Best Gas Grills Under $500 – Reviews & Detailed Buying Guide

Do all the gas grill options available in the market are confusing you? Are you still unable to find the one that would meet your regular cooking requirements? Fret no more!

We all know how challenging it can be to find the best BBQ grills under $500. Especially, as the summer season approaches, who doesn’t want to light their small gas grill and spend splendid time with their friends and family?

Indeed, to throw a fun cookout, you need to get your hands around one of the top gas grills under $500 before you can make your summer’s cooking journey, tremendously memorable.

No doubt, an efficient gas grill demands hefty amount or requires you to compromise on your advanced grill features. But the truth is; you don’t need to be rich to grab the best gas grill and hope that it would meet your cooking preferences.

Therefore, to help you make the right decision at the comfort of your home, our experts have chosen the top ten gas grills on Amazon under $500. The list comprises grill options that are not only carefully tested but also thoroughly evaluated for all the elements that you must take into account before purchasing your new grill.

However, before we jump to our top ten selected products from amazon, let’s first take a look at the essential component of an efficient grill that must not be overlooked during the purchase process.

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Features To Look Out For Before Buying a Gas Grill

Every grill comes with numerous unique features that can easily confuse you if you are a novice or buying a grill for the first time.

Also, there are countless companies in the market, practicing great marketing tactics to lure buyers into purchasing their products. However, if you are abreast of all the right elements, an efficient grill consists of; certainly, your job can be a lot easier.

Thus, lock the best grilling experience this season as we share the fundamental features to look out for!

1. Total Control

The most indispensable element of a good BBQ grill is that it provides complete control over the heat. This is indeed necessary to ensure your food is properly cooked. You can test this feature by checking the control knobs as it should adapt the desired temperature instantly and must provide the best cooking surface to cook your delicious meal.

Also, when it comes to gas grills, many manufacturers offer different heating options such as one side heat control in case you just want to cook steak or fish at low temperatures or in the mood of indirect grilling. However, good control over the heating mechanism ensures, you cook the food as per your taste preferences and without the hassle of grill getting cold frequently.

2. BTU Rating

If this is the first time you are purchasing a gas grill, then BTU (British Thermal Unit) is the measurement of the heat capacity of a grill. So what does it mean to have a high or low BTU rating? Well, high BTU represents higher temperatures and vice versa.

However, high BTU is not always the best option to go for and the decision should be based on your cooking habits and preferences. When considering the BTU rating, also consider the quality of the grill.

For instance, if you purchase a heavy grill with a nominal BTU rating, it will not only heat up quickly but will also remain heated for a longer period of time.

3. Cooking Surface

As you may have guessed already, this feature of a gas grill is the most important feature to decide on. You must go with a gas grill that provides you with sufficient cooking surface without compromising on the quality of the food.

As per the experts, to figure the best size to meet your cooking requirements, you must note that 72 inches (a dinner plate size) are a sufficient cooking area to serve one person.

Also, don’t confuse the warming area with the primary cooking surface as many different types of grills offer separate warming areas but include it in the specifications as total cooking surface size.

4. Portability

Just like the cooking surface, this feature also depends on your cooking habits and likings. For instance, if you like traveling with friends and family while cooking BBQ or delicious steaks, then you must get your hands on a portable grill. Many grills come with different portability capacities.

Make sure that your portable grill is also light enough and user-friendly to carry outdoors. So if you wish to keep your grill on your patio, then weight should not be an issue but if you like going for camping or boating, then weight and the grill maintenance should be your first priority.

5. Accessories

Many grilling enthusiasts love buying new and exciting accessories to embellish their existing grills. So if you too are a grill fanatic and prefer professional grilling experience, then look out for all the unique features and accessories offered with your desired product.

A grill with accessories can serve as your mini outdoor kitchen. For instance, a rotisserie or side burner can instantly improve the quality of your food while giving you a variety of cooking options.

So make sure the features and accessories accommodate all of your cooking preferences and make your cooking experience a lot more fun than an utter exasperation.

