Best Propane Gas Grills Under $300 & $400 For Outdoor BBQ Activities

Ready to go grill shopping? Are you willing to compromise on equipment quality just to avoid paying hefty prices but end up with some easy-bake oven of uncooked and tasteless barbecues?

Definitely not!

Also who likes to massively overspend their budget just to explain their family & friends, why they just can’t afford mouth-watering steaks to grill using a shiny, sturdy new grill beast?

Therefore, it would be pointless to say that the grilling season is here because if you are anything like us, you would want seared steak and barbecued burgers throughout the year.

Isn’t it?

But then, how to find a grill that does not just give excellent results but is also easy on the pocket?

Well, spending on kitchen appliances is probably one of the wisest things you can do to ensure, you do not have to go out to eat every day.

But if you have a low budget and do not want to compromise on the food, then don’t worry because we have already taken the challenge of reviewing the cheapest grills, so you do not have to face any trouble!

And if you believe that buying gas grills for $300 means that you are in for low quality, then its not true, go through the list we have compiled below.

What’s more important to understand is that grill shopping involves a lot of consideration thus, deciding on $300 budget to buy a good grill doesn’t mean that you cannot enjoy all the must-have features, for instance, long-term durability, great cooking power, or even the ability to cook a great sear on a steak.

In fact, all it means is that you are not going to have all the fancy frills of some pricier $1000 machines that eventually fail to factor into your regular cooking needs.

Yes, you might not get all the extra accessories, but you don’t even need those for daily grilling.

Since good taste and right texture is the finest attribute of a good steak, all you need is to go through the products reviewed below, and you will instantly be able to make your mind.

But before we move on to the products’ features, let’s take a look at some of the key features you need in your grill.

After all, without those, how can you make the best choice for your cooking needs?


Features To Look Out For In a $300 & $400 Gas Grill

No matter if you are purchasing some expensive gas grill paying thousands of dollars or a built-in grill in just $300 or $400, it is highly recommended by the experts to evaluate some essential features when purchasing a new BBQ grill. Not to forget, a good gas grill is the one that perfectly meets your cooking needs.

Even-Heat Distribution

Can anyone tell me how to even out the heat distribution on my grill? Sounds familiar?

Well, it is one of the most commonly asked questions by grill users. While some prefer to line the grate using a tin foil to fix the issue, others prefer to buy the one that is already problem-free.

Therefore, if you want to avoid buying an expensive grill while enjoying the perfect flavor, you need to look for this specialty in your grill.

The heat distribution allows the food to cook with a consistent taste and provides the right amount of temperature to the grill. Usually, for this, you need to look at the grates and the insulation of the hood and whether they are secure enough to provide protection during windy seasons.


Now like we said, you wouldn’t get many accessories with the grills under $300 or $400, so five burner grills are usually not practical but take it from us, you do not need so many options for a small to medium-sized grill.

Look for ones that have 3-4 burners because those are ideal for even heating and providing perfect temperature to your food. Ensure that the burners are made of stainless steel so they do not rust and can withstand high temperatures.

Speaking of which it is also important to look for side burners. The availability of side burners enables convenient preparations of sauces and side dishes. Also, side burners also run off of the natural gas line or propane tank and operate similarly to a regular gas burner available on a conventional range.

Side burners cannot only help in preparing barbecue sides but also maintain stable/low heat in order to keep your food warm so that it’s ready by the time of serving.


The material of cooking grates is important, especially if you want good sear marks on your grill. Make sure that they are made of stainless steel or porcelain-coated iron as the latter is a good insulator and provides maximum heat to your food. The porcelain-coated option is also popular among the users because it is non-stick, which means you do not face any trouble grilling, given the meat is seasoned right.

Mounted Thermometer

You also need a good and accurate thermometer to make sure your food is thoroughly cooked.

The majority of the gas grill hoods are equipped with a temperature gauge that is commonly mounted on the grill’s front side. However, if you plan to purchase a low-end grill, your grill’s thermometer often reflects the hood’s temperature and not the cooking area’s temperature. Thus, make sure you are well aware of where and what the thermometer is gauging.

All of the attributes mentioned above must be considered when buying a gas grill. Therefore, it is important that you select the one that comes with all of these features.

As you know, uneven heat distribution, corrosion, and ignition problems are the most commonly faced issues, regardless if you purchase a branded product.

Not to mention, the rate of all these issues in grilling equipment far exceeds all other food appliances!

So now that we have listed all the features, it is time to identify the best grills available for the users who are looking for low-budget products.


Most Favorite Gas Grills Under $300 & $400

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Bonus Product Review: Under $500












We are sure you have now achieved expertise in choosing a gas grill at a price below 400 dollars. So let’s look at some of the questions that buyers usually ask the manufacturers.

How to Light the Grill?

