8 Best Multi Purpose Steam Cleaners Reviews 2022

Many of you might have not used steam cleaners but I’m sure, all of you would have used or had an idea of the vacuum cleaner which is, in fact, a must have cleaning tool for every house. Steam cleaners are an extended version of these vacuum cleaners and require less effort but use pressurized steam to clean the surfaces.

Steam cleaners are available in the market with different power (wattage) ratings. Cleaning job is all done with a virtue of steam, which generates inside the water tank after getting enough heat through the heating element installed within the steam cleaner.

Listen! It’s not done yet.

Multipurpose steam cleaners are those electric devices that clean various surfaces and materials effortlessly owing to the accessories they come with.

However, It is recommended to read the complete buying guide before making an effective purchase of a steam cleaner. I’m sure, you’ll not regret. So, Don’t Go Away! and begin a journey with us.

We decipher the 8 best multi purpose steam cleaners available on the Amazon but before jumping to the models, it would be helpful to understand why should the steam cleaners be preferred over other cleaning equipment.


Reasons For Choosing Multipurpose Steam Cleaners

1. Versatility:

These cleaners can clean various surfaces and materials including metal, wood, and glass. Be it the removal of molds in your unattended cupboard section or scrubbing grease off the gas grill, getting rid of calcium stains on the taps or cleaning the curtains, steam cleaners do it all and ever so effectively and effortlessly.

2. Kills Germs

High-temperature steam eradicates the germs present on or around the cleaning surfaces. Confined spots like creaks behind the toilet seat or gaps between kitchen tiles are the home of germs and must be properly treated if you want to get rid of them: Steam cleaners enable that.

3. Environmental-friendly

Many washing detergents and chemical solutions claim that they are safe for the environment and for your surfaces but that is not always true. Extended exposure to these chemicals yields undesirable results on your surfaces like yellow spots on the floor tiles or consistent smudges on the mirror. Multipurpose steam cleaners clean the house without any chemical interaction which makes them highly eco-friendly.

4. An Inexpensive option

Because they are multipurpose in nature, they can attend to versatile cleaning needs which saves the money you would have invested in each specific purpose tool. For example, you need a vacuum cleaner to clean under the bed or the carpets whereas a cloth dipped in the solution to rub off the grease. You can perform both these jobs with a single steam cleaner thus your money is saved.


Must Have Characteristics Of Multi Purpose Steam Cleaners

Before purchasing your steam cleaner, make sure it has some or all of these below-mentioned features.

1. High wattage:

A high wattage rating will ensure that the steam is produced faster and at a higher temperature. There is no use of low-temperature steam because it will not create any pressure and neither will it soften up the dirt patches nor will it disinfect the surface. Normally, steam cleaners with 1300-1500 watt are suitable for all types of home cleaning needs.

2. Must have Accessories:

This will define the degree of diversity a steam cleaner possesses. The greater the number of add-ons, the more versatile it is in operation. Accessories include nylon brushes to smudge off dirt and grease, scrubs to rub off oily surfaces like grills and stoves, squeegee for cleaning the windows and wiper for the curtains and mattresses.

3. High water capacity:

While it entirely depends on the nature of usage, your steam cleaners must have a considerable amount of water holding capacity because it would determine the time of steaming operation you get. A low water holding capacity means you have to refill it over and over again which would be tiring and uncomfortable. Generally, volumes of 40-50 ounces are what you should be targeting.

4. Long cord length and hose length:

Steam cleaners must be transportable to different parts of the room because at one time you would be cleaning your bed’s mattress while the other, your vanity mirror. Therefore, it must have a long power cord so you do not hamper by the limitation it can traverse and also a long hose length so that you may reach high places like overhead counters or cupboards.

5. Safety options

You wouldn’t want yourself or your child to get burned due to the steam hence there needs to be safety locks that allow only a prescribed person to use it or any mechanism to control the heating temperature. Generally, all of the modern steam cleaners are fitted with a thermostat-aided safety mechanism that stops the heating element from functioning when it reaches a prescribed temperature.

Lets now move on to the models.


Top 8 Multi-Purpose Steam Cleaners 2021


Best Multi Purpose Steam Cleaners Reviews

We have gathered and listed the key features, reviews, merits, and demerits of each product after spending hours in research. I hope you’ll find the product you’re looking for.




3. Steamfast SF-370WH (Best Budget Steam Cleaner)


Similar in shape to the McCulloch MC1275 but different in color, this high-quality steam cleaner will fulfill the majority of your disinfecting and cleaning needs.


Operated by a 1500-watt heating element, it can provide a pressurized steam jet of over 200oC within 8 minutes. Once the steam starts producing, it would continue forming for 45 minutes although it seems to lose touch after half an hour of operation, therefore, we recommend you have a time of 30 minutes in your mind with this cleaner.


