3 colors
  • The band is a bit thin


Editor’s Verdict On Best Kids SmartWatches

Among the 14 models that we have included in this list, each carries its own benefits and specific features. Some are integrated with precise GPS monitoring or phone call facility while others are more entertainment-friendly.

We have already specified the watches which we think are suitable for ages between 3 to 12 years.

If you are very particular about your kid and want to have a sharp eye on him, we recommend Enow Smartwatch for you whereas the Pebble Time watch is advised if you are looking for a long-battery option.

If we talk specifically about phone watches then GreaSmart and Tick Talk 3 are the winner models. The first one contains a double position tracking system along with the option of 3 colors and the security alarm specifically won our hearts while the latter supports a 4G-enabled tracker which is 50% faster than its competitors alongside the basic functionality you want in a smartwatch. Its battery life is the only factor defying its potentially high chances of being purchased.

However, as concluding remarks, we would have to say that vTechKidizoom DX2 and TickTalk 3 are our overall winners as they offer a complete list of features required by both parents and the kids.

Other watches have their own benefits: some are very attractive and have a large number of in-built games while others are manufactured out of very soft material and have a bright display.

Whichever watch you choose, be sure that you read our buying guide before; this would make the job easier for you for selecting the best kids smartwatch.

Make your decision according to your needs and your kid’s choice.


Kids Smartwatch Brands

  1. Vtech

It is a Hong-Kong based company that is one of the biggest manufacturers of learning products for kids. They have been working since their inauguration, with the aim to develop products lined with innovation, educational development, and high quality. The company has received many awards for its sensational efforts in the field and is credited with the introduction of 100 new products every year. This also includes smartwatches for kids. Vtech’s products are available in 25 different languages.

  1. TicTalk

The company was founded in 2014 in California and works with the objective of providing reliable and secure methods for parents to know how their kids are doing at any time throughout the day. Engineers from prestigious companies like SAMSUNG and Apple work on this platform to engineer competitive, up-to-date, and comfortable wearables.

  1. Ojoy

This Chennai-based electronic company is funded by NWSD and focuses on the integration of IoT, Smartphone development, and Affordable connectivity to prepare long-lasting solutions. Their smartwatch, which is featured in this list is durable, feature-equipped, and designed according to their potential customers.


Benefits Of Giving A Smart Watch To Kids

Smartwatches are becoming increasingly popular among kids of all ages. They look cool, they’re fun to use and they offer a variety of benefits for both parents and their children. We now know that smart devices can be used to provide mental stimulation in addition to physical fitness tracking–kids smartwatch is no exception!

Here are some key reasons why a smartwatch for kids is a good idea:

A smartwatch for kids is a gift that any parent would love to receive, especially one who wants to keep in touch with their child during their daily activities. This makes it easier for parents to monitor the time spent on different devices which may help reduce screen addiction and promote physical activity.

Smartwatches for kids are also a smart purchase because they can be used to teach children about time management and responsibility. The smartwatch can be pre-set with different reminder notifications that the child needs to complete, such as taking out the trash or doing homework before dinner.

There are some great affordable smartwatches for kids that will allow your child to be connected to their friends and family while also keeping them safe with SOS alerts and location tracking.

It can increase their attention span. With smartwatches, children are more engaged in learning activities and they have improved concentration on schoolwork.

They’re great at improving mental stimulation! A smartwatch offers new games that encourage creativity as well as problem solving skills–it’s never too early to start smartening up!

It’s a great motivation tool. When the smartwatch shows progress towards goals, kids are more motivated and interested in working hard.

One of the biggest benefits is having peace of mind knowing where your child is at all times. They can be used as a GPS for when they’re on their own outside of home or school. The smartwatch can make sure that your child is always safe while they’re on their own. Parents can also monitor where it says that some smartwatches have GPS capabilities, meaning you’ll be able to keep track of your kids’ location at all times.

It can provide reminders for when to take medication and/or do physical therapy exercises, so parents don’t have to remind them constantly.

They are also great at monitoring health. The smartwatch will track the child’s heart rate and blood pressure (if a smartwatch with these features is used).

Kids smartwatches can also be used as a personal alarm–it’s loud enough to alert adults if they are in danger.

