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Is it Cheaper to Build Your Own Computer?

build your own computer

The answer may surprise you.


That sounded rather click-baity.

But the truth is, the answer really is surprising.

It raised my eyebrows right off my head. So I had to write about it and tell you about it.

So, here’s the answer.

A custom build PC is, in fact, not at all cheaper than what brands typically offer you.

But here’s the catch (obviously there’s going to be a catch!).

A custom build PC is more expensive than what brands offer, if you compare the very best custom build with the entry-level variants of the brands.

Before we go any further, let me tell you basically how you go about building your own computer- the ASSEMBLING process, if you will.


We will be taking a look at all that you need to focus on should you decide to build your own computer. The list, the specs and the time you need to decide what is right, as you shall see, is probably not worth it.

1. What CPU Should You Get?

Duh! The brain of your system. If the processing power does not match your need, you’re pretty much screwed. Worse, unless you are looking at buying computers that are readily available online, it is a hard bargain for you to get the intel 8th generation processors that went on sale last year. The 8th gen Core i5 and i7 processors are 40% faster compared to the Sky Lake Intel processors introduced around a year back.

Add to it that they are 6 core processors, have better clock speeds and larger cache, and score on the top of benchmark results comprehnsively, always, and you know that you need to get your hands on them as soon as you can.

And to illustrate my point that custom built PCs can get nasty expensive, let me quote a few prices (subject to change if the makers so wish)

  • Intel Core i9-7980XE costs a whopping $1974
  • Intel Core i3-7100 costs a paltry $106 in comparison

Custom Computer

So you see, it depends on your needs. For someone not likely to game on their PCs ever, a Core i3 makes perfect sense. And a true gamer would rather die than be seen with it.

AMD Ryzen 7 1700X will cost you about $399, so that’s a reasonable middle ground.

So is an Intel Core i7-8700K (around $380)

You’ll also need:

  • A CPU cooler
  • A motherboard
  • RAM: DDR4 is the newest thing on the block, and the absolute top-end thing (a Kingston or a G-skill Trident will cost you upwards of $2000!!)
  • Storage: SSD (solid state drive) is the word you’re looking for here. Expensive, yes. But there’s a night and day difference in the performance.
  • A Graphic Card: A significant piece of the puzzle. An ATI FirePro 2270(512mb) can cost you $36, while the FirePro S9150 (16GB) will cost you 1000 big ones!
  • Power supply
  • Case aka the Cabinet

Well, that took a while! However, there is a lot more than just the CPU you need to think about.

2. Know the Display You Need

You need to figure out which Displays to get- widescreen or curved, aspect ratio, built-in speakers, resolution. Then you need to figure out which brand you trust more(though personally, I feel Samsung has it covered when it comes to creating gorgeous displays).

Then come the remaining peripherals.

3. What about the keyboard and the mouse?

Keyboard- You can go for a gaming one, where again there is a plethora of factors to consider.

Similar is the case with gaming mouses (mice?)

The list goes on growing:

  • Optical drives
  • Sound cards
  • Wireless networking cards
  • Headphones
  • Speakers
  • Uninterrupted power supplies

Build your own

4. The Other Stuff

Did I mention you have to get the software essentials yourself?


Well, you do.
Some of the other things that you need to buy for your gaming PC includes the following:

  • Operating systems
  • Antivirus
  • Audio, Video players, Video editing software
  • Backup software
  • Office and productivity

How Much Does a Gaming Computer Cost?

own computerTo summarise, I’ll give you some cold hard numbers, so that you can get a very clear idea about custom built PCs.

  • A good enough gaming build will cost you around $880.
  • There are so many variables involved that the prices will most likely differ, this is as close an estimate as you will get.
  • An entry level Alienware will cost you around $1500.
  • A Razer Blade will cost around 1900 to 2000 bucks.

I hope you get the picture now.

I’ll ask the question which led me to write this article to you again.


The answer is simple.

Yes, it is cheaper, if your computing needs are simple (no video editing or gaming)

And no, its actually going to cost you more if you go ALL OUT and build a machine powerful enough to rise up against the human race!

Buying guide?


  • Go for a brand with everything done for you if you want a system for Facebook and email.
  • Go for a custom build, but keep things tight if you’re on a budget, and you can get a pretty decent PC for less than a 1000 bucks
  • Go all out if you have the hard cash if you want your Computer to kick your friend’s computer (he will still beat in League of Legends if you don’t know how to play!)

Should You Build Your Own Computer?

Wondering whether you should buy it online? Many gamers still love to put things together when it comes to setting up their new PC.


If you try to assemble all of it together, it would probably cost you more than $1,000 or even around $2,000-$3,000 if you want to pack in all of the latest stuff together.

