12 Best Lawn Mowers For Small Yards Large Gardens 2022

Lawns are the beauty of any house and, no doubt, the case is very similar to the face makeup. If the makeup is delicately placed according to the skin and face cut and gives no sense of artificialness, it looks ravishing but a mindless imposing of face powder, lipstick, blush on and eyeliner regardless of the type of face the person has, would result in a horrible outlook.

Similarly, if a lawn is kept well-trimmed and maintained, it will enhance the grace of the house and look inviting otherwise guests at your house would be eager to skip the lawn portion and rush inside.

Lawn mower is the most common and effective source of mowing your lawn’s grass and there are hundreds of models out there in the market. While every model has some outstanding features, they are not always suitable for your lawn. You see, there are some considerations before choosing the lawn mower because the choice is greatly affected by the type of terrain, the size of the garden, and the amount of money you have.

This article presents a complete guide about the best lawn mowers for small yards and large gardens.

Before we turn towards the description of the best models in each category, we would like to notify you about the features we considered while choosing the best model.

Specifications Of The Best Lawn Mower

1. Reliable Powerhouse:

It refers to the engine in case of gas-powered and motors in case of cordless and corded lawn mowers. They must be reliable, offer no running problems and come with a warranty of at least 2 years.

Names like Briggs & Stratton and Kawasaki are well-reputed gas engines along with Kohler. Motors in electric powered mowers can be checked for their built on the internet.

It is better if they are Energy Star certified and brushless in nature because they have fewer running parts and thus minimizes the probability of inducing running issues.

You would also need to look at the battery performance in case of cordless mowers; they must allow a good running time, balanced current transmission and low charging time.

2. The Deck:

This is actually the part that will cut your grass so it needs to be of top quality. Most of the gas-powered mowers have steel-stamped decks which are ideal while some others are integrated with polymer or plastic decks which should be checked before purchasing.

You need to step on the decks in order to embark on the mower, therefore, their strength is undeniable. Other things to consider are its height adjustments, and size. Small deck lift iterations are better because then, it can handle grass of every height.

As for the size, it varies according to the size of your lawn. ½ acres can be easily mowed with deck widths of 17-21 inch while you should eye at widths of 48-60 inches for 3-5-acre lawns.

3. Drive:

It’s either rear wheel or front wheel. If you have a hilly lawn, you need to choose rear wheel drive because the other one won’t be able to travel uphill very effectively.

4. Wheels:

They should be large enough to be maneuvered around the gardens and have tracks that grip well to the land. Wheels become even more important if you have hilly lawns because slippery wheels can give rise to unfortunate accidents.

Apart from all these, you should carry out prior research on the type of lawn mower you wish to purchase (Well, that’s what this article is for so don’t worry about that) and read customer reviews of your desired model to get a realistic picture of its performance and efficiency.


Top 12 Mowers For Small & Large Lawns

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For Small Yards

For Large Gardens 


To the categories now!


Best Lawn Mowers For Small Yards

You don’t need to buy mowers with high deck lengths because smaller ones will do just fine for your small yards. Widths of 30-45-inches are suitable for riding mowers if your yards are between 1/2 to 2 acres.

Here we bring the reviews of top eight lawn mower models, available on Amazon, for you which are suitable for small yards. Let’s begin with the riding lawn mowers models.


Best Riding Lawn Mower For Small Gardens (Reviews)

1. Troy-Bilt 382cc (Best Selling Riding Lawn Mower)

Backed up by near 250+ reviews and a high 5-star ratings ratio, this mower is a complete all-rounder. From the engine’s performance to cutting efficacy and maneuverability, it scores high marks.

Ideal for lawns bigger than ½ acres, you can choose the type of hydrostatic transmission you need from pulley & belt to foot-controlled. Powered by a 382cc auto choke engine which is OHV (Over Head Valve), you can obtain a forward speed of 4.25 MPH.

The step-through deck is fabricated out of high-grade steel and is 30 inches wide. A single-lever height adjustment lifts up the deck through 5 heights and engages the blades in a way that ensures superior and equal grass cut.

