Best Smartwatches For Men 2022

Here in this article, we not only listed 10 best smartwatches for men but also reviewed them properly so you can buy the one you like without any if’s and but’s.

Are you tired of taking out the phone every time you want to see the distance traveled while running on a park’s track or do you often find yourself forgetting your smartphone here and there?

Do you want to experience the safe option of answering the calls without taking out the phone from your pocket while driving or toggle between songs easily through wrists?

A smartwatch is a solution for you.

Trademark revolution in the field of wearable technology and proved to be one of the best replacements for a much portable version of the smartphones, these watches will prove beneficial in many situations for men.

About half of the sales of smart watches is done by men, therefore, we have put together an enticingly informative list of best smartwatch for men here and also shared reviews, pros, and cons of each product.

If you’re in a hurry and want to know about the hottest model of a smart watch for men on Amazon then check the products below.


Top Selling Smartwatch For Men

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So, what should you look at them before buying?


What Features Should Men Smartwatches Have?

1. Replying to calls and messages:

As smartwatches with SIM would cost a phone bill hence there needs to be a mechanism for responding to calls and messages. The watches included in this list does it by either voice notes, keypad messages or scribble effect whereby you write a text through your handwriting and convert it into a text message before sending it.

2. Compatible with Android or iPhone:

There is no point of a smartwatch which promises to be a companion of your phone if it can’t be synced effectively with it. Bluetooth connectivity is a must in a smartwatch for men so that they can install apps, view their fitness records on a larger screen and customize the watch’s settings.

3. Battery life:

Men want their smartwatches to have a long battery life because if they would be using them, they would use if for important measures like a reminder for a meeting, monitoring their health or finding a nearby Uber. If it gets off within 4-9 hours of operation, you are better off without it.

4. Exterior:

These smartwatches must be coherent with suits, informal attire and other occasions equally. They must possess a classy look and an exquisite, easy-to-wear, breathable design with the option to swap between themes and watch faces.


Top 10 Men’s Smartwatches

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The Best Smartwatch For Men

1. Garmin Vivoactive 3 (Editor's Choice: Top Rated Smartwatch For Men)

A man with a normal life looks for three things in a smartwatch: looks, fitness tracking capability and connectivity options apart from the price obviously. Garmin Vivoactive 3 surpasses the majority of the models including the famous Apple Watch in fitness tracking and that makes it one of the most likable options for men.


It features a simplistic, breathable design that can be a part of any attire. The dial is circular and durable, flexible rubber is used for the construction of the strap. It’s the fitness monitoring that has earned this model its widespread recognition. Tracking of heartbeat, steps, and distance traveled is very precise while there is an extensive fitness-calculation metric of VO2 which tells you about the concentration of oxygen in your blood.


The GPS is very accurate too and while you are running, you can clearly see the mileage and the current location. There is a total of 15 preloaded sports apps including swimming, yoga, and cardio which will provide a more specific exercise regime for your body. You may make estimates, take challenges and depict your daily progress on the watch or smartphone.


There is no Wifi connectivity and no SIM but you can be connected via Bluetooth like most of the smartwatches. It can receive calls and messages and although you can’t talk through the phone, you can reply to calls via voice notes and to texts by selecting from the list of preset text messages like “I am busy”, “Talk to you later”. This becomes helpful when you are away from the phone. Garmin Pay allows you to make contactless payments but there have been some complaints about the inability of the watch’s NFC on some cards.


There is plenty you can do with the display and the apps. By syncing with Connect IQ Store, you can download as many apps and display themes as you like. Watch faces can be changed according to your mood. As for the limitations, it doesn’t have a music library so if you are leaving for outside with just this men smartwatch, you will have anything to listen too. Also, its sleep tracking ability is poor. On the contrary, it has a battery timing of 3 days and comes with a 90 days warranty.


  • Simplistic design
  • Superior fitness monitoring capability
  • Accurate GPS, VO2 tracking and daily stress rate
  • Can respond to calls and text messages
  • 15 different sports apps
  • Battery timing of 3 days
  • No music library onboard
  • Poor sleep tracking ability



3. Samsung Gear S3 (Best Selling Android Smartwatch For Men)


It would be unjustified to not include Samsung gadget in the list of best smartwatches for men. Gear 3 is an absolute stunner with a sophisticated look, full Android compatibility, and all-weather performance. It’s the price that will be the only factor limiting your likelihood to purchase this model.


