How To Save Energy At Home – 8 Best Energy Saving Solutions

The recent drive for sustainability has been hyper-focused on energy these days, and for good reason. The United States wastes about 68% of energy annually, with the residential sector being the highest contributor to the number, and with nearly 4 Quads of wasted energy. If you weren’t aware, 1 Quad equates to nearly 3 billion kilowatts of energy.

Best Energy Saving Home Solutions

As such, making an effort to lower your house’s energy consumption will save you money and reduce the impact your property is having on the environment. Here are eight energy-saving solutions every household needs along with some recommended products as a part of these solutions:

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1. Energy Monitors

The first step to lowering your home’s energy consumption is identifying what consumes the most energy. Sense’s energy monitor can help with that. Not only does this device tell you how much energy your house is expending, but it’ll also show you which appliances are guilty of driving the number to its current levels. This can help you adjust their usage or even consider replacing them altogether, if necessary.

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2. LED Bulbs

If you’re still using incandescent, halogen, fluorescent, or any other bulb type that isn’t LED, then it’s time to make the switch. LEDs consume 80% less energy than most bulbs on the market. Moreover, these bulbs are probably one of the cheapest energy-saving switches you can do. One of the most recommended LED bulbs, the Philips 455576, only costs $5 per piece.

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3. Inverter AC

The weather can get notoriously hot, especially in summer, so it’s worth investing in an energy-efficient AC. A typical AC will have a fixed compressor motor, so it’ll always run at full power. An inverter, on the other hand, has a compressor that automatically adjusts to the desired temperature, so it doesn’t consume as much energy when the room is cold enough. LG has even managed to pioneer a line of dual inverter ACs, which cool the room faster and is higher in energy savings.

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4. Smart Water Heaters

Inefficient water heating can be a huge drain on your energy savings. Fortunately, minimizing water heat loss doesn’t have to be hard and there are several steps you can take. A guide to the water tank and cylinder insulation by HomeServe explains how this simple step can boost your home’s heating systems. This is because they keep your water warmer for a longer period of time compared to regular tanks, so you can save even more energy. Another option is to go high tech. ECOTOUCH’s smart water heater, for instance, analyzes the current weather conditions and will only provide hot water when you need it. As such, it’ll be off most of the time, consuming less energy than the average heater. Combined with good water insulation, a smart heater will make your home more sustainable, save you plenty of money, and keep you warm.

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5. Solar Panels

If you have the money to spend, installing solar panels is a great investment. After all, you’ll be less reliant on factory-generated electricity, thus saving you money and reducing wasteful energy. Now is the perfect time to buy them, in fact, as The Verge reports that the price of solar panels has fallen by as much as 70% thanks to the lowering of material costs.

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6. Smart Blinds

Solar panels aren’t the only things that can take advantage of the sun; windows are much the same. Smart blinds are programmed to close during the hottest part so the day, reducing the need for air conditioning. Similarly, they also open up during cold days so the sun can naturally heat the room. Brands like MySmartBlinds even make their blinds solar-powered, so it’s twice the energy saver.

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7. Energy-efficient Appliances

Electrical appliances account for a good chunk of your electric bills, so it helps to own energy-efficient ones. It’s a pretty hefty investment, so start by replacing your smaller appliances before moving on to bigger things like the fridge. Always look for the ENERGY STAR label to assure that the items that you’re buying are truly sustainable.


8. Smart Power Strips

Even though you’re not using your gadgets and appliances, they still consume energy when you leave them plugged in. One solution would be to manually unplug them when they’re not in use. It’s a very tedious process, however, so it’s recommended to simply install smart power strips around the house. These devices can sense energy needs and cut off the power supply to fully-charged appliances and devices that aren’t in use. For this, you can try VOCOlinc’s line, as they have surge protection installed. This means that your plugged-in devices are safe should there be any electrical issues.

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It’s hard to see the impact of your choices when you make the shift to being more sustainable alone. But the more people invest in energy solutions, there better off the planet will be. For more energy-saving tips, consumer’s electronic news and product reviews, check out some of our other articles on Reviews Crush to find out more.

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