Best Computer Monitors For Money Under $200 Reviews 2022

Monitors have distinguished themselves as the key determinant of human-computer interaction. Whether you are a competitive gamer, a graphic designer or just a web surfer, the monitor is as much important as the PC that is running the show.

There are numerous computer monitors available on the market, and thus it becomes quite an overwhelming job when you have to choose the one that fits your criteria.

As choices make the decision harder, this article aims to provide the best available options fulfilling one particular parameter, that is, budget.

Those with a tight budget, it is not a shame to have, can look for the best computer monitors under 200 dollars which might be quite helpful.

This budget range does not seriously compromise quality; and if the product fits your ultimate purpose, you will surely be over the moon after reading this article.

Things To Look Before Buying A Monitor

Before checking out the features of the upcoming list of top-notch monitors, it is incumbent on the reader to get familiar with some important parameters of selection.

Remember, the purpose defines the best choice: what might be best for a single user is not necessarily best for all. So, do keep your needs in mind while selecting the right choice for yourself.

Apart from budget, other major parameters include ultimate purpose, resolution, screen size, panel type, refresh rate and response time, and supplementary features.

Ultimate Purpose: the fork in the road. Determining the ultimate purpose sort a lot of things out for many users.

The monitors with ultimate purpose like gaming are altogether different than those which have a more professional purpose to serve like photo/video editing or graphic designing.

Gaming optimized monitors prioritize refresh rates and have a low response time. While high contrast and color accuracy are the top priorities of professional users.

If you are unfamiliar with the tech jargon, like refresh rate and response time, don’t worry. We are going to discuss them in a while.

Resolution: maximum details that monitor screen can fit. A pixel is a minimum area of illumination on a display screen, and resolution refers to the number of pixels on a screen.

1920×1080 px resolution means 1920 pixels are spread across horizontally and 1080 pixels vertically. A 1920×1080 px resolution—also known as full HD display—considered as the baseline resolution for monitors nowadays.

It is usually recommended to go for high resolution—2k, 4k, and 8k—as it helps to get a sharp image with high contrast and color accuracy.

Screen size: what is your workplace limitation? The bigger the screen size the bigger the object appears on the screen. However, the screen size must not be confused with the resolution.

A large-size screen with low resolution will display a softer and blurry image resulting in the lackluster experience. Screen size is the measure of the diagonal length of the screen.

The working space limits the users to go for 19’’, 22’’ or 27’’ screen size. Another important aspect within screen size is the aspect ratio.

The more the aspect ratio the wider the screen and lower the letterboxing. As a wider screen helps in multitasking so optimum aspect ratio is 16:9 (width: height).

For ultra-wide screen users—developers and graphic designers—21:9 curved screens are the best options.

Panel type: gamers must not miss it out. There are two widely used panel types out there: IPS and TN. We will not go into their details.

An IPS panel banks on the huge color depth and good viewing angles. A TN panel lies on the opposite end of the spectrum: it prioritizes speed over any other aspect.

So, for a gamer, a TN panel is best as it provides a high refresh rate and minimum input lag. Graphic professionals must opt for IPS panel, for a great deal of their work involves dealing with colors.

Refresh rate and response time: how many times an image update every second and how long will it take a pixel to change shades.

The refresh rate is measured in Hertz. A high refresh rate with low response time makes the gaming experience a lot better. The 75-hertz refresh rate is the baseline for gaming; the more the better.

Supplementary Features: Maximize productivity and accessibility. Monitor mount becomes very handy when there is not enough space available in your workplace.

Among a number of mounts available in the market, Vesa mount is considered as the standard. If space is not an issue, a good stand will definitely do the job.

A good monitor stand can perform several functions including tilt, rotation and height adjustment. Having several USB and audio/video ports multiplies your options and minimize compatibility issues.

Monitors with built in speakers significantly enhance user experience but most of the monitors do not come with such a demanding feature.

Now, you are familiar with the key parameters, let us quickly move on to our list of best budget computer monitors under 200 and 300 dollars.