6. Ease of Cleaning

No matter if you are a regular griller or an occasional chef, before you put your hands on any grill, make sure that it offers ease of cleaning.

Remember, grill cleaning requires proper caution. Therefore, many manufacturers of the latest gas grill models have given special consideration to quick and easy cleaning. Now, you don’t need to reserve a weekend just to clean your grill as when you buy a right grill; it is usually a matter of ten minutes to clean the grill after every use.

This is another primary consideration to take into account before purchasing a grill and to avoid turning your grilling experience into a complete mess. Remember, proper cleaning of your grill means less damage to its structure and also injury to health.

7. Price

Well, this is the first thing that comes to mind when deciding to purchase a cheap gas grill. You want to get the most value without burning a hole in your pocket. To assist you with that, in our guide, we have listed down the grill options that are not only efficient but also available within your limited budget.

It is common to get overwhelmed with countless options in the market and for the same reason, we have come up with a detailed buying guide to simply steer your decision in the right direction.

Also, as you know, the more you spend, the more features you get. However, not every pricy option is a good option, and not every cheap option is likely to underperform. So the best way approach is to consider all the above-discussed aspects in addition to price to secure a long-lasting grill.

All of these features make your grilling experience a lot smoother, memorable, and fun. Remember a grill is one of your major purchases so, always go for a brand that is known for selling the best gas grills and holds a good reputation in the market. How?

Well, the easiest way is to continue reading our experts’ guide as we walk you through the most recommended gas grills on Amazon to fit your budget as well as lifestyle.


10 Most Recommended Gas Grills Under $500 on Amazon

Here are the top ten contenders in our list of best gas grills under $500!


Best Gas Grills Under $500 Reviews

1. Weber 45010001 Spirit II E-310 3-Burner Liquid Propane Grill (To Get the Best Sear)


Key Specifications:

  • Porcelain-enameled, cast-iron cooking grates
  • 30000 BTU per hour input
  • Stainless steel heat deflector
  • 424 sq. Inches primary cooking area, 105 sq. Inches warming rack area which makes 529 sq. inches total cooking area
  • iGrill 3 compatible
  • Six integrated hooks to hang utensils


If you are a regular griller whose grilling season lasts the entire year and has been looking for one of the best propane grills under $500, then get ready to start your grilling journey right away. Weber is the name that is well recognized for its quality equipment and unique features. So, roll up your sleeves and get ready to sear delicious steaks for your family on the coming weekend and scrumptious breakfast — every morning!


Excess Cooking Capacity

Nothing can be more comfortable than having a side table to place accessories, spices, or appetizers. If you like grilling on patio or balconies, the grill comes with two side tables with built-in hooks that add up to the overall cooking surface. So your spices, seasoning, platters remain within reach or you may fold the side tables to get some extra working space.


Easy to Clean

The grill comes with a promising grease management system that not only helps you keep your grill bright and shiny but also let you remove drippings instantly by removing the drip tray and without causing flare-ups.


  • Efficient temperature control
  • Even heat distribution
  • Four color options
  • Easy to clean
  • Assembly may be time-consuming

Ready to elevate your grilling skills with professional products right away? Visit Amazon now!


2. Monument 4-Burner Propane Gas Grill, Black, LEDControls, Side Burner, USB Light (Durability at Its Best)


The monument is one of the top favorite brands of gas grills thanks to its durable products. The grill is the first choice for grill enthusiasts who like the style with amazing functionality. The grill is well known for providing excellent heat retention, sear consistency, and sturdiness. Also, its LED lights knobs make it perfect equipment for places with limited lighting.


Key Specifications:

  • 29” black enameled firebox
  • Battery-powered LED control knobs
  • 72000 BTUs with instant and even heat
  • Long-life propane gas burners
  • 4 Stainless Steel Burners
  • Stainless steel grill
  • Even heat distribution with angled flame tamers


Make your grilling experience extremely comfortable with the grill’s 4 stainless steel burners with an electric ignition button. With the manufacturer’s guarantee of up to 8 years of durability, the grill offers a side burner to help you prepare, flavor-rich appetizers or boil corn for your delicious cream sauce soup.


