Best Mig Welder Under $1000, 500, 400, 300, 200 To Buy In 2022

MIG welders are widely used around the world with outstanding models manufactured by various companies. This article describes the best MIG welders for the money, with a little bit of research and thorough reading, you can get for yourself a killer welder without costing a lot.

Best Mig Welder Under $1000, $500 & $200

Welding has a long history and its techniques have evolved over time. It is among the most commonly used processes in the world. Be it the joining together of metal girders or preparing a stunning metallic garden frame, applying a permanent joint in the car’s body or preparing metallic furniture, this process will be utilized one way or the other.

Gas Arc Welding or Metal Inert gas welding (MIG) is a technique that utilizes a consumable filler metal which is fed by a welding gun in to join two metals together by spraying a gas for a stronger connection. This can be a semi-automatic or a fully automatic process and has now become one of the largest employed welding techniques due to the formation of a weld joint which is free of any foreign particle that weakens the joint over time.

Here is the list of best MIG welders for the money all under 1000 dollars.

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1. LOTOS MG175 (Top Rated Mig Welder Under $500)

It is a versatile welding machine that is one of the easiest to be set up. The amount of items that arrive with this machine is plenty and that increases its potential purchase probability. LOTOS has managed to produce a MIG welding machine just perfect for beginners and experts.

It has a large and durable box that contains all the controls like spool gun connector, twisting wingnut, and torch clamps. It runs on a voltage range of 200 to 240V and has an automatic dual-frequency which can be altered according to the speed of the process required. You get a spool gun, aluminum wire worth 10 feet which can be used to weld 3/8 inches or thinner aluminum plate. The machine is equally suitable for welding mild steel, stainless steel, and aluminum.

It uses advanced and reliable transformer technology and motorized wire feeding quality to carry out an effectual welding procedure. With a maximum flow rate of 12 liters per minute, it can weld gauge 20-22 steel wire, 3/8’’ or thinner aluminum and mild steel parts with 80% performance. It utilizes 4 and 6 inches wire spool which is commonly available in the market.

It runs on 175A so the company has paid special attention to the safety mechanism of the machine. It is equipped with a temperature controller and an adjustable overload breaker that shuts off the machine in case of shorting or overvoltage. With this, it is very easy to be set up as a step-by-step assembling procedure comes with the package and several complete video tutorials are available on the internet.

The welder is delivered to your doorstep with a welding mask, ground clamp cable and plenty of other items which have to be purchased separately and carries a 30-day money back guarantee with 3 years of 1 year of parts warranty. It is rated very high on Amazon and the quality of the product delivers greatly.

  • Easy to set-up
  • Reliable transformer technology and motorized wire feeding
  • Good safety features
  • Automatic dual frequency
  • Equally suitable for beginners and experts
  • Large machine so not very portable
  • Loud noise of motor


2. Hobart 500559 Handler 190 (Best Mig Welder Under $900)

The second model is equally competitive and but more on the expensive side. The biggest edge this welder has is its capability to weld thinner metal parts like 24 gauge wire.

Hobart is a name that is customary of providing products of exalted quality standards and that adheres to the customers’ demands. This machine does justice to the name. Its sleek machine is also durable and it can handle any sort of welding job. Many DIY You tubers use this in their videos, and it is equally appropriate for heavy duties like connecting pipes, handling large metal sheets and weld trailer frames. Like the first model, it can handle steel, stainless steel and aluminum with an unmatched effect.

It permits the user to shift to 7 levels of voltage depending on the available power source and the thickness of the material at hand. The dual-groove quick-change roll and the spool hub assembly feature allow it to do work of high intensity in a quick period of time. It can alter the amperage as well from 25 to 190 Amperes and provide 30% duty cycle at 150 A. The freedom of power is further increased by changing its plug which usually operates at 230V to 115V.

It has a spool gun for welding aluminum with greater effect and speed because there is no need for a separate or extra feeder material. It produces welds with less spatter and finer nature.

The amount of supporting items that are included with it increases the utility like the first model. It has a built-in gas valve, dual gauge, contact tips, and spool wire. The high current machine is equipped with a resettable thermal overload switch which resets automatically if the temperature increases the prescribed limit and short circuit protection mechanism that protects the motor windings and other components from burning.

It’s uncomplicated to set up and with the popular demand, there are various set-up youtube videos that make the assembling fun and less time-consuming.

  • Can weld thinner plates
  • 7 levels of voltage
  • Operative on 230 and 115V
  • Spool gun
  • Protective measures like resettable thermal overload switch and short circuit protection
  • Expensive
  • Comes with a small length of welding wire


3. GOPLUS MIG 130 (Cheap Mig Welder Under $200)

This model is credited with high Amazon ratings and provides a very cheap yet affluent answer to your welding needs. It is smart, compact and weighs only 35 pounds.

