10 Best Budget Rowing Machines Review – Cheap Rowers 2022

Are you looking for the best rowing machine that fits your budget?

We believe that the Sunny Health & Fitness SW-RW5606 is the best out of all the contenders mentioned in this post. Here’s why:

  • It comes with four levels of adjustable resistance
  • The digital monitor helps you keep track of the workout
  • It is silent in operation–as silent as a rowing machine can be!
  • It’s easily foldable and saves you tonnes of space–especially if you live in a small apartment
  • It’s affordable

For most of us, getting in shape can be a grueling process. Especially if the machine that is supposed to help achieve the goals of having a great physique fails!

Without a dependable cardio exercise machine, people are left wondering if they will ever meet their dream of being in perfect shape.

However, a disappointment in one machine does not mean all is lost.

Perfection can be found and embraced with the perfect rowing machine for the perfect price. In this blog post, we share some of the best budget rowing machines that can help you look like a Greek God or Goddess!

Let’s get started!

Best Budget Rowing Machine Buying Guide

Below are some things you need to consider before buying the best cheap rower. The journey to getting in shape is one that exercisers strive for in greatness.

While you may appreciate an excellent machine that helps you meet your goals, there are still a few factors you need to keep in mind before choosing the right piece of equipment for yourself.

In this section of the blog post, we’ll help make the decision-making process easier for you by going through a few factors you must consider. Everyone has unique needs–while some may prefer the look of the machine, others may be more concerned with the function.

The best budget rowing machine for you will be the one that meets most of your needs.


The size of a rowing machine can either be a pro or a con.

If you are looking for a machine that will not be a problem with the limited space in your home, check the measurements on the rower you want before buying it! If it doesn’t fit, it doesn’t belong in your home.

A run-of-the-mill rowing machine is about eight feet long and less than two feet wide. So, you need to have a good workout space. The good is that the narrow body makes it easy to store vertically, and if it has wheels, it will also be easier to move.

Easy to Store

When exercising, most people want a machine that will not take up too much space. A rower may be easy to move with the wheels, but storing the machine has to be worth the benefit of having it.

Many rowers fold, which makes it easy to store. But, for that, some of the screws and knobs may have to be removed. While removing some parts makes the rower easy to store, it still is a hassle to remove and then re-assemble the machine every time you use it.

If you already have little to no motivation to work out, this could be your “excuse.”

Noise Level

Most beginners don’t really take the level of noise a rowing machine makes into consideration until they get one. People really don’t know how much noise a cheap rower can generate until they’ve used one.

So, if you care about your neighbors liking you, the machine’s noise level should be one of the things you must consider.

Most people who live in small apartments can’t get these machines because of the noise they generate. If you’ve got hardwood floors, the noise created will be an issue since the wood enhances it.

However, if you still would like a rower that doesn’t generate a lot of noise, you should use a protective floor mat that absorbs sound and vibration.

The thicker the floor mat, the better the results. You can get one-inch-thick interlocking foam mats for the best results.

You can also go for hydraulic pistons or magnetic rowers if you really care about the noise generated.

Here’s What the Best Cheap Rowing Machine Must Have

Now that you have taken into consideration if you want a rowing machine and if it is right for you, it is now time to focus on what a good rowing machine should have.

While stability and smoothness may be what some see as important, others may find that the type of resistance and control is what is needed for their exercise routine to be perfect.

However, you have to know what to look for when looking for a good rowing machine. Some of the things to look for in a good rowing machine include the following.


When you’re deciding to buy a new rower, it’s important to look at the machine’s stability. You should go for a rower that can stay in place as you’re rowing. It’s also important to pick one that will not scratch the floor. You can also use a good grippy mat to get some stability.


Consistency and smoothness are just what you need in a good rowing machine.

Most people don’t realize the importance until it’s too late. A rowing machine must be smooth to provide you with a reliable workout. This will ensure that you get a consistent workout every time you’re on the rower.

Of course, you also need a good technique to ensure you don’t put a lot of strain on your back and elbows.