513.3 Primary Cooking Surface

Every proud owner of Monument products understands the importance of sufficient cooking surface to gather a large audience. With sufficient 513.3 sq. Inches of primary cooking surface, the grill can handle every type of food you place on it.


Propane Gas Compatibility

Get ready for enriching grilling journey with this aesthetically beautiful grill with propane gas compatibility. So, no need to curse your grill and keep fiddling with hard to light and pesky charcoal.


  • One year manufacturer warranty
  • Pilotless ignition
  • Additional cooking space
  • Easy to clean
  • Late night grilling with USB powered light
  • Long lasting and durable
  • Sleek black look
  • One color option
  • Slightly expensive

It’s time to make a sound decision and enjoy sizzling steaks or hot dogs in all seasons! Grab the deal now.


3. Cuisinart CGG-200 All Foods Tabletop Gas Grill, Stainless Steel (High Value within Cheap price)


Key Specifications:

  • Ease of use with twist start ignition
  • Removable and interchangeable modular grill surface system
  • Stainless steel lid to keep even temperature
  • Strong wall construction insulation to avoid rusting
  • Steel heat resistant lid handle
  • Folding side tables
  • 12000 BTUs
  • Cast iron cooking grate
  • Welded grill base with height adjustment


Already in love with the unique design of this highly efficient portable grill? Well, if you are a mom who loves cooking on the go or an adventurous griller, then you can easily benefit from this product. With this rollover grill, Cuisinart introduced not only an inexpensive grill but also a product that cooks delicious food.


Keep it at patio, backyard or take it to your favorite spot and benefit from its optimum heat that is sure to make your food a lot moister and flavor-rich than any other grill on the list.



With 77 pounds, aluminum, and stainless steel structure, the product is indeed aesthetically beautiful. The pleasing 41”of width, 16” of length and 19” of height make the grill a perfectly designed grill with a huge lid. Isn’t it what a great grill design should look like?



All you need is to unpack the grill and put the grill together following easy to set up steps. Tighten the screws provided with the product and get ready to grill as unlike other portable grills, the manufacturers have ensured easy assembly without keeping it a time consuming job.


  • Robust heating system with even heat distribution
  • Easy to assemble
  • Serve up to 8 persons at once
  • Highly portable and best for outdoors
  • Convenient twist ignition start-up
  • Built in thermometer
  • Less cooking capacity for large family or crowd

Not every deal comes with great value within a limited budget. Make the most of the product’s availability and place your order now.


4. Blackstone28 Inch Outdoor Flat Top Gas Grill Griddle Station (For Versatile andEffortless Grilling)


Key Specifications:

  • 30000 BTUs to give you a versatile cooking option
  • Black steel, powder-coated frame
  • Powerful push-button steel burners
  • Commercial caster wheels
  • Easy grease management system
  • Built-in igniter with 2 adjustable heat controls


Isn’t it hard to find a combination of style, efficiency and versatility of cooking,together? Well, Blackstone’s gas griddle station is indeed one of the best appliances when it comes to style and performance. It is a perfect choice if you like gathering large crowds and flaunt your professional grilling expertise.


With excellent heat retention capacity and easy to clean cooking surface, the grill makes your grilling journey amazing and cooking experience effortless.


In simple words, replace your tedious old grill with this easy to assemble griddle station and enjoy the best grilling experience at all times.


Transport Easily

No matter how efficient your grill is if it has a poorly designed structure, you are at a loss. Blackstone griddle station is thoroughly designed and comes with 4 powerful caster wheels to move around freely. The wheels are not only foldable but also of industrial strength. The removable cooking surface and side shelves make the grill highly functional, convenient, and usable in all seasons without rusting.


