Best Gas Grills Under $1500 Reviews 2022

There is no fixed time for an enriching grilled food experience. Be it the chilly winter nights when the grill is not just a tool for cooking food but a spot for warming up the bodies or breezy summer nights when friends get together on a barbeque, chant, and dance happily after eating the food. Grilled food is tantalizing for the taste buds and not only restaurants but many family cooks prepare tasteful dishes in this regard. Be it the grilling of a juicy lamb thigh or cooking a fresh chicken breast, the best gas grills are the go-to option for you.

A genuine gas grill laden with coherent features helps to prepare good food easily, cooks the meat evenly, and accommodates for a good presentation. This article deciphers some of the best gas grills under $1500. Within this range, you need to do extensive research to find an exquisite piece because the superior grills come in between the range of $1500-$2000 but we have gathered inspirational models that are well below this price range and have features of the best gas grills.


What Qualities Good Gas Grill Must Have?

Before we discuss the details of the best gas grill under $1500 selected models, let’s see what should a good gas grill have.

1. High-Quality Grates: The grates must be able to withstand the searing temperature and ensure that even temperature is maintained over the entire length of the grill. Stainless steel is the most durable material for the grate.

2. Good igniters: The igniter must be user-friendly, easy to operate and long-lasting. Electric or rotary igniters are much better than a push-button igniter because the spring loses the elasticity over time.

3. Lit controls: If you are cooking after dark, you would need lighted knobs and buttons because if there is no external light source like in mountains or deep valleys, these knobs will be your directions.

4. Fuel gauge: The level of the gauge indicates the amount of gas left in the tank which is critical if you cook repetitively or for a long time. This gauge would indicate the time when you need a replacement.

5. Stability: The grate and the grill must be sturdy and stable so no tripping occurs. They should be placed such that your fingers are not too close to the hot lid.

6. Other features: It could anything from automatic overheating alarm, side burners, variable temperature settings or pull out tray for the tank. This increases the utility of the gas grill and its potential selling chances.


Best Gas Grill Under $1500

After discussing the qualities of the good propane & natural gas grills, now, we move towards enlisting the best gas grills under 1500.

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1. Weber Spirit E-210 (One Of The Top Selling Gas Grill)

This second model of the Weber series is a dream grill for those who are looking for a cheap monster in this regard. Sufficiently lined with the required features, this model delivers outstanding results that are very hard to beat at such a price range. This is potentially the best standard grill and is largely raved by the customers on Amazon and therefore included in the list of best gas grills under 1500.

It has a total of 2 burners with a combined rating of 26500 BTU and primary cooking space of 390 sq inches and a warming rack of 90 sq inches. The grate is made of porcelain-enamel cast iron and is supported by triangular greasing deflectors that channelize the grease in the tray and evaporates the drippings to prepare restaurant-like food.

The grease collects in the lower tray and can be discarded easily. Be it stakes with sautéed vegetables or a lamb thigh with spicy sauce, this grill can sear and smoke the meat the right amount. The grill enables uniform heat distribution; thanks to the recognized Weber hear distribution system.

The lid is porcelain-enameled and features a central thermometer to depict the progress of the food. It helps in heat retention and keeping the food safe under a light drizzle. The grate is connected front to back with knobs on the front panel that has saved space for the side shelves. The shelves can accommodate cooked dishes, uncooked items or cooking utensils. The side shelves can be folded downwards to be carried away with ease or stored in confined places.

The storage compartment of the Weber Spirit E-210 contains space for the fuel tank and shelves for cooking utensils and other items. The fuel tank also comes with an easy-to-read fuel gauge that indicates the level of propane or natural gas left in the tank so that you can plan, reschedule or arrange for any sort of a barbeque experience; be it in your house’s terrace or on a trekking trip to craggy mountains.

Another unique feature of the Weber Spirit E-210 is the wheels of the gas grill. The back wheels are 360 degrees swivel-able and the front locking casters. These work in conjunction to move the grill on cement, grass or any other terrain and the front wheels can be locked at the destination. The manufacturers seem to have invested extensive engineering knowledge in the design of this model.

The knobs are the patented electric ignition and are engineered to control the temperature of the burners although they offer only two to three distinctive temperature points. The cross over knob ignites the second burner after the first one.  The controls of the Weber Spirit E-210 are ergonomic and easy.

