6 Best Lawn Mowing Headphones In 2022 [Soundproof Headsets]

This article discusses everything from the best headphones for mowing the lawn to why they are important and what should be the capabilities you need to consider while purchasing them.

Mowing is fun – even if the procedure isn’t, the end result surely is. Visualizing a sprawling ground of neatly manicured grass is not only soothing to the eye but revitalizing for the soul as well. Outdoor works can be noisy and lawn mowing is one of them but one need not worry because, in this world of cutting-edge technology, there is a solution to every single problem.

Lawn owners are often disturbed by the sound of lawn mower’s engines, some might have hearing complexities while others simply can’t bear the whizzing clamor of them. So, what is the way to go about it? It is the use of headphones.

Lawn Mowing Headphones: Our Top 6 Picks in 2022

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Best Selling
3M WorkTunes
  • Tested NRR of 24dB
  • Adjustable headband
  • Comfortable ear cushions
  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Single button operation
  • 38 hours battery time
  • Built-in microphone
  • Auto shutdown feature in case of very low battery
  • Very cheap
Best Radio Headphone
Wulfpowerpro FM MP3
  • NRR of 29dB
  • FM radio capability
  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • 20-26 Hours battery timing
  • Long Wire
  • Very Comfortable
Very Long Battery Life
Avantree Audition
  • 40-hour battery life
  • Bluetooth 4.0 with EDR
  • Wireless Operating range is till 10 meters
  • Great sound quality with aptX codec
  • Lightweight
  • NFC connectivity
Editor’s Choice
Bose QuietComfort 35 II
  • Top Selling Product
  • 3 Noise cancellation levels
  • Very comfortable
  • Alexa voice command feature
  • Easy Bluetooth connectivity
  • Noise rejecting microphones
  • Supreme sound quality
Best Budget
Meidong E7B
  • Earcups can be swiveled 90 degrees
  • Very comfortable
  • Bluetooth 4.1
  • Decent noise canceling
  • 30-hour battery life
Best Budget
  • Noise canceling rating of 25 decibels
  • FM/AM radio
  • Comfortable
  • 1200mAh battery
  • 20-25 hours battery life

Best Bluetooth Headphones For Lawn Mowing

Get To Know Which is the best headphone to use while mowing the lawn

1. 3M WorkTunes – (Best Selling Bluetooth Hearing Protection Headphone For Lawn Mowing)

3M Safety is a name that resonates with the user in the prospect of safety and that is one of the many reasons this headphone has achieved rather outrageous appreciations from the customers.


Characterized by a jet-black color with large and puffy ear cushions, the headband is attached to the earpads through thin, shiny, metallic bars that are secured by fine-shaped fasteners. The large logo of 3M is elegantly engraved on the backside of the ear pads.

Testified noise reduction capability

“Safety” in the company’s name isn’t only a concept, it’s a practical realization of one of the top considerations that the brand instills in their products. These headphones are tested by ANSI standards S 3 19-1974 and have been entitled with a Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) of 24.

They are very effective in noisy environments such as when you are mowing the lawn’s grass as the ear pads cover the whole of your ears and don’t allow any air to pass through them.

Comfortable while wearing

Although the cushions of the ear pads are plump, they are not the most comfortable of the earmuffs. That being said, there is nothing largely uncomfortable about it. The ears don’t feel any strain or pain after you remove them, neither do they exert any pressure on them. It’s just that few of the other models to be discussed provides enhanced comfort than these.

You can easily adjust the headband according to your head size. The underside of the headband features a rubber grip. The product is 10 ounces which is a bit heavier than other models so you might feel weightiness if exposed to extended over-head periods.

Good Bluetooth connection

It only has a single button that can be pressed for some time to turn it ON while pressing it twice makes a connection with your smartphone through Bluetooth. All operations like skipping, pausing and playing are executed by this button. The sound it offers is good and the stability of the connection is high.

However, the lack of volume adjustment knobs gives it negative marks. This capability should have been included for sure.