The body is fashioned out of stainless steel and painted with yellow paint which is long-lasting. It utilizes a flux core wire with self-release inert gas during the welding process which prevents the oxidation of the welded part and aids in producing a stronger and reliable weld. The versatility of this machine has high levels.

Through the use of four alterable current settings namely low, high, 1 and 2, you can change the heat intensity of the welder. In addition, it allows 10 different levels of wire feed speed. If you have to weld a thicker part together, you can increase the speed of wire and decrease it if a small and fine weld is to be produced. High speeds would give deep holes and you can broaden the holes with the low-speed setting.

The air vents allow for effectual heat dissipation which cools the welder but that not the only safety mechanism: it incorporates a thermal overload protection switch that turns off the welder if you forgot to turn it off manually and wouldn’t turn back on until it is cooled down.

The welder offers a wide range of operations starting from small scale DIY projects to heavy-duty construction processes like welding girders and joining underground pipes. It has a convenient handle for easy transportation and like other models, comes with a protective mask, welding wire, and a chipping hammer. It even includes a storage compartment that can be opened by pushing the slider up where you can place your accessories and other carrying items.

Considering the price it comes with, it is the best welder for the money but it contains no warranty so you have to rely on customer’s reviews and technical backing of the product.

  • Lightweight and very cheap
  • Four adjustable heat setting
  • 10 levels of wire feed speed
  • Self release inert gas for prevention of oxidation
  • Thermal overload protection
  • Comes with no warranty


4. Forney 29901 (Best MIG Welder Under 500)

Specifically ideal for minor maintenance, small projects, and DIY videos, this machine specializes only in flux core welding of mild steel. It does not have a gas option.

It should not be used for a long period of time. With the provision of a 20% duty cycle at 80 A, this can be used to weld for two straight minutes after which it has to be given the rest of eight minutes to prevent overheating. This time frame is expertly advised and must be followed. It is very lightweight, weighing 34 pounds and can be moved easily from one site to another. With a working voltage of 120V and a rated output of 125A, it can produce welds of 0.030 inches.

What particularly unique about this welder is the switching options that control the sensitivity from high to low depending on the type and thickness of the surfaces to be welded. It includes two optical arc sensors that protect the user against the danger of arc flashes. In addition to it, it has shade selector knobs and grinding options for swift alterations in shade.

The two output voltage levels can be used to weld sheets on low setting and plates on high setting. The welders tend to get hot so it is fitted with a thermal protection switch that switches off the machine when it gets hot above limits and doesn’t turn on until it is cooled.

It comes with a helmet that has a fireproof mirror and auto darkening feature. The UV/IR covering on the mirror prevents the discoloring and from being scratched. The Kevlar gloves provide durability and absorb moisture. Overall, it is a viable option for small scale projects and must not be used for full-fledged and heavy projects.

  • Lightweight and portable
  • Switching options from low to high
  • Optical arc sensors to shield from arc flash
  • Comes with a fireproof helmet and Kevlar gloves
  • Very inexpensive
  • Not suitable for big projects
  • No overload protection


5. Lincoln 140 (Best Mig Welder For The Money)

Lincoln is a manufacturing company that is renowned to produce high-quality welding machines, engineered with precision and integrated with helpful features.

It is capable of handling stainless steel, mild steel and aluminum with a wire feed speed that has a vast range of 50-500 IPM which means you can accelerate the pace of work or reduce the speed if you want absolutely no hurry and an absolute fine weld pool is what you require. It has the option to perform gas shielded welding as well as gas-free flux welding; such is the versatility it provides. It functions by a 2-knob control dial that can be operated with ease to shift between flux core thick steel welding or gas-integrated aluminum welding.

The adjustable wire drive system prevents the crushing of the wire and is important when you have to work on wires of multiple gauges. The brass-to-brass gun conductivity enhances the conductivity of the welder. The operating voltage is 120V and it provides a 20% duty cycle on 90A.

The spool gun is included in the package to entertain aluminum welding and it weighs 61 pounds which is lighter than both HOBART and LOTAS models. It has an aluminum gearbox which enables the processing without giving any noise and call for little to no maintenance. The interface is pretty user-friendly and there is a complete panel of instructions on the welder. It can be set up within minutes and you can do both simple and hard jobs with this welder. It can weld parts of thickness 0.025 inches to 0.035 inches.

The package arrives with spool wire, shielding gas, mask, and terrain clamp and the parts of the welder are commonly available so if there comes any need of replacement, you don’t have to be hassled. It doesn’t have any over-voltage or thermal protection switches which makes it a partly unsafe option to be used for large, crucial purposes.