Some might complain about the small cooking area of the grill and no extras like side burner and searing space but it contains six tool hooks for attaching the utensils and spoons to cater to this complaint.

  • 2 burners with combined rating of 26500 BTU
  • Cooking space of 390 sq inches
  • Foldable side shelves
  • Grease management system to prevent flare-ups
  • Easy-to-read fuel gauge for monitoring
  • The wheels can be swiveled and locked
  • Thermometer in the lid
  • Six tool hooks
  • Very cheap
  • Small cooking area
  • No side burners
  • Adjustability in the knob area is questionable


2. Char-Broil 475 (Cheapest Gas Grill)

This is another entry-level gas grill in a cheap price range. It is aesthetically attractive and comes with a side burner that means you can cook multiple items on this grill. Char-Broil 475 weighs less than 50 kilograms which makes it highly portable and is not very large. We were personally surprised to find the quality of the material used in this model.

It has 475 sq inches of cooking area which can accommodate about 12 burger patties and 4 burners each rated at 9000 BTU. The secondary cooking space is 174 sq inches and can be used as well for big parties that have many guests. The grate is fashioned out of porcelain-enameled cast iron which stores heat and is closely constructed so that the food is stable.

The grease removal mechanism is the same as the previous model where the grease gets deflected from the triangular plates and falls in the tray underneath the grill. The grease can then be dumped in the garbage can.

The uniformity of the heat distribution is made possible by the air channelization scheme where the air circulates around the burners to create a homogeneously hot atmosphere around the food. No matter the position of the food, you will have a uniform temperature throughout the grate.

The lid of Char-Broil 475 is made of stainless steel and contains a heavy-duty handle with a thermometer to keep track of the cooking progress. The handle is very sturdy as it the part of the grill that is most used. It doesn’t get lose or catch rust.

The igniters are electric in nature and powered by a push button. Each burner is dedicated to one knob on the front panel which controls the temperature range through three levels. Some would like to have more control over the alternating temperature but provided we are talking about an under $500 grill, this is justified.

One side of the grill features a side burner which is rated at 10000 BTU where you can sauté vegetables, grill fish or smoked chicken breast. It is a cart-type grill so it contains no storage compartment underneath. You have to connect the fuel tank in an open environment which is a good practice as you may sense earlier if something is wrong.

The bad thing about Char-Broil 475 is lack of extra storage for utensils. The surface finish is quite good and it doesn’t feel cheap however when you move the cart excessively, you might hear some creaking noise from the wheels which seems the weakest link in the construction.

  • 4 burners with a combined rating of 36000 BTU
  • Side burner with 10000 BTU rating
  • Large combined cooking area
  • Very portable
  • Electric igniters
  • Good lid with strong handle as it is the most used part
  • The grate is closely interlinked which keeps the food stable
  • Very cheap
  • No storage tank facility
  • Only three temperature change levels


3. Weber Genesis II S435 (Top Rated Four Burner Gas Grill Under $1500)

This model was launched at the end of 2018 and received overwhelming acceptance from all groups of users. It managed to fill the voids created by the previous models, gave people enough features to light their eyes up and did that by remaining well within acceptable price range.

Weber Genesis II S435 is a four-burner, stainless steel gas burner which is regarded as the best burner to date by the Weber. The four burners each have a rating of 12000 BTU and are fitted in a cooking area of 646 sq inches. It has 7mm rod cooking grates which evenly distribute the heat and provide enhanced heat retention.

The tapered shaped burners allow a consistent gas flow for smoothing up the uniform heating process even more. They are also easy to clean. The area is able to fit about 28 single patty burgers. What the previous model lacked was a sear station, this doesn’t. The sear station burner is rated at 9000 BTU and helps to cook the food quickly, create classy grill marks on the food and bestow your steaks and chicken breasts with a smoky, scrumptious taste.

It also includes a tuck-away warming rack which provides 198 sq inches extra cooking space. It can be folded if not needed. All of this is well protected by a stainless steel top lid that stores the head and keeps the grill safe after use.

The side burner of Weber Genesis II S435 is rated at 12000 BTU and can be used to prepare sauces or sauté vegetables while the main course gets ready on the grill. This offers a complete meal preparation scheme on a single base that earns these model top marks in terms of utility.

