9 Best Cheap Projectors Under $100 Reviews 2022

While home entertainment has become more likely and favorable than outdoor entertainment, it does bring in requirements of effort on part of the house members.

The families who tend to arrange movie nights, game nights or high-intensity football matches; screening at their homes need to be equipped with the right tools to mimic the ambiance of ticketed theatres and gaming arenas.

Projectors have played a large part in providing an HD experience for such activities along with being cost-effective. They can provide enhanced functionality and exquisite viewing experience without being exceedingly costly like plasma screens and LED televisions.

With the modernization in this field, many brilliant choices have become available to the consumers and potential buyers must, therefore, be fully educated about which ones are perfect for them in under $100.

Considerations Regarding Best Projectors Under 100 Dollars

Before you go out to a store to purchase the best budget projector or visit an e-commerce website, there are some things that you should be decisive about: what is the purpose of the projector namely watching movies, matches or in offices for viewing presentations,

How bright is the room where the projector has to be placed because this would decide the required level of brightness, where would you place the projector because many do not come with ceiling or wall connectors and are manufactured to be placed on foundations?

One important point to stick to the mind is that we are talking about under $100 projector which is a very low budget product. So hopes must not fly too high and expectations not too many. We will be comparing the models with reference to the capabilities that should be anticipated from models at such price.


Best Cheap Projectors Under $100

This article is crafted after carefully analyzing the top priorities that need to be considered on part of the projector’s purchase and going through a long list of reviews. The enlisted 9 models might not adhere to the liking of all the communities but within a price barrier of $100, these ones are certainly there to consider.

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Now read the detailed reviews of each product mentioned above in the table and find out the best cheap projector under $100 as per your needs and requirements.

1. Vankyo Leisure 3 [Best Mini Projector For Classroom 2021]

The white projector with the lens on one side and heat output fins on the other resembles an old fashioned projector but is equipped with enhanced features.

Powered by MStar Advanced Color Engine, this is capable of supporting a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels although its native resolution is 800×400 pixels.

Don’t be alarmed by the low native resolution because the engineered hardware has spiced this seemingly low resolution with such good skills that it outputs a performance far superior to what it is labeled with.

The brightness is 1800 lumens which are not very bright so we recommend the usage in a dark room. If you use it in a bright room, the image will not be that evident. The contrast ratio is 2000:1 which is outstanding for under $100 projector.

All of this enables a vibrant display packed with full colors without dark spots or grey lines appearing on the screen primarily because of the good contrast ratio.

The screen size is adjustable from 32’’ to 170’’ which can be achieved through a throw distance of 5 ft- 16 ft. We would recommend to stay back on the extended range and use the projector in the range of 100-120’’ at a distance of 6-7 ft because that is ideal. Beyond this, the image quality starts to crumble and the blurring effect sweeps in.

The control placement is appreciable. There is a remote through which you can control the settings by sitting cozily on your chair or sofa. In case, it goes missing, there are manual control buttons on the projector as well which allows full control on the settings.

There are dials for focus and keystone through which you can manage the tilt and focus of the screen according to your ideal viewing angle.

It would be an injustice to not talk about the impressive fan noise suppression system integrated into the cooling system. The fan gives very low noise due to the technology and one can enjoy the movie in a quiet environment.

Considering the attention to detail Vankyo has given to such an inexpensive projector certainly earns them huge respect.

The inbuilt speakers cannot be of supreme quality because we are talking about a $100 projector. They are not shabby either but for a great viewing experience especially if there are many people watching, you should certainly consider arranging for an external sound system.

The connection ease and compatibility are both great. It features an HDMI, VGA and USB ports so you can connect any device with it including laptops, PC, PS4, Xbox but for connection with an iPhone, you require extra lightning to HDMI adapter and a micro USB Type C to HDMI connector for IOS applications.

The system supports simple plug and plays scheme and the projector is intelligent enough to detect the connected device.

And all of this comes in a carrying bag that makes it highly portable. It weighs only 2.2 lbs and can be inserted in the shielded bag with space for all the connecting wires and the remote.

  • Great resolution with vibrant colors
  • Very cheap
  • Fan noise suppression cooling system
  • Impressive compatibility and connection ease
  • Portable and lightweight with a carrying bag
  • Good contrast ratio of 2000:1
  • Dual control options.
  • Lamp life of 40,000 hours
  • Audio quality is not very good
  • After 120’’ screen size, the image starts getting blurry.
  • Image quality is not very bright to be used in a bright room.
  • Remote doesn’t work (some complaints).



2. BlueSmart LED-9400 [Best Home Theater Projector]

Your dream of a home theatre can now be fulfilled with this inexpensive yet feature-laden projector which is a product of BlueSmart. Offering around the same capabilities as the first model but with some downsides, this is available at an even lower price.

