Top 6 Best Headsets For Big Heads 2022

I remember the character of Mojo-Jojo when walking down the aisle of childhood memories. It was this super genius and inventive monkey from the cartoon powerpuff girls. The monkey had an obnoxiously large head due to his unusually large brain.

Well, in the real world, a lot of genius folks are out there who suffer from obtaining an ideal capsize. Verily, the head size is proportional to their wisdom and adroitness but to adjust in this cruel miniature world is a big ask for them.

Caps and hats are not the only problems in their lives. Choosing an ideal headset for people with large heads is again an uphill task. Though the advancement in technology has boasted of customizability since long, yet one has to knock head at many places to achieve the goal.

If you belong to the Macrocephalic group and are tired of shifting between different headsets, here is a guide explaining and listing the best headphoness for big heads.

To start with, you ought to know what to look for when purchasing such type of a headset. A buying guide shall inform you enough to land on the perfect choice among the best headsets for large heads.

What To Look at Before Buying Headset For Big Heads

Type of Headset

Choosing the type of headset is pivotal. The primary division exists between wired and wireless headsets. The wired ones come with a 3.5mm jack or a USB interface while the wireless ones connect to your device via a Bluetooth connection.

Wired headsets are tremendous and provide good sound but you re tugged to the device while using them. The price tag of wired headsets is relatively lower as compared to wireless. The corded headsets drive power from your device so they are not battery operated and are 24/7 active as long as the machine is running.

On the other hand, the wireless headsets come with a more significant price tag and provide decent to good sound quality. They are hassle-free for they offer you the freedom to move. You just have to connect them with your PlayStation, Xbox, Mac, or phone, etc., and then enjoy the sound by staying within the range of field. These wireless devices are battery-operated, so you have to keep an eye on this aspect.

If you don’t like a battery dying on you because you are a heavy gamer, then I prefer you go for the wired ones, but if the wires irritate you, then a wireless headset is all you need.


The design of the headset is the most crucial option for big-headed guys. A delicate balance of the muscles exists in the human body. A muscle stretching from your temple of the head extending right onto the lower jaw of your face bears most of the pressure and weight of your headset. If the design isn’t an ergonomic one, the temporalis muscle gets under strain and results in a tiring effect on the face.

The headsets should be light-weighted. Adjustable headband is the dire need of the hour. This is probably the only reason you are looking into this article. The ear bands are meant to be soft and somewhat resistant to sweat. This shall help prolonged users.

Headsets should have a carry-friendly design. You should be able to carry them around easily on your neck or in any other comfortable way.

Many people with a large-sized head tend to have a large set of ears too. So, the ear bands should be large enough to accommodate them.

The availability of a microphone can make things easier for you. You can contact your partner in a game of PUBG or carry out voice recordings for your new music album.


In the fast world of technology, we see new devices every day. This rapid pouring makes it difficult for the accessories to cope up. Thus, you must be sure of what is your requirement and whether your loved headset is compatible with your device or not. An ideal headset should be compatible with most of all the devices in the market.

Sound Quality

Ideal sound quality is a personal preference. Some people like to make it loud while others suffice on the vocals. You can find teens rushing in stores, asking for headsets with high bass. On the other hand, gamers are interested in getting the perfect details in the sound.

The sound surround system is liking of some while some like a complete outside noise cancellation offered, so they can peacefully listen to the opera or the violin. So, the quality of sound is a relative term, but it should have a decent value of frequency and decibel score while staying clear and soothing to the ears.

The sound quality of the microphone (if present) is also a matter of consideration.


Top 6 Headsets For Large Heads

Keeping in mind the basic required features, we have shortlisted the best headsets below:

Best Headphones For Big Heads



3. Hyper Cloud X Cloud II: Best Gaming Headset For Big Ears


Behold! The winner of hearts has arrived. The gamers will surely fall in love with this gaming headset.


  • Padded leather headband
  • Sound surround audio
  • Noise cancellation
  • Compatible with multiple devices


Type of headset

This wired gaming headset is going to be your affair to remember.



The Hyper cloud X gaming headset stands out because of its design. The comfort of your ears and head is assured while keeping it classy and stylish. The headband is made out of leather to keep it soft while the ear cushions are foamy to keep it easy for your ears. The earpads are interchangeable and differ in texture. You can choose as per your liking.


The frame is cast out of aluminum. The metal keeps it light and at the same time durable. No need to worry about drops and blows.


A detachable microphone also comes with the headset, which is a plus point of it.


An audio box for controlling sound and microphone makes it worthy of being the best seller in America. The company ensures a great gaming experience by providing controls right in your hand.



The headset is compatible with most gaming devices including PC, Mac, Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One, and even on mobile devices. So, this single piece will be sufficient for most of your devices.