The infinity ignition makes sure that the igniters are lighted every time they are flickered while the grease management system prevents the flare-ups. It is a tray that traps the grease which can be later removed from the grill. There is also a separate storage compartment below the grease tray where you can put your cooking utensils, towels and bake gloves.

The fuel tank sits on one side of the Weber Genesis II S435 gas grill which makes it easier to remove and monitor. In case, it is giving odd sounds or giving sparks, you can easily spot it before things get really messy. On the other side is a stand with hooks to put the dishes, pans and cooking platters. Such a degree of versatility has made this model the top pick for many families and restaurant owners.

You can even get an iGrill 3 thermometer which is app-activated and you can view the real-time progress of your food on the mobile screens. It displays the temperature and time.

On the negative side, the electronic ignition, no matter how efficient it seems, is prone to faults over time. Also, the Weber Genesis II S435 gas grill lacks the rotisserie so you can have a full chicken piece rolling over the burger patties.

  • 4 burners with 12000 BTU
  • Side burner with 12000 BTU
  • Sear station with 9000 BTU
  • Wide cooking area
  • A tuck-away warming rack for extra cooking space
  • Ignify ignition for quick lightening
  • Stand with hooks on one side
  • Grease management system to prevent flare-ups
  • iGrill 3 thermometer which is sold separately
  • Fuel tank on one side for easy removal and fault monitoring
  • Electronic ignition system is prone to faults overtime
  • No rotisserie


4. Bull Outdoor Products 87049 (Best Gas Grill Under $1500)

Don’t get carried away by the lack of side burner of this model. It is a supremely crafted gas grill with augmented durability, uncomplaining reliability, and highly sufficient usability. It isn’t a wheel pushed gas grill thus can be transported from one place to another easily.

It is fashioned out of 304 stainless steel with 4 burners each rated at 15000 BTU to give an increased heating amount of 60000 BTU. They are ignited by piezoelectric igniters that use less energy to light up and are wrapped with stainless steel so that no debris or spilling enters into them.

Backed up with a 5-year grill warranty, they accommodate for a great cooking experience with each part of the meat receiving an equal amount of heat. The cooking area is vast; 810 sq inches and seems to eradicate the need for a side burner. Additionally, there is a 210 sq inches warming area to keep your cooked food warm and fresh.

The lid is a single piece and is double lined to keep the heat in. The stainless steel is subjected to decolonization under long exposures of high temperatures but this double lining prevents that from happening. It also features a thermometer on top of it.

There is an integrated smoker box that effectually smokes the drumsticks, vegetables, turkey, or lamb to instill that perfect natural smell and taste into them. This unit ensures that you get a restaurant-like taste in your house and with a few experiments; you can manage to prepare the food which is alike.

The wide cooking area is also great for making pizza and the adjustable temperature knobs allow you the freedom to alter the temperature ranges for uniform cooking. It has a twin lighting system so that you can use this grill in dark as well. Take it to a highland with enormous mountains and the aroma of fresh grass reaching your nostrils, connect it with the propane fuel tank and enjoy a seamless nighttime barbeque with your friends and family.

The built of this gas grill is outstanding and manufacturers have put in a lot of effort in the surface finish, paint, and stainless steel handle to make it a high-grade grill that is suitable for every house and hotel. It doesn’t offer outrageous features and has a high price tag but the sturdy nature and the reliable performance give it high marks, if not the highest.

  • Large cooking area which is suitable for cooking even pizzas
  • Powerful burners with a combined rating of 60000 BTU
  • Smoker box for smoking the food
  • Twin lighting system for grilling in dark or remote areas
  • Portable and easy to carry
  • Sturdy construction and highly smooth finish
  • Double-lined lid
  • Separate warming area
  • Expensive


5. Holland Freedom Grill

Holland Grill is another renowned company that offers high-end, versatile and all-range gas grills that are well suited for the desired need. This is an aluminum model that may seem a bit small at first sight but is embellished with countless features that are sure to amaze you. The affordable price tag adds up to the selling probability of this model.

It features a cast iron burner with an ingenious heating system. The single burner is covered with a stainless steel deflector plate that directs the flame to all sides of the burner thus passing uniform heat all around. It prevents hotspots and the single burner gives a better fuel efficiency.