Selection of Resistance

You’re going to grow out of your rowing machine if it doesn’t allow you to choose your resistance.

The human body is extremely capable of adapting to various kinds of exercise. This is why a bodybuilder needs to lift heavier weights in order to gain and maintain his muscles. Also, doing the same workout can be boring.

A good rower will allow you to choose the intensity of your workout to challenge yourself to a bigger goal. This will help you improve your strength and stamina.

If you’re not feeling up for an intense workout, you can always lower the resistance and still burn some calories.


There are two types of resistance that you can choose from. Make sure that you decide on the approach you want to take to control your resistance beforehand. Let’s take a look at these”

  • Air-Compressed Resistance: This kind of resistance is similar to the commercial erg, which makes it feel like you are on a river rowing.
  • Magnetic Resistance: There come with fewer moving parts and are quieter. There is also a variety of magnetic rowers to choose from, with specific differences between each one.

Similarities and Angles to an Erg

With a good erg, you will get the most out of the benefits of having a good rowing machine. With a good length of stroke, you will have a good workout technique, and training with the hips, legs, and lower back will work safely and effectively.

Having a good angle in a rower usually has a relatively straight erg.

The more level and even the rowing machine is, the better trained the hips and legs are. A well-improved technique will also come from having a leveled rowing machine.

Looking at what makes a good rowing machine for your exercises should be something that stands out once you start to shop around. Making sure all of your needs are met with the machine will be something you will have to strongly examine before buying it.

Besides, the commitment of how good your workout technique turns out will start with how good the machine is!

Best Budget Rowing Machines You Can Buy in 2022

Finding the best rowing machine means looking at a variety of rowing machines that meet the budget and the quality of a good exercise routine.

Once you start your research on what is best for you and the budget you plan to meet, you will find what you are looking for.

However, even though finding a well-priced machine is great for your exercise routine, it is also vital to look at the pros and cons of the rowing machine you plan on purchasing. In this section of the blog post, we will review the best budget rowing machines on the market.

Let’s take a look!

1. Sunny Health & Fitness – Elastic Cord Rowing Machine

You can safely get rid of those stubborn love handles with this elastic rowing machine by Sunny. This low-impact and portable machine can easily be a part of your home gym.

The ultra-smooth and quiet rowing machine has become one of the best choices on the market. It comes with an LCD console, four-level adjustable resistance, anti-slip foot pedals, floor stabilizer, etc.

Adjustable Resistance (4-levels)

Challenging yourself while exercising has never been more comfortable with the varying resistance levels offered by this rower. You can easily change the resistance to four different levels–ranging from medium to hard, depending on your workout level.

This also enables you to effectively practice a variety of routines, giving you a full-body workout by stimulating various muscles in the process.

Stabilizers For Uneven Floors

Does your equipment wobble every time you exercise due to uneven flooring? No problem! Now, you can adjust the levelers below the Sunny SF-RW5606 in sync with your flooring to prevent wobbling easily.

Thanks to this stabilizer, you don’t need to worry about marks on your precious hardwood floor, either.

Easily Foldable

Small spaces can easily be used to store this machine as it is easily foldable, thus taking up less space. This is a great pick for small spaces, like a tiny apartment or a garage!


  • Very quiet while exercising due to the elastic cord
  • Has anti-slip foot pedals and adjustable foot straps
  • Good for uneven outdoor surfaces
  • Easy to store in small spaces


  • Might slide over smooth surfaces during workouts
  • Not suitable for heavy resistance workouts

2. Serene Life Rowing Machine

This beauty, which is a hybrid of both air and magnetic rower styles, is easily available for a budget of under $500. Now, depending on the workout you are looking for, you can switch between the two styles.

High Quality And Durability

This machine is made of good quality steel metal alloy, thus making it durable and long-lasting. It is built to withstand a weight of up to 250 lbs and is a good fit for all sizes.

Ergonomically Efficient

With its varying levels of easily adjustable tension and comfortable seating, this rower is guaranteed to give you a full-body workout exercising your muscles to the fullest.

