Top 10 Best Portable Monitors For Gaming and Laptops of 2022

With the boom in technology and modernization, especially electronic advancement, portability has crawled in with great consideration. Be it the smartphones, laptops, smartwatches, inverters or light solutions, manufacturers toil to create the products that are sublime in quality and usage but within small perimeters as well.

It’s always good to have an easy-to-carry solution for your everyday jobs. A portable screen is a newer addition to this portability chain.

Why Portable Monitor?

You can benefit from the portable screen in multiple ways while you work. Suppose you are working on excel spreadsheets where one is required to be opened all the time so you can gather information for it while inserting that info into the other sheet.

Now, phasing between two excel sheets would require more time and effort but with the portable screen, you can keep one for all-time depiction.

If you are a content writer and browse the internet for the needed data, it would be tiring to shift between the tabs and writing a document but with this screen, you can keep the tabs open and in front of your eyes every time. These screens, thus, help to improve work efficiency.  Another benefit they offer is their rotation.

They can be attached with the back of the laptops and while you want to discuss a presentation with your co-worker, you can easily flip it towards him and discuss it without needing to sit on the same laptop.

Portable monitors can be connected to smartphones and tabs so you can sit with your friends and share pictures with them from a distance.

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Top 10 Best Portable Monitors


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Best Portable Monitors For Laptop & Gaming Reviews

Here are some of the top portable screens with enhanced features and utility.

1. ASUS MB168B [Cheapest Portable Second Screen For Laptop]

This is a slim and attractive 1.6lb screen which has a size of 15.6’’. Covered by a metallic colored plastic and matte plastic on the sides, it presents a chic outlook. It features a single 3.0 USB port for power and data transfer.

Simply connect it with your laptop and use this second screen. The power button is an additional power tool. The screen offers a resolution of 1366×768 which is near to full HD.

The viewing angles are perfect and yield no in compliance when viewed from different directions.

There seem to be no emitted reflections or glares even when it is tilted. The screen can be positioned according to the requirement with the adjustable stand it comes with. The flap can be folded to position the screen in almost 90oand 65o angles but the 65o position is preferred. It might feel a flimsy mounting scheme but is not. The leaning strength of the stand is brilliant and it can be folded over the screen as well to provide for a protective layering. The black, refined material of the stand complements the classy nature of the screen.

Adjustability technology is fed into the screen whereby it can alter between landscape and portrait modes automatically and the brightness of the screen can change according to the lighting conditions. No matter how diverse your surroundings are, the supreme display and brightness settings will respond in the best way along with being safe and energy-efficient as well.

The useful ASUS EzLink technology allows the offloading of PC’s graphics processing on the screen which means that you can connect almost five screens with the laptop without compensating on the graphics of the master machine. This could become increasingly handy in conference situations where a single Projector screen is not utterly visible to the person sitting on the end. All of the members can now have their own screens in front of them, thanks to ASUS MSB168B.

The demerits, however, include the availability of only one USB Port with a short cable so either you have to sit close to the other person or invest to purchase a longer cable. Also, this screen is not compatible with the MacBook.

  • Single port for data transfer and powero
  • Lightweight and stylisho
  • Adjustable screen mode and brightnesso
  • Helpful EzLink technologyo
  • Brilliant display with accurate viewing angles
  • Short USB Cable
  • Not compatible with MacBook



2. Elecrow LED Monitor [Best Portable Monitor For Laptop]

This 11.6’’ screen may be a little weird in color with a strong yellow tone that is noticeable from even a great distance but is assured to fulfill your needs. Providing increased connectivity and a high resolution, this comes with a metal rack to hold it in position.

The adjustable knob of the rack permits the placement of the screen according to your desired vision angle. The design is pretty standard with aluminum covering and smooth cornering.

It sure has a smaller screen size that the ASUS MSB168B but offers a full HD resolution of 1920×1080 pixels. It contains an HDMI, VGA, Audio and a DC power port. There is no USB Port which might be a surprise but the connection can be made with the HDMI. Through it, you can transfer all your audio and video files along with the PowerPoint presentations. The video signals are transmitted by the provided VGA port and are compatible with PS3, Xbox, and Rasberry Pie.

You can run your Rasberry Pie projects and codes on the screen with precision.  If you want hand free support, you can connect it with the audio jack. The settings and control buttons are on the backside of the screen which is a drawback as you find it difficult to locate the buttons each time an alteration is needed. They must have been in front were visible and we fail to understand any logical reason for this placement. The backside contains speakers as well that delivers office-level audio.

It weighs less than 1.4 lbs and available at reasonable price. Among the list of demerits, fragile construction of the screen without any protection comes at the top. There is absolutely no saving scheme installed on the screen and a minute incident like a falling pen can render the screen useless.