Cooking Versatility

Get ready to invite your close friends this weekend as this griddle station is best to cater to the small crowd. With 15000 BTUs of each burner and 470 of cooking surface, prepare all types of food for breakfast or dinner including teppanyaki-style meal to quesadillas. So, retain all the juices and flavor of your meal and enjoy grilling from the very first bite.


Powered Push Ignition

A good ignition is the start of a fabulous grilling journey. The griddle offers battery-powered ignition while taking away the hassle of charcoal. Isn’t it great to spend as much time as possible with your family and leave the grilling hassles to your grill?


  • Best to serve up to 10 people
  • Reasonable price with great reviews on amazon
  • Easy to transport with foldable wheels
  • Propane fueled
  • Professional quality
  • Can’t really find one!

Forget about grill troubles and start the fire to see the magic yourself. Place your order now!


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5. Weber Q-1200 Green LP Gas Grill, 51070001 (Easy to Maintain)


Key Specifications:

  • Up to 189 sq. inches of total cooking space
  • 8500 BTU per hour of each steel burner
  • Built in thermometer
  • One valve to control gas flow and flame level
  • 40 inches wide with extensions
  • Porcelain-coated lid and bowl to get consistent heat levels


Wondering if this small grill is enough to take care of your grilling needs? Well, if you have a small apartment, this unit is made for you. If you like tailgating or camping, this grill comes handy. If you like cooking for your small gatherings, buy this grill now and if you like easy to clean products, you’ve found one!


Need more reasons to love this grill, here we go:


Size and Assembly

Anybody who likes cooking for 50 people at once wouldn’t prefer this grill but those who buy Q1200 are the ones who prefer quality over quantity. The small size is not a hassle but rather a great feature as it makes your grill easily adjustable in small areas (especially apartment dwellers). Also, you don’t need an hour to assemble the grill as it comes as almost assembled.


Extra Cooking Space

Despite the small size, the grill offers additional working space with high powered performance. The grill comes with foldable, handy, porcelain-enameled side shelves that make it storage a lot easier while offering extra space for convenient cooking.


Consistent Heating

Just like other grills on our list, the grill uses an electronic ignition switch. Operate your grill with disposable LP cylinders up to 16.4 oz. or you may also get an adapter hose to use standard propane tanks. Monitor the temperature using built-in thermometer while roasting or cooking bacon and easily manage high level heat with its cast-iron cooking grates.


  • Fully assembled
  • Light-weighted
  • Highly portable
  • Sturdy structure
  • 5 years manufacturer’s warranty
  • One touch start
  • Easy to carry
  • May not be feasible to cater to large gatherings
  • Some users may find handle usage a bit uncomfortable due to burner knob placement

It’s time to serve the best on your plate while enjoying the most thrilling grilling experience. Check it now.


6. Camp Chef Big Gas Grill (Amazon’s Choice)


Key Specifications:

  • 16 inches x 38 inches cooking dimensions
  • 90,000 BTUs per hour
  • 608 sq. inches cooking area
  • Removable legs
  • Cast iron grill grates
  • Matchless ignition
  • 3 ft. hose and regulator
  • Adjustable heat control knobs
  • Vented and hinged lid
  • Stove weight of 49 lbs.


Trying to conquer campsites and tailgate parties? Your solution is right here! The Camp Chef Big Gas Grill, as the name suggests, is for the grillers who are into any casual backyard grilling but like hosting large parties and arranging full day long picnics with friends and family.


With easy portability and fold-down shelf, get ready to pack up and take your grilling aroma on every outing coming your way. With this grill, your options are nearly endless. Let’s find out more about this.


A Grill and Stove

This grill is known to fulfill all of your grilling needs. The most versatile aspect of this unique grill on our list is that it can work both as a grill and a stove. This means simmer your food just by placing pans on its grates above the burner. Isn’t it a promising way to heat up pasta or soup?


