Best Cheap Digital Camera Under 50 Reviews 2022

Smartphones are good in taking pictures but nothing can beat a professional gadget designed specifically for this purpose. Digital cameras have a dedicated lens that gives you the performance, color accuracy and desired focus.

Camera manufacturing companies deal with all classes of customers and provide even very cheap products. So, in this article, we will be providing information about the best cheap digital cameras under $50.

These products will not have a superior lens or outstanding auto-focus features but will give you complete control over the snap to be clicked.

It has to be narrated that readers must not hold high expectations with such low-priced pieces. It’s obvious that these cheap digital cameras can’t produce results like 4k cameras or vlogging cameras. We found some issues and those will be discussed in detail below.


Best Cheap Digital Camera Under $50

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Best Cheap Digital Camera Reviews

These models have been selected after detailed analysis and review reading.

1. AbergBest 21 (Best Affordable Digital Camera Under 50 Dollars)

This is a lean camera available in three different colors and is a highly versatile option for your capturing needs. It has the ability to record video and audio and comes with a rechargeable battery.

The company claims the lens to have a resolution of 21 Megapixels but it is actually 18 Megapixels. Still, such a resolution for under $50 is a bonus to have. The image quality is good and you can preserve your special moments in this camera with largely acceptable results. The memory card has to be purchased separately.

It features a 2.7 inches TFT LCD screen that depicts the recorded video, pictures and the menu settings. It is equipped with standard anti-shake capability, self-timer that permits you to adjust before the snap is taken.

Face Detect option, an 8X digital zoom and Photo Tags Express software that comes handy while editing the pictures. The camera features several preset scenes like portrait, sport, beach and night scenery and the user can easily tweak with ISO, exposure compensation and sharpness of the image.

It comes with a 550mAH lithium-ion battery which is rechargeable and can work for around an hour when fully charged. It can be easily connected with Mac and laptop and you can transfer the pictures without any connectivity problem.

As for the downsides, this camera claims to have playback mode which is absent. Also, it is manufactured with cheap plastic that is brittle and weak. You cannot expect it to sustain weights, let alone a person sitting on it accidentally. The body and the lens are fragile and must be taken proper care of.

  • Resolution of 18 Megapixels
  • Equipped with anti-shake, face detect and self-timer capabilities
  • Rechargeable lithium ion battery
  • Easily connected
  • Photo editing software
  • No playback option
  • Made out of cheap plastic and is fragile


2. Canon Powershot A2200 (Best Digital Camera Under $70)

To get a Canon camera under $70 is enough to accommodate the high sell-out probability. The company seems to have invested serious thought in this camera to preserve its prestigious name while keeping within a tight budget perimeter. It has received a high 5-star rating on Amazon.

It appears with a classy black body, characterized with smooth finish and buttons/dials in easy accessibility. The camera features a 14.1 MP picture quality with 4X optical zoom capability. It has the ability to take color-accurate and sharp images even at maximum zoom. The best part of this model is the Smart Auto intelligent settings which amount to 32. You can select from these presets and be assured of the technical specifications covered by the camera.

Canon Powershot A2200 includes high exposure P Program mode, shake-proof blur reduction mode, panoramic landscape mode, fisheye effect, super vivid to brighten up objects and many more. Such versatility in this sort of money is truly admirable and the reason of Cannon being one of the top picks of customers.

It has a 2.7-inch screen that helps you review pictures, view videos and has a night display option for viewing in low light situations. It contains a discreet mode that disables the flash, sound and autofocus beam so that you can take pictures in quiet environments like museums and photo exhibitions. It can be set to playback mode for reviewing all the capture pictures. It can record 720P videos and is operated by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery.

There have been some complaints regarding the blurry images but once you get to be full familiarized with the camera, its modes of living, program, and auto along with focus settings, you are destined to take better pictures.

  • Great picture quality
  • Smart Auto function which contains 32 presets
  • Discreet mode to disable flash, AF for quieter environments
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Contains many focus settings
  • Struggles a bit in low light situations


3. KODAK Pixpro FZ43-bk (Best Budget Digital Camera Under $60)

This is a sleek and lightweight camera themed in an elegant matte black body with glossy black edges that are smooth to touch. It gives a professional, expensive look due to its chamfered edges, thick body, and lens on one side.

The image quality is admirable with 16 MP CMOS sensor. It can take high-resolution pictures and record high definition, 720P videos. The 27mm wide optical lens is capable of zooming the source to 4X optical and 6X digital.

Whether it is the close up variegated leaves or a flower vase, this camera will do a commendable job. Max shutter speed of 1/2000, good color rendition and freedom of playing with manual settings make it a great point-and-shoot camera.

Kodak Pixpro FZ43-bk is a good choice for beginners too as it can take pictures with different settings and the capacity of storing them in the SD card which has to be purchased separately. It is incorporated with white balance, continuous shooting, and detection features.

The camera doesn’t have a battery, rather is powered by 2 AA batteries. It is a big issue as the cells can die in the middle of the photography session because they give a lasting time of only 20 minutes. It is better if you invest in rechargeable cells to have a more reliable and uninterrupted clicking experience.

Like the previous model, it has a 2.7 inch LCD screen where you can review pictures and change the settings. It is a bit sturdier than the Aberg Best 21, comes with a wrist strap, a warranty and service card.

  • Sturdier than Abergbest 21
  • 16 MP camera
  • 4X optical and 6X digital zoom
  • Good color rendition
  • Incorporated with detection
  • White balance & continuous shooting feature
  • Terrible battery life especially with non-rechargeable batteries


4. Bell + Howell WP7 (Best Cheap Under Water Camera Under $50)

The distinctive feature of water-resistance makes this camera a definite member of this list. The logo spelled ‘Splash’ on the body is not merely an eye-wash but a true depiction of the outstanding quality. Moreover, It’s waterproof up to 10 feet and can be used to take an underwater picture.

Be it skiing, swimming or diving, you can take enriching pictures, post them on social media and do all this without breaking your bank. The body is blue in color which further signifies its compatibility with water.

It features a 5 MP CMOS sensor but can give a high resolution of 16 MP still picture resolution. The quality is crisp, vibrant and sharp. It has a digital 8X zoom that can effectively make the underwater rocks, fish and plants prominent in the clicked snaps.

The camera operates on AAA batteries and carries the same disadvantage as the KODAK PixPro. Also, it can only support micro SD cards up to 16 GB. Don’t try the ones with higher capacity than this because it won’t work. The biggest disadvantage of this camera is the unavailability of manual settings so you have to rely on the predefined settings of the camera. Some customers have complained about out-of-focus pictures but that is not many.

We recommend you read the reviews, contact someone who has bought this camera to get the real insight, however, if you ask, us, this is a good value, waterproof camera with decent picture quality. It is primarily an underwater camera and we would advise you to consider it that.

We recommend its use underwater because it’s land effectiveness is questionable

  • Waterproof till 10 feet
  • Gives 16 MP still picture resolution
  • Clear pictures under water
  • No rechargeable battery
  • Only support micro SD cards till 16 GB

Which is the Best Digital Camera Under $50?

As stated before, it would be an injustice to expect a lot from a $50 camera but amongst the enlisted models, our top pick would be Canon Powershot A2200 provided its reliability, enhanced functionality and limited scope of incurred issues.

If you require a camera for underwater usage, you must quickly turn towards the Bell + Howell model as it provides well balanced underwater pictures. You have to keep in mind the problems indicated and switch to other models accordingly.

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