In addition, the wheels turn through a large radius of 18 inches which can easily cut the grass through sharp turns and tricky corners. Front wheels are 13 inches and the rear are 16 inches wide so there is absolutely no ambiguity in the desired grip one requires while pacing through his lawn.

Equipped with a deck awash to wash the grass clippings and a comfortable seat so that your back doesn’t take any pain, this model is a blast and one of Amazon’s top sellers. There is a reason why such an expensive entity manages to receive so many reviews- and that is its praiseworthy performance in all departments.

Key Features:

  • 382cc auto choke engine
  • 30-inch cutting deck
  • Turning radius of 18 inches
  • Deck wash port
  • Rear wheels are 16 inches
  • Amazon top seller

2. Cub Cadet XT1 (Best Lawn Tractor)

Largely resembled to a tractor, this heavy machine is incorporated with headlights and a bonnet that stores the engine inside.

Powered by an 18HP Kohler engine, it permits a maximum forward speed of 5.5 MPH and has a capacity of 3 gallons. The mower comes with a warranty of 3 years so there is nothing to worry about the reliability of the engine.

This is meant for somewhat larger lawns, owing to its 42-inch deck which is fashioned out of steel. A plastic side chute connects to it for side discharge while the blades work effectively to cut grass beautifully and equally.

Hydrostatic transmission functions perfectly through the wheels which allows a turning radius of 18 inches, same to that of the previous model thus, you would get a good cut whatever the shape of your lawn is. For easy cleaning, there is a deck wash port and the deck can be lifted through 6 height adjustments. It is expensive than the previous model but only due to the fact that it can handle larger lawns and have headlights.

Key Features:

  • 18HP Kohler engine
  • 3 year warranty
  • 42-inch deck
  • Hydrostatic transmission
  • Deck wash port

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Best Electric Lawn Mower For Small Yards (Reviews)

For those who can’t manage enough money to buy a riding mower can turn themselves towards the purchase of electric mowers. These are not as powerful as the riding lawn mowers and are equipped with smaller deck widths but surely get the mowing job done. Such mowers are suitable for lawns up to ¾ acres.

1. Lawnworks 25142 (Best Inexpensive Lawn Mower For Small Yard)

Arguably the best-corded lawn mower, this electric powered mower is available at a very reasonable price and has received massive praise from all of its customers. More than 3000 people tried this machine and a very less percentage of them rated it 1-star which depicts how brilliant this is.

Weighing only 48 pounds, it runs on a 10A motor which has enough power to cut through a lawn of ½ acres without making you tired. It has a 16-inch deck which engages the blade for a very reasonable grass cut.

You start the mower by pressing the button and pushing back the handle after which it runs on its own with you defining the path of cutting. There is a cord handle that keeps the cord in place so it doesn’t get caught in the wheels. For convenience, you can choose either the rear discharge into the grass catcher bag or mulch by inserting the mulching plug.

Deck is lifted by a single-lever controller to cut grass of height as low as 5/8 inches which is outstanding and quite unique. Some breeds of grass don’t grow too high and can only be mowed by this mower which makes it highly effective.

Wheels are well placed and a 150-foot cable gives you the freedom to maneuver it around your small yard with ease. There is nothing to dislike about this electric lawn mower except the fact that the cord follows you everywhere and you have to ensure that it doesn’t get caught up in the mower itself or your kid running around.

Key Features:

  • Highly reviewed and liked by customers
  • 10A motor
  • 16-inch cutting deck
  • 2-in-1 bagging and mulching
  • 150-foot cable


Best Cordless Lawn Mower For Small Yards (Reviews)

Then, there are mowers without cords. They are powered through rechargeable batteries that are fitted on the above the cutting deck normally. The biggest advantage of cordless lawn mowers over corded mowers is evident from their name: you don’t have to endure the hassle of the cord while cutting your grass. Among hundreds of models online, these two models took our attention.

1. Greenworks MO40B01 (Best Budget & Cheap Cordless Lawn Mower)

This 17-inch classic mower has been greatly raved by the customers and is very reliable because it has been awarded consistently good reviews and comes from a company like Greenworks which is a trademark name in the industry of lawn mowers.