  • Cheaper and lighter
  • Enhanced connectivity with the presence of HDMI & VGA
  • Connection with Rasberry Pie circuitry
  • HD display
  • Control keys on the back side which is difficult to access.
  • Fragile screen



3. ASUS ZenScreen 16ac [Best Portable Gaming Monitor]

Another product of ASUS which suggest the caliber of the company and the effort they invest in the manufacture of the products. This is a significantly delicate and slim piece that can fit in any traveling bag and emerges with a ZenScreen Pen.

The pen is used to operate the screen and brings about a royal effect. Now, you can touch the screen and perform functions even with grease on your hands. How very convenient!

This is a big screen of 15.6’’ with a single USB port that accounts for power and data transfer. It comes with a hybrid-signal solution for the C-type connector to support A-type USB connectors as well. This means it can be connected to almost any laptop and defies the requirement of additional cables for different machines.

The DisplayWidget software allows the screen to automatically sense the orientation and change the preview to landscape or portrait. The landscape mode can be particularly helpful in viewing excel sheets and presentations while the portrait mode to see the normal documents.

The display characteristics are solid and worthy of appreciation. The perfect duo of IPS and flicker-free technology aids to present an HD vision that is safe for the eyes. The provision of wide viewing angles due to the IPS makes sure that colors are crisp and accurate even when the screen display is extended. It weighs only 1.7lbs and is fully compatible with all ASUS Notebooks.

The mounting pad resembles the ASUS MB168B so you have to learn how to use it first because it is a bit unique in functionality. Overall, it is a masterpiece and deserves to cost a bit high than some of its competitors.

  • Beautiful and lightweight
  • ZenScreen Pen is a stylish tool
  • Hybrid-signal solution for increased connectivity
  • Pure, accurate and safe visual display due to the flicker-free and IPS technology
  • Single Port for power and data transfer
  • Mounting pad needs a bit of learning before usage
  • Expensive



4. ViewSonic TD2230 [Best Portable Monitor Under 200]

Although portability generally means easy-to-carry which leads to us thinking that the package must be small but some users won’t mind a bigger screen that can offer cool features. This model is certainly that kind of product.

It is a 22” screen with a 1080p display resolution that doesn’t fail to impress. Integrated with a SuperClear IPS technology, it provides consistent colors and brightness levels form any direction you look at it.

The design is one to die for. A frameless solution that bids farewell to the clumsy, thick plastic frames on the perimeter of the screens. It has an edge-to-edge design that is slick and strong at the same time. A solid one-piece panel crafted with extreme care and aesthetics and painted with the jet black color that augments the chic further.

The screen is capacitive touch-sensitive and the keyboard emerges on the screen and can detect about 10 simultaneous touches which allow the freedom of accurate yet speedy typing experience.

The tilt range is only 50 degrees which is less than many of the competitors and this lack of flexibility marks the only prominent disadvantage of the said model. It has lower power consumption than most of the displays which are a feature, generally neglected by companies but play a huge role in the performance of the machine with which it is connected. The lower the power is channelized from the operating machine, the less pressure there will be on it. It even has an eco mode which lowers the brightness and color accuracy and operates the screen at only 19 watts.

The port assembly is extensive with 3 USB ports, Display port, HDMI and VGA. The good thing is that they have removable coverings which give the screen a clean and sleek look. The ports are situated on the sides so when the wires are connected, they are prominent on the sides and that’s not very attractive but this placement allows the ports to be easily accessible. It offers a minor input lag which is critical for a gaming experience.

The strength of the screen is provided by the use of protective glass faceplate which makes it prone to scratches and impacts of small magnitude. The company realizes the wide use of portable screens in all sorts of environments and has given durability a consideration.

  • Large screen
  • Extensive port assembly
  • Low power consumption with an eco mode as well
  • Frameless design
  • Minor input lag
  • Lack of flexibility with a tilt angle of only 50 degrees



5. JOHNWILL IPS LCD Screen [Full Hd Portable Monitor]

This is an affordable option largely because it comes from a company that has not yet registered a head-to-head competition with some of the big fish in the market.

It is assembled in a rectangular shaped, aluminum alloy body which is characterized with a width of only 1.25 cm and right-angled edges that makes it look less sleek but stronger.

The 13-inch screen manages to provide a full HD resolution of 1920×1080 pixels with IPS panel technology which means accurate and sharp image quality from every direction. It also presents good and equal viewing angles from all sides.

The menu and control buttons are on the backside, similar to Elecrow Screen which makes it difficult to access but the comparatively good thing is their placement is on the top of the screen so hands can reach easily there because there is not stand to hinder you.

It gives dual power options to the user with one 5V USB channel and one 12 V port. There are two HDMI ports for enhanced connectivity as well and one headphone jack. The 1.5W speakers are situated on the back side of the screen. One precaution is to never use both power ports at the same time otherwise there are chances of damage.