Top 10 Computer Monitors For The Money

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Best Computer Monitors Under $200, $300

1. AOC 27V2H (Best Computer Monitor Under 200)

When it comes to cost-effectiveness, AOC Series V2 has little to no comparison at all.

The product is simply awesome, with its ultra-slim frameless IPS, it is poised to take minimum space on your desk space, leaving room to spare for other devices.

An IPS panel enables it to display colors with high depth and that too with great viewing angles. AOC 27V2H model has freeSync technology to cope with the input lag—a common drawback of IPS display.

Furthermore, the added advantage of the Full HD display gives it an edge in terms of vivid colors and sharp imagery.

Another important aspect to consider is the narrow borders which minimize the bezel distraction and provide a remarkable gaming experience.

The screen size 27’’ and aspect ratio 16:9 is pretty standard; but given the budget limitation, it is the best choice to have.

The refresh rate is 75 Hertz which is right at the baseline for gaming monitors, while the response rate is 5 milliseconds which is a major drawback for competitive gaming.

It comes with a stand having HDMI and VGI ports. The stand has certain limitations which include tilt and height adjustment. Also, there are no in-built speakers and USB ports.


In a nutshell, professionals with a tight budget must not have a second thought about selecting this product, while gamers must be cautious as its high response rate is going to be a major disadvantage for them.

  • Budget Friendly
  • Sleek Design (ultra-thin)
  • Vivid colors and great viewing angles
  • FreeSync Adaptive Technology
  • No speakers and USB ports
  • Average response time


2. Philips 276E9QDSB (Best 27 Inch Computer Monitor For Under 200)

Philips is one of the largest electronics companies in the world; so this pick has a lot to do with the brand identity. With this said, there are equally important specifications of this product that makes it eligible for this list.

Philips Model 276E9QDSB has little to differ with the product first on our list. It has a Full HD display with IPS panel.

The extra selling point is its wide color technology with 124% sRGB and 93% NTSC color gamut coverage which produces more natural-looking greens, vivid reds, and deeper blue. Common users and professionals must expect to get stunned by its remarkable display and vivid imagery.

Those having gaming as the sole usage in mind, the low refresh rate and high response time, 75 hertz and 5 milliseconds respectively, is rightly going to raise eyebrows. But the company tried its best to supplant it with free sync adaptive technology that helps to get rid of choppy gameplay and broken frames.

One striking aspect is LowBlue mode availability. Such monitors minimize eye-damage by shorter blue wavelengths. User well-being is one of the many aspects that distinguishes companies like Philips from other competitors.

Vesa mount compatibility and several ports—including HDMI, VGA, and DVI—make it a compelling choice for users that values accessibility.


This monitor is an excellent choice for normal users and professionals.

  • 124% sRGB and 93% NTSC color gamut coverage
  • Vesa Mount Compatibility
  • FreeSync Adaptive Technology
  • Average response time


3. Acer B0 SB220Q bi (Cheapest Computer Monitor)

Acer series B0 is stupendously inexpensive. I am a big fan of sleek design so its 0.24-inch ultra-thin display really caught my attention.

The screen-size—22-in—is a bit shorter than other picks of our list, but that alone is not enough to shadow its other powerful features.

Full HD display and IPS panel seems a standard feature for monitors just under 200 dollars range, but to have them at a whooping low price under $100 is truly amazing. This means for nearly half the price you will be enjoying the high color performance with no color difference at any viewing angle.

The AMD Radeon free sync technology and a low response time of 4 milliseconds are there to make it compatible for superior graphics gaming. The model boasts no stuttering and tearing effect which should be taken seriously because companies like Acer have a reputation to maintain.

Its fixed stand provides little options for maneuverability and therefore is a major disadvantage to consider. Also, there are no inbuilt speakers and Vesa mount compatibility. HDMI and VGA ports are available, while USB ports are discarded to not compromise its sleekness.


This monitor is best for office use which involves text reading, web browsing or making spreadsheets. As it can smoothly handle-less competitive games, so it should not be ruled out for gaming.