Reliable Heat Transfer

The barbecue box is not just for cooking delicious meals or styling but it also helps in redirecting heat. The box diffuses the heat into the provided grates above, making your grilled food amazingly perfect. Since the grates are made of cast iron, it’s time to enjoy fantastic heat transfer while delivering a perfect sear.



Nothing can beat a grill station that also gives you the option of plenty of accessories to make your grill work at an unimaginable level of efficiency. The same goes for Camp Chef. From shelves, leg levelers, paper towel holder and utensil hooks, cover, grease cups, to even griddles, this grill is sure to make your outdoor cooking hell more fun.


  • One year warranty
  • Removable professional BBQ grill box
  • Propane tank (attachable)
  • Highly compatible with 16 inches Camp chef accessories
  • 384 sq. in of grill box cooking area
  • Too much heat to cook anything sizzling

Flavor rich grilling and quick serving were never so fun! Try once as we guarantee 100% satisfaction!


7. Fuego Element F24C Carbon Steel Gas Grill (Value for Money)


Key Specifications:

  • 525 sq. inches of amazing grilling surface
  • Ability to grill almost 20 quarter-pound burgers at once
  • Compact design 24″ x 24″ for small balcony/patio
  • Easy to assemble in just 30 minutes
  • 26 combined, 500 BTU/Hr. and 250F – 700F overall temps
  • 45 degree hinged lid design
  • Clasp door close system
  • Dual burner system
  • Strong moving casters


Any grill that looks as wonderful as it cooks is an opportunity to seize immediately. The uniquely designed grill that is a must to grab the attention of your guests comes with amazing heat capacity and is a perfect choice for grillers who prefer professional-style grilling without the hassle of waiting hours for heating. All you need to do is give this spaceship five minutes’ time before you are all set to enjoy a good looking and sizzling steak on a large grilling surface.


Ready to elevate your grilling experience with the grill’s all-inclusive features and award-winning design?


Long Lasting Burners

Enjoy maximum heat capacity with the grill’s two circular burners. To avoid indirect cooking, simply turn off the smaller circular burner located in the center. The long-lasting burners come with 21000 BTUs heat power whereas, you also get the convenience of battery-powered electronic ignition.


Easy to Clean

Do you detest scraping grill to remove crusty and fatty bits left behind? If yes, get your hands on Fuego Element right away. It is not only easy to clean but just by using soap water and wire or plastic brush, you can easily keep your grill clean and rust-free. Within just ten minutes, your grill can be ready for the next round of sizzling food without any hassle of hour-long cleaning.


Ergonomically Friendly

With its beautiful, sturdy design, the manufacturers have ensured to design the grill strategically at 45 degrees. It is also a safety measure for enthusiastic grillers like you who may unconsciously reach over the hot grill. Thus, the hinged lid is provided to ensure maximum heat retention and to prevent these mishaps and allow smooth grilling at all times.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Sleek, compact design for patio/backyard
  • Easy to clean
  • Incredible heat output to cook large meals
  • Lacks smoker

Let your taste buds taste the best as you put your hands on one of the best grills on our list.


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Need More Answers?

We are sure you have already made up your mind and selected the grill that best meets your cooking preferences by going through the listed features, pros, and cons discussed in our detailed buyer’s guide.

Indeed, to further assist you in this regard, let’s take a look at some of the most frequently asked questions by professional grillers out there.

How can I prevent rusting on my grill?

The common problems faced by most grillers are the rusting, discoloration, and stubborn strains that usually result from cooking. Before you start cleaning your rusty grill, first understand that extreme cooking temperatures and exposure of your grill to harsh outdoor conditions are the reasons for rusting. The easiest way to avoid that is to keep your grill covered or in case of a rusted grill, use a reliable stainless steel polish for regular cleaning.

Also, it is a misconception that stainless steel wouldn’t rust as it can catch rust in some particular environmental conditions too.

Is it a good practice to preheat the grill before start grilling?

Well, experts recommend preheating the grill. For this, you may also follow the instructions provided in the owner’s manual.