It seems like a simple task but sometimes when the auto-igniter is not working efficiently, lighting a grill can be difficult. Therefore, here are some steps to make you understand the process better.

  • Open the lid of your grill, so no gas is left in the cooking chamber
  • Clean the cooking surface to avoid any flare-ups
  • Check that the gas pipeline or propane tank is connected to the grill without any leak warning
  • Now turn the knob anti-clockwise to allow the gas to enter the burners of the grill
  • Rotate the knob to its maximum capacity and then press the igniter button
  • Switch on the burners slowly and allow the grill to reach the desired temperature

Why Should You Prefer Gas Grills?

While other options also have many advantages, gas grills stand out from the rest because of the time-saving quality. Not only are they the easiest type to use but also heat up and cool down very quickly. Furthermore, temperature control on a gas grill is also easy as you just have to turn the knobs and if they are operating independently, then you can also set up heating zones for different kinds of food.

How do I Reset the Regulator on My Gas Grill?

For this, you need to turn off all the burners on your grill. Then shut the valve that leads to the fuel connection and disconnect the pressure regulator for the tank or pipeline. Wait for 2-3 minutes so that the leak limiter to the pressure regulator resets itself and then reattach the regulator to the tank. Open the cylinder valve and turn the knobs on to check if it has been reset.

Should I Replace Or Repair My Gas Grill?

It is not common among users that they fail to decide between repair and replacement of the gas grill. Moreover, when they check the replacement parts prices, they are almost as much as you may pay to buy a new grilling product.

It is true that if you must replace all the parts of your grill, it is often a lot more expensive. However, this doesn’t mean that you can or should discard your existing grill altogether and get a new one.

It is important to understand that purchasing a new part can restore the efficiency or functionality of your existing grill. Moreover, you can also equip your grill with an updated part which means that you are giving your grill a good upgrade which will provide higher performance and higher quality.

On the other hand, if you prefer to go out and buy a new grill, you might be facing a similar situation again. Thus, it is recommended to repair the grill parts with quality parts. For that, you can also contact the manufacturer as most of the time, the parts provided by the manufacturer outlast the parts installed in a new grill.

What Experts Suggest, Charcoal Or Gas Grill?

To be honest, this depends on your cooking needs. In fact, no particular type can be claimed as better. Every grill comes with unique traits, and you need to get hold of the one that fulfills your grilling preferences.

To discuss the distinguishing factors, a gas grill is quicker to start and easier to maintain as the burners can be adjusted easily to control the heat.

On the other hand, charcoal grills provide a better smoke flavor to your food. Also, you can use various types of charcoal or wood, which helps in varying the smoke flavor in your charcoal grill.

Indeed, if you are still confused about deciding on one, you may go with a hybrid combo grill which provides both the gas side and charcoal side.

How Can You Avoid Fire Flare-Ups On Your Gas Grill?

The easiest way to avoid fire flare-ups is to clean the grill on a daily basis. This helps in preventing the build-up of grease in the firebox. In case the grease residue in your grill’s firebox gets a little hot while cooking, it can easily ignite and cause flare-ups.

The best way to prevent fire-ups is to read the directions or instructions in the owner’s manual that helps in cleaning the burner box and all other grill components.

However, when cooking oily/greasy meats, it is better to use some indirect grilling method to prevent flare-ups.

Our Pick

Even though I stan winter grilling season I still decided to go with a grill that would fulfill my grilling desires throughout the year. No matter if you are an occasional grilling fan or like to invite your family and friends every weekend, remember that our guide and the products reviewed are your best solution or guide before you make this long-term investment.

Since selecting a grill based on cooking preferences is a personal decision, my personal favorite from the list above is the Char-Griller 3001 Pro.

So, if you still think that deciding on one from the list is difficult, then I suggest you go for the Char-griller 30001 pro because it has almost all the features at a very low price. The grilling beast not only meets my cooking preferences but is highly affordable, functional and well-constructed.

If like me, you also like combining the power of a gas grill with convenience then this barrel design charcoal grill is the best equipment for your small patio or deck.

The reviews on Amazon are incredible, and the reason for its popularity is that it offers a huge cooking surface in under $300.

So make the most of our guide and If you like to make a recommendation, then go with Char-Griller 3001 Grillin’ Pro as your ultimate choice!


Final Thoughts

Nevertheless, it’s time you make your final decision from the best and most recommended gas grill under $300 listed above.

Once again, don’t forget to keep your style and cooking preferences in mind and thoroughly read all the advantages and features of each grill before you are all set to grill this barbecue season.

So that’s all from us!

We have made the task of choosing a grill under $300 extremely easy for you. Now you must’ve seen that just because you are paying less does not mean you wouldn’t get the key features in your grill. So, so pick the one that suits you the best and have an amazing grilling experience. So, keep the information in your mind, go ahead and meanwhile, Happy Grilling!

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