  • Stupendously inexpensive
  • Sleek Design
  • FreeSync Adaptive Technology
  • Stand does not have many adjustment options.
  • No speakers
  • No Vesa Mount Compatibility


4. Sceptre C248W-1920RN (Best 24″ Gaming Computer Monitor Under $200)

If you are a big fan of curved monitors, Scepter C248W-1920RN is not going to disappoint you. The model projects itself as a gaming compatible machine. Let us see what it has to offer.

The model comes with a VA panel: a true hybrid between IPS and TN panels. As it lies at the mid of the spectrum having two altogether different specifications at its extremes, it is a great compromise in terms of color depth, viewing angles and pixels refresh rate.

VA panel is further supplemented by its fast refresh rate of 75 hertz—a standard for responsive gaming. As it has become obvious by now, the model was definitely supposed to come with a low response time.

It does not disappoint us. The average response rate is 3-4 milliseconds making it a lot much faster in changing the pixel colors. In short, its claim to offer the best gaming experience is not unfounded.

Other features include Vesa mount compatibility and a built-in stand that offers limited tilt adjustment. Lack of maneuverability options and low sound quality are the prime drawbacks of this model.

Being a gaming monitor, it has both HDMI and VGA ports for a better visual and audio experience.

  • Curved Display
  • High response rate
  • Vesa Mount Compatible
  • Bad Speaker quality
  • No Adaptive-Sync Technology


5. Dell D2719HGF (Best Selling 27″ Gaming LED-Lit Monitor Under $300) 

If you are a gamer and 2 milliseconds response time with 144-hertz refresh rate does not impress you, I wonder what could.

AMD free sync technology, Full HD display, and HDMI compatibility are a few among many features that Dell does not shy away to boast.

For gaming, it has seriously compromised color depth and viewing angles by having a TN panel. The screen offers a minimum bezel effect and can be put side by side with others to enjoy an ultra-widescreen experience.

Moreover, the manufacture’s reputation makes it easy for buyers to make a decision.

This model is Vesa mount compatible,budget-friendly and has a sleek design. Its built-in speakers provide a great sound experience, while the display has already been discussed in detail.


If you are a professional and your work demands a great deal with colors, this will turn out to be the worst choice for you. For gamers, there should not be many reasons to not go for this one.

  • AMD free sync technology
  • Super high response and refresh rate
  • Vesa Mount Compatible
  • Low color depth
  • Poor viewing angles


6. ViewSonic VA2759-SMH (Top Rated Monitor Under 200)

ViewSonic should not be taken lightly when it comes to manufacturing display equipment. The company takes great care of users need in its design.

Model VA2759-SMH comes with an IPS panel which means it has great color depths and viewing angles. The response time is 7 milliseconds, so the display is bound to bear a glitch in updating—a notorious flaw known as ‘ghosting’ in gaming jargon.

However, it bounced back with a 75 Hertz refresh rate, still making it attractive for gamers. A good refresh rate like this put little strain on eyes as the display shows no sign of flickering; plus, ViewSonic has also made use of blue light technology—an effort to be appreciated for its minimization of eye damage.

This model also has built-in speakers, but the sound quality is pretty much average. The company did not make a serious effort in expanding the adjustment options for its use as the stand allows little to no flexibility at all.

The HDMI and VGA ports work great, and Vesa mount compatibility allows us to free up some desk space.


For responsive gaming and a tight budget, this isn’t the worst option to choose. However, for professionals and normal users who value user-friendly technology, this 27-inch full HD monitor is the best choice to have.

  • Blue Light technology
  • IPS display
  • Vesa Mount Compatible
  • Low response time
  • Bad speaker quality


7. BenQ ZOWIE RL2755 (Best Gaming Computer Monitor)

BenQ ZOWIE remained gamers’ favorite since the time it first stepped into the market, and there are genuine reasons for this fondness.

The company has gone beyond limits in order for its users to enjoy the best gaming experience. With one millisecond’s response time, only your pc would be at fault if your games still lag. This is the maximum you could get in such a tight budget.

The 27-in model has full HD display and is also equipped with Black Equalizer technology to give an edge to its users in First-person shooting games.