A range of exercises can be performed, ranging from fat burning, cardio to sports training.

Good Handlebar Grip And Contour Seating

Its smoothly padded, gliding contour seat ensures a comfortable low-impact workout.

With its smooth gliding handrail and robust handlebar, a proper grip is assured through every pull you make while rowing.

There’s an App for That!

One of the best things about this rowing machine is that it is a smart fitness rowing machine. You can keep track of your workouts using the FitShow app on your phone. This is an excellent pick for people who like to keep a record.


  • Adjustable resistance across eight levels
  • Good Display monitor to track workouts
  • Strong handlebar grip and comfortable seating
  • Smart rowing machine comes with mobile app integration
  • Comfortable seat


  • Lightweight and unsuitable for intense workouts

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3. Schwinn Crewmaster Rowing Machine

With its excellent body shape and wide range of resistances offered, the Crewmaster becomes the ultimate beast when it comes to workouts. It comes with an overall warranty of a maximum of ten years, thus giving proof of its quality.

Nylon Transmission

With its durable and nylon transmission, working out becomes a much quieter affair, especially with someone resting in the room.

Adaptable For Various Heights And Users

Its good ergonomics and adjustable console ensure that the machine is easily adaptable to users according to their heights and preferences.

The console also provides an excellent line of sight while working out.

Adjustable Row Pedals

This feature on the Crewmaster ensures that that foot adjustment while working out in different positions is no longer a hassle. It also has easily adjustable foot straps attached to the paddle for better hold while exercising.

Magnetic Resistance

The rowing machine offers magnetic resistance. You can choose from ten levels, making it an excellent companion for beginners as well as rowing enthusiasts!


  • Gives quiet workouts due to nylon transmission
  • Offers a long warranty and ten levels of resistance
  • Has adjustable straps and foot pedals
  • Comes with a large display
  • Offers magnetic resistance
  • Easy to store


  • A bit heavy and big, not fit for compact spaces


4. XTERRA Fitness Rower

XTERRA comes out with a new and improved workout beast that will have you train beyond your expectations every time. This beast is specially designed to keep you fit and active after every workout with its advanced and comfortable training programs.

High RPM Flywheel And Adjustable Console

You can simulate a real-life rowing experience with its high impact 9 lbs flywheel mechanism, which helps deliver the perfect amount of momentum and speed. This adds a great sense of adventure while gliding through your routines.

It also comes with an easily adjustable LCD console to help track your predefined workouts and calories burned. It is suitable for viewing for users of varying heights.

Sturdy Frame With Comfortable Handles

An incredible level of smooth and stable motion is achieved through its aluminum slide rails (dual extruded) mounted on a steel frame. This increases stability while performing high-impact programs.

Its padded row handles ensure an extra comfortable grip, especially during intense and long exercise regimes.

Additional Features

It comes with adjustable pedals and contoured seats for easy workouts. It has 8-levels of magnetic tension quiet, maintenance-free, and smooth operation.


  • High RPM for perfect momentum
  • Easily adjustable easy-to-read LCD monitor
  • Easy sizing with wide Velcro straps and pivoting foot pedals
  • Offers magnetic resistance
  • Comes with a padded row handle
  • Folding design offers easy storage


  • It has a weak pull resistance


5. Water Rower Gronk M1

This is a unique rower that comes with dynamics that have been created to replicate the exact feeling of rowing on water. Smooth and low-impact this machine ensures a full-body workout while maintaining your heart rate between sets.

Patented Water Flywheel

With the exclusively crafted water flywheel, this rower has been aptly named the water rower due to the water flywheel’s ability to replicate the effect of rowing on water. This feature makes it pretty unique when it comes to rowing machines.

This is especially great for those who are training in real-life water rowing competitions or even for those who just love the feel of rowing over water.

Maximum Muscle-group Usage

Its lasting aluminum frame and black carbon, powder-coated finish ensure that a major part of your body muscle is thoroughly impacted while exercising. This ensures a maximum overall benefit from this product.