  • Provide both gas-shielded and simple flux welding
  • Adjustable drive system prevents the crushing of wire
  • Lightweight than Hobart and LOTAS models so can be carried
  • Weld plates of thickness 0.025-0.035 inches
  • No safety overvoltage and thermal override protection switches
  • The quality of flux welding has been questioned by some customers


6. Millermatic 141 MIG (The Best Mig Welder Under 1000 Dollars)

This is a small but slightly heavier welder coming in glossy blue color with dual holding stands. Two are at each side to put it at prescribed places while the middle stand can be used to transport it from one job site to another.

The leading feature that sets it apart is the auto-set feature which enables the machine to be automatically turning its optimal parameters. This feature is very helpful for beginners. The manual control can be switched on which provides you full flexibility to change the wire feed speed, voltage, and current setting. The drive system is built with aluminum and with a quick select drive it rolls due to the presence of the groves.

It can weld 24 gauge steel to 3/16 inches and 14-18 gauge aluminum. The current range is operative from 30-140A and gives a duty cycle of 20% at 90 A that demands a cool time of eight minutes after 2 minutes of continuous welding. It can be operated through a wide voltage range of 120-230V which increases its scope of usage.

The smooth start feature ensures that no spatter is produced initially which becomes very useful when you have to weld countless parts with precision but have a short period of time. This saves time and effort. It even features a Gun detect function whereby it detects the nature of the gun attached to it. It could be a spool Gun or a MIG gun.

Also, the protection mechanism is fully covered with thermal overload and tip saver functions that protect against overloaded temperature and short-circuiting. It is a complete package with unique features that are uncommon to its competitors. It is largely raved by welding experts because of the design considerations it has.

  • Auto set function along with manual control
  • Smooth start feature to prevent splatter
  • Gun detect feature to save time
  • Thermal overload and tip saver feature
  • Expensive


7. Everlast MIG 140 (Top Rated Mig Welder Under $400)

This welder weighs only 25 pounds, offers customizable settings and is reliable. The Everlast Company has a long history and it has delivered numerous times in the past as well.

It features the latest IGBT technology which enables speedy switching rates and high levels of efficiency. It can weld mild and stainless steel with precision at a thickness of 3/16 inches but doesn’t allow flux core welding. It is used with 4 and 8 inches spool wires that are both commonly available.

It is operated on a voltage of 110V and offers one of the best, if not the best, duty cycles; 60% at 90 A which means it can be used for minutes for continuous welding and will need a rest of only 4 minutes to cool down. This is a great improvement from the general 20% duty cycle at 90A rating. It gives a 25% duty cycle at the highest-rated 140A.

The control on voltage and wire speed is infinite which gives you full freedom to choose and tune the settings according to your liking. If you are a master at welding, you can use this freedom to great effect and prepare fine welds.

It comes with a MIG gun, work clamp, Argon regulator and a starter kit. It can be transported easily because of its weight and the presence of the top handle. If we talk about the demerits, there is no door chart included with the package. Also, the provided ground clamp is very clumsy and has to be necessarily purchased separately. In spite of these disadvantages, it is a very useful and functional welder which is light and can be used to generate great results if you know how to use the voltage and wire speed setting effectively.

  • Latest IGBT technology
  • Offers best duty cycles
  • Easily transportable
  • Infinite control on voltage and wire speed settings
  • No door chart
  • Clumsy ground clamp


8. HITBOX 200 (Best Mig Welder Under $400)

This inverter based welder is capable of TIG welding which appears as a distinctive feature. Available at a cheap rate, this bulky looking machine is actually only 19 pounds and can be carried at multiple workstations by holding it with the sturdy top handle.

The operative range is from 160-270 volts which gives an exceeded level of flexibility in terms of power connection. It features a screen that will depict the voltage and speed as digital reading so you can precisely measure the progress of the work. It utilizes an energy efficient motor that can be connected to the generator hence it also allows the freedom of usage. It can be used in fields and in remote locations where generators can be arranged.

The welder provides both options of gas and non-gas welding with a 0.8-1mm flux cored wire if you opt for non-gas welding of stainless steel. It can weld to a thickness of 0.045 inches and has a wide amperage range of 30-200A. Versatility seems to sweep in every regard and that is the biggest plus of this model.

It is compatible with Torch arc welding torches as well so not only does it give MIG welding option but higher-quality, much better Torch arc weld too. The power consumption of the welder is lower than its competitors and it comes with heat overload protection. The LED on the front panel will light up in case of overheat and the welder will not turn back on until it reaches the operating temperature.

One limitation is its incompatibility with 110-volt outputs so you can’t utilize it on single phase electric line. The package comes with earth clamp which has to be attached to the welding table, flux wire, portable plug and gas holer. Even impressive is the provided warranty of one year and reasonably helpful customer service that is responsive and aids you in a convenient manner. Many customers had problems with the delivery and were accommodated.