Owing to its 45-ounce water holding capacity, it will give you long cleaning time and the 15-foot power cord enables it to be carried anywhere around your house. It weighs only 8 pounds so you can transfer it to different heights without even feeling. On-demand steam button permits you to keep the button pressed or lock it in position for a steam outlet.


Now, we come to its excellent functionality. Not only can it remove the grout over your barbeque grill and kitchen stove but can clean the window stains of your washroom or curtains of your room.


The 64-inch hose is easy to maneuver around and there are 15 different accessories you can attach at the end of it including mops to clean the floor tiles, scrubs for wiping off the grout, extension wands for reaching high places and nylon add-ons for cleaning the carpet.


The cleaner is equipped with small wheels but their maneuverability is high; it can go over carpets and rugs with ease which is quite relaxing since it’s frustrating to suddenly be halted by the lack of movement of cleaner while you are in between the wiping process.


While it is a very good option for customers because of its effective use and affordable price, there were some complaints people had with it.


It included the noise of the cleaner which is not very loud abut audible enough to wake a person and the substandard quality of the add-ons. Especially foam on the microfiber pad is very clumsy and broke down in half, said one of the customers.


  • 1500-watt heating element that produces steam within 8 minutes
  • 45-ounce water holding capacity
  • 15-foot power cord and the lightweight of the cleaner allows it to be carried around easily
  • 15 accessories
  • On-demand steam button
  • Wheels are maneuverable
  • A bit noisy
  • Substandard quality of the add-ons



5. Pure Enrichment PureClean XL (Best Rated Multi Function Steam Cleaner)


Accessorized with 18 add-ons, a long hose and effectual steam operation, this cleaner is another good option for homeowners. Although its high price comes in between the otherwise high potential selling probability.


Integrated with a 1.5-liter water holding capacity, it gets the conversion process in less than 10 minutes and produces a steam operation of 45 minutes. The intensity of the steam is optimal and the output 12ounces per minute however it begins to get cold after 20 minutes of operation and you should preheat it once again.


This steam cleaner is designed to deliver in-depth cleaning for all sorts of interior which include window panes, ceramic surfaces, carpets, doorways, and automobiles.


With regards to the 18-piece accessory set that comes alongside, it can be employed in versatile conditions. The nozzle may be used to access confined creaks while the scrub can scrub off grease from oily surfaces, nylon brushes can be utilized for the cleaning of car radiators whereas the squeegee for carpets.


To accommodate for easy transportability, it has a 16-foot power cord and a long hose along with maneuverable wheels. Together, they function to satisfy the cleaning needs of all your house’s rooms.


It is 15 pounds in weight which is a bit heavy but reviews of customers have confirmed that it is not an issue posing considerable disadvantage.


5-year warranty further enhances its chances of getting purchased because the company covers the cost of non-functional heating element and nozzle problems.


  • 1.5l water holding capacity
  • Provides 45 minutes of continuous steam with an output of 12 ounces per minute
  • 18-piece accessory set
  • 16-foot long power cord and maneuverable wheels
  • Effective in almost every situation and on a wide range of materials
  • 5-year warranty by the company
  • Bit heavy
  • Expensive


6. Steam Mop S3601 (The Best Hand held Multi Purpose Steam Cleaner)


Backed up by the highest amount of reviews and a high 5-star rating on Amazon amongst the entire list, this ingenious product is interconvertible between a steam mop and a handheld steam cleaner. Available at a price which is manageable by many and weighing just under 7 pounds, this cleaner is one of our top picks.


For people who have kids who like to crawl and roll on the floor, would love this model because of its outstanding germ-killing prospect.


It is claimed to get rid of 99% of the germs whirling around you unnoticed. Then there is the ingenious manufacturer of the cleaner itself.


It is realized as a mop but has a handheld cleaner fitted within it where the water goes. You can disengage it anytime you want during the cleaning process; it is so easy to remove.


In addition, the function gestures are incredible. You can start the switch by tilting the handle and switch it off by making it upright. When using the handheld cleaner, it turns on automatically when you hold the handle and turns off when it is removed.


The water gets steamed within thirty seconds so it can be used almost immediately after turning it on. Patented steam pockets allow an efficient stream of steam at a temperature of 200oF to be “nozzled” out which gives deep cleaning.


Through three cleaning modes, you can choose the settings you need: It has a dust mode for light cleaning, mop mode for everyday cleaning and scrub mode for an in-depth wiping and scrubbing.


The add-ons can be easily fixed on top of the hose while it also comes with a long power code. Mop head can move 180 degrees to reach all sorts of creaks, cracks, and gaps. You only get a few accessories with it which is a bit of deal breaker but you can always purchase them separately for cheap prices.