Self-regulating Resistance

The resistance provided in this rower is regulated automatically without manual intervention. It can vary through an infinite number of levels.


  • Suitable for both residential and commercial use
  • Flywheel provides the natural dynamic of rowing
  • Its resistance is self-regulating without manual adjustment
  • The tank comes already assembled
  • S4 monitor
  • Excellent overall design


  • Is suitable for use only by a fixed range of users


6. Maxkare Water Rowing Machine

Specially designed to create the effect of real stroke on the water while rowing, the Maxkare water rower makes your workout enjoyable and challenging, coupled with its beautiful ergonomic design.

Efficient Design And Water Resistance

It is easily operable and made to fit design makes your exercise regime a more enjoyable experience. It has a built-in water resistance that gives you a feel of rowing over water while exercising in your home’s comfort.

Large LCD Monitor

The LCD monitor is designed for easy viewing while working out owing to its relatively large screen displaying programs and variables, including Strokes per minute(SPM), Calories burnt, distance, and time covered.

Storage And Transportation Made Easy

This rower has been constructed with pulleys that help in moving it anywhere with great ease. It can also be stored upright when not in use, thanks to the support point attached.


  • Easy on the body preventing exercise injuries
  • It has adjustable stabilizers to keep the machine level
  • Comes with an attached bottle hold to keep you hydrated
  • Adjustable monitor
  • Comfortable, cushioned seat
  • Padded handles


  • It is not foldable and must be stored upright only


7. Marcy Magnetic Rowing Machine

The Marcy ME-1018RE is a versatile rowing machine that can be used to work out on both the upper and lower body simultaneously. This is a great machine to increase your cardio endurance while building up various muscle groups. It is one of the best rowing machines for under $1000.

Pulse Monitor & Computer Display

This rower comes equipped with a multi-angle LCD computer display that can be folded both forward and backward, making it easily storable.

The display keeps track of various metrics like total calories, count, and time. The pulse monitor contains a scan mode that goes through all the metrics cyclically.

Large Pivoting Pedals

A smooth and comforting rowing motion is ensured as the pedals also automatically pivot in sync while you row. The safety straps help secure your feet while the textured, large pedals comfortably let you maintain stability even during high impact workouts.

Additional Features

This machine is easily foldable for storage in small spaces and also has comfortable seating. It also comes attached with a device holder to hold your favorite book or tablet while working out.


  • Adjustable 8-level resistance using a knob
  • It has secure straps and large, comfortable pivoting pedals
  • Comes with an attached device holder
  • Offers water resistance
  • Comes with a stabilizer
  • The wheels make it easier to move


  • Can be jerky and noisy during intense workouts


8. JOROTO Magnetic Rower

Coming from a veteran in manufacturing fitness products, JOROTO, this rower can help relieve stress, build muscles, and enhance cardiovascular functioning with its exceptional durability and quality of build.

Double-sensor Super Quiet Workouts

With its high-quality aluminum slide rail and no-touch magnetic resistance, this rower gives a superbly smooth, really quiet workout.

It also has a solid aluminum flywheel and double-sensor structure, which gives you more accurate data to analyze your everyday progress and keep you motivated.

High-quality Pull Cord

Unlike other rowing machines, the JOROTO offers a pull cord made of nylon, which gives it high tensile strength, which is useful for performing high-intensity workouts without wearing out the rower over time. This feature also ensures safer workout routines.

No More Boring Workouts!

The rower comes attached with an LCD monitor with an iPhone or iPad holder that can be easily adjusted to any angle enabling you to enjoy your exercise while watching a video.


  • Extremely silent workouts
  • The quality of the pull cord is excellent
  • More accuracy with double-sensor
  • Aluminum slide rail for stability
  • Comes with built-in wheels for easy transport
  • Offers ten levels of resistance


  • The tension level isn’t enough for intense workouts


9. TUNTURI R30 Cardio Rower

As the name suggests, this rowing machine is specially designed to give high-quality cardio workout sessions to maintain and improve heart health.