Built-in microphone

Not only it is only a Bluetooth speaker but a complete sound gadget with a microphone that enables the user to answer and dial phone calls. Upon receiving the call, the playing song is halted and resumed after the call ends. Quality of the microphone is reasonably good.

Long battery timing

Worthy of providing a battery timing of 38 hours on straight streaming, this headphone is no less than a master in this category. Automated voice signals generate whenever a battery is low, medium, or high, and even when the headphone turned on.

It also contains an auto-shutdown feature in case of a very low battery in an effort to extend the overall life of the battery.

Very cheap

Their inexpensive price can enable a person of any budget to afford it.

  • Durable design
  • Tested NRR of 24dB
  • Adjustable headband with comfortable ear cushions
  • Good sound and Bluetooth stability
  • Single button operation
  • 38 hours battery time
  • Built-in microphone
  • Auto shutdown feature in case of very low battery
  • Very cheap
  • No volume adjustment knobs
  • Heavier (10 ounces) so weightiness may be felt by users wearing them for long periods

2. Wulfpowerpro FM MP3 (Best Radio Headphones For Lawn Mowing)

This is a fairly strong competition of the first model wed discussed above. It is a little expensive than the first model. There is a trade-off in every list of products you opt to buy. While some could live with low sound quality but want an inexpensive model, others want no compromise on the features no matter how expensive it is.

Modern built

They are certainly sleeker than the previous model with circular ear cups that feature a digital screen that shows channels of the radio station, an orange separator between the ear cups and ear cushions, and a stylish headband. We are a big fan of black and orange color because it looks so appealing. Unlike the previous model, it contains multiple control buttons like shift item button, phone calls, and mode shift button.

Noise isolation

With an NRR of 29, it surpasses the 3M Worktunes because it would curb the engine’s and blade’s noise more effectively. As for the ear cushions, they are very comfortable and large enough to cover every part of the ears to ensure minimal air passes through. Moreover, this headphone can be used by the people having big heads.

Comfort levels

Although the headband has a segmented and breathable design, it is constructed with PU leather which doesn’t stick in the head and feels comfortable. It’s adjustable so no issues there but some people might not like it as it tends to slide away from the head.

Control buttons

There is a volume knob on the left side of the headphones which is also the power knob. All the control buttons are here. You can skip to the next or previous item of the playlist by buttons or press the phone calling button when receiving an incoming call.

Enjoy the FM Radio

Along with Bluetooth connectivity, it has an antenna that senses the radio station signals and plays it on the ear set if you select that mode. With the mode shift button, you can choose from Bluetooth or Radio mode. The screen shows the channel being played. So you can enjoy the radio while mowing the lawn through this headphone.

Battery timing

With an 800 mAH battery, it can work continuously 20-26 hours which is an ample timing. Battery rating is also depicted on the screen.

You can use the headphone in wireless or wired mode as there is a standard stereo jack for the attachment of cable present in it. So, in other words, you can make it a wireless headphone or wired one it’s your choice.

Long wire on the ear cups

The wire connecting both ear cups seems to be long for some people and if you have very small head size, it might be poking out from both sides which are not visually attractive.

  • Combination of orange and black makes it highly attractive
  • NRR of 29
  • Volume control knob and other setting buttons present
  • FM radio capability with a screen that shows the channels
  • Good battery timing
  • The wire connecting both ear cups may be long for some small headed people

3. Avantree Audition (Best Long Battery Headphones For Mowing Yards)

Know about those classic red-lighted keyboards and mouse which is the necessary equipment for a gaming freak? This might just be the perfect addition to their collection. Wrapped up in a mesmerizing color composition of red color lining the headband and sides of ear cups, it is exceedingly pleasing to the eye. Let’s get to the features.

Battery life of 40 hours

What were the battery life ratings we were talking about previously, 26-28 hours? It excels in them greatly with a 40-hour battery timing.