With the help of two buttons on the side and a steel bezel, the user can navigate through the apps present on the watch. It includes the built-in S Health app which will monitor your steps through an integrated pedometer, calculate your heartbeat and the number of calories you burned in a day. You can also make exercise challenges, set goals and see your ranking in the leaderboard.


Gear 3 allows you to take and make calls, reply to text messages through keypad typing, emojis and sending voice notes and view notifications from single- and third-party platforms like FaceBook, WhatsApp and Messenger. Never lose contact with the world around you with Bluetooth connectivity. Also, the inbuilt GPS tracking allows you to share location with your friends and track your routes while the NFC connection makes contactless payments a breeze.


That’s not it with this smartwatch! It can effectually resist water, high temperatures and occasional falls of mild nature. You get a battery timing of 3 days and the option to swap multiple straps along with the watch faces to fit every dress of yours in every situation you are in. It is compatible with all Android and iOS smartphones.


  • Smart design with the option to swap multiple straps
  • Customizable settings and watch faces
  • S- Health App for fitness tracking
  • Allows two-way communication through calls and messages
  • Make contactless payments with NFC
  • Battery life of 3 days
  • GPS tracking
  • Expensive
  • Heavier than Sanag Watch


4. Armani Exchange (Top Class Smartwatch For Men)


Black and silver are the colors of men. Armani watch utilizes the latter to bring forward a men smartwatch that closely imitates a normal, slick watch which enhances the grace of the attire and pumps it up with helpful features that are the signatory of a smartwatch.


Weighing as much as 8.8 ounces, it has a circular dial and thick steel, the rail-like strap which many people would kill for while many adopt to avoid it; that depends on your choice. If we talk about the features, there are plenty. As a decent health monitor, it can track your heart rate, distance traveled and the number of calories cut down.


There is an in-built GPS that will accurately track your real-time location, track the distance you have traveled and be used to share the location with your loved ones. Obviously, you can download many of the third-party health apps to intensify your fitness routine.


Presence of NFC allows the user to make payments electronically while the Google Assistant will be your companion on the go. Ask questions from it related to weather or navigation and command it how you want it to be done. It will advise you on a precautionary measure like taking an umbrella on a potentially rainy morning or wearing a seatbelt before you start the journey.


In addition, Armani Watch is swim-proof and can be used to track underwater swimming performance of yours, have various watch faces to choose from, gives full touch sensitivity option to the user, prompts you to add reminders, gives the freedom to view notifications, contains music player to play tour favorite songs while you are exercising, waiting for someone or driving and is fully compatible with Android 4.4+ and iOS 9.3+.


The biggest issue of this watch is the battery timing and price. It’s just a shy below $300 but offers a battery timing of only about 12-24 hours.


  • Designed as a normal steel watch which will enhance the grace of your attire
  • Decent health monitor
  • NFC allows you to make electronic payments
  • Presence of Google Assistant
  • Swim proof and GPS facilitated
  • Heavy
  • Expensive and low battery timing
5. Fitbit Versa (Best All-Round Smartwatch For Men)


Never would it take long enough to mention the name of Fitbit whenever there is a discussion of smartwatches. It started off with activity trackers, which, by all means, were great and then engineered exquisite smartwatches as the time passed by, keeping in view the interest shown by the customers.


Fitbit Versa is an all-round smartwatch with a staggering number of reviews on Amazon. Not particularly because of one specific function but it’s the versatility that has attracted many customers towards it. The square-shaped screen contains smooth champers and one button on the left side. It’s all touch-sensitive and you get to arrange the apps how you like it. We start with health tracking.


It will keep you updated throughout the day, thanks to its heart rate monitor, accelerometer and a pedometer. With 15+ exercise modes like climbing, running, and treadmill, you can record yourself wherever you want. Be it calculating the distance you traveled on the treadmill or counting how many calories you lose in a day’s run; you would have it neatly displayed on the bright screen.