Manufactured to provide a brightness of 2000 lumens, this is effectively capable in dark rooms and moderately suitable for use in lit rooms. The best image quality is received in completely dark rooms but the extra 200 lumens than the Vankyo model allows it to be usable in bright rooms to some extent as well.

It can be your movie partner in outdoor lawns, TV lounge and gaming screen for the family tournament you might arrange. The contrast ratio is the same as that of Vankyo Leisure 3 so color rendering is precise and rich.

The focus and keystone adjustment can be made through the dials although it offers a limited keystone alteration of 15 degrees. This feature can become very critical when watching live matches or playing video games on PS4.

The projector supports a full HD display of 1080p with a physical resolution of 800×480 pixels. The image quality is a tinge lower than the first model but that is only evident if you are quite a “catcher”.

The projection distance is claimed to be acceptable over a range of 28- 100” and it has been tested to be the same as claimed. The pixels won’t distort and the image won’t get blur if used within the prescribed range.

Although the description depicts advanced cooling technology set up the reality is that it gets hot after 2-3 hours of use which means no extended sessions of movie or game playing without giving it a rest.

The inbuilt speakers give a decent audio quality but again, many would choose to arrange for external speakers rather than relying on the projector for sound.

It supports all formats and is compatible with all devices although arrangements need to be made in cable connections if iPhone or Smartphone has to be connected. It contains an SD Card slot to play the files from it directly too.

The item weighs 3 pounds which is heavier than Vankyo but is still pretty transportable.

  • Brighter display
  • Correct projection distance displayed in description
  • Compatible with all devices
  • Gets hot after 2-3 hours of usage
  • Limited flexibility of keystone
  • Image quality slightly lower than Vankyo



3. DR. J Professional Projector [Portable Projector Best Buy]

A supremely portable projector embellished with the enhanced capability of Bluetooth technology makes it one of the tops picks on Amazon.

The design and color resemble the Vankyo with the lens on the right side and fins on the left. Even the placement of dials and control buttons are the same as that of Vankyo.

It claims to offer a brightness of 1800 lumens but we doubt it considering the reviews. It doesn’t mean that it is not even suitable for dark rooms but 1800 lumens suggest adequate brightness in lit rooms and that is just not the case.

We would give it a rating of around 1200-1400 lumens, weighing the customer’s comments which is seriously good for dark rooms and reasonable for dim-lit environments.

The contrast ratio, however, is 2000:1 which the same as Vankyo is with the ability to support full HD 1920x1080p resolution. The physical resolution of the projector is the same as BlueSmart-9400 but the image quality is crisp, clear and vivid.

The cutting-edge diffuse reflection technology is infused in the projector which reduces the burden on the eyes as a result of extended exposure to the screen causing eye fatigue. You can let your kids watch a full movie on it without worrying about the eye-sight.

It features a five-layer LCD Lens Display which accounts for a clearer image but there were problems faced by the user to tune the focus easily. The cooling system is up to mark with the utilization of two fans that propagate minimal noise.

The screen size is adjustable between the range 32’’-176’’ and with good image quality; you can manage to expand it to the fullest by compensating on some blur edges. It comes with lag-free Apple and Android screen synchronization so you can watch movies even if the laptop is unavailable.

The exciting feature of Bluetooth is impressive. Although the box does not contain the transmitter but you can purchase it to attach it with the projector and connect your headsets or speakers with it and enjoy a wholesome viewing experience.

  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Improved brightness and good image quality
  • Diffuse reflection technology reduced burden on eyes
  • Integrated with five Layer LCD Lens Display for clear image
  • The original brightness is lower than what is claimed.
  • Problems in tuning the focus



4. GooDee YG510 [Best Budget Outdoor Projector]

With sleekness combined with usability, this black colored model will light up your TV lounges with great movie and game watching experience.

It has a beautiful and symmetrical design with a lens in the middle and fins on the sides of it a streak of control buttons in the middle. But it is more than just being visually appealing.

The originally 1200 lumens brightness which is claimed to be 1800 lumens due to the absence of any internal mirrors in between the lens and screen allows for a great movie experience when the lights are off or dim.

It comes with a brighter display than Vankyo and BlueSmart. The contrast ratio is 1000:1 which is lower than its competitors but that is compensated with the image refinement technology by GooDee.

This little downside is only partly noticeable when watching movies that are shot in complete darkness. The edges of characters and objects seem to dissolve in the surrounding.

It can support a resolution of 1080p although its native resolution is a mere 480p. Not until you extend the screen to its maximum allowable size and sit at the far most end, will you notice the loss in resolution and image quality. The screen size is 50-130’’ and the throw distance 5-13ft but seldom will you find yourself sitting that far. We would recommend using the projector within the sweet range of 80-100 ft and a distance of 6-9ft.