For instance, in case, of indirect grilling, you may preheat just one burner located on the opposite side where the cuts of meat are placed. This will allow slow and perfect grilling of the meat. Similarly, for a sear, you may keep the temperature Hi of all burners to get maximum grate temperature. So, check the buyer’s manual to know the best way to cook different types of food.

How big of a gas grill is enough for regular use?

Well, this is variable as the final decision should be made based on your need for a cooking surface. It is understood that you may not want to go with a too big grill just to cook a few burgers every now and then. Also, considering the latest and flat top grill models, some grills may offer only 200 square inches of surface area but maybe enough to cater to a large gathering. However, you won’t be able to cook at once and would require extra time and more fuel with a limited cooking surface.

The best way to know that is to compare grills with different cooking surfaces. Look at the square inches offered by different grills and don’t include the warming rack in the total cooking area as mostly mentioned by manufacturers. Simply, multiply the length of the cooking surface by the width and you will be able to determine the cooking surface you need without crowding your grill and with keeping at least an inch distance between burgers or steaks.

What do we mean by the infrared grill?

Most grillers fail to distinguish between a primary and infrared grill. A gas grill with infrared technology doesn’t use the flame as its heat source. An infrared grill doesn’t have a flame to heat the grates directly but an infrared element between the flame and the grates. In other words, the gas heats the element which then radiates heat to your food.

How to fully turn off my gas grill?

To ensure that you have fully and properly turned off the gas grill, first turn off all the control knobs present on the grill. Then, switch the propane tank valve to the off position. Another way to be sure about that is to simply disconnect the water supply as well as fuel source every time you are done with grilling. This is because leaving your fuel source attached to your grill may result in any possible mishap or can be dangerous. Also, experts recommend not to store your grill’s propane tanks inside the house.


Final Verdict

Well, you are free to choose the product that fulfills your grilling preferences. However, after reviewing all the best grills under $500, our experts have selected the best choice winner and runner up based on their years-long experience and evaluations.


Well, out of all the listed products, the one product that truly stands out as the winner is Camp Chef Big Gas Grill. This is because the Camp Chef Grill has the most amazing users’ reviews in terms of its functionality and professional-style grilling experience. The grill is known to bring the best of both worlds.

  • Its versatility offers all types of cooked meals
  • It has rich features that make it the best portable grill on our list

The best part is that the grill has a rare combination of portability, sufficient cooking space, and great heating capacity. This grill serves you in all possible ways you can imagine. Needless to say, it works both as a grill and a stove. This is indeed the best deal you can get under $500. It is the best grill with the most unique features in our list of grills. So, grab it now!

Runner Up:

After our winner, the runner up spot is reserved for Fuego F24C Professional Gas Grill. Why? Well, thanks to its powerful specifications and award-winning design. Remember, that it is the only grill that offers great ergonomics in addition to rich features.

At first, you may think that it is just look and no value but this grill is a really good deal to go for. It is compact, stylish and slick and oozes class.

  • It comes with great accessories to elevate your grilling experience
  • It has won many awards being the brainchild of former Apple’s designer
  • It comes with a comprehensive one year warranty along with three-year limited warranty
  • It is best to sear the steak and in just five minutes it reaches up to 500F.

So if you are looking for a grill that is not only aesthetically beautiful, highly efficient, can easily fit on your patio, and has a powerful heating system, then we would highly recommend taking a detailed look at Fuego 24C Gas Grill right away. It is easily available on Amazon, has the second-best features in our list of grills and incredible user reviews. Lock the deal now!


With all of our listed products, the best gas barbecues under $500 are just a click away! So now you must know that nothing can stop you from buying the best grill under $500 or from fulfilling your desired cooking needs in all seasons. All the grills that we have reviewed in this guide are thoroughly tested and examined by our experts. Not to mention, all of them are readily available on Amazon for purchase.

Don’t forget!

It is important to take your cooking preferences into account and review all pros and cons of each grill before you make the final decision and step ahead in your grilling journey. Meanwhile, Happy Grilling!

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