Instead, you can easily buy it from online sites like Amazon and get it delivered to your home straight away. No need to worry about anything else – even if you do lose any parts or something stops working outside the warranty period, you don’t have to worry when it comes to finding a replacement.

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Is i5 better than i7 for Gaming?

The brain of the computer, the processor is the most important factor to consider if you are looking for better performance. The right processor can have a huge impact on what applications you can run, how smoothly you can carry out the tasks, as well as how many applications you can run simultaneously.

If you are looking for some serious gaming out there, you know just how important choosing the right processor is.


Understanding How Intel CPU Processors Work

CPU ProcessorsYour processor is equipped with the capability to save energy and to extend battery life.

A better processor uses fewer resources, which in turn eat up a smaller amount of power. As a result, you don’t have to worry about your device heating up.

However, enabling the energy saving feature while working isn’t always a good idea. Though advantageous to achieve the optimum use of the laptop, it contributes to the weaker performances.

Intel and AMD are the leading creators of laptop processors in 2018.


For your best options when it comes to laptop processors, proper consideration of the battery saving features and speed are necessary – especially if you are choosing it for gaming. Because upgrading the system of a laptop computer is more complicated as opposed to desktop units, you have to make sure that you will be choosing a processor that will be suited to your requirements.


Intel i5 Vs. i7 For Gaming – Which Is Better?

Intel i5 Vs. i7 For GamingIn short, it depends on how you are gaming.

However, to better answer that question, we will take a look at a few other factors.

Since the Sandy Bridge update in 2011, it was only in October 2017 that Intel made the real update to the Core i5 and Core i7.

Sure, the i7 processors have better capabilities than the i5 but they aren’t necessarily your best bet when it comes to gaming.

The primary difference between the i5 family and the i7 one has that the former has four cores without hyperthreading while the latter offers four cores with hyperthreading. Hyperthreading is what allows two virtual cores to share the workload between them, helping in better utilization of power.


How Does it Matter for Gamers?

Here is the thing – if you are running Windows for playing games, owning an i5 and an i7 wouldn’t matter as much. i5 costs less and here is why it may be the better choice for you:


1. DirectX 11 Doesn’t Support Multiple Cores

i7 primarily works better than an i5 since it can utilize multiple cores together. For gaming though, Microsoft uses DirextX, and the DirectX 11, as of now, cannot take advantage of the multiple cores of the CPU.

As a result, as a gamer, you would still have to take the single threaded approach – just what the i5 offers by default. This doesn’t just apply to playing only the game, but everything from the audio to the data loading to the AI itself.

2. i5 Makes the Process a Seamless One

Since you have a single threaded approach here, you will have a six core i5 processor being better suited to gaming than say a 7th generation one or those with earlier generations. Remember both the i5 and the i7 use turbo boosts but you wouldn’t really need those extra fast clock speeds when it comes to gaming because of the restricted capabilities of DirectX 11.

3. Better integrated Graphics on the i7

The i7 takes the cake when it comes to integrated graphics. You need high-end Intel processors to be able to play 3D games or play games in 4k resolutions. Intel i7 core processors make that easier. Additionally, many of them sport Intel Iris graphics as well which make for much better displays.

If you are looking for gaming laptops or computers in the market, you would see that many of the Core i7 CPU’s sport the higher end Intel HD/UHD graphics while those with the i5 processors have to be content with the other range of Intel HD graphics.

It is this major advantage of the i7 over the i5 that makes it a great splurge for many gamers. The i7 handles resolutions better too with improved graphics, which means that games in 4k resolutions might just seem more life-like. That being said, if you are not that concerned with graphics, and focus is only on the gameplay, the expensive i7 isn’t going to make you feel better.

integrated Graphics

What’s Next in the Offing?

Intel has announced that it will launch it’s 8th generation of CPU soon, which will offer more core counts. Both the i5 and i7 is expected to run faster as a result with the new processors. We will have to take a look at how the 8th generation fares compared to the i5 and i7.

The 8th generation of CPUs, according to Intel, will also increase the number of cores and threads in each of the Core i5 and i7 families by around 50 percent. There will be an increase in the clock speed as well which means that games can run faster and more seamlessly without any throttling.


Should You Go for i7 Processors?

If you are looking at a laptop solely for gaming, it doesn’t make a lot of sense to go in for i7 processors. Sure, i7 processors are great when it comes to performance, but they are meant for high-end users who need graphic intensive tasks. Remember, your games will not be able to take advantage of all the capabilities that i7 offers.

On the other hand, i5 processors offer a much more balanced option, and are ideal for everything from gaming to other everyday tasks. Intel i5 processors also sport the 7 series nomenclature and are comparable to the i7 X core processors in most ways, with the only exception being that they are a bit slower when it comes to launching and using intensive multimedia creation apps like Handbrake and Photoshop.