MO40B1 is operated via 40V Lithium Battery system which is easy to charge, and a polymer-fabricated cutting deck that is sturdy and lightweight at the same time. The mower allows 2-in-1 mulching and bagging capability which enhances its effectiveness for homeowners because at one time you will be collecting the grass clippings in the rear bag while on the other, spreading mulch on the lawn to increase soil’s fertility. It can also be raised through 5 heights.

A good warranty, maneuverable wheels, handles than can collapse after the usage for easy storage and a highly reasonable price tags are the other features that have made this cordless machine the top pick of thousands of customers.

Key Features:

  • 17-inch cutting deck
  • 40V lithium battery system
  • 2-1in-1 mulching and bagging
  • 5 height adjustments
  • Handles that can collapse for easy storage


2. Greenworks PRO 21-Inch 80V GLM801602 (Best 3-in-1 Cordless Mower)

With a 20-inch steel deck that is capable of handling larger lawns than the previous model, this machine can cut grass as low as 1.375 inches and provides a noiseless and fast cutting operation.

The 80V motor is more powerful and brushless in nature along with a 4Ah battery that provides a running time of 50 minutes. The deck can be raised through 7 height adjustments and provides 3-in-1 cutting capability. How cool is that!

It starts on the very first or second button push and the handles can be collapsed for easy storage like the previous model. Alongside, it is 16 times quieter than gas-powered mowers and is furnished with large wheels that ensure good grip during the operation. It is costly than the first model but that translates to its higher effectiveness.

Key Features:

  • 20-inch cutting deck
  • 80V powerful battery
  • Run time of 50 minutes
  • 7 height adjustments
  • Quitter operation


Best Push Mower For Small Lawns Reviews

There are self-propelled lawn mowers that push themselves to reduce fatigue and then there are push mowers that are slightly less in power than the self-propelled ones. Although they are operated by battery but requires a bit of user’s input force as well to function effectively. After a lot of research, we have finalized this top model of push mower for you.

1. Greenworks 25302 (Best 2 in 1 Push Lawn Mower)

Equipped with dual batteries, this is an outstanding choice for lawn owners which is reflected by the huge number of reviews it gathered and the amount of 5-star ratings it received.

It has a 20-inch polymer deck with 2-in-1 cutting capability whereby you can either mulch or bag the grass clippings. 5 height adjustments allow the user to cut grass of heights 1.75-3.75 inches through sharp dual blades that execute the smart cut technology to channelize the optimal amount of energy from the battery to rotate and cut the grass.

Two 40V batteries give a total run time of 70 minutes with an advantage of switch over function that automatically switches the supply to the other battery one the first one goes out of charge. Wheels are large enough to access through long and wet grass and the battery can be inserted in any other tool of the 40V Greenworks collection. The mower is also backed up by a limited 4- year warranty that covers all parts including motor, deck lever, handles and the start push button.

Key Features:

  • 20-inch cutting deck
  • 5 height adjustments
  • Dual batteries with switchover function
  • Run time of 70 minutes
  • 4-year warranty


Best Lawn Mower For Small Hilly Yard (Reviews)

The homeowners who have hilly lawns should eye at rear wheel drive lawn mowers because the added push that these mowers get makes it roll uphill comfortably. Not many mowers are rear wheel drive as opposed to numerous front wheel drive ones but we went deep and after some research, managed to found a reasonably priced yet powerful gas-powered lawn mower for you.

1. Troy-Bilt TB330 (Best Lawn Mower For Small Hills)

It is reviewed by 150+ customers with a majority of satisfied users rated it 4+ stars which makes it our top pick for this category.

On part of its 21-inch cutting deck, it can handle lawns till 1-acre effectively.

A 163cc Briggs & Stratton engine powers this machine and we all know about the performance of the said name! What’s exciting about this particular model is the TriAction cutting system of the deck. It utilizes three blades that work in conjunction to give a superior grass cut that not only increases the growth rate of your grass but gives it a very beautiful look as well. 6 height adjustments allow you to cut grass of variable heights. There is even a deck wash port to clean it after the operation.

