Best Portable AC For RV, Camper, Pop Up Camper 2022

Living outside the home or have a plan for camping?

If you’re not staying at a hotel, it’s a camp or a camper and it gets very hot and humid during summer, therefore, it requires portable air conditioners to stay cool inside the enclosed trailer.

Be it the middle of an overgrown rainforest or the brink of a hilly platform, the side of a beach which receives regular humid gales, or a valley surrounded by colossal mountains that echo at night. Along with being much cost-effective in contrast to the hotels, they provide you the freedom to make any place your resting spot and enjoy unique gifts of nature like the chirping of the birds or the fresh dew drops falling on your face.

However, it is particularly frustrating if you don’t arrange for a cool camper as it can get very hot and suffocating at times and instead of getting proper rest after a day-long session of activities, you will wake up exhausted and agitated. It is nearly necessary, therefore, to arrange for the best portable air conditioners for campers.

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How To Choose the Best Portable Air Conditioner?

Before checking out the best options for the portable ac units for the camper in the market, here are some considerations that you must adhere to for enabling the perfect purchase.

1. Power (Btu)

Neither should it be too big that you have to arrange for multiple layers to remain cozy nor it should be too small that only a small area cools because of it. As a general rule, an AC unit rated at 5000 Btu is enough to cool a room of an area of 100-150 sq feet. Increase this amount by 1000 Btu for every 100 sq feet area.

2. Size

As the camper has to travel a lot especially to off-road terrains and tracks, therefore, the AC unit must be light enough to be easily transportable. When going uphill, every additional kilogram counts, and a heavier AC can play against you.

3. Power Consumption

Modern models are equipped with cutting edge technologies that emit cool areas along with being energy efficient. Choose the unit which consumes minimum energy without compensating for the quality and cooling efficiency.

4. Price

Your budget can break a potentially feasible deal hence it is one of the important deciding factors. Don’t look into the details of a product unless it’s within your price range. If you get to know that it is out of range once you have been overwhelmed by its supreme quality, it would be difficult to let go.


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Best Portable AC For Camper Van & Pop up Camper


Let’s now jump on to the main body of the article to find out the best portable air conditioners for pop-up camper and camper van.



2. Soleus Air LX-140 (Best Heating And Cooling Portable AC For Trailer)


Similar in shape to the previous model but slightly heavier, this model comes from Soleus and has a rating of 14000 Btu.


Whether it is a small camper trailer that needs a system of central cooling or a 2-tent set-up that requires a chilling aura for the night, Soleus LX-140 has it all covered.


Being versatile is one of the top trademarks of Soleus and this product is no different. It is an AC and a heater at the same time.


If it is hot noon during your post-graduation trekking trip, you can switch this on to give cold air worth of 14000 Btu, effective for an area of 475 sq feet. Similarly, If you have to spend a cold night in a tent during the month of December, convert it to heater mode and enjoy a warm, relaxing blower-type feel.


If you require an automated cooling unit that adjusts according to temperature variations, turn it to auto mode simply and it will alter the temperature of the emitted air accordingly.


Not exactly at par with the dehumidifying capability of the first model, this can decently remove 65 pints per day. When humidity reaches high levels, there is a separate emergency holding tank with a drainage port that collects the water and exhausts it out of the camper.


Internally, the LX-10 is a winner. The fact that is fitted with dual motors with one cooling the air while the other cooling the condenser gives the overall advantage of no heat loss.


In addition to it, the aluminum blades of the fan spray the condensed water onto the condenser to cool the copper coils evenly.


As a whole, it makes up for an energy-efficient system that reduces power losses resulting from heat and limits the contribution to high bills.


It includes a digital thermostat that can be programmed according to achieve the desired temperature. Exhaust pipe and hoses are included with the package but the hose is a bit small and you will have to get an extended length in the majority of the situations.


  • Highly versatile with an integrated AC, heater, fan-only mode and auto-mode
  • 65-pint dehumidifier
  • Energy efficient with regards to the reduction in heat losses
  • Separate emergency holding tank for high-humidity conditions
  • Expensive
  • Short length of the hose


3. Haier HPC 12XCR (12000 Btu Portable AC For RV)


Designed to deliver cool air to large areas ranging from 450 sq feet, it is surely a treat for people who can’t stand hot weather. It would be sizzling outside but you would feel no effect of it, provided the camper is fitted with this model.


This is a highly popular model because of its strong cooling capability of 12000 Btu and lightweight which enhances its portability which is considered a significant attribute for such products.


With a slightly low airflow of 188 CFM than the average ACs, it is equipped with three fan settings depending on the desired trajectory and magnitude of the airflow of the users.


Although stated to be enough for 450 sq feet rooms, we would recommend its use in areas of no more than 250 sq feet if you want great results.


Automatic controls include controlling the settings through a remote using the Infrared waves which give the luxury to tweak the controls of the unit while you are watching a movie on TV or cooking food and adjusting the ON and OFF times of the AC at particular times.


This feature comes in handy when you are sleeping, playing outside, or not using the camper van for a day.