Sound quality

It is among those headsets that offer virtual 7.1 surround sound that provides depth. You can easily identify the enemy’s footsteps in PUBG and Fortnite and make comebacks far too easily. The 53mm drivers bless your ears with HiFi audio of a professional level.


The mic offers noise cancellation. Whatever the background is, your partner shall hear to every command of yours.


  • Interchangeable ear pads
  • Adjustable leatherette headband
  • 7.1 surround sound
  • Detachable microphone
  • Audio control box
  • The hard fit on design may be congesting for some

Bottom-line: A great gaming headset laced with all necessary requirements that cater for all head sizes.


4. Audio-Technica ATH-M50x: Best Fitting Headset For Large Head Professionals


This piece of gadgetry is unlike any other headset in the list of best headsets for big heads.


  • Adjustable and comfortable headband
  • Best fitting earcups
  • Sonic sound performance
  • Professional level studio monitoring


Type of headset

This particular headset lies in the wired zone of headsets. With a detachable cable, they stand good in the competition.



This headset is determined to win hearts with its design. The headset ensures a soft experience for your mega-sized and does wonders for your ears too. Headband material promises to provide you comfort even in prolonged usage.


The uncanny feature here is the capacity of the earcups to swivel at 90 degrees. This shall provide the best fit for your ears and keep you free of strain. The headset is collapsible, so they fold on to a small size giving space-saving. This feature helps in portability.


The earpad is of a professional grade that compliments the headband material.


A detachable cable comes in the box.



The headset is compatible with multiple devices such as smartphones, PC, Mac, etc.


Sound quality

The device has a 45mm large-aperture driver that makes the sound balanced and rich. The sound clarity is above par, thanks to the sonic performance. The headsets are professional grade when it comes to studio monitoring.


The DJs will love the bass and frequency. This device is ideal for you if you spend time in the studio, checking the quality of sound, or listen to live music. It is a great trade for both the DJs and the singing competition judges. If you want to judge the tone and need a reliable headset that provides accurate sound, then don’t give a second thought.


Sound isolation offered is exceptional due to the circumaural design that fits the ears best.


  • Good adjustable fit on ears
  • Foldable design
  • Good bass and frequency of sound
  • no mic is available

Bottom-line: The headset offers great and accurate music that is fit for the studio lovers instead of gamers.


5. Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro 250: Big Size Headset With Most Balanced Sound


This device is a robust gadget made for music professionals.


  • Secure and comfortable fit
  • Sound detail is managed best
  • Good isolation effect
  • Professional mixing in the studio


Type of headset

This 250 Ohm version of the headset from the renowned Beyerdynamic brand has a wired design.



The design of this great headset shall allow easy accommodation of your hefty head, thanks to the soft and adjustable spring steel headband. You can put it on for long periods without the slightest strain on musculature.


If you are a music director and carry a big head atop your neck, this headset will fulfill all your dreams of an ideal headphone.


The earcups are soft and adjustable to fit according to the spread of your ears on that big head.


The cable is coiled to ensure the safety and longevity of life and attaches to one side. So, it can be taken off easily.



This headset can work well with any device that offers a 3.5mm jack, including Mac, PC, Smartphone, etc.


Sound quality

Professional music directors or creators will make this device their daily driver once they know of the immensely great sound details offered. The studio headphone boasts a fine, detailed, and transparent sound.


The HiFi sound from this headset is exceptionally detailed and will satisfy your professional needs. The greatest ability of this piece is the ability to manage ultra-low bass sounds and that too with good crispiness.


If you want to cut yourself off from the outside world, the isolation offered here will impress you.


  • Soft and secure fit to head and ears
  • Detailed and crispy sound
  • Coiled cable to prevent entangling
  • Good isolation
  • No microphone available

Bottom-line: This is one of the best quality sound-producing headsets for the big headed music directors and other professionals.


Editor’s Choice

Here at Reviewscrush, we try our best to give unbaised opinion after thorough research.

The winner amongst the best headsets for large heads is the RUNMUS. This headset rightly deserves the spot. Keeping in view the increasing gaming requirements, the RUNMUS headset is a great device that offers a great fit for the big heads.

The runner-up is the MPow headset which is also mentioned as the best one in another article on best lawn mowing headphones. It is, without a doubt, the best wireless headphone and offers great specs.


1. Do the wireless headphones still work after the battery dies?

Yes, if you plug the cable into the device. The headphones now take power from the device and not work on a Bluetooth connection.

2. What is the range of Bluetooth in headsets?

The headphones will work in a range of 10m.

3. Are the RUNMUS headphones suitable for prolonged usage?

the RUNMUS provides an adjustable headband with good grip and breathable air pads allowing it to be used for prolonged periods.

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