Wired and unwired

Want to be excited even more? Here it is – it can be used both in a wired and unwired state. The advantage of using the 3.5mm cable is that the battery won’t get discharged a bit. But if you are using it while lawn mowing, wireless is the option to go to.

Bluetooth connectivity

It is equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 with EDR and supports all headset, handset, A2DP, and AVRCP files. The connectivity range is 10 meters which is great because if your lawn is small, you can use them even with your phone resting peacefully on the lawn table. The sound quality is very good as it comes attached with aptX codec.

Passive noise cancellation

That’s the biggest negative point of these headphones. It doesn’t have any active noise cancellation so there is no NRR to talk about. The noise cancellation is achieved through puffy ear cushions only. They are very soft on the ears and allows minimum passage for the air to pass.

Other features

The headband is highly adjustable and sturdy at the same time while the auto switch feature allows you to never miss a call even when you are listening to your favorite songs. It also allows NFC connectivity so if the Bluetooth of the smartphone is giving problems to you, you may easily switch to the alternate connectivity.

Other than that, it weighs only 180 g so you can wear it for as long as you wish. It can’t be primarily called noise canceling headphones for lawn mowing but can be effectively used in for the said purpose. For people looking for an inexpensive all-rounder, this can be a great option.

  • Very stylish
  • 40-hour battery life
  • Can be used in a wired and unwired state
  • Bluetooth 4.0 with EDR
  • Operating range is till 10 meters
  • Great sound quality with aptX codec
  • Lightweight
  • NFC connectivity
  • No active noise cancellation

4. Bose QuietComfort 35 II (Editor’s Choice – A Classy Design)

If you have finances sufficient enough to be channelized to the purchase of this expensive noise canceling headphones, this is the perfect product for you – Stylishly constructed, extensively accessorized and highly utilitarian.

Classy built

QuietComfort 35 II comes in three colors of black, rose gold and white but our personal best is the black one for the old standard reason for “black is masculine.” The headband separates into a pronged attachment that connects with the ear cups and that has been constructed meticulously. Owing to the hinges, the headphones can be folded while the control buttons are situated on the right ear cup.

Three noise canceling levels

Heard about simple noise canceling, get ready to be alarmed because these headphones bring three levels of over-the-ear noise cancellation categorized as high, medium and low. You can get rid of the mower’s engine noise even without turning on the music now. Cool, right? The dual microphones also play their part by not picking up any background sound.

Supreme sound quality

It offers enhanced sound quality as it can efficiently differentiate between high and low bass, and pick up all depths and high perfectly. Especially the high vocalizations are managed smartly. Integrated into it is also the functionality of Alexa which enables the user to gives voice commands regarding the change of music, taking up calls or respond to texts.

Easy Bluetooth connectivity

It only seems a “given” to have hassle-free Bluetooth connectivity since we have been complementing this model from the start but it needs to be mentioned. On a single push of the button, the Bluetooth gets connected and gives a good range and very low connection break-ups.

With a battery life of about 20 hours and an effectual noise canceling capability, you must trust the huge number of reviews this product received and purchase it if you have that sort of a budget

  • Classy built
  • Three noise cancellation levels
  • Very comfortable
  • Alexa voice command feature
  • Easy Bluetooth connectivity
  • Noise rejecting microphones
  • Supreme sound quality where no song poses a problem to the speakers
  • Very expensive

5. Meidong E7B (Cheap Headphone For Lawn Mowers)

Another stylishly utilitarian headphones accessorized with noise canceling capability that is sure to impress you. Cheaply priced, they are easily accessible for people who can’t afford to buy the Bose QuietComfort model.

Beautiful built

E7B is an attractive representation of glossy black and silver color with the headband and ear cups in black and the in-between attachment in silver color. The right ear cup features a large triangular pressable pad which toggles the song when pressed one and adjusts the volume when held for some time.