TB330can even permit 4 top speed settings to suit the intensity of operation you desire. This particular feature is very rare in mowers. Moreover, it provides a complete 3-in-1 scheme of bagging, side discharge and mulching capability along with an ergonomic handle and maneuverable wheels. All this comes at a striking price and a warranty of 2 years. What more does one need!

Key Features:

  • 163cc engine
  • TriAction cutting system
  • 6 height adjustments
  • 4 top speed settings
  • 3-in-1 cutting capability
  • 2-year warranty


Best Lawn Mower For 1 Acre lot (Reviews)

Generally, 1-acre yards need mowers between deck lengths of 34 and 40 inches. It can be a battery powered lawn mower or a gas-powered depending on your choice. Factors such as the type of the desired transmission, brand, and level of functionality will define your final choice. Here is our top pick which is very good in performance and reliability and comes with great features.

1. Troy-Bilt 540cc (Best Mower For 1 Acre Garden)

This riding tractor is probably the best choice for your 1-acre lawn. Powerfully build to last with extremely rugged wheels, top-notch deck performance and presence of headlights, it is a product which will stay with you 10 years easily. Now, you have to think whether an investment of near $2500 is worthy of that or not.

Powered by a 19HP Briggs & Stratton engine, it is integrated with a foot-pedal transmission. The steel stamped cutting deck is 46-inches wide and there is an anti-slip foot pad for safe embarking.

The engine rests on shocks over the wheels while the deck is placed below your feet platform. 2-in-1 mowing and side discharge capability give you the freedom to choose from either. There is a deck wash port to clean the deck and height adjustments to lift the deck according to the height of the grass you want to cut.

There is even an option of reverse mowing and the transmission lever on the left side controls the forward, neutral and reverse drive. A highly padded seat sits on bolted levers while the headlight on the front gives you the freedom to mow your lawns at night as well. With a warranty of 2 years and the name of Troy-Bilt, it is an excellent bid to make provided you have enough money.

Key Features:

  • 19hp engine
  • 46-inch cutting deck
  • 2-in-1 cutting capability
  • Deck wash port
  • Reverse mowing function
  • 2-year warranty


Best Lawn Mowers For Large Gardens (Reviews)

If you have lawns that are greater than an acre, you will have to invest a bit more. Larger gardens have more risks of weeds growing in them so you have to mow the grass weekly or so. Instead of discussing all the top models for large gardens altogether, we will simplify them into categories to make things easier for you so, here goes.

1. Einhell GC-PM 46 UK Only (Best Petrol Lawn Mowers)

Petrol lawn mowers don’t offer very wide deck lengths but we have found a model with wide enough deck length for you. Einhell GC-PM (46) has 46cm deck width and cutting speeds up to 2900rpm. Coated with sheet metal, the housing is weatherproof and sturdy at the same time. Powered by a 139cc four stroke engine, this is powerful enough for your larger lawn. The 4-stroke scheme gives more power and is less problematic than the 2-stroke engine as each cycle is specified for a single process.

Its biggest advantage is the nine-height adjustment system which can cut grass of heights 3-8cm. Such versatility is hard to find in lawn mowers. The German-made machine is rear wheel drive so it can handle any terrain and provides effortless mowing of large lawns. It is 2-in-1 mulching and bagging capable where a large, 50L grass catcher bag holds the grass clippings off your large garden so you don’t have to rush to dump it after every short period of time.

Handles is another exciting feature because its height can be adjusted through three levels depending on the size of the user and after use, they can be collapsed for easy storage in the shed or any room. This model has received a high amount of 5-star reviews on Amazon and is available at a cheaper rate than its competitor models out in the market.