With Black equalizer the dark areas get brightened without serious changes to brightened ones, thus helping gamers to spot enemies better.

As you might have guessed by now, the panel type is TN which is always preferred for competitive gaming. However, one must be wary of the glare that almost all TN display panels show.

The model is compatible with console platforms, making it an exclusive pc monitor for gaming. There are several relevant ports including HDMI and DVI; plus, speakers are also integrated into the mainframe.

One must not be optimistic about the sound quality of speakers, and there is no reason it should be outstanding.

Although serious efforts are made to make it a full-fledge gaming monitor, the free sync or G-sync technology could have been icing on the cake.

One annoying aspect is the fixed stand that does not allow height adjustment. We can only adjust the screen by tilting it. It is also compatible with Vesa mount, so we can mount it on the wall easily.


BenQ ZOWIE RL2755 is fast; a genuine beast for gaming. If you have spent a huge sum of your money in beefing up your pc, and you are short of it, you could not resist buying BenQZOWIE RL2755 as it comes in such an affordable price range.

  • 1 millisecond response time (super-fast)
  • Black Equalizer Technology
  • Vesa Mount Compatible
  • Screen glare
  • Bad speaker quality
  • Fixed Stand


8. Asus VG245H (Best Selling All Round Computer Monitor)

Asus is a pioneer in making electronic devices, and this product shows how responsive it is for its users need.

Asus VG245H is a 24-in monitor that is specifically designed for gamers. The product has been so successful that it gave serious competition to BenQ ZOWIE RL2755, and in practical terms outstripped the latter.

Just like BenQ ZOWIE, it has an ultra-fast response time of 1 millisecond. It does not lag, and let down its users by “ghosting”. Display panel used in TN, but it managed to get rid of glare with anti-glare material. The display is standard Full HD, and refresh rate stands at 75 Hz.

However, a little more extra cash can give you up to 144 Hz refresh rate with a slightly big screen of 27-in.

The competitive edge of this model over BenQ ZOWIE is its FreeSync compatibility. As already been discussed over and over again, FreeSync or G-sync allows monitors to have stuttered and flicker-free display with little to no choppy images.

One of its most important features is its stand that won the huge accolade for its ergonomic design. We can easily tilt or rotate, swivel or increase height without any serious limitations.

Eye damage, strain, and serious headache, all usually have one common cause: long-time exposure to shorter wavelengths. The blue light technology in Asus VG245H is there for users’ safety.

Asus is among a few elite companies that take it upon itself to ensure its user’s wellbeing.

As Asus VG245H has been praised enough, now it is time to look at its downside. There is surprisingly none. Although many users were annoyed at first when they had to deal with its complex adjustment requirements, yet all were happily settled after it met their expectations.


I hate to be sitting on the fence, but Asus VG245H really put me in that position. It has a formidable competitor: BenQ ZOWIE. But, given the superior features of the former, and also for the love of Asus, I recommend gamers to go for Asus VG245H.

  • 1 millisecond response time (super-fast)
  • FreeSync adaptive technology
  • Vesa Mount Compatible
  • Ergonomic Stand design
  • Small size
  • Complex setting manual


9. LG 25UM58-P (Best Monitor With Split Screen Under 200)

LG 25UM58-P is special. It has an ultra-wide display, and its IPS-LED panel further makes it obvious that it has been designed for professionals.

For those who need to edit photos and videos or any other media, a rich color display is a must. But their needs don’t end here.

Professionals have a lot to do with color accuracy and that’s why LG 25UM58-P comes with sRGB over 99%. For those who are unfamiliar with sRGB, it suffices to know that more percentage implies more color accuracy.

Further, multitasking is absolutely necessary for professionals, and that is why this model comes with a split-screen feature. One can split screens the way one wants and there is also a picture in picture mode.

LG did not exclusively project this model as an office or professional monitor, rather it went on to capture a bigger market of gaming.

The on-screen controls allow several gaming modes, and the black equalizer technology gives gamers an overwhelming advantage to spot an enemy in the dark.