The screen is compatible with the majority of the operating systems including Mac, PS4, Xbox, notebooks, CCTV cameras, and industrial equipment. There is no hassle to attach any separate connecting device to ensure the connection between these systems; an extensively user-friendly model with versatility and it all comes under a weight of 1.8 lbs. It is a pretty decent purchase for someone who is not a fanatic of brand name and rather looks for the utility and affordability.

  • Cheaper than many
  • HD resolution
  • Dual power options and HDMI ports
  • Compatible with almost all operating systems
  • Control buttons on the backside
  • The design is slim but not stylish



6. GAEMS M155 [Best 17-inch Portable Monitor]

Characterized as a gaming screen but convincingly useful for all purposes, this model is an expensive take but one to consider. Manufactured with the intention to facilitate the gamers, this offers a lag-free experience for all consoles connected via HDMI output. The refresh rate is 60 Hz.

A unique holding feature of this model is the set of anti-slip rubber feet. They are retractable and folded into the screen when not in use. Once they are extended, it provides a suitable viewing angle of up to 12o which is steady.

Even on planes and moving cars, these feet are excessively stable. Had it been adjustable, it would have been outstanding. It comes with a protective cover that can be used as a stand as well.  There is a 0.25” socket on the backside of the screen to which camera mounts and other clamps can be connected so if you want an adjustable viewing angle, you can utilize this. But the price of getting the tripod would fall on you and that is frustrating for some.

The video quality is great. The 15-inch screen provides a full 720p resolution and the colors are crisp. The brightness is accurate as well. It supports a color depth of 8 bit so you have no viewing problems while playing games.

The built is not straight-forward. It is elegantly curved from the edges and speaker fins on the sides of the backside. The color is a classy blackish silver. It is made out of plastic but is brawny and can sustain everyday use comfortably. Because it is only 1.2 lbs, it can be carried anywhere.

The issue with this screen is the provision of a very small USB cable. It is powered by USB which as to be connected with the console but the small length makes the setup a bit difficult. The rest of the port assembly includes the audio jack, an HDMI and power plug. This screen is designed to support gaming wherever you like and comes with supporting features to do so. If you can manage a bigger cable and have the money, you must opt for this.

  • Lag-free, HD display with a refresh rate of 60 Hz
  • Anti-slip rubber feet coupled with the cover that can be used as a stand for versatility in holding the screen in place
  • An option of attaching clamps and tripods
  • Light color and aesthetically charming
  • A short cable which makes the setup difficult
  • The rubber feet are not excessively adjustable
  • Expensive



7. GeChic 1305H [Best Portable External Monitor For Laptop]

A fitting portable screen for everyday use with the ability to be adjustable over varying angles and this model is aesthetically appreciable.

It has a silver color and the size of the bezels is small. The thickness corresponds to the only 7mm which is thinner than the ultra-slim claimed JOHN WILL screen.

If we talk about the display, it is brilliant. It delivers a resolution of 1080p and emits 247 nits. It is very colorful and produces 92 percent of sRGB gamut. The viewing angles are acceptable but not unproblematic like some of the other screens listed here. It includes modes like standard, game and movie and even an overscan mode for channelizing the contents within the boundaries of the screen.

The stand is flap-based which may be irritating for some users who are not previously accustomed if using anything of this sort. It is a cover to protect the screen of scratches at one time and a stand capable of allowing tilt angle range from 40-80 degrees the other. There is also a cover lock to keep the screen shielded while you are traveling.

It can be flipped to portrait mode when reading books and back to landscape when working on spreadsheets but the process is time-consuming as you have to loosen up the clips and put the screen in position after which the desired mode has to be manually selected from the screen.

For connection, GeChic introduces a different technology and has a single cable with USB and HDMI connectors that have to be inserted in separate ports for power and video signal respectively. It is helpful because you are employing only one cable.

  • Colorful and bright display
  • Different display modes
  •  Cover lock to protect the screen while traveling
  • Slim and stylish
  • Setup is difficult
  • Expensive



8. AOC e1659Fwu [Best Portable Monitor For Macbook Pro]

This is another improved model in terms of portability and usability. Designed in a shiny piano black color and with an eye-catching design, this screen has a response time of 5ms.

This is a 15.6” screen with a resolution of 1366×768 pixels so you can watch movies and carry out your daily tasks without worrying about the image quality. The 200cd/m2 brightness magnitude helps to create a truly accurate movie experience.

Its foldable flex stand is both slick and strong and can be adjusted to hold the screen at different angles. When the screen is not in use, it can be retracted back to the slot inside the back of the screen.

The auto-pivot feature is a big relief as it can automatically switch between landscape and portrait modes. Coupled with it, it is integrated with DisplayLink Technology which enables more than one monitor to be simultaneously connected with a single laptop.