Now, coming towards the dehumidifying attribute of this model; it can remove 4 pints per hour which is greater than the previous model and that makes it evenly useful for humid conditions too.


Alongside this, it is very energy-efficient due to its cost-cutting technology whereby it results in a running cost of only $91 per year.


Castor wheels and the lightweight work together to allow easy movement within the camper while the installation kit includes a window pipe that can reach a height of 46 inches. So that it can be placed beside medium to large windows with equal effect.


  • Weighs only 55 pounds
  • Automatic controls including ON/OFF time setting
  • Good dehumidifier
  • Vey energy and cost-effective
  • Low airflow volume than general AC units
  • Not very effective for large areas although stated on the product description


4. JHS A018-14KR/C - Portable Air Conditioner For Van


You simply can’t reject JHS when it comes to portable AC units for campers. Their association with such executions is long-lived and carries a good recognition from the customers. This model is an upgraded version of the 12KR/C with a power-studded cooling capacity of 14000 Btu and CFC-free operation.


Its top air outlet blows air vertically which ensures that cool air is distributed evenly and quickly inside the room or target area.


Particularly designed for placing in living rooms and lounges with areas 350-500 sq feet and have an airflow volume of 220 CFM, it shines with greater performance when placed inside the camper trailers that are far below in the square.


JHS A018-14KR/C is furnished with 3 modes namely Cool, Dehumidify, and Fan Timer. It gives a total of 3 fan speeds which can be adjusted according to the weather and desired ambiance, the temperature can be altered digitally between 61oF-88oF, has 24 hours On/Off programmable timer, and Auto restart feature that turns on the unit automatically after power failure.


Effectively, it can remove 63 pints per day which makes it a direct competitor of Soleus Air LX-140, which is equipped with a self-evaporation system that recycles condensed water to augment the cooling power and saves the user from draining water.


The drainage tray can hold up to 1 L of water after which it gives a reminder to the user to remove water. In situations of high humidity, you can shift between auto or manual drainage systems through a drain pipe which can be speedily installed.


Another advantage of this model is its low-noise operation; it works at about 60 decibels which can further be reduced by switching to sleep mode.


The filter is washable and the installation is easy.


The primary demerit of this product is the drainage difficulty: if you use the top drain hose, you have to tilt the tray mechanically to dispose of the water and if you employ the bottom one, water spills out of the bottom of the unit.


  • Air outlet blows air vertically to cool the space evenly and quickly
  • 3 fan speeds
  • Programmable controls
  • Self evaporation system that uses the condensed water to its cooling advantage
  • Low-noise operation
  • Drainage difficulty


5. Emerson Quiet Kool (Best Rated Portable Air Conditioner For Pop up Camper)


Backed up by a 70-year rich history of electronic equipment and a healthy star rating on Amazon, this product from Emerson Quiet Kool weighs 68 pounds and is available at just a shy below $500.


Elegantly shaped up as a white structure with a blue LED display, it is rated at 14000 Btu and provides cool air which is conveniently sufficient for spaces up to 350 sq feet.


Equipped with three fan speeds which are controlled manually or through remote control, it can achieve temperatures between the range 62-85oF. We went through the reviews and deduced that the highest fan rating promotes a cooling effect that replicates an icy ambiance. Its auto swing fan helps to balance the temperature throughout the room.


Equally impressive is the dehumidifier which can remove about 120 pints per day; the highest among all the previous models. The self evaporation technology makes this capability even better as it reduces the efforts which need to be exerted by the user to dump the condensed water.


Firstly, the water won’t get collected in the tray for a long time; if it does, you can attach the drain pipe easily to emit it out of the pop up camper.


Although it is fitted with four omnidirectional caster wheels to aid in maneuvering around the camper, customers complained that the handling of the product was of question. It posed many difficulties on carpeted surfaces but provided it performed decently on uncarpeted floors and the fact that most of the campers do not have a carpet, it can be used effectively.


Being water-resistant is a unique feature of this model. Often does it happen that children or even adults mistakenly spill water over these units but the only thing you need to do here is to clean the surface with a dry cloth, unlike other units that need to be shut and internally cleaned.


After 250 hours of operation, the unit sounds a reminder to clean its filters automatically so that a long-running operation is guaranteed.


  • Water resistant
  • Highest dehumidifying capability amongst all the previous models
  • Impressive auto evaporation technology
  • Auto swing fan
  • Caster wheels are not very effective




What is the Best Portable AC For RV?

The final decision regarding the best portable ac unit for campers would depend largely upon the desired power input of the unit and area-to-be-cooled.

If the camper is equipped with a 115 V supply, you can employ many of the models from the list of portable air conditioners for camper van but if there is no such electrical lining, you have to rely on battery-operated models.

The second thing is your target space. If it’s very large, you must go with LG LP1417GSR and with other models if the space is small.

The price will also affect your decision as some models of portable air conditioners are expensive.

Lastly, the size of your ac unit and the ease of installation will have to be looked upon. You need to buy a portable ac unit that can conveniently be placed near the window of the trailer and move around easily.

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