Key Features:

  • 46cm deck
  • 139cc engine
  • 4-stroke engine
  • 2-in-1 mulching and bagging
  • 50L grass catcher bag


Best Electric Lawn Mowers For Large Gardens (Reviews)

1. Greenworks 25022 (Best Corded 3-in-1 Lawn Mower Suitable For Large Garden)

Although it has a deck size of 20 inches but this is among the highest you can get for corded lawn mowers. Additionally, the run time is about 50 minutes which is decent enough to handle large gardens before needing to recharge it again. Greenworks 25022 manages to accumulate an enormous amount of 4000+ reviews on Amazon which speaks highly of the standard it is statured with.

A 12 A noiseless motor runs this mower and is started by pushing the button and pulling back the handle. The deck is metal stamped and offers 3-in-1 cutting capability which includes mulching, rear, and side discharge. A 7-position deck lift adjustment scheme can cut grass of heights 1.5-3.75 inches effectively and beautifully. A lot of customers have praised the grass cut they get after this mower is done with the operation.

In addition to all this, the rear wheels are 10 inches in diameter which are large enough to pace through long and wet grass along with handles that can be collapsed for easy storage. Although we believe corded mowers are not feasible for large lawns, this is the model you need to buy if you think otherwise.

Key Features:

  • Run time of 50 minutes
  • 4000+ reviews on amazon
  • 3-in-1 cutting capability
  • 7-position deck lift
  • Inexpensive


Best Cordless Lawn Mowers For Large Gardens (Reviews)

This is a better option than the corded ones because you don’t have to get yourself in the annoyance of cord wriggling along with the mower. Lithium-ion batteries of these mowers are charged quickly and offer run times between 40-60 minutes. Here is the top option you have for this category:

1. Greenworks GLM801601 (Best Cordless Mower For Large Size Gardens)

Greenworks’s 21-inch lawn mower, once again, features in this article owing to its brilliant performance and convenience.

Run by 80V battery, it includes a brushless motor that is effective enough to provide performance equivalent to a 160cc gas engine. Think about that; a normal 160cc gas-powered lawn mower would cost you above $1000 but this is near to half of this price. You get a run time of 45 minutes and with the fast cutting it provides, you can manage to mow 2-2.5 acres of your garden at this time.

The cutting deck is made with steel, is durable and rust-resistant. Equipped with a Smart Cut Load sensing technology that senses the amount of power required for a particular task and channelizes only that from the battery, it gives a cleaner and much precise grass cut. There is the freedom of either attaching a grass catcher bag for rear discharge, a chute for side discharge or a mulching plug for mulching.

Handles can be collapsed and the mower is started on the first or second push of the button. The good thing is the provision of an extra 2Ah battery and charger with the package which minimizes extra spending. The charger puffs up the battery with juice in 30 minutes so managing a large garden is convenient for you. This model is backed up by 600+ reviews and an overall rating of throbbing 4+ depicts how great this product is.

Key Features:

  • 21-inch cutting deck
  • Run time of 45 minutes
  • Smart cut load sensing technology
  • Extra 2Ah battery
  • Quick charging in 30 minutes


Best Lawn Mowers For Large Sloping Garden Reviews

To handle large hilly gardens, you would require a rear wheel drive mower. That’s the only additional feature you need to find in the models in this regard. Although there are many such models available online, we think Husqvarna HU800AWDH is the best overall.

1. Husqvarna HU800AWDH (Best Walk Behind Self Propelled Lawn Mower)

A self-propelled mower by type, this is priced at a manageable rate. It is powered by a 190cc GCV Honda engine which provides power at an rpm of 3000 which explains why this is our top pick. It will mow your large gardens swiftly and conveniently.

The steel deck is 22 inches that is probably the largest size you would get for self-propelled lawn mowers and gives the option of the 3-in-1 cutting capability to the user: there is a grass catcher bag with level indication, the mulching plug for mulching capability and external chute for side discharge.

The main feature, however, is the 4×4 rear wheel hi-drive which is exclusively designed for Husqvarna models. This capability has made it a popular choice for large uneven gardens. The rear wheel is 11 inches while the front wheels are 8 inches in size and can access any type of terrain. Their tire tread is extremely rugged and strong.

Additionally, there is a 3-position handle height adjustment option to make it convenient for users of all heights. It comes with a 1-year warranty and has been rated highly by the customers who purchased and used it over their sloping lawns.