The focus and keystone adjustability mimic the BlueSmart and it comes with a built-in subwoofer that provides sound from the sides of the projector. While they are claimed to submerge you in theatre-like experience, it would be a mistake to believe it.

Sound quality is superior to the three models mentioned earlier but not one which can accommodate for a great watching experience.

The setup is easy and can be easily connected with all devices. Even cheaper than Vankyo but with no webpage support, you have to completely rely on Amazon for customer support queries and return policies.

  • Visually appealing
  • Brighter image than all the earlier products
  • Good audio quality
  • Cheaper than all the earlier models
  • No webpage support
  • Brightness capability mentioned is misleading
  • Low contrast ratio of 1000:1



5. RAGU 400 [Best Lightweight Projector]

An extremely affordable projector with a brightness of 1200 lumens that is only suitable to be used in dark conditions but then, most of the models listed here are because we are talking about under $100 models.

It is a stylishly built projector which is lightweight and weighs less than 2 pounds.  The bottom contains a screw to tilt the device and even mount hole for tripods.

The lens comes with a plastic shield cover to protect it when not in use or while traveling.

If we talk about the video quality, it is the same as that of DR.J Professional with supporting a full HD resolution but a native resolution of 480p which is a standard for such cheap projectors.

The colors are not very vibrant as that of Vankyo but pretty acceptable. The description might suggest it to be suitable for even lit room but that is not true.

The contrast ratio is 1000:1 which can also be regarded to be low. The edges of objects and characters were soft on the edges and somehow out of focus although the focus dial was used with perfection. The aspect ratio is the general 16:9 which comes into greater effect when watching football games.

The screen size can be adjusted between 50-130” inches with a throw distance of 5-13 ft although the recommended distance is 8 ft.  The audio quality is certainly a plus point because it delivers a loud sound which seems to be impossible for such a small package. The sound does feel boxy when you increase the volume after 50%.

The connectivity is pretty standard with nothing special offered and it comes with a lamp life of 25000 hours which is lower than most of the models. Overall, it is a portable projector with decent image quality but if you can manage to invest $20-30 extra, there are better options for you.

  • Good audio quality
  • Very portable with a covering for lens
  • Good compatibility with devices
  • Screw to tilt the projector
  • Image quality is soft around the edges
  • Low brightness and contrast ratio than many of the other models
  • Low lamp life



6. Meyong Projector [Best Budget 4k Projector]

This one is available in colors of white and black. With a brushed metallic surface and an operative touch control panel, it nears to a more sophisticated and technically appealing projector class.

It combines a luminous efficiency of 1200 lumens and a contrast ratio of 2000:1 to provide for decent video quality. The colors are bright and rich but not up to the level of some other competitors.

Moreover, the quality steeply decreases when there is ambient light in the room.

It can support HD resolutions of 1080p and you can enjoy a nice, calm movie with your family or friends but as the input signal rises to a full HD resolution of 1920×1080 or 4K, the quality presented by the projector downsizes. Therefore, it is better to play 1080p or 720p videos to get better results.

It can support up to 23 languages which is a cool feature and has a screen range of 50-130 inches which is standard. The connectivity channels and ports are elementary as well and do not offer anything different than what a $60-80 projector does.

The durability is a issue and it looks to be the weakest model of the entire list. The inbuilt speakers provide an augmented audio quality than the GoDee YG510 and BlueSmart-940 but that doesn’t justify the extra money.

  • Can support 23 languages
  • Higher contrast ratio than many models
  • Better audio quality than many models
  • Contains operative touch control panel
  • Expensive
  • Not durable



7. Draco Light GC33 Projector [Best Night Light Projector]

Although it claims to be 3300 lumens which is untrue but still, it gives a bright video quality and is a complete package.

We would give a maximum of 2000 lumens to this projector after going through many of the reviews and customer comments but that too is impressive. It can be even used in dim-lit rooms with greater effect than any other model enlisted here.

This combines with a contrast ratio of 2000:1 to generate a very good video quality that you can enjoy while watching a vibrant movie like Alex in Adventure land or playing Fifa with your best buddy.

The generated colors are real and richer. The uniform illumination technology of this projector disallows the creation of black blurring on the edges.

The mounting screw offers dual purpose where you can attach a tripod with it or unscrew it to lift it to the desired height. The focus and keystone dials are placed right above the lens and the focus function is quite helpful as it aids to produce clear images.

The enhanced projection size of 32-236 inches is another improved feature although the image quality decreases with distance. The pixels start to appear as we go far. Also, the improved lap life of 50000 hours adds up to the high utility graph that this model promises to deliver.

The compatibility is unproblematic and mobile screen synchronization can be achieved by purchasing and connecting suitable adapters.

Overall, it is a very strong contender in the list. With minimal demerits, it may be a top option for the buyers.