  • Lightweight and cheap
  • Portable
  • Both options of flux-core and gas welding
  • Overheat protection system
  • Compatible with TIG torches too
  • Can be connected the generator
  • One year warranty
  • Not compatible with 110V
  • Not made for welding aluminum


9. SUNGOLDPOWER 200 MAG (Best Welder Under $400)

This versatile model offers the freedom to be connected to a 110V or 220V power source. It is integrated with the cutting edge IGBT technology and allows MIG, MAG and Arc Welding.

The scope of versatility doesn’t end here; it provides both options of gas welding and flux core welding. It can weld together steel and aluminum with reliable strength and ultimate power. Although you would require a separate spool gun for aluminum welding because it doesn’t come with the package. There is a selector switch that shifts between MIG or spool gun welding with a single touch.

The adjustable wire speed from 1 to 14 m/min and voltage from 1 to 20V further augments the flexibility you get during the process. You can opt for the settings that suit your application the best. The current rating is also adjustable between 20-180A and should be chosen according to the thickness of the material. The duty cycle of 60% allows the welding to be done for a long time constantly.

This welder gives less amount of spatter and if you are ready to give it some time, the amount of produced spatter will amount to a minimal which gives a good and dissolved well. There is a hot start button that quickly operates the machine and saves time especially in times of quick order under strict deadlines. It can weld to a thickness of 0.023-0.039 inches.

It is equipped with an overload protection mechanism to prevent the components from burning and comes with useful accessories like MIG torch, earth clamp, and nozzles for both gas and non-gas welding. The fan located inside protects the welder from being overheated. The user manual is rendered useless because of lack of any assembling info, safety procedures or details of the parts. Apart from this, it is a highly versatile but somehow heavier welding machine.

  • Can be operated on 110 and 220 volts
  • IGBT technology
  • Both options of gas and non-gas welding
  • Good duty cycle
  • Overload protection mechanism
  • The user manual is useless


10. WELD PRO 200A Welder (Best Mig Welder Under $700)

The last model of the list ends the article on the high because it takes a step forward towards the TIG welding option. It allows MIG, Flux core, TIG and sticks welding. All these processes in a single machine and that too under $700 make it a highly likable option.

The adjustable current amperage for all processes makes sure that they are carried out at optimal levels and produce good welds. It has a 30% duty cycle which may be argued to be less than the 60% duty cycle of the previous model but considering the incorporation of four different types of allowable welding techniques, this rate is justified.

You can monitor the voltage and current levels on the digital meters which give a precise reading so you can be absolutely sure that you are on the right road. You can adjust both voltage and current rating during MIG welding. The provided wire diameter for welding and the size of the nozzle for TIG welding are all expertly concluded, and precisely manufactured.

To weld aluminum, you would require a spate spool gun. It operates on 220 V and can weld to a thickness of 0.25 inches steel. It weighs only 30 pounds which makes it portable and easily carry-able. You can adjust the inductance levels as well for even better results and it comes with extra accessories which include earth clamp of good quality, flow meter, gas hose, and electrode holder. It is fitted with overload and high-temperature protection mechanisms.

This is a welding machine personified with utility and versatility and can be employed for every need ranging from DIY projects to fabrication and erection procedures. It can be used to weld steel sheets during base forming for a boiler, to create fine welds between aluminum plates of electric equipment or create deep welds for stainless steel frames of a farm. This is why it received the high number of 5-star rating on Amazon.

  • Lightweight
  • Allows four welding options which include TIG, Torch, MIG and flux core
  • Adjustable voltage and current level
  • Digitized meter reading capability
  • Adjustable inductance level
  • Overload and high-temperature protection mechanism
  • Not compatible with 110V


Editor’s Pick For Best Mig Welder

The preferable welder will depend on some factors:

1. Available Input Power: The chosen welder must be compatible with the available power source of your house or industry.

2. Being Welder: While many welding machines offer versatile welding options, there is always one type of material to which it is most suited. It may be thin aluminum sheets or thick stainless steel plates. Consider the type of materials that will be mostly at your disposal before making the decision

3. Degree Of Usage: That’s when the reliability and the duty cycle of the welders come in to play, if you have to use the welder for a continuous period of time, you would be requiring a machine with high duty cycle and long-lasting running.

After you are done with this, you can make your decision much easier. Hobart Handler 190 and Miler Electric are expensive options with favorable results. They can be purchased by factory owners and will break your bank if you don’t have that sort of money. If you are eying at something cheap and reliable, we would recommend choosing between Goplus MIG 130 Everlast MIG 140.

The Goplus model is highly adjustable, safe and lightweight but carries no warranty whereas Everlast is fitted with the latest IGBT technology and provides the best duty cycles. Other models can be chosen on the basis of available power source, unique functionality, and ease of transportability. We have gathered the best models for you and left the decision on your hands.

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