This comes as a great help in conference meetings where there is a separate screen for each member and they don’t have to lift up their heads to eye the projector all the time. The software can be easily installed on the required screens and used without any complexities.

The 3.0 USB connection ensures a high transfer rate so that you don’t have to wait a long time for the exchange of important files. Another cool feature is the VESA 75X75 mm mount which can support tripods and clamps of your choice with the screen. Now use it during live photoshoots or during expos, you can position it according to your liking. As for the weight, it is on the heavier side and weighs about 2.4 lbs.

On the darker side, it only works with the USB-C connector. It is not explicitly mentioned in the description but that the harsh reality. Either you have to have a suitable laptop or the required add-on.

  • DisplayLink technology allows simultaneous connection of many screens
  •  VESA mount compliant feature to allow attachment of many tripods and stands
  • Good response rate and display
  • Only compatible with USB-C connector
  • Heavier than many of the enlisted models



9. Wanny Denton Portable Screen [Best Budget 4k Portable Monitor]

If you are a careful user and want a 4K portable screen at a cheap price, this is the model for you. Offering a high visual display quality of 4k, this piece is there to make you happy.

It is a 15.6” widescreen and a resolution of 3840×2160 which means a supreme viewing experience, be it the action thrillers of Avengers, the nerve-tingling, low light horror scenes of Annabelle or the graphics demanding games like Battleship and Assassin’s Creed, it will provide you with the best colors, angles, and brightness. To enjoy the full 4k display, you have to purchase the DP to DP/DP cable. Lined with IPS Panel technology, it claims to give accurate viewing angles up to 170 degrees which is outstanding.

The control buttons and the slots are distributed evenly on both sides of the screen where they are easily accessible. It features dual HDMI ports, mini USB port, and two other ports for audio and power. It comes with two additional stands but that have been claimed to be incompatible with the product. The existing stand allows for decent stability.

The design, however, is simple and it is fashioned out of plastic completely so the aforementioned cautions need to be considered seriously. The edges are chamfered but there is no other styling feature integrated into it.

It weighs only 1.8 lbs which is very impressive for a 15-inch screen and so can be carried anywhere. It is fully compatible with Xbox, PS4, and PCs but the menu settings would not be in English initially and the font size would be very small. You have to use the menu and control buttons to change the language and font size as per your wish.

  • 4k display with IPS technology
  • Great viewing angles up to 170 degrees
  • Very inexpensive for such a good video quality
  • Cheap looking
  • Not very durable
  • Language and font size has to be changed
  • Stand does not offer a lot of flexibility



10. Lenovo ThinkVision LT 1421 [Best Budget Gaming Monitor 2021]

This model may be enlisted in the end but that doesn’t mean it is not at par with the models mentioned above. It is one of the best ones with good display and portability.

If we talk about the design, it has a black chassis with small bezels and a clean, slim body. There is a box on the backside that contains the adjustable arm that holds it in position. It can tilt the screen from 12 degrees to 40 degrees and it sturdy inbuilt. There is a shielding box for the screen to protect it against scratches while use or while you travel with it but it adds a bit of weight to the screen.

The connection is made through the single micro USB port present on the backside. There are two more USB ports for further connection with other machines. There is also a brightness rocker on the backside which can be used to select among 16 levels of brightness. Up to six screens can be connected to a single PC using DisplayLink technology.

The resolution of the 14 inch display is a decent 1366×768 pixel with 200 nits that account for a colorful-accurate and bright display. The graphics emerge with no problems and can be adjusted by the setting menu. The matte coating ensures wide viewing angles and the screen did not darken until it was tilted back beyond 45 degrees.

The first installation of the drivers has to done manually after which there is no further installation required. It weighs 2.25 lbs which is heavier than other models but it can still be carried around easily.

  • Wide viewing angles
  • 16 levels of brightness available
  • Runs on USB power
  • Attractive design
  • The cover is bulky
  • The adjustable arm permits tilting to up to 40 degrees only



Conclusion (Editor’s Verdict)

There is no question about the increase in work productivity due to the presence of portable screens but which one should be purchased? It falls on your needs and demands. If you want an affordable yet overall performer, you can opt between JOHN WILL and Elecrow screens. As both come from not-so-big companies, they are well within the price range of many along with great performance.

If you are a gaming freak and require one for those needs, you must choose GAEMS M155 as it is specifically manufactured for such needs. ASUS machines are the best of the best in our point of view if you can manage to deal with the minimal shortcomings each of their models come with. The enlisting of this article is not the ranking so readers must not regard the leas ones to be mentioned any less of the others. The issues we saw might not be problems for many so it’s all about how you arrive at the final verdict; is it the price, the utility, the brand name or the reviews.

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