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Hifiman HE-350 Review – A 2018 Headphone Buyers Guide

Are you in the market for quality and affordable headphones? If so then you should consider the hifiman he-350. The quality headphones were launched a few years ago in 2016 yet include tons of value for the price point.

HiFiMAN Electronics produces a wide variety of audio products including headphones amps, and portable media players. The company provides several high-end headphones that have received positive reviews for their superb sound quality.


Top Features of the HE-350

Massdrop x HIFIMAN HE350


Here are some of the top reasons you should consider the hifiman he-350:


1. Price

These headphones retail for under $100, so they’re quite affordable. One of the main reasons is the headphones hit the market last year. However, they’re still an excellent option if you’re searching for quality headphones that won’t cost you a small fortune. If you pick the headphones, you’re not only paying a lower price but also getting lots of value due to the many features and audio quality provided.


2. Sound Quality

These headphones produce especially excellent sound quality for high-frequency tracks and good quality for mid-range routes. So if the music you listen to re usually in this range it’s an attractive option for you. The audio quality is less incredible for heavy beats, but it still performs well.

HiFiMAN HE-350 Headphone Review3. Upgrades

If you owned HiFiMAN’s HE-300 then maybe you’ve been waiting for the company’s next headphones in the series. The HE-350 is the successor to the HE-350 and includes various upgrades. For example, it contains new cable connections and a custom dynamic driver. These are indeed improvements that make the unit worth considering for your next pair of headphones.


3. Clarity

The HE-350 headphones have excellent clarity at low volumes in particular. However, when the volume increases there’s more graininess. This is an issue to make sure to consider so you’ll be getting the best listening experience possible. If you listen to music with high treble levels, then it probably won’t be a problem since it’s unlikely you’ll be blasting the volume. However, if you’re a fan of big bass and volume when listening to music, you might want to consider other options.


4. Comfort

Another significant benefit of the HE-350 headphones is you can enjoy lightweight headphones that are very comfortable. If these are priorities for your next headphones, then you should consider this model. Are these super heavy-duty headphones? They’re not so you should certainly use caution when using them. However, the lightweight feature of the headphones provides several benefits like making them more comfortable to wear and transport.

HiFiMAN HE-3505. Ergonomics

Here’s another forte of the headphones. If you want your headphones to feel comfortable when you wear them, then you should consider the HE-350 headphones. This is one of the main issues for “audiophiles” so it’s a vital benefit of the unit you should undoubtedly consider since it can improve your overall experience.

These are some of the main reasons why you should consider the hifiman he-350 for your next headphones. They provide outstanding value and a price tag lower than several other high-end units on the market.

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Sennheiser Is a Name that You Can Truly Depend Upon

For those who would become interested in finding excellent quality headphones, Sennheiser is one of those products that has established themselves as a leader. They produce an exceptional range of headphones, that go from earbuds to over the ear, wireless, Bluetooth, and wired options, as well as extremely high-end down to options that are much more affordable in many people’s budgets.
This company understands how to make headphones that last and provide incredible sound quality, and none is more spectacular than the Sennheiser Orpheus option.

Sennheiser Headphones

Why Choose Sennheiser Orpheus

The Sennheiser Orpheus line of headphones is a spectacular group that is made out of wood for the earpieces. What makes this spectacular is that it provides such a superb sound when listening to music because of the great acoustics that the forest provides. There are a few options out there that you would find like this, that gives you a great look and a spectacular quality concerning sound, a unique tone at that, and this is why they had become such a leader in the headphone industry.

This is just why so many like this particular line of headphones. This company has established themselves as one of the leaders in a very proving that you can count on them to give you a durable product, with exceptional sound, that last for years to come.



Because of the use of wood of these headphones, you get an incredible look that will be fantastic no matter where you go. People will be talking to you about how beautiful the wood finish on these headphones looks, and you will quickly garner a lot of attention.

The design is also made to provide you with a great set of noise reduction features, that ensure that you get a great sound and a quiet one at that.


German audio company SennheiserPerformance

A great look means absolutely nothing if you’re not getting an excellent performance out of the headphones. This is not an issue with the Sennheiser Orpheus. These headphones are designed to give you a fantastic sound, with speciality options making it so that you get an increased bass level or more natural sound quality if that is what you desire.

You also can listen to increased volumes without getting any distortion to them at all. This is one of the true signs of a high performing headphone set, and there is no doubt that the Orpheus gives you just that.



Quality can be measured in many different ways, but it starts with the fact that a set of headphones looks good and feels comfortable on your head. If you do not like the feel of the headphones, then you are not going to wear them for very long. This makes your purchase useless. This is not a problem with Sennheiser headphones. They are made to give you great comfort.