Key Features:

  • 190cc GCV engine
  • 22-inch cutting deck
  • 3-in-1 cutting capability
  • 4×4 rear wheel hi-drive
  • Rugged tires
  • 3-position handle height adjustments


Best Lawn Mowers For 5 Acres (Reviews)

Commercial lawns require mowers with very wide deck widths so that mowing them takes less time. Zero turn mowers are the most viable option in this regard because they offer wide deck lengths, can handle all sorts of turns and curves on part of their zero-turn radius and access every type of terrain. MZ61 is the most reliable option.

1. Husqvarna MZ61 (Best 61 Inch Commercial Zero Turn Mower)

Husqvarna which is a power-studded zero turn lawn mower that is fashioned out of steel and hard plastic that is durable, highly functional, fully integrated with supreme performance capabilities and comes with outstanding customer service. A safe and appreciable investment, if you ask us!

It features a 27 HP Briggs & Stratton engine which is twin V type and has a fuel capacity of 5 gallons. The tank is located on one side to permit easy refilling. It is companioned by a hydro-gear transmission that gives a great overall performance, be it rolling over smooth contours or acceding inclined lawns. Quite smartly, the company has added a choke less start function and the safety feature allows it to remain off until you are embarked on the seat.

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Husqvarna MZ61 has a wide 61-inch cutting deck which is made of steel that is highly durable and can sustain the effects of all weather conditions. With 12 different height settings that are controlled by the foot lever easily, grass of heights 1.5-4.5 inches can be cut by the mower but it is challenged by long wet grass. Aluminum-manufactured spindles account for limited wear and weight while the side chute is made of hard plastic and can be disengaged to attach a bag or mulching kit.

Its control panel is ergonomic, the back seat is fully padded with armrests and has large 6-inch pneumatic tires that have good traction. The footpad is removable to locate any problem in the belt drives and pulleys. This model is laden with safety features.

First of all, it contains a parking brake on the left side which is engaged by pulling out the control levers and stops the mower even on slight inclines and makes sure that it remains in a stationary position when you are embarking on the machine. Then, the engine wouldn’t start until the deck is disengaged and the controls in a neutral position. You also have to insert the key in the slot to get the engine started.

Additionally, it comes with a 3-year residential warranty and the correspondents respond to your queries ever so helpfully.  There are only a few drawbacks associated with this model: It is highly expensive and may not be afforded by many of the people. Secondly, the mower sometimes makes a clump of grass cuttings and then discharges it through the chute. It creates chances of blockage but this problem was only occurred by some of the customers and it got fixed by the company.

It might cost you a bit more than your comfort zone but we assure you, it’s worth it. Equipped with probably the largest cutting deck available in the market, it is furnished with a killer engine and convenient serviceability features.

Key Features:

  • 61-inch cutting deck fabricated from 11-gauge steel
  • 27HP Briggs & Stratton engine
  • 3-in-1 capability with a large 9-bushel grass catcher bag
  • Suspension, cup-holders, and padded seat
  • Pedal-assisted cutting deck lift
  • Removable foot pan
  • Easy-to-access service parts

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We are done with the categories and now terminate the article with some common FAQs.



  1. How long do electric lawn mowers last?

It entirely depends on the company of the mower and the way you use it. If you don’t overcharge it, seldom let it go completely drained of battery and service it regularly, it will assist your lawn mowing needs for even 10 years. Considerably good mowers are available from Greenworks, Black + Decker, and Worx.

  1. Which is better, electric or gas lawn mower?

We discussed it earlier: if you have a small lawn till 1/3 acre area and okay with the cord wriggling along with you, you should consider buying the electric mower but if you have a bigger lawn and the grass is quite tall and thick, it is better to invest in the gas-powered mower.

  1. Can you attach carts and lorries with the lawn tractors?

Yes, you can but not with everyone. There are several holes drilled on the rear and sides of the most lawn tractors where which lorries can be attached through nuts/bolts or by welding. The weight and power of the engine will also define how much weight can you pull with the lawn tractor.

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