  • Ingenious design with a mop and handheld cleaner on the single machine
  • Very good germ killer
  • Smart sensors and gesture control
  • Patented steam pockets for a more efficient stream
  • Very fast operation
  • 3 modes of settings
  • Only a few accessories


7. Bissell Power Fresh (Best 3 in 1 Handheld Steam Cleaner)


Another convertible steam cleaner designed with cutting-edge technological sense, engineering excellence and quality. It may be perhaps a little advanced for some users, but provided the convenience it provides, everyone would love to purchase, learn and use it.


Instead of 2-in-1 set up as the previous model, it features a 3-in-1 scheme with a mop, hand-held cleaner and an extension wand which is suited for almost every cleaning need ranging from high curtain tops to hard floors. Germs, as we all know wander around our surroundings and if you have this steamer, voila! They will be killed, thanks to its superior disinfecting capability.


Bissel Power Fresh is operated via digital buttons which are easy-to-use and within your close hand range. You don’t have to bend each time to press the button and stop the cleaner.


Water Tank rests on the top and although it isn’t very large, it gets filled easily and prepares pressurized and high-temperature steam within 4 minutes.


You don’t have to take the whole mop near the faucet to get it filled, rather you take the handheld steamer to a pitcher of water and get it filled instantly. Power cord is about 25-foot long so it can be taken anywhere in the room.


How often do you see a dedicated storage section for the accessories on the steam cleaner itself? It is the first model in the entire list that is furnished with this feature.


On the backside of the cleaner, there is a dedicated onboard storage compartment where accessories can be arranged. Thus, you don’t have to worry about the add-ons lying around in the room or your pet and kids juggling them up. It’s such a cool feature to have that only once you use the cleaner, will you realize it completely.


Moreover, it can move over obstacles comfortably and can get under tight spaces like sofa and bed undersides with equal effect. Maneuverability is high and the set-up time is only 27 seconds.


To assist the user, there are three modes which you can use intensity wise. If the stain is too stubborn, switch over to high while general cleaning can be done with medium setting. PowerFresh comes with a 2-year warranty and 8 accessories whereby you can clean any surface.


  • 3-in-1 scheme
  • Kills 99% germs
  • Power cord is 25-foot long
  • Passes obstacles
  • Have three modes
  • Onboard storage compartment
  • 2-year warranty
  • Set-up time is only 27 seconds
  • The water tank is small


8. Dupray Neat Steam Cleaner (Best One - Editor's Pick)


The last model of our list is charmed with the highest amount of 5-star rating on Amazon. Its effectiveness and reliability have won the hearts of hundreds of customers.


Single-button operation is hassle-free and an LED indicator tells you about the status of the steam. A green color indicates the steam is ready for action.


Dupray Neat comes with an extensive set of 18 accessories which explains why it has been raved by all sects of customers. Unlike some of the products in this list, its accessories are made of high-quality material.


Microfiber pads can be used to wipe wooden floors while you can also attach any clean cloth of your choice with it.


Two extension tubes take you to otherwise inaccessible heights, five nylon brushes of variable cross-sectional area have the ability to fit anywhere ranging from grills to gaps and cracks while an Add fresh fragrance disk spreads a nice aroma around the house.


Owing to its water capacity of 54 ounces, you can have a steaming operation for a staggering 50 minutes which is the most amongst all the enlisted models.


It would take about 7 minutes for the steam to reach the optimum temperature of 135 degree Celsius which is capable enough to kill the germs.


Power cord wraps around the bottom of the cleaner so that if you are using it at a place near the socket, there is no length of wire lying around for you to strangle in.


There is a holding handle that can be utilized to carry around the 10-pound steam cleaner but it has to be kept in mind that it becomes hot with use.


Wheels are underneath the base and not visible until you bend down all the way. Overall Dupray neat steam cleaner is a very good purchase.


  • Steam operation for 50 minutes which is the highest amongst the entire list
  • Highest 5-star rating amongst the list
  • Capacity of 54 ounces
  • Steam reaches a temperature of 135 degree Celsius in 7 minutes
  • 18 accessories which are high quality
  • Simple operation
  • No water level indicator
  • No On/Off Button Lock (kids might meddle with it)


Final Conclusion (Editor’s Verdict)

It’s a difficult list to choose from but one may decide on the basis of his cleaning needs. Water capacity may be a deciding factor because some enlisted models have low volume ratings.

Our top pick for the best overall product will be either Dupray Neat Steam Cleaner or Bissell PowerFresh because of their cutting-edge design, functionality and the backing of customer’s positive response.

No one can ignore the best selling multi purpose steam cleaner, Pure Enrichment PureClean XL but  If you are very particular about budget, would be a top choice as it is capable of producing high-temperature and pressurized steam alongside good handling and functionality.

It’s our personal verdict & What’s yours!

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