Fitbit keeps you updated by managing the notifications, sounding important reminders and giving the option of downloading any app from the Play Store. It could be a music player if you don’t like the inbuilt player which has the capability to store 300 of your favorite tracks or any health-related app which can provide a better insight than the animated workouts of the watch itself.


In addition, it can be taken underwater to track your swimming performance as well. There is a unique feature for women which comes with the name of Female health that monitors the health to log periods and menstrual cycle. With a battery life of about 3 days and a price below $200, it would take some courage to deny this smartwatch.


  • All around smartwatch with good looks and high utility
  • 15+ on-screen workouts
  • Touch-sensitive
  • Accurate fitness monitoring
  • Can store up to 300+ songs
  • Female health feature
  • Animated workouts on the bright screen
  • Inexpensive and a good battery life of 3 days
  • No inbuilt GPS
  • No NFC


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6. Apple Watch Series 3 (Best Men Smartwatch For iPhone)


It won’t work with Android devices but if you have an iPhone, we suggest you look no further. It delivers elevated levels of quality and that too, with a sleek, clean look with a weight of only 1.27 ounces.


There is a single rotor on the right side that will take you through the apps while the button is a dedicated home button. From fitness monitoring to music playing and accessing synced files, it can do everything. The screen is OLED in nature and offers a 1.65 inches display that is crisp and bright.


The user interface is intuitive and understandable, especially the rotor which will quickly toggle to the music player while you are working out or navigate you to specific locations. Siri assistant is as helpful as Google Assistant which will provide you with instructions, give reminders, offer solutions and respond to given commands.


Fitness tracking is very reliable: heartbeat monitoring is not simply counting pulses but it is an extensive system of recording your heartbeat at rest, while you are running or walking and doing exercise to present with a statistical record. The 16GB storage will enable you to install multiple health apps in addition to what is present already.


A new feature is the ‘daily inspiration’ which motivates you to achieve your daily goals. While you run or swim, it would track everything including the distance traveled with onboard GPS, calories burned and the stress levels. The health app shines with good performance while you are in the gym where its dedicated regimes will measure how well you are doing a particular activity like dumbbells, squats, and pushups.


In addition to it, it can send replies via voice notes and emojis, set reminders, view notifications play music in the player and swap watch faces of your choice. The LTE version of the watch will cost extra.


  • Very lightweight
  • OLED screen with 1.65-inches display
  • Intuitive UI with customizable settings
  • 16GB internal memory
  • Siri Assistant
  • Great health monitoring with ‘daily inspiration’ app
  • Swim-proof
  • Expensive and the LTE version is even more pricey
  • Only compatible with iPhone



If you’re looking for low price watches then check these best cheap smartwatches.


8. Huawei Watch 2 (Best Sports Smartwatch For Men)


Are you a frequent traveler who wants location monitoring over your wrists or an office person who never wants to get late! Huawei’s got just the right watch for you. Not only is it supremely bedecked with features, its as classy as a watch can be and then there is the additional benefit of the lightweight.


The watch comes in three different modes which are black, brown and Sports. Whichever you purchase, the hardware and functionality will be the same with color and outlook being the only differing factor. Sports one is immersed in a striking dotted design whereas the other two are much more composed.


Huawei Watch 2 features a circular design with a rotating ceramic bezel that navigates through the apps and two control buttons for select and home functions. The screen has a resolution of 390×390 pixels and is protected by a Corning Gorilla Glass.


Coming to the functionality, it has an ever-accurate onboard GPS that will track your location, calculate the distance you have traveled and advise you on your prescribed location. Sync it with Google Maps and find any location whilst you are traveling around holiday destinations.


The health assistant is competitive as well with the ability to measure the general metrics like pulse rate, calories burned and the much specific, blood oxygen concentration. You can carry out real-time workouts with the help of this watch and view your status including workout time and recovery data. Never miss your workout with the health-reminders preinstalled in this watch.


Then, we have other functions. The NFC-enabled watch allows you to make payments with your wrists; without reaching for your pocket to take out card or cash. The Google Assistant will be your friend anywhere: it can translate your language, give you important reminders, carry out specific functions like playing music and opening Face book for you and much more.