In short, i5 isn’t exactly better than i7 for gaming, but if you are looking for a more affordable choice, it sure comes across as a winner.

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Is a Core i3 Good For Gaming?

In simple words, if you were in 2012 and we’re looking for a good gaming laptop we could have recommended one Core i3 model for you.

Not today, sitting in 2018.

Even in 2912, i3 laptops were mostly meant for business use, like the Lenovo ThinkCentre Edge. It was for all those who love to be traditional and yet wanted to increase performance when it comes to the use of desktops. It was their answer to a clutter free workspace with integrated Wi-Fi connectivity and save up to 65% of the workspace compared to any traditional desktop. An Intel Core i3 processor powersled this desktop while the power consumption is optimized with 120W.

Today, things are different.


Is a Core i3 Good for Gaming?

Core i3 from Intel ca, at the most, be okay for causal gamers. It will be able to run games which are not very CPU intensive. But you should also remember that the processor is just one part of the equation. The performance of games also depends on other things like the GPU.

So there are a lot of considerations when you ask if Core i3 is good for gaming. Let’s check them out one by one.

Core i3 Good for Gaming


Nature of Games

Gaming is a broad term and there are many types of games that you can play.

The Core i3 will not give you any problem if you want to run small games or those played in the browser. You can also play online FPS games like Dota and League of Legends without any problem.

But the system will really be lacking if you want to play high end games like GTA 5, Witcher 3 or Fallout 4. You can run these games on your Core i3, but you need to back it up with a serious GPU and sufficient system RAM. Even if you do manage to turn on the game, you will experience stuttering all around. We don’t expect th games to be able to run at a fps higher than 30 by any means on a Core i3 laptop.

In that case too, you may need to keep the resolution and special effects settings low. The i3 will also be sluggish in running games like Starcraft 2 or Civilization 5 which need to establish AI actions and pathing for various indicators simultaneously.


The Range of Core i3 Processors

i3The type of your Core i3 processor also determines its capability to run games. For example, if you have an old desktop with Core i3, chances are that it has become outdated and will be slower.

You also need to remember that laptops with Core i3 are slower than desktops with the same processors. Laptops also have integrated graphics card which also offer lower performance than desktop GPUs.

The model of the Core i3 processor also creates an impact on the performance. A top of the line i3 processor like the i3 4160 can be compared in performance to entry level to mid level Core i5 processors.

The performance gain in terms of returns starts going down after a point in case of i5 processors. It does not make much sense to buy anything beyond the i5 4690k as the money is better spent on an upgraded GPU.
In such cases the i3 can be a wise choice and you can go for i3 4160 which can be considered the minimum for making a gaming PC.


The Number of Cores

The dual-core of the i3 may not be sufficient for handling the modern games which demand the use of multiple cores. Quad-core has become the requirement for running games like GTA5 and others.

Intel has released the Core i3 7350K which is a dual-core chip with HyperThreading technology. Though the performance cannot be compared to quad-core chips, it is certainly a significant improvement from the dual-core i3.

The 7350K doubles the concurrent thread count of your gaming rig and comes with a clockspeed of 4.2 GHz. It is an unlocked chip which can be overclocked to gain optimum performance.


The Importance of GPU and RAM


The processor is just one part of the gaming system. You will not be able to run things smoothly unless you have a good GPU and enough system RAM.

We have also reached a stage in technology where processor speeds have hit a limit. Also, faster processor speeds always do not translate to better gameplay nowadays.

The secret is to add a decent graphics card with video memory or VRAM which help you run the games at high resolution and special effect setting without losing out on frame rate.

Your Core i3 should be coupled with competent GPU from Nvidia or Raedon. You can try out the Nvidia GeForce GTX 970 or 960; if you are an AMD fan, you can go for Radeon R9.


What Should You Do?

Don’t go for entry-level cards as they won’t be able to deliver satisfying performance with a Core i3.

The next important thing is the RAM. The basic requirement should be 4 GB while having 8 GB is quite sufficient.


intel i3


Should You Go For One?


If you really want to save money, then it’s your choice. Otherwise not.

Remember the latest Intel 8th generation Coffee Lake processors aren’t applicable to Core i3 processors too, which means that these can go obsolete before you know it.

The Core i3 is good for gaming if you set it up the right way with a decent GPU and RAM. You also have to keep in mind that you cannot expect the performance of i7 from an i3 as it is not natural.

Do note though that you cannot play any recent games like GTA V or Call of Duty on it. Instead, you might have to be happy playing Fifa 16, if you’re lucky, that is.

If you want to save money it’s still a good bet. We would then advise you to go to popular online sites like Amazon and compare i3 models which can play the best of the modern games at a good fps, with a good frame rate.

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