Besides, you get excellent quality sound. Because of the use of wood, the sound quality is spectacular. You will be amazed at how the acoustics in the song or video you are listening to come across. It will be a unique sound that will be so natural to you that you won’t want any other kind of headphones ever again.



If you are buying higher end quality of Sennheiser Orpheus headphones, then sustainability becomes a significant issue. You don’t want to see your $300 or $400 purchase become a useless pile of nothing a few months from now. You want something that will last, and Sennheiser has given you just that.

Best of all, they back up their system by providing an outstanding warranty of protection. This lets you know that they stand behind their product, understanding that there may be a lemon or two out there, but that the vast majority of them operate with extreme efficiency and durability. This is a major headache that is removed by making this purchase.


Should I Buy This?

Should you purchase this line of headphones? The answer is quite simple. If you are looking for a headphone set that has exceptional sound quality, excellent durability, and gives you a great fit in feel, then there is no other place to look. You will love the way that these Sennheiser costliest headphones are made, and you will find that you could wear them for hours without feeling any discomfort at all. It’s a well-chosen purchase to make if you decide that the Sennheiser Orpheus headphones are ideal for you.

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Important Benefits of eardrumz headphones

I love music. Especially when driving alone. But I don’t have one of those expensive car stereo systems that reproduce high-quality sound. So I use my earphones to listen to my favorite tracks.

However, I am always worried that someday I am going to miss the honking of that truck, or the warning bell of a cyclist, and meet with an accident that could have been altogether avoided.

Some of my fellow music lovers have shared the same concern. But there doesn’t have to be a compromise between your love for the tunes and your concern for safety anymore. Check out the Eardrumz Bone Conduction Wireless Bluetooth Headphones.

eardrumz headphones

What Would You Love About the Eardrumz Headphones?

The famous composer Beethoven perhaps discovered bone conduction (or something similar at least). It is a matter of wonder for many that the composer of the unforgettable symphonies was himself deaf. To overcome this, Beethoven attached a rod to his piano and then placed the rod between his teeth. This way, he could hear the music through his jawbone. That is probably the most famous use of bone conduction.

The sounds that we hear travel in the form of waves. Vibrations create these waves in the medium (solid, liquid or gas) through which the music is travelling. When these waves reach our eardrums, our eardrums develop vibrations of their own. These vibrations created by our eardrums reach the cochlea (inner ear). Finally, these sounds reach our brain from the cochlea via the aural nerve.

Our hearing capacity is adversely affected if there is any damage to the eardrums.
Hearing through bone conduction reduces this risk, as it conducts the sound directly to the cochlea entirely by-passing the eardrums.


Are Eardrumz Bone Conduction Wireless Bluetooth Headphones for me?

bone conduction headphonesDo you listen to music or attend calls via your earphones/headphones while driving your car or while riding your bike or even while walking down the street? If yes, then these are for you.

Are you hearing impaired but would love to listen to music? If yes, then these are for you!

Are you visually challenged and “see” through your ears? Then these are definitely for you.

The Eardrumz Bone Conduction Headphones allow you to keep your ears free and open even as you listen to music, or answer a call, on them.


The Top Reasons to choose Eardrumz Bone Conduction Headphones over regular/normal ones?


Let us now discuss how these headphones add to your music listening experience.

  • Keep your ears open: Since these headphones don’t sit over your ears, or inside them, they let you take in your surroundings entirely. Along with your music, you can listen to the chirping birds or the people around you. You no longer need to feel guilty or concerned about listening to music on your headphones and driving at the same time. Be fully aware of everything around you. You no longer need to remove your headphones or pause your music when people want to talk to you.
  • Lightweight: These lightweight headphones sit very comfortably on your temples. And since they are not over or inside your ears, you can let them hang around a lot longer (or even the entire day) than regular headphones.
  • Freedom to use earplugs and listen to music simultaneously: People who work at construction sites, or at places where loud noise is routine, will instantly relate to this and realise the significance. You can use earplugs to avoid damaging your ears because of the continuous loud noise and listen to your favourite tracks at the same time.
  • Sweat-proof: The Eardrumz Bone Conduction headphones are designed to be sweat proof, unlike the ear pads of conventional headphones.
  • No accumulation of dirt or ear wax: Conventional headphones routinely struggle against dirt and wax accumulated inside the ear, obstructing sound. No such worries with the Eardrumz Bone Conduction headphones.
  • Wireless and built-in microphone: The Eardrumz Bone Conduction headphones employ Bluetooth 4.1 and come with a built-in microphone for a truly wireless experience.


Final Word

Are you still looking for reasons to buy the Eardrumz Bone Conduction Wireless Bluetooth headphones? Here’s a crazy one: you can now hear your music through your chin, your forehead or even your nose. Go ahead, try it!

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