Yet, there is a catch: the low response time—of 5 milliseconds—causes a shocking lag. The image updates slowly which could be disastrous in competitive gaming.

Apart from this major drawback, the other features are up to par e.g. LG has managed to maintain a 75 Hertz refresh rate to eclipse its shortcomings.

LG 25UM58-P has standard HDMI ports and has no integrated speakers. It has Vesa mount compatibility, and its stand offers a great degree of tilt adjustment.


In spite of the fact that LG did not classify the purpose of model 25UM58-P—gaming or otherwise—I will only recommend professionals to buy this one. It has all that you can possibly imagine in under $200 budget.

  • Ultra-wide Display
  • Vesa Mount Compatibility
  • Black Equalizer Technology
  • Average Response time
  • Complex setting manual


10. Acer XFA240 (Best Budget Computer Monitor)

Acer has built several low and high budget monitors, so its name rings a bell for many users who have experience of responsive monitors display in the past. This model is going to take that experience to a whole next level.

Acer XFA240 is among the elite category of gaming monitors. It is affordable, fast and absolutely user-friendly. The below 200$ tag is enough to consider it affordable for a majority of users.

When I said fast, I meant it. With 1 millisecond minimal response time and 144 Hertz gigantic refresh rate, it significantly smoothens the display.

Given your pc is beefed enough to match the refresh rate of this monitor, you would have a remarkable advantage over a vast majority of users whose monitors are operating at a low refresh rate.

The monitor has an integrated NVidia G-sync technology so we can have a stutter and tear-free display. To protect its users, Acer has eye-protect technology integrated into this model.

Users can enjoy hours long of gaming without strain, headache or eye damage, thanks to its Eye protect and Blue Light Filter.

One important element where Acer has always aced is the frame of supportive gadgets. This model comes with a sturdy stand that offers a whole different range of options.

You would be surprised to rotate your monitor screen up to 90 degrees. Also, you can tilt, swivel and adjust the height on a whim.

The monitor is Vesa mount compatible, so you can also adjust it on to your wall. Both Display Port and HDMI ports are there to bring you a stunning visual and audio experience.

Now, we can look at the compromises Acer had to make to build such a remarkable product. The monitor design is unimpressive. The screen size is 24-in, which should have been a little bit larger. The LED light is a bit of a nuisance, and the setting manual is not user-friendly.

But these minor deficiencies can be overlooked when the product is efficiently serving the ultimate purpose—gaming.

  • Nvidia G-sync Technology
  • Super-fast refresh rate (144 Hz)
  • Low response time (1 millisecond)
  • Eye Protect Technology and Blue light filter
  • Vesa Mount Compatibility
  • Small Screen Size
  • Complex Setting Manual

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the better choice between TN, IPS, and VA panel?

Ans. For gamers, TN> VA> IPS. On the contrary, for graphic professionals, IPS> VA> TN. Recall

  • TN is fast
  • VA is hybrid
  • IPS is color-rich.
  1. What is the significance of the monitor stand?

A good monitor stand—usually comes with ergonomic design—allows you a lot of maneuverability: you can tilt, swivel, rotate or adjust the height of the monitor. It helps to minimize excessive pain due to constantly keeping your head/body in a fixed position.

  1. What is adaptive synchronization technology and how does it affect monitor performance?

Adaptive synchronization technology allows monitors to refresh at the same rate as that of GPUs. It eliminates flicker, tearing and input lag; therefore gives a competitive advantage to gamers.

  1. Does size matter or resolution?

Actually, both matter. A large monitor size allows the screen to appear big thus helps in visibility; high resolution, on the other hand, allows a lot of items to fit on the screen and also sharpen the display.

  1. What should be the response time and refresh rate for gaming?

The good response time is the least one, the good refresh rate is the highest. Anything below 2 milliseconds is good response time, while 75 Hertz is the baseline of refresh rate for gaming. The refresh rate of your GPU also has a huge impact on your performance—it is the real shot caller. So if your pc specifications are not at par with that of your monitor, you will continue to have lagged in your gaming despite a high performing monitor.

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