The ear cups can swivel at 90 degrees which is a great feature to have especially with the perspective of portability and listening to someone without getting them off your head. The left side contains the LED indicator which when pressed on the middle, stops or resumes the song being played. The ON/OFF switch, AUX cable port, and microphone are on the right circumference.

Comfort level + Noise Canceling

Starting with the headband, it is padded with a soft rubber that doesn’t give rise to any pressure on the head. As for the ear cups, they are heavily cushioned with memory protein polymer and the headphones have been certified by the customers to be worn for hours without feeling any pain in the ear area.

It’s the thickness of the ear cushions that provide the noise canceling as well. Obviously, you can’t compare it to the high-end noise-canceling earphones but given the price, it’s a pretty decent bargain. You would only hear a feeble rumbling of the mower’s engine while wearing these without any songs and that’s it.

High sound quality

The fact that it includes Bluetooth 4.1 instead of the general 4.0 is a big indication of the type of sound quality this model presents to the users. It is optimized for high-resolution audio files because the circuitry eliminates the noise distortion resulted from high volumes. The compatibility with all types of file formats like MP3, MP4 adds up the usability.

Battery timing of 30 hours

What good a great sound does if it doesn’t last long? This model can run up to 30 hours on a single charge so you can go anywhere with it without worrying about the battery timing. You have a 20-hour flight to France, a mowing session of hours or anything else, it has got you covered.

They can be used both in wireless and wired modes, the connectivity range is 33m and it allows hand-free calling. The great thing about this model is that it received only one negative review. Talk about quality!

  • Attractive design
  • Earcups can be swiveled 90 degrees
  • Very comfortable with memory protein ear cushions and padded headband
  • Bluetooth 4.1
  • Decent noise canceling
  • 30-hour battery life
  • Wired or unwired mode
  • No active noise canceling but given the price, that is acceptable

6. Protear (Best Bluetooth & Radio Headphone For Small Head People)

These are a few old-fashioned headphones but most of them get the job done quite decently.

The look

Instead of circular earcups, it features egg-shaped ear cups that have a digital screen on the right side where information like radio channels, volume, and the battery level is indicated. The headband is connected t the cups via thin metallic prongs and the red lining on the cups looks elegant with the black base.

Noise Canceling

It offers a noise-canceling rating of 25 decibels; protects your ear form all sorts of hearing damage and provides high comfort on part of the plush ear cushions.

FM/AM radio

Protear headphone is furnished with radio capability. The user can listen to high favorite radio stations and programs if he doesn’t have a smartphone to play songs on. There is an antenna on top which caches all the signals.

Other capabilities

Owing to the 1200mAh battery, it can easily provide functioning for 20-25 hours. You can take handsfree calls any time during the song playing, connect to Bluetooth and control the volume and other settings quite ergonomically.

Bit small

What many people don’t like about this headphone is its small size. It won’t fit large heads so if you are one of those huge-headed people, this is not a model for you.

  • FM/AM radio
  • Comfortable
  • 1200mAh battery
  • Noise canceling rating of 25 decibels
  • Only for smaller heads

Which Headphones Should You Buy For Mowing The Lawn?

There are some factors that will define your final choice while purchasing these headphones. The first one is the price; if you are willing to pay heavily, your best pick would be Boss QuietComfort 35 II but if you are looking for an inexpensive yet utilitarian model, we would recommend either the AVANTREE model or the MEIDONG E7B.

The second factor would be the head size. If you have a small head, the last model will be the perfect fit for you.

The third factor is the beauty and the look of the headphone. We personally rate the MEIDONG to be the most attractive but you can look closely at each model and pick the one that looks most appealing to you.

We wish you make the most feasible decision quickly because the longer you take to decide, the higher will the chances of ear damage become. You wouldn’t want that, would you?

Why should you wear headphones while mowing the grass?

Hearing protection

The average volume of a lawn mower, while it is operating, is 95 decibels and Healthlinkbc confirms that any sound louder than 85 decibels is considered to be dangerous.