Customizable Workout

This rower ensures that we have a comfortable and smooth experience while working out all thanks to its adjustable, ergonomic seat. It also has a smooth monorail frame and eight resistance levels that will help you customize regimes to help build endurance and muscle mass.

Trusted Engineering

From the invention of cardio training to the latest apps, Tunturi has been a pioneer in the field of fitness for over 90 years. Rest assured, this brand has always been trusted for its brilliant engineering prowess, which ensures constant strides in the safety and quality of its products.


  • Has a sturdy construction coupled with dynamic resistance
  • It can be folded for easy storage
  • It has comfortable footrests and easy-to-read monitor
  • Comfortable seat for a smooth and consistent workout
  • Features a sturdy construction


  • The Tunturi app is not compatible with the rower model
  • The LCD is difficult to configure


10. Stamina Air Rower

An air rower with dynamic-wind resistance, the Stamina is the proper basic salt-of-the-earth form of a rowing machine. With its simplistic design and manual resistance offered, if you want more resistance with this beast, all you have to do is pull harder!

Smooth Rowing Stroke

The specialty of this rower is its aluminum seat rail that ensures a smooth sliding action while rowing. The oversized foot pedals and the great texture of the handles add to the workout stability.

Dynamically Changing Resistance

As the rowing speed changes, the built-in Air Transfer System (ATS) automatically adjusts the resistance. The resistance increases as you row harder. And as you slow down your rowing stroke, it decreases.

Multi-function monitor

The multi-function monitor featured on this rowing machine shows total strokes, speed, distance, time taken, and the calories burned.


  • Provides a full-body workout
  • Has a multi-function monitor to track speed, time and calories burned
  • Comfortable padded seating and built-in wheels
  • Helps you keep track of different variables


  • Cannot be folded and must be stored standing up


Some Frequently Asked Questions About Rowers

In this section of the blog post, I wanted to go through some frequently asked questions about the best budget rowing machines.

Let’s get started.

Which rowing machine is the quietest?

The reason for the noise is that the seat slides along the rail. The noise becomes louder if you row with a higher intensity and speed. In some cases, lubricating the seat can reduce the noise.

Also, controlled and focused strokes, too, can help turn it down a notch.

  • An air rower makes a noise, thanks to the turns the flywheel takes
  • The water rower produces a “whooshing” sound filled with water

Is it safe to use a rowing machine if you’re pregnant?

This would not be an excellent time to take rowing during pregnancy.

However, if you are rowing regularly before becoming pregnant, you should be able to take it at least in the early stages with your regular workout.

You should lower the foot pedal holders, so there is less pressure on the abdomen and abdominal area and keep the back straight while performing a rowing stroke. As you move, the foot should open slightly as this can give the baby extra space.

Are the calorie counters on rowing machines accurate?

It also serves as a guide to the calorie counter on a rowing machine.

Many factors influence the calorie counter, such as machine temperature, environment, body size, weight, and age. If your main aim is to lose some body fat by torching calories, you should cut back on what you eat for the best results.

Is a rowing machine good for abs?

The rowing machine can give you an excellent ab workout if you engage and contract your core while doing the abdominal exercise.

You must keep your midsection and the front tense to build strength in your abs. The best way to work your abs while rowing is to incorporate other abdominal workouts together.

What are the best budget rowing machines to choose from?

Depending on your needs, there are various options to choose from when it comes to rowing machines as per your budget. Ranging from air to machine to water rowers, you can get your pick with the best rowing machines under $1000. 

We believe that the Sunny Health & Fitness SW-RW5606 is the best out of all the contenders mentioned in this post. Here’s why:

  • It comes with four levels of adjustable resistance
  • The digital monitor helps you keep track of the workout
  • It is silent in operation–as silent as a rowing machine can be!
  • It’s easily foldable and saves you tonnes of space–especially if you live in a small apartment
  • It’s affordable

We hope that this blog post was able to clarify all the questions you had in your mind and that you finally decided on the rowing machine you’re going to bring home! Happy rowing!