  • Inexpensive
  • Uniform illumination technology gives a very good visual quality
  • Increased lamp life
  • Extended projection size range
  • Pixels start appearing when placed at a far distance
  • Not 3300 lumens



8. ELEPHAS YG400 [Best Outdoor Projector]

Another realistic version of the home theatre experience, another white model with a lens on the side and another projector with a contrast ratio of 1000:1!

The TFT LCD model features a native resolution of 800×480 pixels but with the capability to support a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels. The built-in mercury-free lamp and multi-layer LCD design provide a package of safe and focused visual experience.

General long exposure to screens causes eyesore or pain but not with this projector. The generated quality is vibrant and depicts true colors in the display. The edges of the display are sharp also.

This is pretty easy to set up with powering it and connecting it with the device: a plug and play device with no connectivity options is what makes it a likable take.

The control buttons and the focus and keystone knobs are easily accessible. The settings can be toggled via IR based remotely but it is not effective and there have been complaints regarding its poor usage.

The projector is LED based so is very energy-efficient and has a lamp life of about 30000 hours which is acceptable at such price range. It is, however, lower than Draco light and Vankyo models.

It is compatible with devices like Xbox, PS4, PC, and Android however you need special adapters for them as mentioned earlier. You can enjoy the display on the recommended screen size of 100 ft and a distance of 7.2 ft by the manufacturer.

The cooling mechanism is efficient and allows the projector to remain cool even after 5-7 hours of usage. There is a single fan in the setup but its efficacy doesn’t make the device warm. It roughly measures over 7 inches and is so light that can be taken anywhere.

  • Decent visual quality
  • Energy-efficient and safe for the eyes
  • Comprehensive cooling system
  • Lightweight and easily transportable
  • The IR remote doesn’t work



9. ERISAN C80 [Best 720p Mini Projector Under 100$]

This one is a black projector with a native resolution of 12080x720p. This seems to be the highest resolution among all the models but the video quality doesn’t correspond equally to this rating.

It doesn’t mean it is washed out or bad but it is only slightly better than the general 480p however the highlight of this projector is its enhanced resolution.

It kicks in with full effect when there is text on the screen that can be read from the distance which was not the case with the 480p projectors.

The contrast ratio of 2400:1 works well to bring about good image quality with colors that are accurate and edges that are sharp. The brightness is stated to be 2400 lumens but it doesn’t work well at all in lit rooms.

The default settings give an image with overstated colors but you can easily go through the menu settings to change the view according to your wish.

The interface is quite user-friendly and easy to navigate with no hard-to-find- settings. Cartoons, vibrant movies and games can easily be played on this projector. It defines for a perfectly arranged movie night or an on-bet Fifa tournament.

The allowable screen size range is 34-180 inches but the preferred size is 80 inches and a distance of 7.8 feet. The adjustable screw on the bottom can lift it up slightly but for a strong stabilization, we prefer to use a tripod stand.

Another strong feature of this projector is the presence of high-quality 2W subwoofer speakers that are loud enough to be used as the only audio equipment while you enjoy the movie. The sound is not boxy like RAGU 400 and doesn’t distort even on high volumes. They can’t be titled great but surely the best amongst all the models here.

The biggest downside of this model is the audible noise of the fan. Had the company looked into this matter, it would have been a sensational purchase with absolutely no disadvantages but this noise comes across as a deal breaker.

Still, if the speakers are at a volume of 30%, the noise gets overpowered but the humming will enter the ears as soon as there is a silent phase in the movie.

It weighs 2,3 lbs, is compatible with all the media devices and carries a long lamp life of 50000 hours.

  • High resolution accounts for a better image quality
  • Good audio speakers
  • Long lamp life
  • Loud fan noise
  • The resolution is not exactly



Conclusion (Editor’s Verdict On Best Cheap Projectors Under 100)

There is strong competition for the all-round projectors in this list. Many of the mentioned ones offer good image quality with decent audio and control flexibility.

We would regard Vankyo, Meyong and ERISAN C80-B to be toe-to-toe in performance. ERISAN might feel an edge due to its superior audio quality but the fan noise abruptly tunes that advantage down.

We would have included GooDee YG510 as well but the lack of the company’s online customer support made us keep our hands away from it.

Affordability might be less of a factor here because we are already talking about the cheapest pieces but if it is, you must opt for RAGYZ 400 or ELEPHAS YG400 because they come at comparatively low prices and are reliable in usage.

GooDee and Meyong are the most stylish models with their black exterior that is sleek and refined, smooth fins. If you want to use the projector for long movie nights and extended gaming sessions, you must not consider BlueSmart as it gets hot after 2-3 hours.

This concludes our verdict and from here originates your quest for the best projector. We hope that the delivered model you order comes in good shape and without any malfunction.

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