In addition to it, the longer you remain on your mowing machine, the more ominous does this health hazard becomes. Long-time exposure to noise can damage the tiny hair cells of the ear and in turn, the ability to understand speech sound is greatly reduced. The person talking to you might have to speak in loud noise and distant conversations would gradually sound muffled to you if this continues.

In order to get free from all of these worries, ear pods are the solution but wouldn’t it be better if you can add music to that. Yeah, that’s right – we are talking about noise-canceling headphones that can be used while mowing the lawn. Not only will they provide ear protection from the noise but also make your mowing sessions less tedious.

Increases the productivity

It would keep you away from the noise of the engine which will make you more focused on the task. Also, the music playing on the headphones soothes you up and helps you do the task with more conviction just as fast as pumping music helps your workout at the gym.

No debris in the ear

As you mow, there is every chance of flying grass clippings and mud debris to enter your ears and eyes. At least with the headphones, there is one less place for the debris to find a way in.

What should you consider while buying the best headphones for lawn mowing in 2022?

1. Noise cancellation

What good is an earmuff if it can’t block any noise? It’s the capability of the earmuffs that defines how much noise will it keep out. You can’t expect all of the noise to be nullified by a noise-canceling headphone unless there is some song being played on it but it sure gives a lot of noise reduction.

Noise Reduction Ratio or the NRR is the metric of this noise cancellation. Greater it is, more effective will the headphones be. Normally, it should be between the range of 22-28dB. It’s actually the quality achieved by the hardware of the headphones.

We all know that sound needs a medium to pass and where there is a vacuum, there is no sound. Therefore, the manufacturers makeover the ear headphones that cover the whole of your ears so there is a minimum passage for the air to pass through. This ultimately ensures that only a few waves of noise enter the ears.

Other measures may include the material of the ear cushions, the shape of the ear pads, and the clamping force.

2. Durability

It might not be the foremost capability to look in a lawn mowing headphone but surely it’s a significant one. You wouldn’t want a product that gets broken, punctured or malfunctioned after a few weeks of use.

Companies realize that how high customers of today regard durability and try their best to integrate it into their products. You should always choose the headphone which has a strong built and can sustain accidental falls as they could come your way while embarking or disembarking from a lawn mower.

3. Comfort

Headphones must not be problematic for your ears. In fact, you shouldn’t feel you are wearing anything ideally. The necessity of this feature felt more strongly when you’ve to mow the garden for extended periods of time because that’s when ears “really” start to feel the added pressure on them.

If you are a small lawn owner, this might not be such an important consideration as it is for the one with a sprawling lawn or commercial gardens. The earpad cushions must be soft, the headband must have comfy insulation and it should be steadily adjustable.

4. Bluetooth capability

Ah, yes, the sound system. The reason why these are above $20 is that they are not merely earplugs but headphones with the ability to be connected to the Bluetooth. You wouldn’t want the hassle of a wired headset because that would create problems for you while steering around the lawn mower.

A good headphone should have a stable Bluetooth connection and range, must also include a built-in mic so that you can take calls without taking out the phone from your pocket or halting your lawn mowing session.

5. Other features

These include the design, weight and sound control settings. An ideal headphone for lawn mowing must be lightweight. There are settings like volume adjustment, auto shutdown features, battery indications, and radio connectivity which increases their utility.

FAQs About The Best Headphones For Mowing

1. What are the top qualities of a headphone for mowing the lawn?

The top qualities for such a headphone are it’s noise-canceling capability because that’s the top reason why you would be buying them in the first place, decent sound quality, unwired stable Bluetooth connection as you don’t want to be fiddling with your phone on the mower and high wearing comfort.

2. Why should you use a noise-canceling headphones while mowing your lawn?

Normal lawn mowers have operational sound levels of 90-95 decibels and anything above 85 decibels is considered to be hazardous. It is, therefore, necessary to have ear protection in the form of earplugs or headphones.

Headphones are versatile means because they can provide hearing protection as well as fun music while you mow.

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