Everything which you used to do with it on the phone can now be done easily on your wrist! It has an internal storage of 4GB to keep the music files and hundreds of third-party apps, you can reply to calls, answer messages through scribble effect keypad or voice notes and choose from an elongated list of watch faces.


It can toggle between all displays ranging from a party-based theme to a much formal business meeting, from an underwater swimming contest to a funky one for a costume function. The battery timing is 2-3 days depending on the usage but there were some complaints when we went through the reviews.


Some weren’t happy with the sleep tracking capability of the watch as the watch couldn’t exactly calculate the sleep time while others had difficulty in connecting the GPS. It has to be written, however, that the probability of these complaints was minimal as compared to the positive responses.


  • Premium look with many watch faces
  • Onboard GPS
  • Competent health tracking with a VO2 meter and sleep tracking
  • NFC allows the user to make payments from the wrist
  • 4GB internal space
  • Only 2 ounces in weight
  • Battery timing of 2-3 days
  • Some complaints about inaccurate sleep tracking and connecting GPS


Best Hybrid Smartwatches For Men

9. Fossil Q Nate (Best Hybrid Smartwatch For Men)


This smartwatch is a semi smartwatch because it doesn’t have a display screen or touch sensitivity but offers smartwatch features that are represented by analog controls i.e. the movement of needles. It carries a classy black design that can be worn with any attire along with a metallic strap that refuses to get loose.


The functionality, as mentioned earlier, is made possible by the watch’s hands. It can count your steps and tell you about the sleep time. Now, for the notifications, it uses a combination of vibrations and watch hand movements whereby a particular combination of vibration will sound for a particular notification and the hour/minute hand will move to a dedicated number.


For example, a notification from FaceBook will move the hand to 12 o’clock with 2 beeps while a call from your friends will give one vibration and the watch hand will move to 6 o’clock. That’s how it works. There’s a total of six contacts and six apps you can manage with this watch. Unfortunately, it can’t tell you who is texting you because there is no screen but these limitations are bound to come with hybrid smartwatches.


Through Bluetooth connectivity, you can customize the settings but it has been reported to take some time for the watch to sync with the phone. The battery doesn’t need charging because it runs on a cell that works for a year or so.


  • Acts like a real watch
  • Elegant design
  • Step count and sleep monitor
  • View notifications through a system of vibrations and analog representation
  • Battery runs on a cell for about a year; no charging needed
  • Limited functionality because it is a semi smartwatch
  • Syncing with the app was reported to take some time


10. Timex Metropolitan (Best Cheap Men Hybrid Smartwatch)


That’s another semi smartwatch with a classy, elegant outlook that is sure to impress your friends and other people if you wear it at a party. Easily mistaken to be an analog quartz watch, it surely makes the eyeballs roll when smart functionality comes in to play.


It is a simple health monitor and measures the distance traveled and the calories burned. The sensitivity of the step count can be adjusted through the control buttons on the side of the watch if you feel it is either slow or fast. The dial marked D will tell the distance and S the steps. The information is displayed on the app. There is another dial which is calibrated in percentage that will track the percentage you are near to the set goals.


It doesn’t have any notification sensing capability like the previous model which pushes it behind in functionality. You can choose from various straps that add elegance to the wearer. It is lightweight and customizable as in adhering according to the thickness of your wrist.


  • Classy design
  • Option of straps
  • Pedometer and calorie counter
  • Lightweight
  • No notification sensing
  • Even simpler functionality than the Fossil Q Nate


Conclusion (Final Verdict On Men’s Smartwatches)

That’s yet another tough conclusion because we already have compiled together with the models of best smartwatches for men available in the market, therefore, choosing one from them is a hard, toiling task. We would break it down in terms of contributing factors. If you are looking for a fitness watch that looks nice on the wrist, choose Verpro Smartwatch because Fitbit Versa lacks a GPS.

For people who want an all-round option can either switch to Garmin Vivoactive or Huawei Watch 2. The smartwatch with best looks will have to be Armani Watch while both Samsung and Apple models can be purchased if you have a large sum of money. We dearly hope you make the right choice and the purchased model proves vital for your life.

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