Different smartwatch models come with different apps. This means that the smartwatch will have more than just fitness and health monitoring functions, providing your child with even more ways to learn (for example, smartwatches with the ABC Mouse app will teach your child reading and math skills).

If your child is feeling stressed or anxious at school, they might not be able to articulate what they’re feeling. A smartwatch with a heart rate sensor can be used in these instances since it’ll provide you with information about their emotional state and stress levels without them having to say anything.

Some smartwatches allow your child to interact with their favorite characters and play games on them.

A smartwatch also offers a unique opportunity for kids to be more independent. Most smartwatches are designed with children in mind and have parental controls that allow parents to set limits on time, apps, notifications and so much more.

Another big pro about smartwatches for kids is that they can be used to teach children about money. Some smartwatches have the capability of holding an allowance or even paying a child’s way in public places like amusement parks and movie theaters, meaning your millennial kid will never forget their wallet again.

Hence, the benefits of giving smartwatches to kids are endless: from teaching children about money to developing smart habits and independence, smartwatches can be a great addition to any household.



1. What is the normal battery timing of a kid’s smartwatch?

Generally, the battery timing amount to 1-2 days on normal use. As a matter of fact, the more extensively a smartwatch is used, the faster will its battery runs out of charge. If your kid is constantly playing games on the watch, taking pictures, and recording his voice, it is destined to go dead even before a day. One educational aspect which you can teach to kids, owing to the charging capability, is to plug it in every night so they can learn to be responsible.

2. How to set up Wifi on the kid’s smartwatch?

There are no specific series of steps for doing so because every smartwatch has a unique User Interface. Generally, you tap on the “Settings” and go inside “Connectivity”. There will be a “Wifi” option there, tap on it and enter the identified network password after which your Wifi will be connected to the watch.

3. Are there any hidden costs of kids’ smartwatches?

The most prominent share of hidden costs will be that of the monthly bills for smartwatches that have sims in them. Kids’ smartwatch with a phone has a bill of calls and text messages that would be added to the phone bill for the parents. If data is operational on your kid’s smartwatch, it will yield even more rates. The other portion is that of replacement parts which include a screen, strap, or battery. Make sure that you purchase the model which have frequently available parts.

4. Will Wifi work without a SIM Card on a kid’s smartwatch?

No, Wifi connectivity is only supported in phones that have a SIM Card inserted in them. You can, however, use the smartwatch in its entertainment aspect without a SIM Card.

5. What to do if the watch falls in the water and doesn’t turn on?

If it is daytime, you are in luck. Quickly, turn the smartwatch backward after taking it out of the water, and place it where there is a lot of sunlight. Wait for about 2-3 hours before looking if the water in the screen has dried up and try turning it on. If that doesn’t work, put it in a container full of rice. Rice has the capability to absorb moisture and may work for you.

6. Do 2G/3G/4G kids smartwatches work everywhere?

There are specific ranges of bandwidth within which a specific SIM card would function. It is usually specified on the package or product details and must be looked into before purchasing that watch. These are the general ranges.

2G GSM: 850 MHz, 900 MHz, 1800MHz, 1900 MHz
3G UMTS: Band 1/2/4/5/8
4G LTE: Band 1/2/3/4/5/7

You can always contact the customer care office of the specific company to get details about the working frequencies.

7. How to insert and connect the SIM with the network?

The insertion method is different for every model and is scripted in the instruction manual. Generally, it involves removing the back cover or a side opening and inserting it in. As for working, each watch supports only a specific type of network and SIM size. For example, if the watch supports a 2G network and a Micro-SIM, make sure that you purchase so otherwise there will be connection errors.

8. How does voice messaging work?

You will go in the Messaging menu and click on voice message where you will be prompted to record a message. Once done, the watch will inquire about the contact you want to send it to. Select the contact and click ‘send’.

9. What to do if the watch suddenly stops working after getting wet?

In the aforementioned case, quickly remove the watch from the water source and put it in sunlight facing backward. If there is no sunlight available, get some sand in a container and bury the watch in it after drying it properly. After every hour, check if the watch starts working. In case the issue remains, call the associated customer service center.

10. How to increase the battery life of the smartwatch?

We recommend never charging the smartwatch to 100%. Rather, unplug it after it reaches 90% charging. This generally helps keep the battery timing to an optimum level for a longer time.

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