There are two vents on top of the lid that allows air to fully circulate through the grill which ensures that the heat is spread all around the chamber and the waste gases emit outwards in the open air. It also contains a drip pan that prevents the food debris from falling into the flame.

The food drippings get evaporated from the drip pan to return back to the food and create that distinctive taste and aroma that is a specialty of many restaurants. The grease is transported to an outdoor grease bucket through a simple yet efficient gravity-fed system.

The igniter is a simple rotary type with one temperature setting. This gas grill can reach a maximum temperature of 400 degrees Fahrenheit which is the optimal temperature to cook most of the meats. The lid contains the thermometer which aids in monitoring the cooking progress continuously. The lid is a single piece that makes it sturdy and aluminum in nature. It has a long stainless steel handle which is convenient to grip.

The transition from a grill to a full-fledged smoker unit is what makes it a highly likable product from customers. To do this, seal the drip valve and fill the drip pan with water and start the grill to enjoy a generously smoked fish or beef which is evenly firm from all sides.

Some might think that it contains a side burner due to the shelves on both sides but those are merely shelves to put the food or utensils. It contains a storage compartment with the fuel tank where you can put the rest of stuff. As for the other accessories, you can attach a searing unit to quickly heat your food and a condiment tray for the extra cooking area. It is fully compatible with this model and the heat transfer system will make sure that it receives the same amount of heat.

  • Single cast iron burner with ingenious heating system
  • Drip pan to prevent food debris from falling in the fire
  • Grease management system for no flare-ups
  • Transition to a smoker unit
  • Storage compartment
  • Side shelves
  • Hassle-free knob
  • The lid contains a thermometer
  • Good accessories available
  • Inexpensive
  • No side burner
  • No control over the temperature range which may be a problem for some


6. PGS A40 40,000 BTU Cast Aluminum Gas Grill Head

A solid gas grill which lacks a side burner but compensates for that through a sufficient warming rack and a large cooking space! PGS A40 is sturdily built with stainless steel and aluminum material and weighs less than many of the competitors whilst offering similar features.

We jump straight to the cooking area. It contains 516 sq inches of primary cooking space and 174 sq inches of warming rack space. Together they form a large enough space to accommodate many of your preparatory food items.

The grate is built with stainless steel which doesn’t catch rust and is layered by ceramic moon rok which distributes the heat evenly in the cooking area. These are circular features that circulate the heat all around. They sit on porcelain-enameled grids that evaporate any liquid spilling and give a scrumptious taste to the meat. Below them, is the burner which is double-Tee shaped with dual controls.

The knobs of the PGS A40 are very easy to use and the two of them ignite the two sides of the 40000 BTU burner. Ignition is made possible by a sure start button. The lid is fashioned out of aluminum and contains one handle at each side which is a unique set of handling options. The two sides have shelves that can be used to place anything. After use, they can be easily folded downwards for transportability or storage. Each side contains three hooks for tools.

PGS A40 gas grill doesn’t feature a storage compartment so the fuel tanks have to stay outside and you have no shielded storage space which is the biggest disadvantage we could find at such price range. But then, it couldn’t have been such portable. It is a small size gas grill and the low weight that makes it an ideal grill to be carried around. It supports both propane and natural gas.

  • 40000 BTU burner
  • Moon rok which distributes heat evenly
  • Layered grate structure to facilitate performance and uniformity
  • Two handles on the lid
  • Very portable
  • Side shelves that can be folded
  • No side burner which is a surprise at such price range
  • No shielded storage space



Editor’s Verdict On Best Gas Grills Under 1500 Dollars

The first two models have been included in the list for their supreme performance at such a cheap price range. All the enlisted models are backed by at least 3 years of warranty and come from recognized companies.

The top pick for a while some gas grill would be Weber Genesis S435 as it contains a side burner, a sea station, and ample storage facility. If you are okay with having no side burner, you can choose either PGS A40 or Holland Freedom. The latter costs less and is visually more appealing. For those who require a gas grill that can be a companion for every lighting condition can choose Bull Outdoor 87049 because it features twin lighting system.

And the ones who are looking for the best entry level gas grill would surely go for Weber Spirit E-210 because it is backed with a hefty amount of positive Amazon reviews but keep in mind that it has a lower BTU rating than the Char-Broil 475.

We have done our job by providing you with an unbiased and technical analysis of the top gas grills under $1500. Which is your pick?

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